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The Black Banana

The Black Banana was always known for its wild side

It was a Saturday night. For some reason, we were together, the three of us. Any way...I come along in a new pickup truck with a bench seat. I pick up the two of you at Di’s house.

You are wearing a short wrap mini skirt with a mesh blouse, no bra. (I find out later that you are not wearing panties) Di is wearing a pareo with a triangle bikini top...the triangles are not very big. I also notice that Di has a navel ring. Seeing the navel ring I wonder if any thing else is pierced.

Anyway, you both hop in the truck, you in the middle and Di on the end, and we take off downtown. You are both giggling and I ask why. You lean up against Di and swing your left leg up on the seat. Di takes her hands and pulls your mini skirt to your waist, and starts to stroke your bald pussy and says, "We shaved Kel’s pussy for you. What do you think?"

As I’m driving I look over at your pussy. Di is stroking your labia with one hand while the second hand is pinching your clit. There is a trickle of your pussy juice running down the inside of your thigh onto the seat. You wipe some of the juice up with your fingers and stick the fingers in your mouth. I protest saying that I want the juice. You give me one of your sly smiles and stick two fingers back in your pussy and swish them around. You pull them out and offer them to me. As I lick and suck your fingers, Di takes her fingers and shoves them up your pussy and pulls them out and starts sucking on them. The fragrance of your pussy begins to emanate through the truck.

The sexual tension in the truck is growing greater as we travel on. All of a sudden you slide down on your back on the seat and pull Di up over you. You pull her pareo off, yelling "We shaved Di’s pussy too." As you lay there with Di’s pussy over you, you snake your tongue up her pussy. You wet your index finger and thumb with your tongue and you start to stroke and pinch Di’s clit causing it to swell.

Replacing your tongue with two fingers, you start to nibble and lick Di’s engorged clit. Two nibbles on her clit sends her off like a rocket. She gushes juices into your open mouth. When Di finishes coming, you sit up and grab my face and start to kiss me. You snake your tongue into my mouth and I taste Di’s nectar.

Di then reaches over and pulls you back toward her. She leans over and starts to kiss you licking up her juices from your face. You two start to giggle when you look over and see the wet spot in my jeans. Leaning back over toward me, you unzip my jeans and pull my dick out. Grabbing it in one hand you slowly lick the head clean with your tongue. Sitting up you stuff my dick back into my pants and you start to get dressed again.

Parking downtown, we walk over to the Black Banana Club. This club is somewhat known for its eccentricities and kinkiness. After a few minutes inside and our first drink, the three of us waltz out onto the dance floor and start to dance. We switch throughout the song as to who is in the middle. It starts out with me in the middle, then Di, then you, then me again, etc. We are rubbing our bodies up and down each other, grabbing pussy, dick and tit, just going wild over each other.

And yet we are not the only ones who are starting to go wild. There are several other groups, some with a guy and two women, another with three guys and a women, another group of five women....all rubbing and stroking each others bodies. As we are dancing, the group of five women redirect themselves next to us.

As we get lost in the beat of the music, and with Di’s back to you, and you with you arms wrapped around her, rubbing her body up and down paying particular attention to her pussy and tits, and me with my arms wrapped around you, actually pulling your mini skirt up, and stroking your pussy, the five women surround us and collapse in on us.

They rip Di’s pareo off, they pull your mini skirt up to your waist and they rip my jeans down to my ankles. One of the women bends over and sucks my dick to erection. Slipping her mouth off it, she holds it out while another woman pushes you back onto my dick. Your pussy is sopping wet and my dick slips in. The woman who sucked my dick is sucking on my balls as I push in and out of you.

The woman who pushed you onto me kneels down in front of you and starts to lick your clit. Meanwhile, Di is getting fucked from behind by a woman with a strap-on dildo right in front of you. You reach out and grab her tits and pinch her nipples while this woman fucks her from behind. The music seems to have gotten louder with a faster beat. As the tempo increases so do I. I am pummeling you faster and faster, and the woman in front of you is licking and sucking you faster. You begin to lose control and start moaning. As we pump you faster and faster, your moaning grows louder until you are screaming. All of a sudden I feel you pussy contract and become soaking wet. As you clamp down on me I let loose with my cum filling your pussy to the point where my cum is leaking out along side my dick in your pussy.

The woman on her knees in front of you clamps her mouth over your pussy as I slip out. I watch her rubbing her face back and forth across your pussy suking up our nectar. Thrusting three fingers in your pussy she stands and leans over to kiss me. As we are trying to shove each others tongues down the other's throat I look over at Di.
I watch you sucking hard on her tits as she starts to come. Another woman is on her knees sucking on Di’s engorged clit. Looking down, I watch you pinching Di's clit as the woman tongue flicks her. All of a suden DI tenses up and starts to quiver. I see Di gush, with her juices pouring into the woman’s open mouth. The woman drinks down as much as possible.

She stands up and comes over to me and the otehr woman and starts to kiss the two of us. I can taste you and Di on her mouth. She dribbles some of Di’s cum into my mouth as I slurp it up. As the music dies down, I swallow Di’s cum. It is truly the nectar of the gods.

Turning around I grab you by the waist and pick you up and kiss you on the mouth and neck. Still holding onto you I pull your skirt down to walking mode and I grab Di around the waist and walk us to our booth. While we are walking back to the booth, we help Di get dressed. I have to wonder if she has any idea as to what is in store for her tonight. Hence, the easy to undo outfit. As we crash onto seats of the booth, the music begins to get louder again. We grab our drinks and turn around and watch the five women encircle the woman with the two guys. We turn to each other and smile, saying we gotta go back for seconds.

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