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The Bottle Section

It had been a year since she'd had sex... tonight was her night to let it all go.
The Bottle Section

Note to the Readers: This was my very first attempt at an erotic story and I have yet to submit it online anywhere. Please be kind with your criticism, though any criticism is accepted. Thank you for taking the time to read. Enjoy. 

He didn’t necessarily have everything I was looking for. He had more. I was intrigued by his appetite for attention. It wasn’t obvious that he wanted to impress me, to the others. But it was obvious to me. The mocha toned skin matched mine and his attire was classy.

He had on a sexy set of jeans with a t-shirt and my favorite: the leather jacket. His hair was braided back and his goatee was perfectly lined up.

I thought he was fresh out of a magazine shoot or something. I had my flyest outfit on that night. A strapless red dress with my favorite black leather stilettos sporting the faux diamond studs at the ankle. Yeah I was feelin‘ myself. Hair and nails done, bracelet lacing my wrist and earrings to make any outfit scream “fuck me”.

It wasn’t until I was completely out of sight that I started watching his every move. I loved everything about him already. The way he walked, the way his hands gestured each time he spoke, the way he sat down. It was inevitable that I wanted to get to know him.

No, I wanted to fuck him. It had been a year since I’d broken up with my ex-boyfriend and I wanted to give this man I knew nothing about the time of his life.

Yeah, I knew I was good and that my pussy was sweet and tight. And I wanted him to know just how sweet and tight it was. I wanted to give him everything. From sucking his dick to letting him hit it upside down. I wanted to give him eeeevvveeerrryyytthiiiing.

It was like being in my own world watching him. Talking to the other females, making his presence known. Little did he know, he was coming home with me that night. Well, that was the goal anyway.

I finally waltzed outside of my dark corner and onto the dance floor. My song was on. “Slow Wind” by Robert Kelly blared through the Disc Jockey’s speakers. I wanted to let this man know, visually, what he was missing out on. I stopped in the middle of the dance floor and slowly began to sway my hips from side to side.

I tried imitating the girls I had seen on the music videos and let my arms sway with my hips. The music and the alcohol that was already in my system started flowing through me like an ignited fire.

I felt like touching myself right there on the dance floor, so I did. My homegirls were somewhere in the club, scattered with their love interests for the night, but I didn’t care. I kept swaying my hips and moving my body like a snake. Unaware of the folks around me, coupled up. My hips kept in time with the song as I waited for the right time to really get it on with myself on the dance floor.

I opened my eyes in time to see "Mister Fuckable" (that was the new name I had given him) staring at me from across the room. Good, I had caught his attention. His eyes followed my body as I followed the music.

Damn he was fine. As I got lost into the rhythm of my dancing again, I suddenly felt a warm, broad chest behind me; then arms slowly encircled my waist and another pair of hips were grinding with mine. His scent was intoxicating. I thought to myself, gawd, if this man don’t stop it I'm gonna have to give him what’s already his right on this dance floor.

Our bodies moved together with the beat of the song. I slowly turned around wanting to look him in his eyes up close. I was pleased by his fineness. The face went so well with his flawless body. He had taken off his jacket to reveal his V-neck white tee.

I loved the way he looked in it too. His rippling muscles felt so tight under his clothing and I was able to grab onto his arms as I slid my body across his. I could tell his dick was getting hard from the tight bulge in his pants. I felt it on my right thigh.

Just then he straightened himself up and asked me my name. I told him it was Jasmine. “Ira,” he introduced himself and held me closer. So… Mr. Fuckable’s name was Ira. Sexy. With one swift move, his lips met mine. They were soft and full. His kiss was sweet too. Tasted like candy. I bet he had a piece before coming over here to wet my panties.

And they were so wet. The more we kissed the wetter they got. The wetter they got, the more turned on I was and I just got hornier, and hornier. By the time the music stopped we were still making out on the dance floor and although everyone was moving toward the exit doors, we stayed put.

Reluctantly, I broke the kiss. “I think the club is closing down,” I whispered to him.

“It doesn’t matter,” He said almost way too quickly, “Doesn’t mean we have to go anywhere right now." He gave me a devilish grin, "I own this club girl."

I took a step back and looked at him in shock. “For real?” I asked. Just my luck! I thought to myself. And then the wheels started turning.

He chuckled, “Yeah girl. I own every right to this building.”

Oh damn. The shit that was running through my head just then. I couldn’t wait for everyone to be out the club. He knew what time it was just by the expression on my face and told the bouncers to make sure everyone left the club promptly.

Ira took my hand and led me to the back of the club through the double doors, down the hall, and into this plush VIP room. I walked in first. Everything was red and black. The sexiest set of chairs laid in the center of the room surrounding a glass table. The couches ran across each wall in a booth fashion. I was impressed by the lighting too.

The room was dimly lit with beautiful chandeliers and candles laid on top of end tables by the edge of the walls. This room was dope. I’d always wanted to do some freaky things in the VIP room of a club. Now was my time to shine.

He closed the door behind him and started walking toward me. “Get naked.” he said as he stopped in front of me. I would never dream of doing this shit on a normal outing with my girls but, hell, I was tipsy anyway and it had been a year since I’d had some. Plus my girls were nowhere to be found they were out getting theirs with whomever, wherever.

I was about to get mine too, so I decided to surprise his ass with my own set of rules.

“Okay,” I responded, “I’ll get naked. But you have to be blindfolded.” I took the scarf I had tied around my purse and placed it over his eyes.

He laughed, a little startled. “Mmmm, okay. So you on some freaky shit tonight.”

“Yeah you got that right daddy, just wait and see how freaky.”

I got down on my knees and started undoing his pants. He stumbled backward and I told him, “Stand up straight. You’re going to need to keep your balance.”

I pulled his pants down to his ankles revealing a nice set of Calvin Klein briefs. Classy, I thought to myself. But those need to come off too.

Slowly, I pulled his briefs to his ankles as well. OH MY! The size of his dick was unbelievable. I mean it wasn’t one of those ridiculously large dicks, I didn’t like those. That was too much for me. This dick was the perfect size, about 10 inches with a smooth texture. It was thick, and had a big round head and a nice set of balls to match. And it smelled good too.

“Now, let’s see how it tastes,” I said aloud.

I started with a long lick from the base of his dick to the tip of his head. At the same time I played with his balls. Reaching down with my other hand I started to play with myself. I toyed with him for a little bit, making his dick harder and harder by the second. Showering it with kisses, licks, tiny sucks, and slurping his ball sack. I took both hands and slid my saliva up and down his shaft stopping at the head to play with it ever so often.

“Mmmmm, damn girl. That feels good,” He said. Wetting my lips, I took him in my mouth slowly.

Now, when you suck a dick you either love it or hate it. And I loved doing this shit. I hadn’t done this for a man in I don’t know how long but I was definitely rocking his universe.

“Shiiiiiiit! Damn Jasmine!” Yes, the man was already calling my name. “I’m about to cum,” he must not have been used to girls wanting to swallow his shit cuz he tried to pull it out of my mouth but I held on for dear life and sucked every drop of that hot liquid out. It was sweet too. Just like his kisses.

I still had my dress on, so I stood up and unzipped it. It fell to the floor. I took his blindfold off.

“You are a gorgeous woman with a bangin’ ass body,” He looked at my body with his mouth watering. His dick was hard again.

“Yeah, you don’t look so bad yourself,” I told him while removing my bra. I was tired of talking. I wanted to fuck, make love, get freaky, I was ready!

I pushed him back on the couch and lifted my panties to the side.

“Wait, let me get a condom,” he said. He reached for his pants on the ground next to us and pulled out a gold wrapper. I helped him slide it on his dick and then got on top of him. With one swift motion I pushed down on his thick bulge.

My pussy was so hot and wet it was already throbbing. It welcomed in his dick like a long lost friend. It hurt so good. My shit was so tight I had to slide slowly up and down first then as it became more exciting I went faster. Our chemistry was dope; frantic fingers against palms and backs, sweaty brow against chin, full lips against eager tongue...

“Oh girl! Got damn! That feels good. Shit!”

I had this man cussing up a storm as I bounced on his dick. He sucked my breasts one at a time. Slowly circling my ariolas with his tongue and then suckling on the tip of my nipples. It felt so good I moaned.

“Ooooh, baby that feels good,” I told him, “This dick is delicious. So big, and thick, and silky. Ooooh baby work that pussy. She likes it. She likes it a lot.”

I moaned and groaned until I just couldn’t take it anymore. My juices flowed onto him like an overflowing pitcher of water. They just fell out on his dick and over his stomach and balls. My body shook violently as I tried to brace myself for another orgasm. Back to back they came with a vengeance. Like my body was punishing me for taking so long to please it. Ira and I spent all night at the club.

Finally, after hours of fucking, love making, sucking, slapping, licking, and sticking… we collapsed onto the velvet booth. We got to know each other (outside of the sex) and decided to stay together. Now, I’m half owner of the club and his wife. Every time the date of that same night came around, we’d make an anniversary trip to the bottle section of the club.

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