The Avalon Men's Club

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A special place for business men to relieve the stress of the day.
As Jack walked up to the ornate entrance to his hotel, he was happy to be home. The doorman opened the door and greeted him by his family name. Jack welcomed the greeting and graciously thanked the doorman as if he was a old friend. Jack asked the porter to take his bags to his room. The hotel manager came and greeted him and asked how his flight was. Jack responded that is was a long two days of flying from the states, but as always if was a pleasure to be home at the Palace Hotel.

The hotel manager asked if he should call one of the restaurants in the hotel and reserve him a table for dinner. Jack told him that all he wanted to do was soak his wary bones out by the pool. The hotel manager suggested that he enjoy the new men’s spa that had just opened on the 3rd floor. He said that there was nothing better for a jet lag than a soak, a steam, and massage. Jack thought the idea was a brilliant idea and thanked the manager as he headed to the elevators.

For the last year Jack has lived in this beautiful resort in Kuala Lumpur, it was now more home to him than his condo in Chicago was. He wished he could avoid the required trips back and forth to Chicago ever few weeks; they were exhausting. Fourteen hour flight from Chicago to Tokyo, an over-night stay in Tokyo, and an eight hour flight the next day to KL. And the trip to KL was the easy part, heading back to Chicago was worse; you ended up arriving three hours before you left Tokyo thanks to the International Date Line.

As Jack stood in the elevator looking back at his reflection in the doors he pressed the button for the 3 rd floor. A new men’s spa, just what the complex needed Jack thought.
The resort was an incredible complex of hotels, condos, and shops and now a men’s spa, perfect. As the elevator doors opened on 3rd floor he saw the cut glass doors of the Avalon Men’s Club. A wide grin appeared on Jack’s face as he realized that the new spa was an Avalon. Jack had experiences with Avalon Men’s clubs in other cities where he has worked in the past. The Avalon clubs have a reputation as very classy men's only spas that are frequented by many of the wealthy business men in a community. It was also visited by a few of the expatriates from the US and Europe that are in the know. The Avalons were the best spas that Jack has ever visited in the world.

As Jack stepped towards the glass doors with the Avalon name and logo cut into them the doors silently slide apart. A beautiful Asian woman with the most infectious smile greeted Jack from behind the front Desk. She welcomed him to the Avalon and explained that they were a very exclusive and luxurious men’s club; and that they offered a with a wide variety of services and treatments. Jack returned her greeting and replied that he was very aware of the Avalon, as he pulled a Avalon private member card that he first received a few years ago when he worked in Hong Kong.

She said it was a pleasure to have a member from another club come to enjoy the new Avalon at the Palace. She reviewed with Jack the layout of the club using a map etched into the counter. She pointed out the expansive locker rooms, and large shower room that were fitted with huge sunflower shower heads and numerous body shower squares in the wall spraying you do from all angles. There are great sauna and steam rooms, 3 huge soaking tubs, warm, hot, and cold plunge. They had a great weight room for working out. After sweating, soaking, and showering you could visit the tasty restaurant that served traditional local fare. There are two lounges where you could relax and watch a movie on enormous HD TV's. And as with every Avalon club they have wonderful spa treatment rooms with some of the most skilled massage therapists.

She asked what treatments that he might be interested in today? Jack said that he would enjoy the steam room and spa tubs for a couple of hours and then take a long 90 minute Swedish massage. She said that would be 100 Malaysian Ringgit, or about US $35, and that he was free to use all the facilities for that price. Jack smiled and thanked her and thought about how much a deal that was compared to the Hong Kong club.

Jack accompanied the clerk to check his valuables into a safety deposit box. The club provided him with a key for the box and his locker on a lanyard to wear around your neck. Jack was then escorted to the locker room.

In the locker room the attendant took Jack’s key and opened his locker. The locker room was great; huge lockers, plenty of room, not just clean, but immaculate and beautiful. As Jack stood in front of the locker undressing he took his time admiring the facility. He hung his clothes in the locker and placed his shoes in the bottom of the locker. Jack then heard the attendant say from behind him to leave the shoes out so they could polish them for him. Jack turned around and found the attendant squatting behind me. The locker room attendant took his shoes and held out a pair of shorts holding them open, wanting Jack to step into them. Jack thought that this is a bit different, at the other Avalon Spas that he frequented in Asia and Europe the clubs were typically clothing optional or fully nude. He guessed that was not the case here at Palace.

The attendant was looking down as he waited for Jack to step into the shorts. Jack noticed he also brought over a towel and sandals for him. As he was taking in the situation the attendant finally asked Jack to please step into the shorts. He did as the attendant asked and the attendant pulled the shorts up on him. But the attendant could not get them all the way up. As he pulled the shorts to the top of Jack’s thighs it was obvious that they are too small. The attendant tries again unsuccessfully and looks up and says that the shorts should fit because they are his large size. At this point he is looking squarely at Jack’s groin with the biggest deer in the head light eyes. After a few seconds the attendant realized that Jack knew he was staring at his penis, he turned red and quickly removed the shorts. He told Jack to wait and he would get another pair from his office.

Jack stood there quite amused. He did not believe that the attendant would find a pair of shorts that would fit him. He was in a country where the average man was less than 5' 5 and Jack was 6' 4, 240 lbs and very athletic and muscular. He is also very well endowed. Jack always got a kick watching people's expressions when they saw him naked. He shaves his underarms and pubic hair smooth and has very light chest and leg hair. The combination of being shaved smooth and having a penis that is much larger in its flaccid state than most men are erect it creates interesting reactions from others.

The attendant returned with a different pair of shorts. He held them out, but this time he could not help but stare at Jack’s large penis. These shorts were huge, they might fit a sumo wrestler but for Jack they were extremely large. He pulled the shorts up and let go and the fell straight to the floor as he continued to study Jack’s member. Jack stepped out of the shorts, turned to secure hislocker. The sandals in front of him were equally too small. They looked like they were size 6, his size 12 dogs were not going to fit. He took the towel as he walked out of the locker room to the showers.

As Jacked passed others in the hallway to the showers he continued to receive surprised stares. In the area of the spa where the showers, baths, and steam/sauna rooms are he was the only patron that was nude. Malaysia is a very modest community and everyone else was wearing spa shorts and / or a silk robe. Needless to say, Jack being this huge American caused a bit of a stir walking about nude for all to see his tall athletic body and long, thick cock.

Jack carried himself with confidence and projected an attitude that there was nothing unusual about his behavior. He would use the etiquette he learned in Japan and would carry his towel in front of him to casually obstruct direct view of his groin. But as he entered the baths or steam room others were able to get a full view of his body. As a result of his altitude and behavior Jack set the other men at the spa at ease. He was able to easily join the socializing that was occurring between the men at the spa and join the discussions they were having on various topics from business to politics.

At one point a Chinese businessman that Jack was talking with asked him very directly why he was not wearing the shorts the spa provided. Jack explained to the man that they did not have any that fit me, that they were way too small or too large. The businessman laughed and said that most patrons were very modest especially the Indian and Malay patrons, but if the spa wanted everyone to be covered they should have shorts that fit men that were larger than the average Asian. Jack asked him if it made him uncomfortable and he said no. He was very amused by the response that the others had when they saw Jack. He suggested that the female spa attendants that occasionally came through the baths looked very impressed with Jack’s beautiful body.

After bathing and showering patrons are fitted with clean shorts, sandals, and a robe before they continue to the lounge for a meal, movie, or massage. The attendant presented Jack with a pair of shorts, Jack declined. He told the attendant that the shorts would not fit, and he would only need a robe. The shower room attendant dressed Jack in the robe and tied the sash closed. As he was close to Jack he said in a hushed tone that Jack has a beautiful body and that he was so large. As he told Jack this his hand reached into the robe and he stroked Jack’s penis. He went on to say that Jack was to ask for Michelle as his masseuse; that she was the best, and she wanted to work on Jack’s body.

As Jack was relaxing in the Lounge the spa manager Ms. Chang came to get him for his massage. Ms. Chang is a tall woman for being Chinese, very sexy with a fantastic body, and was nothing but a stern business woman. She took Jack to the treatment room and told him that Michelle would be in a few minutes. He was then given a lecture on how she did not run a sex establishment, that Jack was going to receive a professional massage, and that he was not to touch or approach her therapists inappropriately. Jack agreed with her, and apologized if he did anything to make her suspect that he would be inappropriate. Her demeanor softened a bit. She thanked him for understanding and returned his apology; she said she needs to give this speech to new patrons, especially foreigners as she frequently finds they have other ideas. Ms. Chang did not want to risk losing a great therapist because some patron insulted her.

Jack was left alone in the room. He was a bit confused, Ms. Chang's speech and the fondling he received by the attendant seemed to be in conflict with other. As Jack considered this as he waited and in a few minutes his masseuse Michelle entered the treatment room. Jack and Michelle introduced themselves to each other, and then she instructed him to turn around. From behind, she reached around Jack and untied the sash of the rode and with a light touch disrobed him. He was now standing nude with his back to her. Michelle commented that her clients worn shorts under their robes. She complemented him on his body; she said she liked it that Jack was not wearing any shorts. She was impressed with his broad shoulders, muscular back, and incredible gluts and legs. As she said this she ran her hands lightly across each part of Jack’s body she mentioned. With Michelle’s light touch, Jack was getting a bit aroused; his penis was still hanging but was filling with blood and if this continued he would soon be semi-erect, quickly followed by a full erection.

Michelle turned Jack around and continued her appreciation of his body. She rubbed his pecks and abs complementing him on his muscle definition, and then reach down and held his penis in her small hand. She then said, that this is a very large muscle and she is looking forward to see how big it gets when it flexes. Jack responded that he did not think that it was a muscle, she agreed with him but restated that it was very large. She broke her touch and told him to lay face down on the massage table. Jack climbed onto the table and arranged his now growing penis so that he was not lying on it, but so it was lying between his legs.

As Jack lay nude on the table she started the massage without using any drape. She continued to compliment him on his body. She said that she rarely has a client that is a fit as him. Her typical client was old and fat, and oh the worse was hairy, hairy, hairy. Her clients that were old India business men had the hairiest backs, and she just disliked massaging them. She said she would never massage them without draping them. Michelle went on to say that a beautiful body like Jack’s should never be draped. For the next hour and a half he received the best Swedish massage of his life. This therapist was excellent. Occasionally during the massage she would have to rearrange his member so she could continue her strokes without hitting me, but it was very professional. Several times during the massage Jack drifted into a state of bliss and found himself with a full erection. This usually happens when he receives a great massage, and the therapist simply works a vein pinch into the bodywork thereby quickly reducing his erection. This is the same technique that Michelle used. She worked his backside and then through a variety of stretches and body placement she rolled him onto his back and finished the massage with Jack fully exposed on his back.

Jack was completely relaxed. She said that she was done and asked if he enjoyed his massage. Jack laid there relaxing with his eyes closed and said that it was one of the best he had ever received. She thanked him for the complement. And then Jack felt warm massage oil being poured onto his penis. Jack’s erection quickly started to grow, and Michelle started to stroke his cock bringing it to its full size. Jack opened his eyes and watched her work his huge cock. Jack said that he did not think that this was done in Ms. Chang's Spa. Michelle said that it isn't but that it is not every day that she gets to work such a beautiful man, and one that has the largest penis that she has ever seen.

Michelle gave an incredible hand job. She would work the full length his erection, from the base to his large head, massage his ball and rub his anus. Jack lay back with his arms behind his back and enjoyed watching her work. She continued saying how big he was and how much she loved his huge erect cock. She was amazed that his erection extended to above his navel in a great arch. Her hands looked so small as her stroked him. She told Jack how it excited her that he had no pubic hair on his penis or hair under his arms, she found it amazingly sexy. Michelle was getting very aroused by now Jack could see her large erect nipples through her top, and he could smell the musky smell of her pussy.

She than began to ask Jack how big his cock was. Michelle said she had to know how big it was. He teased her by saying that size does not matter, but it was how the owner uses it. But she continued to insist that he tell her. He finally stopped teasing her and told her how big he was; 10 inches long, 2.25 inches diameter, and 7 inches in girth. She said that she knew that meant he was huge but that she only knew metric and did not understand diameter and girth. Jack did some quick math at restated his size as about 26 cm long, 6 cm across and 18 cm around. Her eyes got real big and she said oh yeah that is huge; with that comment she when down and started to perform oral sex on him. Watching Michelle try to stuff his erect penis into her mouth was incredible. She was bound and determined to make him orgasm, and Jack was determined to make this last as long a possible.

After several minutes of working his erection with her mouth and tongue she stood up and announced that she was going to give him a full body massage. Standing next to Jack she removed her top and bra exposing her incredible breasts. They were the prefect size, large but not saggy, they were firm with incredibly large erect nipples pointing slightly upward. He reached up a lightly caressed one, they felt great. She asked if he liked her body. Jack said that he liked what he has seen so far. Michelle responded by saying, “Then let’s show you the rest.” With that she dropped her shorts to reveal the rest of her body. She stood there with nothing by the smallest and sheerest thong underwear on; which was completely soaked with her moisture. Michelle turned and walked to the end of the table; her ass was small, tight, and startlingly beautiful. She climbed onto the table between Jack’s legs and started to spread massage oil all over her body. Then she covered Jack with more oil; his legs, erection, chest, shoulders and arms. They then started to rub our oiled bodies together.

Michelle than sandwiched his massive erection between her breasts. Jack slowly pumped it through those breasts; she would look down and watch his penis pass between her breasts. As Jack finished his stroke his head would be at her mouth and she would give it a lick. He took his hands cupped her breasts as he continued to hump here beautiful body; she ran her hands over his body and through his hair. Michelle and Jack were really getting into this and she started to moan softly and rub here lacy crotch against his leg. He started to roll her nipples in his fingers and she responded with more moans and soft yes, yes, yes into his ear. He moved his lips to her breast and began to suck on her nipple. With his hand now free he reached down to stroke her clit. Her pussy was incredible wet and the feel of her genitals engorged with blood was fantastic. As Jack worked her nipples and clit Michelle was quickly building to an orgasm. She told his to remove her tong, with a little tug the straps broke and he now had full access to her. Jack took two fingers and inserted them into her and rub her clit with his thumb. Soon Michelle was having a strong orgasm as her ground her hips into his hand. As she came she ejaculated all over Jack. Jack thought it was an amazing feeling give this women such an intense climax.

Following her orgasm Michelle collapsed on top of Jack and he continued to stroke his hard cock between her breasts. Jack quickly began to ejaculate; he was having one of the most intense orgasms of his life. The first stream of cum shot between them and covered his chest and neck; he continued to ejaculate five more thick streams of semen covering both Michelle and himself. Michelle then looked down at his cum covered chest and took a little lick for a taste. She told Jack that he tasted great, very sweet with a touch of saltiness. She then continued to lick him clean. As she finished he brought her cum covered torso to his mouth licked her clean. They finished in a passionate kiss sharing his semen.

It was not getting late and they were way over the 90 minutes for his massage. Jack laid there watching Michelle clean up. She thanked him for giving her so much pleasure, she said that she had never cum like that before and that it was incredible and that she hoped she could experience it again. Jack told her that he did not see way she could experience it again. She said she could not image what intercourse with him would be like. As he lay there he was still fully erect and we walked up to him and said this huge penis would never fit in her. Jack told her that she might be surprised. Michelle touching his erection about three or four inches from the top of the head said if she could take it only about this much.

Jack asked her what she would say if he told that every woman that he has had intercourse with has taken the entire length. She turned and looked at him with her mouth open; she asked how they could do that. He told her that all his partners have taken the entire length of his huge erection by anal sex and that when they orgasm is harder than the one she just had. She tried to hide her shock and acted real casual. It was time to leave she had him get up and she dress him in his robe. As she tied the sash she reached to caress his penis.

“How many times can you cum in a night?”, she asked. Jack told her that he could have sex all night long and that she would never be disappointed. With that comment Michelle left the room with a little smile on her face and a wink. Jack returned to the lounge area. As it was late there was no one left in the lounge. He continued to the showers to finish cleaning up.

As Jack entered the shower room the attendant that dressed him in his robe was in the changing room folding towels. Jack asked if anyone else was around, as it seemed very late? He said it was near closing and that Jack was the only patron left, but that he had plenty of time to shower or even steam if he wanted. Jack thanked him for the information and removed his robe. The attendant took his robe and put it in the laundry basket. As Jack stood there nude the attendant asked him how his massage was. Jack told him he was right, Michelle was a great masseuse. He looked down at Jack’s large semi-erect penis and said it looked like he had enjoyed himself. Jack had a string of semen dripping from his penis. The shower attendant dropped to his knees and stuck Jack’s cock into his mouth and gave it a couple of good sucks. Jack was a little nervous about getting a blow job out here in public, what if Ms. Chang came by. As quickly as the attendant started he stopped and sat back on his stool. He looked up and said that Michelle had not cleaned Jack up enough. Jack asked him if he was into guys. The attendant said that he really wasn't, but he did not know how someone could not be attracted to a guy as gorgeous and big as Jack.

Jack stepped across the hall into the first shower. He choose this shower as the attendant would have a clear view of him showering. Jack took his time lathering himself and made sure that the attendant could see him. Jack would causally look across the hall to see the attendant’s reaction; he was watching Jack intently. Jack rinsed the shampoo and body soap from his body and then he worked some conditioner through his hair. Jack pumped another hand full of conditioner from the dispenser and this time he used it to lube up his penis. Jack stood in the shower stoking himself to a full erection looking directly at the attendant. It was very exciting for Jack to be masturbating for this guy. He enjoyed the attendant’s expression; he looked amazed at the size of Jack’s huge erect cock. Soon the attendant had his cock out of his short and was masturbating as he watched Jack in the shower. It did not take him long before he ejaculated all over is work. Soon after the attendant came Jack began to ejaculate, the first stream shot right out of the shower and landed half way across the hall, the attendant looked on in awe as Jack continued to orgasm.

Jack finished up showering and stepped out of the shower and was met by the attendant with a fresh towel in hand. As Jack dried himself off the attendant thanked him for the show. Jack told him he enjoyed it too, as Jack reached down a grabbed the attendant’s erection through his shorts. Jack handed his towel back to the attendant and walked back to the locker room with a semi erect hard on pointing almost straight out in front of him.

The looker room attendants could not stop staring at Jack as he entered and went to his locker. Jack could see them trying not to look. Across from where they sit and polish shoes there is a large mirror with men's toiletries to primp with before one leaves the spa. Jack went to the mirror to do his hair, he enjoyed standing there nude in front of the mirror giving these guys a good look of his body and semi erect penis. When he finished with his hair he turned to the attendants and asked if they were done with his shoes. They said that they would have them for him is a minute. Jack went to his locker to dress. He stood facing towards the attendant's room. He dressed with his shirt first to give these guys the maximum amount of voyeur time as possible. As the attendant came with his shoes he finished dressing making sure the locker room attendant got another good look at how large his cock was.

As Jack walked back up to the front desk to pay his fees he smiled to himself about how enjoyable the evening had been. As he got into the elevator Michelle quickly jumped in with Jack as the doors closed. She looked at Jack and said that neither of them would be disappointed. She went to him room and spent first of many nights with Jack. They had sex every way imaginable and she found that she loved having his huge, thick, 10 inch long erect cock in her ass. No matter how they had sex she would just keep having one massive orgasm after the next.

Jack goes to the Avalon Men's Club every night, and gets massages two to three times a week. When he doesn’t get a massage he enjoys having others see his body in the baths and locker room. Michelle has introduced Jack to her colleagues, Nia and Cho, and they are also great masseuses. They give him special attention just as Michelle does. And they also spend the night with Jack. On the weekends the four of them often spend the evening and days having group sex. And all that Jack can think is man this is a great place, it is great to be home.