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The Dirty Weekend Part One

Mark and Sam take a trip to a spa, to relax and unwind.
I was racing back from work. It had been a difficult day. A child had been assaulted by an elder sibling and Social Services had been in to remove the child into protective custody. I then had to then deal with the children's parent. It was never easy informing a mum her child was with a foster family but I had never seen such a violent reaction as I had witnessed today, although I was content in my mind the removal was in the child's interest.

As I arrived home, Mark met me in the integral garage. He already knew about the bad day as he was the social worker who was given the case. He had a large glass of red in his hand and a warm, comforting hug ready for me.

"How did the mother take the news."

"Oh honey, it was awful. She exploded with rage, smashing her chair to the floor, tipping the desk over, it was horrific."

"Did Mr Evans interject?"

"Did he shit! He stayed in his office and sent the stand in deputy, Miss Cairns. Poor cow has only been out of university a few months. I dropped her off at home as she was distraught."

"Evans needs to be reported sweetie. He is too old for the position now, out of touch with new regulations and he is a complete arsehole. No one in the Local Authority like him."

He handed me a glass of much needed Merlot and walked me into the kitchen. Standing behind me, he massaged my shoulders and neck. My muscles were tight, difficult to manipulate.

"Relax Sam, you have the weekend off. Let's pack a bag and book into Cheshires. You enjoy it there and we can forget today and work on tomorrow."I was warm from the first glug of wine but I managed a feeble nod of the head.

"Good, you call them, see if they have any rooms and I'll go throw some stuff together" Mark instructed as he removed his hands from my shoulders and jogged off in the direction of the stairs.

No more than an hour later, we were climbing into the car.

"Cheshires is so beautiful Mark, a little spa retreat so close to home, yet so far removed from the world."

"I know baby, we are so lucky. So glad they had a cancellation and could fit us in. I just hope Sara is working, she has amazing hands, she will have you feeling relaxed before you know it."

Arriving at Cheshires, I immediately relaxed. Lush green trees along the winding drive. Relaxing lavender scent fills the air. The lights were dim, but comforting. We climbed out of the car and, after Mark grabbed our bags, we headed to reception.

"Good evening Mr McMillan, Mrs McMillan, welcome back to Cheshires. Your room is waiting and I have ordered housekeeping to be aware you will be ordering some food. The wine is open and breathing, just how you like it."

"Thank you George, I do not know what we would do without you here" Mark replied, shaking the reception managers hand. He slipped him a 20 and I suspected we had been given a better room than what was originally on offer.

Opening the door to the second floor suite, I stood amazed at its beauty. Oak beams, deep red wall covering, lush carpet beneath our feet. So beautiful and sexy.

"Fancy a swim first, then food and drinks?" Mark shouted over as he took a pee in the marble bathroom.

"Sounds perfect" I replied, taking the gowns from the hook.

The pool was fairly empty. Another couple were swimming lengths, in direct competition with each other, and a group of women were giggling at the side of the pool, drinking fizz. The water was warm, inviting and immediately I felt calmer. Mark surfaced from diving in, to wrap his arms around my neck. His mouth caressed mine. Soft, gentle kisses. Lips slightly parted but no tongues. It may have been warm, but I had goosebumps all over my body. My nipples reacted like I was stood in the middle of Iceland's freezer section. My hands moved around his waist as he kissed my neck.

"God you are beautiful" he murmured. "If I die tonight, I will die happy."

"Don't you bloody dare Mr McMillan, I have a lot I expect from you before you go" and with that I slipped through his arms and under the water. I opened my eyes and smiled as I saw his growing bulge. I knew I was in for some great sex that night. He pulled me up from the water and held me close. His hands were stroking my sides. He knows I am super sensitive there and I could see in his eyes he knows what he is doing.

"Mark, you are not doing much swimming" I mocked. He knew I was enjoying the caressing and I knew he wouldn't stop. His hands glided over my wet body, to my breasts. He cupped them in his hands. His head bent towards them as he took each nipple into his mouth. He ran his tongue around them, flicking over my sensitive buds. The water was lapping around us, but it only added to the sensual sensation of him sucking my tits. I realised he was moving me backwards against the side of the pool when my back came into contact with it. I was trapped, but I had no intention of stopping him. My nipples were hard, erect, sensitive. His thumb, stroking one as his tongues swirls around the other.

"Don't stop baby" I whispered to him.

"I have no intention of stopping" was his quick reply as he swapped nipples in his mouth.

My hands moved over his body. Toned, but natural. Six pack is more a ten pack, but he is perfect to me. I reached his belly button and my hand came into contact with his semi erect cock. He held his breath, just for a mini second, acknowledging my touch, then returned to its normal rhythm. My fingers stroked his length, up and down, fingers meeting at the head then back down again to his balls. His cock was growing harder each second I touched it. Even though we were in the water, I could feel the slimy feel of his pre cum, appearing on his slit.

"I think Mark wants to fuck me" I whispered into his ear. "Does Mark want to slip his cock deep inside my wet pussy" I asked

"Yes, yes Sam. I have wanted you all day. Thought about ravaging you as you arrived home and you have made me wait. So now I get to fuck you all weekend, how I want, when I want. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir, whatever you desire" was my response as my stroking increased speed and friction.

I called out as he bit my nipple, not even aware of the couple who had stopped racing against each other. His hands cupped my bum cheeks as he lifted me. My legs wrapped around his waist. His cock, nudged against my lips, hard and long. I slipped a hand between us and guided his dick into my waiting pussy.

"Oh Mark, mmmm, baby, your so hard."

"That is your fault, you naughty girl. You made me wait till we got here, so now you will have to put up with my whole cock filling your cunt."

"I'm such a bad girl Sir, I deserve punishing."

"And you will be, don't you worry."

His hands wereon my hips. Pulling and pushing me up and down on his swollen member. Stretching my tight pussy. Thrusting deep into me. I looked over his shoulder and caught sight of the couple. They were watching from the side of the pool now. I could see her hand around his cock. She was wanking him off as they watched Mark fuck me. He pushed her into the water and she immediately went between his legs. I could tell by her head movements she was now sucking his cock whilst he watched. My cunt tingled. I could feel the walls tighten around Marks dick. He was gliding in and out of me as I was supported by his hands and the water.

"Turn around and carry on fucking me" I asked him.

"Dirty fuckers" he announced as he saw the woman giving her man head. This tookMark into overdrive. His thrusts, slowed by the force of the water, were determined. His fingers found my arsehole, already lubed from the pool water. He plunged his middle finger deep into my hole.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good."

"My finger is just for starters, later, you will feel my whole length inside your arse."

"Mmmm yes, I want to be fucked hard, I want your cock balls deep in my hole."

"You're a dirty slut Sam, I can feel your pussy walls constricting around my dick, pulling me deeper, making me fuck you harder."

"Baby, I'm your slut, I'm your dirty slut who deserves to be fucked, make me cum, I'm gonna cum Mark."

"Hold tight baby, that's it, squeeze my cock, milk me, drain all my cream from me...."

Mark exploded deep inside me. His cum was warm. My own juices then flowed over him. Squeezing my pussy muscles, panting, calling out.

His thumb found my clit. Strumming it, flicking it, circling around it, he knew I would cum again.

"Cum for me Sam, cover my cock in your juice, good girl, that's it, can you feel me still deep in you, good girl, there you go."

My second orgasm tipped me over the edge. I called out loud, head back, chest flushed, begging him to make me cum. After I came, when the flashing lights had faded, we heard the man grunt as he shot his load into his wife's face. His cock twitched as each jet shot into her. His hips jerked violently, then he relaxed as his orgasm was complete.

"Let's go get some food" Mark suggested as we gathered our robes from the side of the pool. I covered my naked body, knowing the wife was disappointed she had not been given the same treatment as I had. As if reading my mind, Mark said "She will probably go to bed with a dirty book and finger her pussy till she sleeps, so don't be worrying about her."

We walked passed the group of women, who had sat through our little show without saying a word. "Evening ladies, lovely day for it" Mark said as we giggled and went to dinner.
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