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Teen Diaries 11: Mark's Peep Show

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Casey's boyfriend shows her off to his friends
My name is Casey. I'm a 17 year old Latino with long hair and a decent body. All of my friends are so jealous because I'm dating a college guy. Mark is 21 and lives in one of those frat houses. He's white, 6'0, and I'm completely in love with him. I know a lot of people say you can't know what love is when you're in high school, but I'm sure this is it.

Mark and I have been together almost three months, and we've been sexually active almost as long. Mark really has a wild side and likes to push my boundaries, such as the time he had me suck him off at a movie theater. But last night, we kicked it up a notch. Mark told me we were going to have a wild time and begged me to wear my lacy pink bra and panties matching set underneath a button up blouse and skirt. He picked me up right after school and drove me to his frat house.

Usually we go straight up to his room and fool around, but today he lead me straight to the living room where his frat brothers were sitting around watching TV. One of the guys stood up to grab the remote and shut the TV off. Some of the guys cleared one of the couches and they stood on the other side facing it. Mark lead me to the couch and asked me to sit down and he got down on his knee. My heart started to beat really fast because I thought he was going to propose, but his proposition wasn't quite what I was expecting.

"Casey, you know I love you so much and that I've had an amazing time with you. But there's sort of an initiation in this frat that I never completed. All of the guys have had sex with their girlfriends while the rest of the house watches... every guys except me. If we don't do this, they're going to kick me out. I know it's kind of awkward, but would you please let me fuck you right here, right now?"

My heart continued to beat fast, but for a different reason as I thought about it. I love him so much, I couldn't bare to not comply with his request. So I nodded my head as he leaned in and started kissing me, unbuttoning my blouse and sliding it off my shoulders as he did. The guys started to make noise as my bra was exposed. I heard one of them say "Damn, she's stacked!" in reference to my 38C breasts. Mark unhooked my skirt and I stood up, sliding it down to the floor. Still standing, Mark unhooked my bra and let it fall down. More cheers came as Mark started kissing them, sucking on the nipples. He got behind me and started shaking them, which made his frat brothers go crazy with laughter and cheers. I was so nervous that I stared at the ground and held my hands between my legs.

Mark's right hand stayed cupped on my left boob as his right hand slid down my tummy to my crotch. He slipped it into my panties and started rubbing my pussy. I closed my eyes, enjoying his touch and trying to forget where I was, which was hard because they kept commenting on how much I looked like I was enjoying it. Mark pulled his hand out and pulled my panties down as he started rubbing it again, teasing my hole with the tip of his middle finger, pressing it against it but not sliding it in yet. He lifted his hand to his mouth and licked his finger, then reached down and slid it in.

"Dude, how wet is she?" called one of the brothers.

"She's getting there. I swear, Casey's pussy gets wetter than any girl I've been with" Mark replied.

"Mark!" I said his name in a shocked tone, letting him know he was sharing too much.

"What? You're naked in front of my frat with my finger in your coot. That was a compliment." He slid his index finger in with his middle finger, spreading me wider. I started to moan and thrust into his hand, loving his touch. I reached my right arm back over my head, rubbing the back of his head. He thrust his head back into my hand. He loves when I rub his head.

He sat me on the couch and lifted my legs up as he buried his face in my pussy, licking my slit and flicking his tongue over my clit. I was enjoying it so much. I felt him cupping my breasts as I kept my eyes closed, pinching my nipples and shaking them. I suddenly realized these hands were facing the wrong way. I opened my eyes and saw two black arms on either side of my head.

"Hey!" I yelled, as Mark looked up at me and started to laugh.

"Jake, those tits are mine. Go get your own!" he said to the guy who was feeling me up.

"Hey man, I just wanted to make sure they were real. They are." The other boys were laughing and applauding as he said it.

"How's her mouth, Mark?" another guy asked, as Mark stood up and dropped his pants and boxers. His boner was sticking straight up in the air, pressed against his abs. I always loved the way he got so hard it stood up straight. He stepped up on the couch and put his dick in my face and I started sucking it with big long strokes. Mark had a 9 inch dick, which took me about a month to get used to.

"Can she take it all?" one of the guys asked.

"You want to show them?" Mark asked me with a smile as I pulled it out of my mouth. I could actually get it all in my mouth, but only in one position. I turned around on the couch so my legs were in the air and my head was hanging off the edge, making a straight line from my mouth to my throat. Mark got on his knees and put his dick in my mouth. He cupped my breasts as he pushed it in, me holding my breath and fighting my reflex to gag as he slid it down my throat. I could feel it putting pressure in my neck as he softly humped it in and out of my throat. I started to gag and he pulled it out as the frat stared with their jaws dropped. When he pulled it out, they applauded and told Mark how lucky he is.

"Fuck her already!" one guy yelled. Mark picked me up and put me on my knees on the couch and got behind me. My pussy had gotten so wet it was dripping as he spread me open wide and deep.

"Look at her toes curling" one guy observed as they started to laugh. Some guys shifted to my side of the couch to watch my face and to see my boobs shake as Mark started humping me vigorously. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit, bracing myself on the couch with my other free hand.

Mark leaned over me and wrapped his arms around my waist, twisting me on my side as he spooned me and hiked up my right leg as he continued fucking me, giving them a good view. Guys shifted over to watch my bald pussy getting poked rapidly. Mark was shaking my left breast as he hammered me and I started to moan. His right hand pressed against my clit and started rubbing it fast as I started to cum, writing and squeezing Mark's arm as I screamed "Oh fuck!" over and over until my orgasm stopped.

"How much did she cum dude?" someone asked, as Mark pulled out and sat up, sticking his index and middle fingers in my pussy.

"So much. Her pussy is soaked." He pulled out his fingers and held them out. Guys took turns sniffing his fingers.

"Mark! What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry Casey, this is tradition. I've smelled their girlfriend's cum so this is only fair."

"Don't worry. You smell great!" one guy complimented.

"Yeah, I wish my girls smelled as sweet as you" said another.

When all of the guys that wanted to smell it had (some were embarrassed and remained where they were), Mark got back on top of me, missionary style, and leaned in to kiss me as he started fucking me hard, holding my hands above my head. He left my mouth and started sucking and biting my nipples, as I closed my eyes. The combination of his thrusts, having my sensitive nipples teased, and all of the testosterone in the room made me cum again so fast and I started screaming "Oh yes!" loudly as Mark pulled out and straddled my face.

His hot gooey cum was squirting harder than ever before all over my face, into my hair and on my right eye lid. The guys cheered at his shooting range and I sat up as his cum dripped down my cheeks, nose, and lips onto my tits. I wiped the cum out of my eye and opened it as a flash of light hit my face. One of the guys had his phone right up to my face and had just taken a picture.

"Wait a minute! No photos! Nobody can ever see that." I demanded, as the photographer sent it to their big computer in the living room. I looked over at it and saw my picture join a photo montage of at least twenty girls.

"Relax babe. Every girl before you had her photo on the Collage of Glory" the guy said.

Mark sat next to me and wrapped his arm around me. "Thank you so much for doing this for me Casey. I love you so much!" He gave me a kiss on my temple before grabbing my clothes and letting me get dressed. He drove me home and promised to take me to a fancy steak dinner this weekend to make up for tonight.

Truth be told, I know it was kinky and naughty, but I actually thought it was really hot to do it in front of all those guys. If Mark asked, I would probably do it again.

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