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Tending The Gardens IV

It's nearly time to plant the seeds
His eyes were glazed as he continued to watch her every sensuous move. He thought he must be dreaming. Never could he have imagined this going so well so fast. She looked like every red blooded american males dream model and by the look in her eyes she was ready for whatever it was he desired at that moment in time.

She couldn't take her eyes off that slow caressing hand of his, strong, large, unhurried. He continued to carefully stroke his pulsing cock as it strained at the material of his shorts. She could hardly contain the wine in the glasses as she paraded before him, coming ever closer. She could plainly see his cock throbbing now, and his eyes looked like two embers, even hotter than those in the low burning fireplace. Her heart pounded so loud in her chest, it's all she could hear for the moment. She reached out to hand him his glass, straining to not spill, tearing her eyes away from his manly treasure for a moment to spy his outreached trembling hand. His excitement was uncontainable, obviously.

She came close to hand him the glass and he reached out, brushing her fingers as he accepted it. He could smell a lovely perfume mixed with a subtle feminine musk. He noticed a slight tremble along her entire frame, and her eyes were lit up like two stars sparkling. Her pupils were dilated (he took note), and her breathing was definitely coming in heavy short bursts. She was on the brink of high excitement which only caused more of a surge in his already burning groin.

She looked so enticing to him. He kept up his slow message and followed her eyes after she handed off the glass, as she renewed her active attention to his powerful pulsing copious cock.

After handing off the glass she continued to stand before him, watching his self manipulation continue. She had never been with a man so open, so fearless in his willingness to express himself in this manner before her hungering eyes. This was certainly a new experience for her and one she had only imagined in her fantasies over the years. She never expected such a joyous treat to avail itself to her, not ever. She used her free hand to follow his example, his lead, and returned to her own manipulations and pleasuring. She carefully watched for cues from him, and was relieved to see his smile and his eyes studying her every move. He looked so sure of himself, so relaxed, so at ease and natural in all of this. It turned her on so ever much.

He slowly slid his hand under his shorts. She could see his hand move beneath and cradle his massive bulge. He stroked it now at a more steady pace and the barely visible wet spot was clearly expanding. There was a gleaming slick elixir easing out of the material, to the surface, as his hand moved further down and cupped his own balls, gently squeezing as he looked directly into her eyes with such hunger and awe, a slow low groan escaping his lips, his eyes slightly closing.

She nearly lost her footing once again, as her legs felt incredibly weak for the umpteenth time. She heard his moan and saw his hand go deeper. Her eyes traced his every movement and watched carefully as his hand continued to dip down and as he raised his hips. He seemed to be moving his hand towards his ass. She was pretty certain he was now enjoying the sensation of a finger tickling his own anus. His expression shifted to one of even more intensity and his eyes completely closed as yet another moan, then a sigh, escaped his throat, low and animal sounding, primitive in nature. She cupped her breast with her free hand and made sure she held it long enough for his eyes to regain their focus on her. Once he regained contact, she made a great show of her rolling her nipple between her index finger and thumb. She pulled lightly and gave a moan of her own.

He saw her getting more relaxed in her roll of the seductress, of her open demonstration of pleasuring herself. He could see how natural and joyous she looked. Perhaps the distraction of his own pleasuring helped assure her. She took great pleasure, obviously, in toying with her nipple and he could see how hard it was growing. Her breasts were so full and so amazing to behold. Her hand then wandered back across her taught smooth belly, a finger circling her belly button, then wandering in, a slight brisk dip, teasing his eyes. Her hand then continued down until it cupped her labia and she molded her palm to her mound. She moved the tip of her middle finger further back until she appeared to be playing with her own ass. He nearly had a stroke at seeing this. His heart about exploded, along with his fully aroused cock. To imagine that she was enjoying the same sensations at exactly the same time as he, and that she would also enjoy such a treat, made him all the more anxious to assist her.

She loved how free he was, and the feel of her own hand on her growing wetness, knowing he was intensely focused on her. This made her blood flow in an intense surge. Her pussy tingled and pulsed and cried for affection and attention. She was burning up like nothing she had ever experienced before. Her finger found her anus and she pushed lightly there. Her palm continued to massage her labia urging more pre-cum to the surface. Her minuscule panties continued to absorb more and more of her glistening wetness. Her hormonal musk filled the air. She moaned loud, guttural, so he could hear. She thrust her hips out towards him to make clear her intentions and desire. Then she thrust her hand beneath her own material and placed a finger between her folds, groaning again and lurching, swaying, crying out.

He found the tip of his burning throbbing cock and spread the ever increasing fluid along it's length. Could there be anything slicker than nature's own intended lubricant, he spoke aloud, for her to hear. It was slippery as hell and added tremendously to the overall sensations. He groaned louder than ever and it elicited her own moan, as she realized his intensity growing. He noticed her hand disappearing beneath those lovely and sensual panties and noticed her rhythm increasing as she swayed in a steady cadence to her own timing. Clearly her fingers were inside her now and he could see both nipples standing out like diamonds. His lust was nearly uncontainable at this point. He wanted to assist her in the worst way, wanted his own hands upon her now and hers on him. He wanted to taste her, to fuck her.

She began to imagine what that cock would feel like between her lips now. She wondered at his taste, at his smell. She wanted to explore his ass and know the feeling of his lips crushed against her own, his tongue finding hers. She imagined his strong large hands cupping each breast, finding each nipple, followed by his hungering mouth. She had a sudden urge to fall to her knees before him, to remove his hand, place it at the entry to her own garden, and begin the process of preparing his for the planting of seeds. It was time to enjoy the fruits of their labor...

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