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Teasing Another Neighbor

I saw Paul a couple of days later when he was out mowing his lawn and I was just getting home from work. After our night of spectacular but short lived sex in the back yard, Paul seemed a little more talkative. He mentioned that he really enjoyed himself and that he wouldn’t mind trying that again. I said that we’ll have to try something different as the best part was the spontaneity and risk of getting caught.

He said, “I’m sure you will think of something,” and went back to his mowing.

I was consumed by thoughts of how to top that night for several days. My mind raced from one scenario to another without ever slowing down enough to think one through to the end. I was trying to incorporate my love for nudity and the risk of being caught for added excitement and nothing was working out in my mind.

I finally decided to go to our family cabin for the week-end so I could clear my head. I love to go there off season and lately I had been enjoying hiking nude since there were very few people around that time of the year.

I got in kind of late Friday night, so shortly after turning on the water and electric, I hopped in bed and fell into a restful sleep. I awoke Saturday morning and showered then made breakfast. After cleaning up the dishes, I slipped on some shoes and a small back-pack and headed out into the great outdoors.

There was a main trail that basically circled the lake and then several less traveled paths that went all over. I stayed on the main trail for about half way around the lake and then took a smaller path that led to a small pond about 100 feet off the trail. Very few people even knew about the pond except for long-time owners, and the few that did kept it to themselves.

You see, the pond was really more of a spring and it was a great place for skinny dipping and sunning oneself naked. Of course this worked great for me as I already hiked there naked and was ready for a nice dip. After splashing around for a few minutes I got out and laid on my towel face down to dry and relax. In fact, I was so relaxed that I dozed off for about an hour only waking when I heard splashing in the pond.

When my eyes focused I saw Ben splashing around and I decided to pretend that I was still asleep. Ben was about 15 years my senior, one of the other owners at the lake and had been married for 40 years. He was an attractive man and kept himself in shape by running the lake daily in his retirement. I hoped that if I pretended to stay asleep that he might decide to take advantage of my shaved and smooth body.

While I was laying there daydreaming about Ben’s cock sliding in my ass he walked over and said, “Good morning.”

I looked up at Ben and said good morning to him as well and then he started getting me caught up on the local happenings. All the while I stayed on my towel and made no attempt to cover up. As the conversation progressed, I noticed that he stared at my ass every time I started speaking and then something started to grow in his shorts. When he realized that I saw his hard-on, he cut the conversation short and headed out leaving me quite hot and horny.

I decided that I wasn’t giving up that easy and put on my shoes and packed up and headed out after him naked. Fortunately, he had already had his run for the day and was walking leisurely down the main trail as I started to catch up to him. I continued past him about 20 feet and the slowed to a walk matching his pace and never saying a word.

As we were getting close to the path for my cabin I glanced over my shoulder I caught him staring quite intently at my ass and his cock was rock hard in his shorts. About this time I purposely stepped on one of my own shoe laces causing it to pull loose. I stopped to retie my shoe and bent over at the waist with my legs slightly spread giving Ben a birds-eye view of my hole. I heard him stop momentarily and let out a gasp then continue past me at a much faster pace.

Realizing that it wasn’t going to be easy to get Ben to fuck me after our chat at the pond and him passing me on the trail, I decided to tease him as often as possible until he caved. Knowing that he was alone for the week-end from our earlier conversation, made everything that much easier.

When I got back to the cabin I grabbed the binoculars to see what he was up to and saw him sitting on his deck looking in my direction. I set down the binoculars and waved then shook my ass as I walked inside to get some lunch.

After finishing lunch, I saw that Ben was heading down to the lake with his swim suit on and a towel around his shoulders. I grabbed my towel and nothing else and headed down for a swim as well. I dove into the lake about 100 feet from where Ben was floating and doing an easy back stroke. I decided to do a slow arc around him, but never getting closer than about 20 feet just to keep up the tease. As I got a little closer I splashed a little louder to get his attention and it worked. He nearly drowned as I passed him with my naked ass wiggling along as I swam past.

I turned back around pretending that I didn’t even see him and headed back to where I got in the lake. As I stepped out of the lake I glanced in his direction as he was heading to shore with a raging tent in his swimsuit. I started drying myself as slowly as possible, making sure that my ass was pointed towards him the whole time.

Ben started walking towards me as I headed for my cabin looking quite horny. I paused to let him catch up with me and asked if there was something that I could help him with.

He said, “I can’t take it anymore, I need to fuck you.”

I grabbed his cock through his suit and pulled him all the way to my cabin.

When we got to the cabin and went inside I released his cock and dropped to my knee’s taking his suit down with me. He was so hard that his cock was throbbing in time with his heartbeat. I started to lightly lick the underside of his cock and gently fondle his balls when he suddenly grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat. Within seconds he was spewing a huge load of cum down my throat and in my mouth and then collapsed on the couch.

After we both recovered he apologized for the quickie, but said it was my fault for teasing him so mercilessly. Seeing that his cock was still pretty firm, I grabbed some lube and worked my hole and his cock with it and then forced it in my ass all at once. I just sat there with his cock deep in my bowels squeezing it with my rectal muscles enjoying the feeling of being full. As I slowly started moving up and down on Ben’s cock it starting growing in length and girth and my pleasure increased.

As I was facing away from Ben I reached back grabbing his hands and put his right hand around my cock and his left on my right nipple telling him to squeeze and pinch all he wanted. Since he had just cum a few minutes before I was pretty sure that this would last a little longer and I rode him with abandon.

After about 10 minutes he said that he was about to cum and I grabbed my own cock and pumped away. Very quickly I was starting to feel my orgasm start and just then I felt his first shot of cum deep in my ass. I shot cum all over the place while still bouncing up and down on his cock. Then I just collapsed back against Ben with his cock still deep within me.

After coming down from my orgasmic high I stood and let Ben’s cock slide out. He quickly pulled on his suit and ran out the door. I didn’t see him the rest of the week-end but I didn’t really care.

Now why did I come down here in the first place?

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