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The Bookstore

“Fuck!” I screamed as my alarm clock told me it was 8 am. I was supposed to get up early to do laundry before I met an old friend for coffee, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen now. I had 20 minutes to get to Powell’s, the bookstore, where I’m meeting an old friend of mine from high school. Rummaging through my dresser I realize I have no underwear left, so I decide to wear a dress that hopefully will cover everything. I opt for a light blue number with spaghetti straps that can hold up my rather large breasts without a bra and rush out of my apartment.

The friend, Connor, and I met my sophomore year of high school. We became close pretty fast. It helped that we lived so close to one another. I haven’t seen him since graduation, which was 3 years ago.

Sprinting down the street I finally find myself in front of the store. I take a few minutes to calm down and readjust everything before walking in.

“Abby?” I hear from behind me.

“Connor!” I throw my arms around him and give him a hug. Wow. He’s definitely gotten stronger since the last time I saw him. I take his whole 6’2” frame in. God I missed him.

We decide to peruse the books while catching up. We end up spending hours just wandering around, talking and laughing. I’m so glad he reached out to me.

Inevitably, the conversation turns to relationships and sex. Connor tells me that he just got out of a pretty serious relationship. Apparently, he started dating this girl his first month of college and they had been together since, well until now anyway. “So what about you Abby?”

I laugh. “Honestly, I haven’t been with someone in over a year.”

“Really?” He shakes his head. “I could never go that long without sex.”

“It hasn’t exactly been a picnic in the park.” I say. “But it’s manageable.” Connor leans in closer until his lips are on my ear.

“Exactly how are you managing it? Because I can smell your wet pussy from right here. How badly do you want it?” Does he mean what I think he means? Whatever the answer is I’m too horny to care right now.

“Are you offering?” I ask in the sexiest voice I can manage. In response he grabs my chin and kisses me, taking his arms and wrapping them around my body effectively pinning me against a bookcase.

A million thoughts are running through my mind. What if someone walks by? Will this ruin our friendship? But mostly, how good it felt to be touched like this. As for the first question, we had made our way to the back of the store and were between two bookcases. It seemed unlikely that someone would see us. Perhaps it would give them a nice thrill.

Connor began kissing my neck, working his way down. He pulled down my dress a bit and took a nipple in his mouth. I let out a moan. While working that in his mouth, his hand on my other breast, he took his remaining hand on my thigh. He slowly slid it up until he reached my, by now throbbing pussy. Instead of giving me some relief, he began to tease my clit until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I pushed him off of me and turned so he was against the bookcase. I started to work the belt on his jeans and soon had him down to his boxers. I took out his already erect member and licked his shaft, working him until I had him all the way in my mouth. “Fuck Abby! God that feels so good.” I smile a bit. I’d always been told that I give good head.

After working him for a few more minutes he told me to stop or he was going to come. I stood up and he turned me around so my back was facing him. He lifted up my dress and I could feel him at my entrance. He pushed himself into me and I had to stop myself from crying out. “Mhmmmmm.” His cock felt so good, especially after not being with anyone for a while. He kept pulling himself almost all the way out and then thrusting back in as hard as he could. After 4 or 5 minutes I couldn’t stand it. I felt my orgasm building, and when I finally reached it Connor turned my face around to kiss me to stop the noise.

“I needed that.” He said to me after we had cleaned ourselves up and were walking out the door.

“Me too.” I respond. “I hope no one saw us.” As the words came out of my mouth I look up to see an older man, winking at me as we walk by.


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