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The Bride Wore Nothing-Part 2

Not your average wedding reception
An hour or so later, it was time to return to the reception for our first dinner as husband and wife. We took our seats at the large table at the front of the room. The moment we sat down, the guests tapped their glasses with their spoons and Liu and I shared a customary wedding reception kiss.

Except this was not an ordinary kiss. As he pressed his lips to mine, he tenderly held my breasts. I tingled with pleasure as his thumbs lightly caressed my hard nipples. I could hear the “whoo hoo!” from the guests and I secretly begged Liu to do more. I glanced at Kevin, who was quickly eating his food.

“What’s the rush?” I shouted to him.

“The quicker we eat, the quicker we fuck!” he replied.

God he read my mind. I needed to fuck in the worst way.

Just as I hoped, the guests were looking for another kiss and the piercing sound of the tapped glasses filled the room once more. Liu and I kissed again, but this time he was bolder as he fondled my breasts and quickly licked my nipples.

“Fuck her, Liu!” a man shouted from the back of the room.

“Don’t tempt me!” Liu shouted back.

I felt my pussy tingle with the thought of getting fucked in front of our wedding guests. I’ve never been fucked publically and this was the perfect opportunity.

“It would be so hot if you did,” I whispered to Liu.

He smiled and quickly raised his eyelids. I could tell his mental wheels were turning.

“Do it!” Kevin whispered.

“Consequences be damned,” Liu replied.

I glanced over at Liu’s parents and I could see them shaking their heads “no”.

My mom approached our table, her face red with anger and embarrassment.

“Ok, you two. THIS has gone far enough. Kait, put your dress on and act like a proper bride. And as for you, son-in-law, you better start behaving yourself in front of the family,” she chastised.

Liu was not impressed with her feeble attempt at controlling the situation. He flagged down one of the waiters.

“Be ready to lock the doors,” he instructed.

Liu took the microphone that was lying on the table. He looked like a mess- a sexy hot mess. His hair was disheveled and his tie undone with his shirt hanging out of his pants. He put the open bottle of champagne to his lips and took a huge gulp before placing it down again.

“So, who wants to see us have sex?” he asked the crowd as he spoke into the microphone.

“Yeah!!!” was the overwhelming response and people tapped their glasses and took out their cameras.

“No, Liu!!” my mom screamed at him.

Liu’s parents approached us, yelling at him in Chinese. Liu yelled back. I didn’t understand a single word that was said, but it couldn’t be pretty.

“If you don’t want to see us have sex, you need to leave very soon,” Liu announced as he took another drink of champagne.

I started rubbing my pussy as Kevin and Melinda watched.

Several dozen guests with disgusted looks left the reception. I was somewhat sad to see them go, but then again it was their loss.

“Is that everyone?” Liu asked again.

A few more left the room.

“Lock the doors!” Liu said.

I stood up and put my arms around him as we kissed. I felt the overwhelming passion build up inside me as he put his hand between my legs, rubbing my clit.

I started undressing him, removing his white shirt and undershirt. I licked his nipples as I tried to forget we had an audience.

We moved to the now empty dance floor as I rubbed his cock through his pants. God he was so hard! I unbuckled his pants and unzipped them, pulling them down. Hi hard cock was now fully exposed to everyone in the room. I looked up him, his face red with embarrassment as he swallowed hard.

“Liu, you gonna slip her the big one?” the same man yelled out.

“What big one?” another man said.

“Fuck you both!” Liu replied with a smile to his voice.

I stroked his hardness and teased the tip of the head as I gently cupped his balls in my hand. I wanted him inside me so badly. I couldn’t wait much longer to feel him penetrate me. I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him closer to my mouth. Feeling the tip of his cock in the back of my throat, I slid my lips up and down the shaft. He put his hands on my head, holding it in place. I did not intend to move myself away. I loved pleasing him sexually.

I slowly and gently messaged his balls as I heard the “oohs and aahs” from our guests. Liu moaned and put his head back, enjoying every second of it.

“Suck it, baby,” he whispered to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. By this time, I was oblivious to the people and comments around us. Once again, it was as if he was the only one in the universe.

I licked the pre-cum from the tip of his cock, saving the taste of his body. I teased the length of his shaft with my tongue, giving him that look that begged him to fuck me.

“Get on the table, I want to lick your pussy,” he said as he motioned my head away from his cock.

I sat on the table facing the dance floor, my legs spread wide for him. I felt the tip of his tongue on my very swollen clit, my pussy dripping with anticipation as he licked me slowly and tenderly. I pinched my nipples in pleasure as I watched his tongue enter me. Helplessly, I screamed his name and pressed my pussy against his mouth. I was cumming and nothing on earth was going to stop this feeling.

I grabbed the tablecloth and pulled it closer to me as my legs trembled with pleasure.

“That’s it, that’s it! Oh God, just like that!” I moaned as I climaxed in Liu’s mouth. He kissed up my body until our lips met. I could taste my juices on his lips that turned me on even more.

I got down from the table and bent over it. I held the edge of it as Liu pressed his hard cock inside my pussy.

“Oh yes!” I screamed as he pumped me, his hips thrusting against my body.

“You like that?” he said as he grabbed my waist.

“Mmm, yes! I love it!” I replied. I could see my reflection in the mirror. The front of my body resting across the table as Liu was mercilessly pounding my pussy.

I moaned his name over again which increased his arousal.

“I love being your slut, cum inside me, please, Liu!” I whimpered.

“I intend to,” he said matter-of-factly. I love when he took control of a situation. I love it even more when he controls me.

I clenched my pussy lips around his cock. His thrusts became so hard, the table was moving under me. He pumped faster and harder. I was on the line between pleasure and pain where both felt incredible.

“Oh shit, oh yeah!” Liu yelled as his body stiffened. He pressed himself forward as I felt him shoot his warm cum inside me. He pressed into me a few more times, before pulling out his cock, now dripping with cum. I knelt before him and licked the tip clean, to the applause of our guests.

Liu jokingly took a bow, much to the amusement of those who stayed and watched our sex show. He got dressed as I looked for my dress. I kissed and hugged him, as I felt exhilarated and most incredibly sexy.

He never stops amazing me.

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