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The Bike Rally

Rally fun with the wife.
My wife and I enjoy attending motorcycle rallies several times a year. She seldom drinks alcohol and is normally pretty conservative however I can talk her into flashing her tits at the rallies once in a while if she has had a few beers.

Last summer while camping at a rally we stopped by a campsite to visit with a couple of guys we met earlier in the day. After a few beers we talked my wife into flashing a few of the bikers as they rode by. Her inhibitions were lowered enough she was enjoying herself as much as we were enjoying the show. We visited a while longer then headed back to our campsite.

It was a nice evening and we sat under our awning just enjoying watching the bikers putt by. I was a bit surprised when my wife continued drinking beer. After a few more beers I talked her into taking her top off so the guys could sneak a peek as they putted by our campsite. She had drunk far more than her normal two beers and I was very happily surprised when she took off her top and even more surprised when she asked me to get her another beer.

We drank a couple more beers, it was obvious she was getting very drunk. I asked her if she would like to take a walk around the campground. She said yes, as long as I kept her steady on her feet. I knew this was going to be a fun walk when she asked for another beer for the walk but did not ask for her top back. She had never done anything like this before.

We didn't get very far before a group of guys camping together invited us to stop and visit. During introductions they all shook my hand but my wife was a different story; they all wanted hugs and a kiss from her and to my surprise she was very accommodating.

It was obvious she was very drunk and the guys took full advantage of that. They took turns wrapping their arms around her from behind and playing with her tits, of course under the pretense they were helping to hold her up. We visited a bit longer then continued our walk. We once again did not get very far before we were invited into another camp.

By the time we finished our walk around the camp ground we had stopped and visited with guys at twelve to fifteen different campsites. Of course the campsites we were invited into were camps that had only guys, no girls camping with them.

A couple of the camps had only two guys there but most had anywhere from three to seven guys camping together. The scene was pretty much the same at every campsite, they made sure everyone got their share of playtime with my wife. They all offered us more beer as we were visiting ensuring there was no opportunity for her to start sobering up.

I did not think my wife could ever get drunk enough to allow all these strangers to play with her half-naked body but it was obvious she was really enjoying herself, which egged the guys on even more. At several of the camps the guys were licking and sucking on her boobs and some were even slipping their hands down her shorts giving her some real stimulation.

The guys were all very respectful but I did have to intervene a couple of times and move on down the road because some of the guys started rolling out bedrolls and pillows. It was obvious they were not planning on going to sleep and as much as I would have enjoyed watching, I did not want my wife getting gang banged when she was in no shape to make that decision for herself. I knew if it were not for the alcohol the entire walkabout would have never taken place.

By the time we got back to camp a few hours had passed, they were some of the most erotic hours I had ever experienced. I had plenty to drink myself and was definitely not keeping track but from the number of campsites we visited and the number of guys at each site, I estimated somewhere between forty and sixty guys had enjoyed playing with my wife.

There was no actual intercourse take place however I believe she would have done that as well had I not stopped it; she was really enjoying all the attention but I did not want her to have severe regrets the next morning.

We showered up, crawled into bed and had some of the best sex ever. The next morning when she woke up she was accusing me of mauling her tits so much they were sore.

When I started explaining the prior evening events she at first did not believe she did those things, but as we talked she started remembering bits and pieces of the evening. I played it way down from the real numbers, I wanted her to know she could and did enjoy those kind of activities but did not want to scare her off doing it again sometime.

There were still two days of the rally left to enjoy and we both had a really great time. My wife never went topless the rest of that rally but she did flash a lot of guys, even when sober. I knew she really was enjoying the attention from the guys.

We had more guys stop to visit with us than we have ever had before and they were all a great bunch of respectful guys. I know most of them were hoping for a repeat of the first night but not a single one of them mentioned that first night to my wife so as not to embarrass her, it was pretty obvious she did not remember a lot of that first evening.

I talked with several of the guys and we are all hoping for a repeat performance at the same rally this coming summer. I hope I have another story to tell!

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