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The Dog Sitter

She brought her drunk girlfriend over because she could not take her home--and we had played a joke

The Dog Sitter


I was getting ready to go out of town for a week and my wife was going to be gone for three days towards the end of my trip. So we investigated a dog sitter company and engaged them to take care of our dogs for two nights.


About a week prior to the engagement Susan showed up, she was the one who was going to take care of our dogs. She was young, I would guess in her twenties, very busty and wearing a skirt that was almost see through, at least enough so that I knew exactly what type of underwear she was wearing underneath.


She got the tour of the house and we talked about taking care of the dogs and the fact that she could not be there on Saturday night (I was supposed to be home by 7 pm sat but knowing how airlines are I wanted a back-up in case I could not make it). But she had a wedding to attend Saturday evening so I just hoped that I would get home in time.


All went well and I did arrive home about 8 pm on Saturday evening, in time to feed the dogs, make myself some dinner and have a few drinks. I was watching TV when the phone rang about 10 pm. It was Susan. She said hello and it was not really obvious why she had called, we talked for a while and finally she just blurted out that one of her girl friends was passed out in Susan’s car and she did not know where to take her. She could not take her home since she lived with her parents, and she did not want to take her to her own place because she did not know how to get her up the two flights of stairs.


I told her to come to the house; she still had the gate code so she could drive in. When she arrived I went to meet her, it was obvious to me that she had a lot to drink also. But we took her friend, Sally, into the house, into one of the back bed rooms and started to put her to bed. Susan said that we needed to talk her expensive dress off so it would not get ruined and so the two of us took it off. She then said that she thought Sally would be more comfortable without her bra on so Susan took that off as well.


While we were doing this Sally never even stirred. Susan looked at me with am impish grin on her face and asked if I had a digital camera. I said yes and she told me to get it, which I did. When I got back to the bedroom I found Susan had arranged Sally in bed, on her back with a sheet over her but her breasts exposed. Susan told me to take a picture which I did. Then she told me that she wanted to play a trick on Sally and would I go along with it? I told it that I would and so she explained that she wanted to have pictures that would convince Sally that she and I had sex that night.


I agreed, and the first shot that Susan took was of the two of use with my mouth on one of her nipples. Next she pulled down the sheet and took off Sally’s panties. She then had me take off my shirt and lay between Sally’s leg and pretend that I was having oral sex with her and she took another picture. Then Susan told me to take off the rest of my clothes which I did, she then told me to sit on Sally’s breast so that in a picture it would look as if she were giving me a blow job. I laughed and did as she asked. The last picture she took was of Sally laying naked on the bed with me next to her, with a very satisfied smile on my face.


I put on a bathrobe and we took the camera out to my office where we printed the pictures. She then took the pictures back into the bedroom where Sally was passed out and spread them on the bed next to her. We left the room laughing. I asked her is she wanted a drink and she asked for a shooter of Tequila, which I provided for her complete with a lime. Three shooters later we were sitting in my theater, me still in my bathrobe and her still dressed when she said that she would really enjoy my spa. We got up and went to the bedroom closest to the spa, I handed her a bathrobe and she went into the bathroom, coming out a few moments later.


We headed for the spa, I opened the cover, she dropped her robe and got in and I dropped my robe and joined her. We sat next to each other and talked about what we had done to Sally, wondering what her reaction would be when she woke up. She then reached over and touched my cock, and I reached over and touched one of her breasts. The next thing I knew we were kissing deeply, her hand on my cock and my hand moved down to her pussy. I put two fingers inside of her and she stroked my cock. We kissed some more and then she whispered that I should sit on the edge of the spa with just my lower legs and my feet in the water.


I did as she asked and she moved between my legs, kissing the head of my cock and licking my balls. She then took my cock into her mouth and started to give me one of the best blowjob I have ever had. I could not hold myself back for long and soon came in her mouth. She swallowed it all and then looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and asked what I wanted to do next.


My answer was to get back into the spa and have her sit where I had just been sitting. I spread her legs apart and my tongue quickly found her clit. I used my tongue on her, felt her responding to me and put a finger into her pussy, as she grew more excited I put a second finger into her pussy and after a little while she leaned back, pushing her clit into my tongue and I felt her cum.



Just as she was enjoying her orgasm we heard the back door open and close and then looked up to see Sally standing there in her clothes with the pictures in her hand, she looked at Susan and then at me—and then said—you must be the guy that I did with last night? I said yes, holding back a laugh—and she said that she did not remember any of it-then Susan said to her—if you want to keep this between us, take off your clothes and get in—we still have the originals on his camera.


Sally hesitated for a few moments, obviously weighing her options and then put the pictures down, stripped off her clothes and joined us. Susan moved over a little so that Sally could get in—and then she wanted to know all about the night before—I started to speak and then Susan told her that the pictures spoke for themselves and that since she did not remember giving me a blow job she needed to do it again with Susan watching—Sally looked shocked but recovered and said ok and I say down on the edge of the spa, I was just starting to get hard again so not only did Sally have to get me hard, she then had to make me cum—but she was good with her mouth and it did not take as long as I thought it might—and I came in her mouth and she took every drop of it.


Susan then got out of the spa and told us that she had to go to the bathroom and wanted to fix us all drinks and asked what we wanted, Susan again hesitated and then said that she wanted a beer—and I opted for a glass of wine, when she was walking away she told us that we should enjoy ourselves while she was gone—I turned to Sally and kissed her—she reacted by keeping her mouth closed but my hands found her breasts and after a minute she opened her mouth and our tongues found each other. I am sorry I said, I did not mean to take advantage of you—and feel as if I need to do something to make it up to you.


Sally looked at me for a moment, one of my hands was still on her breast and she said, can you make me cum? And I said I think so, at least I can give it my best shot—and I lifted her up and put her on the edge of the spa and moved my lips and tongue down to her clit—she spread her legs and I started to lick her clit and she leaned back and exposed more of herself to me and I moved my hands up to caress her breasts as I was sucking and licking on her clit—she arched her back and started breathing hard and moved her hands to hold my head and guide it where she wanted it—she was not shy, and she told me how to use my tongue, what pressure to use, and then told me to put my fingers inside of her—which I did, and still she continued to moan and enjoy but did not cum, she then told me to use one of my fingers in her ass, and I moved one of my wet fingers towards her ass, replacing it in her pussy with one of my other fingers, I found her ass—moved my finger around it and then slowly began to push it into her ass—she met me with an equal amount of pushing and soon my finger was deep inside of her and two of my other fingers were working on her pussy—she lasted a few more minutes and then I could feel her cumming and then she pushed me away from her clit, as I felt it become sensitive.


As we finished and I moved to sit next to Sally we saw that Susan had been watching, we did not know for how long but she had seen the end of our encounter and it sounded like she had heard Sally’s comment about her ass because she looked at me and said that we should go inside and that she needed both a good spanking and a good ass fucking.




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