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The Exchange Tower

The Exchange Tower

Sally's desire for revenge takes her to new heights.
Sally Brightwall was on one of London’s famous double-decker buses going down the Marsh Wall Rd. She was on her way to the Harbour Exchange Square, where the London Exchange Tower could be found. This new sixteen storey high skyscraper, comprising of not one, but two giant fortifications, was just one of many modern office blocks that rose from what once was waste ground, and now formed the heart of London’s Docklands.

Looking at the other passengers on the bus, Sally couldn’t help feeling extremely conspicuous. Although she was wearing clothes perfectly suited for the glorious summer weather, everyone else seemed to be wearing very tight, rigid business suits. Ignoring their condescending glances, Sally watched the passing scenery with interest. She was enjoying her day off and although she originally had other intentions, Sally was versatile enough to adapt to her constantly changing world.

She needed to be. After hearing that her day, due to unforeseen circumstances wouldn’t be going the way she had planned, she had been forced to revise her situation. That’s why she was now travelling up West. Although born and bred in Dagenham, and since leaving school almost nine years ago, had worked in the famous Ford factory, Sally Brightwall had rarely ventured outside her beloved East End, and coming here made her feel like a tourist.

Growing up in a poor working class environment, she admired the huge shiny glass and steel buildings that rose up from the ground and seemed to touch the sky. She had lost count of all the fancy expensive cars she’d seen, parked outside huge town-houses, and whilst the bus steadily followed its route, she dreamily wondered what it must be like to be immensely rich.

Turning into Lime Harbour Rd, Sally knew she was not far from where she wanted to go, and her excitement grew. It had been a long journey, taking more than an hour by public transport and had included two buses and a twenty minute trip on the underground. The glorious summer weather had made the few hundred yards she had to walk between stops hugely enjoyable, but it wouldn’t have mattered to her if it had rained today, because she was on a high. She was feeling like this because she was on a mission. One with a very special reason.

Her fiancé Peter, was a security guard at the London Exchange Tower. He was one of many people employed there to make sure everything stayed ship shape and in order. Specifically he was a monitor, which meant he spent most of his days watching the numerous CCTV feeds. However today was his birthday, and he should have been spending it at home with Sally, but due to lousy planning he had go to work. When Peter broke the news to her the previous evening, Sally was more than a bit peeved, she was fuming, especially since she had booked her day off weeks ago. Lying in bed and staring at the ceiling, she was determined to get Peter to call in sick and was prepared to use every weapon in her armoury.

Sitting across the aisle from Sally, a fellow passenger saw her dreamy expression and wondered what she was thinking about. She was reliving her breakfast surprise, and the memory still caused a shiver of pleasure to run down her spine.


Waking up earlier than Peter, Sally began her preparations. After making some breakfast which consisted of tea and burnt toast, she collected his birthday cards which had arrived earlier in the week, but were still lying on the doormat. When she started moving towards the staircase Sally suddenly slapped her forehead in a gesture of frustration. She had almost forgotten the most important thing.

Peter had bought her a hand-held Camcorder for her birthday and Sally, seeing herself as a young female 'Spielberg', had been almost inseparable from her new toy since then. Today she wanted to record every moment of his twenty-fifth birthday whether he liked it or not, and thus armed, she duly went upstairs to wake him.

Peter enjoyed opening all the birthday cards while feasting on his breakfast, but was less enamoured with the barrage of questions coming from 'Miss Spielberg' as she stood by the window, filming her real life documentary. When he opened Sally's enormous envelope, he duly showed off the huge romantic card hidden inside, proudly to the camera. Depicting a silhouetted couple kissing passionately, on a beach with the sun setting behind them, Sally’s message was obvious.

“Happy birthday darling,” she gushed. Peter blew a kiss at her and continued munching his toast. Despite his good mood, he was feeling uneasy because Sally was still filming him, insisting on capturing everything for posterity.

“Now I know what the animals at London Zoo feel like,” he muttered, biting into his last piece of burnt toast. Sally pretended not to hear his whining.

“Sal, you know I don’t like being on camera, especially when I’m eating” he muttered, crunching on his final mouthful. He didn’t want to spoil her fun, but at the same time it was his birthday.

She just ignored him.

“Put that fucking thing down and come and sit next to me.” He said exasperatedly, but Sally still standing by the window, just shook her head and grinned.

“Don’t worry Peter, I know what’ll make you feel much better” she announced, and theatrically undid the bathrobe she was wearing. Peter’s mouth fell open in surprise. As the garment fell to the floor, it revealed her lithe, athletic body in the sluttiest underwear he’d ever seen, which considering her collection was quite a feat in itself.

She was wearing white stockings and suspenders, white hipster panties and a white corset that supported her breasts, but didn’t cover them. Her choice of colour was deliberate, the virginal white against her dark silky skin looked simply stunning. Because every item was made out of sheer gossamer material, it was perfectly transparent. Not only could Peter see her small and erect chocolate brown nipples, but also her gorgeous triangle of dark pubic hair.

“What the fuck......where......” He waved his hand at her dismissively. “Oh fuck it. I don’t want to know.”

“Sally, for God’s sake, move away from window will you, you’ll give the neighbours a fucking heart attack dressed like that.”

Seeing her dressed so sexily caused a stirring in his loins, and he reached under the quilt to adjust himself. Even though his common sense told him to get out of bed, Peter lay there, waiting patiently for Sally’s next move. With undeniable pleasure, he watched how she sexily sauntered across the bedroom, until she was standing there beside him.

Without further ado she sat down astride his chest, her legs spread and her sex clearly on display. Peter just looked at her, his eyebrows raised. Sally didn’t batter an eyelid, but kept smiling back at him, her expression one of daring.

“Don’t you like it darling,” she asked coyly, whilst her hand snaked under the covers and grabbed his growing erection. “That’s not what little Petey is telling me,” she giggled suggestively.

“Sal, what do you expect when you’re dressed like that.”

“Like what, Darling?”

“Like a fucking whore, looking for her next trick,”

“So, I look like a whore do I? You just watch your mouth birthday boy!”

Even though her voice sounded angry, her eyes twinkled with glee. Peter knew she was enjoying their game just as much as he was.

“I’ll show YOU what my next trick is," she retorted laughingly, and dived under the duvet.

"Sally don’t....." Peter tried protesting, but was too late. He was hard, and knew he couldn’t hide his erection. He quickly looked at the clock. 'Damn' he thought sourly, and without any conviction, he tried feebly to fend off Sally’s attack.

His resistance waned as she wriggled between his thighs, and then dissolved almost completely when he felt her hot breath on his manhood. A disapproving groan escaped his lips, just as Sally’s succulent mouth engulfed him and he could feel his prick disappearing down her warm receptive throat. Sally was an extremely good cock sucker and knew exactly what he liked, and despite his reluctance, it didn’t take her long to help him forget about his job. He liked to watch when she was blowing him, and quickly threw the covers on the floor. He saw her head moving rhythmically up and down his thick shaft, but he also noticed the missing camcorder. It was pointing at his loins. He sighed inwardly.


In the past, Peter had often wondered if Sally was adopted or swapped as a child, especially when she was being really outrageous. Her mum and dad were nice working class people, salts of the earth and all that, but he could never imagine them doing the sort of naughty things that she did. They seemed to have spawned a real wild child, and her sexual appetites knew no bounds.

There was truly nothing too crazy for her. Making love in a multi-story car park, or going down on him in the cinema was just run of the mill stuff for her. Mildly exciting, but the shock value was not enough for her to get the kick she needed. Although he liked her ‘fuck it’ attitude, Peter was by nature cautious, and was always wary of being caught, or worse still; arrested.

Sally, on the other hand just seemed to get even hornier after their overt sexual activities, and more often than not she would drag him home, and screw the living daylights out of him. Every time he thought she had finally settled down, Sally always seemed to find somewhere new and more daring to feed her addiction.

The last time she tempted fate, was when they were buying some new clothes. She had tried on some jeans, and after parading herself in front of him, she returned to the changing room. As he waited for her to reappear, he saw Sally pull open the door and wave at him. Wearing only her tee shirt and panties, she waited until he saw her and then pulled the front of her knickers down. Looking around wildly to see if anyone else was watching his fiancé expose herself, Peter rushed forward to stop her. When he stood next to her in the confined space, he saw the lust in her eyes and knew it was too late. Urgently she whispered into his ear what she wanted. She wasn’t just temping fate, she was sticking two fingers up at it

He could still remember her giggling uncontrollably as he descended to his knees. Although he loved licking her sweet pussy, doing it in an tiny alcove meant for trying on clothes, wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Sally ignored his objections and raised a leg onto the small seat which was fixed against the wall. Pulling her soaking wet gusset aside, she exposed her juicy slit to his waiting mouth, and felt his hands grip her thighs. As her sweet nectar coated his tongue, Peter’s worries about the risks they were taking, dissolved like smoke in the wind and he buried his face even deeper between her thighs.

Peter considered himself a cunnilingual expert, especially when it came to pleasing his Sally, and it wasn’t long before she was holding his head tightly and grinding her pussy determinedly against his mouth. When she orgasmed, it was explosive and she had to bite her own knuckles to stop herself crying out loud. Cum flooded her tunnel and before she knew it, she felt her warm juices running down her legs and the sensation caused her to shiver. When he stood up, Peter’s face was coated, which made his skin glisten under the bright lights of the shop, and all Sally could do was laugh at him. After that little episode, buying clothes was never the same again.

Now her new hobby was filming. Anything and everything about their lives was recorded on that infernal thing, and Peter being basically a private person wasn’t too happy with this new development. He put up with it because he loved her deeply and supported her in all her new fads and fancies, but sometimes he wished he’d gotten her something else for her birthday. ‘Next time, perfume, flowers or jewellery’ his mind raged at him.

Up until now, she had been happy enough filming their normal, boring, mundane existence and luckily for Peter, their love life had escaped the scrutiny of the camcorder. He had always known it wouldn’t take her long to combine her two favourite activities and, Sally had apparently decided that today, his birthday was as good a day as any.


Despite his objections, Peter watched eagerly as she spat on his purple coloured glans and continued to wank him extremely skilfully. Sensing she was being gazed upon, Sally returned his stare and looked him straight in the eye.

“Darling I want you to stay home and make love to me......all day!” She knew full well he’d refuse, but hope springs eternal and all that. Peter took his job very seriously and if she was honest with herself, it was one of the reasons she loved him so much, but sometimes his call of duty could test the patience of a saint.

“I’ll even let you fuck my arse if you stay,” she added teasingly. Peter raised his eyebrows at such an offer and saw Sally smile wickedly at him. She knew just how much he enjoyed screwing her tight little bum, even though due to his size, it was uncomfortable for her sometimes.

Although she was no anal whore, Sally did enjoy some good backdoor action now and again, and on those special occasions when she was feeling really loose and horny, she would kneel down on the floor in front of him, and wantonly spread her buttocks apart. Never once had Peter refused her deliciously puckered starfish.

“I know you want to darling, I can feel you throbbing harder in my hand,” she said throatily. Before Peter could deny it, Sally slid her succulent lips over his pulsating flesh, so he kept his mouth shut. He watched enthralled as his sexy seductress, slowly but surely swallowed his entire length. Her chin bumped against his balls and he could feel her teeth scraping the base of his erection as she deep throated him.

While she clamped her mouth around his helmet, she grabbed hold of his shaft and began twisting her hands around his girth, something which was guarantied to make him cum. His excitement was escalating the longer she did this, and he could feel the spunk in his balls starting to boil.

“If you keep that up much longer, I’ll cum all over your face,” he warned through gritted teeth, whilst secretly hoping she wouldn’t stop. This seemed to spur her on, and he lay back watching his slutty Sally suck cock.

Just when he was thinking life couldn’t get much better than this, there was a large ‘Plop’, and she released his manhood from her mouth yet again.

“Well what’s it to be white boy. Are you going to fuck, or kiss some arse today?” Sally demanded challengingly.

Pretending to be furious at her stinging insult, Peter jumped from the bed and stood in front of her, his erection pointing menacingly at her face.

“I’ll fucking show you who’s the boss around here, you little fucking bitch!” He growled, but the huge smile on his handsome face betrayed him. Still on all fours, Sally grinned happily back at him. She knew what he wanted, and she couldn’t wait. Knowing she had manipulated him this morning, didn’t diminish her pleasure one little bit, and as his magnificent cock swayed in front of her she fleetingly wondered whether he would stay at home.

Peter buried his hands in her mane of long dark hair and pulled her face towards his swollen loins. Obediently she opened her mouth and greedily accepted his fleshy shaft. As he slid easily between her made up lips, his thrusting increased in speed. Sally just kneeled there in her supine position and relaxed her jaw to accept his onslaught. Loud slurping sounds soon filled the room and saliva ran messily down Sally’s chin, as Peter resoundingly pounded her face. She loved it when he took control like this and ignoring her gag reflex, she felt his pubic hair tickle her nose every time he bottomed out.

Sally was getting hornier by the second and could feel her thighs getting sticky from her own juices. Not one to waste an opportunity, she reached down between her breasts and slid a hand inside her knickers. Feeling her own wiry bush against her fingers, Sally pulled back the skin covering her sensitive button and began to rub vigorously. She was wet. Very wet.

Sally tried talking but with her mouth full of cock, she was unintelligible.

“What did you say?”

Peter stopped his wild thrusting which allowed Sally to release his manhood from her lips. She was grinning excitedly at him.

“I said when you shoot your load, I want you to film it.”

Before he could argue and refuse, Sally thrust the camcorder into his hand gave him an irresistibly dirty smile. Then she grabbed hold of his cock.

“I’m gonna toss you off, and let you cum all over my face darling, and I want you to film me doing it.....Ok.” Sally’s tried sounding casual but Peter heard the desperate edge in her voice. It was always there when she was being extremely naughty. “The thought of it is making me so fucking wet, I could fuck a telephone pole right now,” she added huskily.

Peter’s orgasm was so close now, all he really cared about was getting his prick between her lips. If Sally wanted him to shoot his load all over her face and have it captured on film, then who was he to argue. Snatching the camcorder from her sweaty little hand, he pointed it down at her face and nodded.

He felt her grab hold of his greasy pole and guide it exactly where he wanted it. Placing the tip into her eager mouth, Sally slid her tongue all over the bulbous glans and up and down his little piss-hole. Her hand began moving up and down the warm flesh faster now, and together with the exquisite twisting motion she employed, he could feel his seed racing up the length of his shaft.

“Oh God baby, I’m gonna cum.”

Sally felt Peters seed rising from his balls and she braced herself for his climax. Despite his warning, his ejaculation was so powerful she was still taken by surprise. His helmet expanded and then her mouth was filled with hot, thick, salty spunk.

“Fuck......fuck.....fuck,” Peter uttered through gritted teeth and his body shuddered violently. His hips bucked back and forth like he was being given electrical shock therapy, and Sally quickly released his erection from her mouth so that he could shoot the rest of his load where she wanted it. Despite his wild movements, Sally didn’t once let go and kept milking his cock for every last drop.

With each stroke, Peter’s foreskin was pulled tightly over his shiny knob before being bundled up between her fingers. Sally watched mesmerised as huge goblets of sperm, pointed deliberately at her face, exploded from the tiny slit and flew in her direction. Her aim was true and she felt the hot sticky liquid land on her burning skin.

“Mmmmm, Oh yes, come on baby, give me all your cream,” she murmured hungrily, and pressed her lips greedily over the helmet, as his remaining salvos erupted from the spongy mushroom top.

As Peter’s climax subsided Sally’s fingers caused her own body to start shuddering. Although it wasn’t a powerful orgasm, it still caused Sally to start moaning while she arched her back. Ripples of pleasure coursed through her body when her fingers touched the sensitive bobble between her legs, and her moan became a scream.

Watching everything through the viewfinder Peter couldn’t have imagined how erotic he’d find the whole experience. He had blasted his load over Sally’s face in the past, but that was more for his pleasure than her own, but now....begging him to do it….WOW!

His cum was everywhere. He saw thick droplets dribbling down her long dark hair, and some had landed on her shoulder. A huge blob was sliding down her chest, towards her cleavage and it was leaving a shiny trail behind it. That was really hot, but it couldn’t compete with the facial she was wearing. Seeing his creamy white spunk decorating her dark ebony skin was mind blowing, including the long thin string hanging from her dimpled chin. Despite his initial reluctance, this was proving to be one of the horniest things he’d done in years.

Thinking he’d seen everything, Sally surprised him again with even more slutty behaviour. Posing sexily for the camera, she opened her mouth and Peter could see his warm sticky goo swimming around her tongue. She placed two fingers in his spunk and began pulling them backwards. The thick liquid stretched into a long thin string, and Sally had to move her head downwards to keep it from breaking. When eventually gravity won the small ‘tug of war,’ his sperm disappeared between her lips and without hesitating, she swallowed greedily. Ok, her action was a little on the exaggerated side but God she was good. When she opened her cute little mouth again, it was empty.

“Ok birthday boy, I’ve swallowed your cum like a good girl and now I want your dick inside me!” Sally’s eyes sparkled in enthusiasm. She was hot and horny, and needed ‘Little Petey,’ between her legs right now. The thought of filming themselves screwing each other was an added aphrodisiac, but unfortunately she was to be disappointed.

It says something about a man’s character when after the most exciting blowjob he’s ever had, and with the prospect of some more incredible sex to look forward to, he’s still determined to get up out of bed and go to work. Sadly for Sally, Peter was such a man and after glancing at the clock again, he knew he was late for work.

“Sorry baby, but duty calls,” he said grinning, at her expression of disbelief. Then he hurriedly backed away from the bed and ran towards the bathroom, ducking wildly to dodge the pillows Sally threw at his retreating form. With Peter’s sperm dribbling down her gorgeous body, Sally sat back on the bed, feeling horny and frustrated. That’s when she started planning her revenge.


On the bus, Sally looked at her mobile phone and smiled secretly. After Peter had gone to work, Sally had downloaded, converted and then copied the video on to her device. Every time she saw Peter blasting her, it made her juices flow and her sex ache. Wanting to watch it again, Sally held her iPhone tightly in her hand, and glanced around the bus to see if anyone was taking notice of her.

‘Oh shit!’ The fellow across the aisle was gazing intently at her. He had just witnessed one of the dirtiest expressions he’d seen in a long time, and completely misreading the situation he nodded and smiled encouragingly back at her.

Realising that she was being misunderstood, Sally stopped grinning and shook her head, whilst raising her hands apologetically. His good looks couldn’t disguise his disappointment, but he shrugged his shoulders good naturally, and averted his stare. Concealing her own embarrassment was easy, she looked out the side window, but her reflection kept smiling.

She placed the iPhone in her lap and held her finger above the slide button. Moments later, despite her reservations, she was watching herself getting spunked. As the short film ended, Sally couldn’t help grinning insanely. Having gone this far, she couldn’t wait to film themselves having real sex, and if she had gotten her own way this morning…..

“If, if, if,” she muttered angrily.

It had irritated her beyond belief, that Peter had left her feeling so ‘fucking horny’ and not just because she wanted sex. It was his whole attitude to her wanting him to stay at home, that gnawed at her soul. He had insisted on going to work, acting like he was someone indispensable. Even her “Boring, boring, boring,” insult couldn’t change his mind.

Later on, standing under the shower, Sally began to think maybe there was a way she could have her cake, and eat it.

“If Mohammed won't go to the mountain, then the mountain must go to Mohammed,” Sally said talking to herself. She’d conveniently forgotten that what she was thinking would have caused the holy man to turn in his grave for eternity.

Eventually as the bus slowed down to discharge its passengers, Sally stood up and hoisted her hold-all bag onto her shoulder.


Standing at the row of elevators in Exchange Tower One, she was amazed at how easy it had been to gain entrance here. Ok it wasn’t the Bank of England, but she had expected something a little more thorough. As it was, a little subterfuge, coupled with an engaging smile and a classy flash of cleavage had worked wonders, even if for a moment the older of the two guards threatened to spoil all her fun.

"I'm sorry miss, but I can't find anything about a job interview here in the system. That means we're not really allowed to admit you, Miss….?"

“Brightwall. Miss Sally Brightwall,” she answered and employed the trembling bottom lip trick for good measure. “Are you sure you can’t find anything. Mrs Smith, my contact person assured me there would be no problems with security.”

The older man looked at the attractive young lady standing in front of him and wished he could help her, especially when he saw how upset she was becoming.

“Oh don't worry love, I'm sure it's just an administrative mistake," he continued encouragingly, “but procedures must be followed you see.” Sally looked at him unhappily.

“I'll just ring upstairs and get confirmation, and then you can be on your way."

At this statement, Sally's heart sank even more. She knew there was no appointment, no job interview and definitely no Mrs Smith, and now the friendly guard would also know in about thirty seconds. As she waited for the obvious denial and subsequent refusal, she wondered if she should just turn around and go, before they politely but firmly asked her to leave. Maybe she could try and brazen it out. Before she could decide, the guard laid down the horn and shrugged his shoulders.

"They're not answering my lovely," he said apologetically, and Sally whose nerves were stretched almost to breaking point, bit her lip apprehensively. The guard misreading her expression took pity on her and finally relented.

"Oh Go on love.” He wore a genuine smile now, “I'll take a chance on you. You don’t look like a master criminal and anyway,” he paused, “If they can’t be bothered to answer the phone, then that’s their problem, not mine." Sally seemed so elated, that for a moment he thought she was going to jump over the counter and give him a huge kiss.

"Oh thank you sir," she grinned, and started moving away.

"Tower One, The tenth floor," he informed her as she turned towards the lobby.

The famous ‘Bing’ sound, signalled the arrival of the elevator, and as the shiny steel doors silently opened, they revealed a modern luxurious lift. The side walls were shiny brushed aluminium, and the back wall was a floor to ceiling mirror. There was only one thing that bothered Sally now, and she cursed herself for being so stupid.

Growing up in an ‘East End’ tower block, Sally remembered the elevators being badly lit, stinking of urine and for the most part vandalised almost to destruction. Although today, the tower blocks are just a bad memory, Sally remembered that most of the residents, including her own parents mainly used the stairwells. Their physical abhorrence of traipsing up and down hundreds of stairs was outweighed by their fear of being trapped inside a lift with muggers, robbers or even worse, rapists.

But these lifts were very different. They were new, regularly cleaned and well maintained. Also being the fastest way of getting to any floor in the building, they were continually in use. Even now, two hours before lunchtime, she had to wait until at least a dozen people vacated the steel box, before she could enter it. And she wasn’t the only one. As she stepped inside, five fellow passengers followed her, and Sally had a disquieting feeling that her plan was destined to fail. Different buttons were pushed and soon Sally felt her stomach lurch as the lift rapidly slowed at its first port of call. Gradually the lift emptied but before she had it all to herself, other workers, needing to be on a different floor, kept invading her space.

Not wanting to attract any unwanted attention Sally vacated the lift on her chosen level, and watched the illuminated numbers continuing to climb. After two floors had been reached she pressed the button summoning another one and waited. Eventually after three different rides in two different lifts, Sally was all by herself and before the doors could open again, she slammed her hand against the emergency stop button.

The abruptness with which the lift stopped, almost threw her to the ground and only holding onto the handrail very tightly, saved Sally from falling on her backside. Recovering her balance, she looked upwards, and found what she was searching for. A black, half round glass ball situated in the middle of the ceiling.

Sally jumped as the emergency telephone unexpectedly rang, and looked at it in horror. Hesitantly she picked up the horn.

"Good afternoon madam,” a friendly female voice sounded in her ear. “This is the emergency control room. According to our information you are presently stuck in one of the lifts, in the London Exchange Tower complex. Is that correct?"

"Yes. It just stopped suddenly....all by itself.” Sally lied.

"Well yes, they do, do that sometimes, but that’s why we’re here.” The woman explained patiently.

“We're sorry for any inconvenience you maybe experiencing, but we can’t seem to reboot the control panel remotely, so we’ve dispatched a mechanic to do it manually. He's coming from our offices in Dartford, so it's going to take a while before he gets there."

“That’s okay,” Sally assured the friendly lady, “I’ll just wait until he arrives.”

“Thank for your co-operation madam, we’re doing every thing in our power to get you out of there as soon as possible.”

“Oh no rush,” Sally said lightly, “I’m alright here. I just hope I don’t need to take a pee soon, or you’ll be watching me piss my pants.”

“Oh, we can’t see you madam,” replied the woman unable to hide the distaste in her voice. Obviously the thought of watching Sally urinating herself in the lift, offended her greatly. “The camera is part of the Exchange Tower's own security system, not ours. We own and run the lifts, but the security thereof is handled by their own people." Sally grinned from ear to ear.

“Oh.....ok, no worries then.”

“Once again, sorry for the inconvenience madam.” The voice thought calling Sally ‘madam’ was highly debatable, but let it go at that. Wanting to put an end to this unsavoury conversation, she resumed her professional façade.

“And unless I can be of further assistance, I’ll wish you a pleasant day.”

After hanging up, Sally unconsciously looked around the lift. With what she had in mind, she just wanted to make sure she was alone.

“Stupid bitch, of course there’s no-one here,” she mumbled to herself as she let the hold-all bag slide from her shoulder to the floor. Then with a determination possessed by those who have but one goal in life, she looked up at the glassy black ball, and smiled.


One by one, Sally Brightwall began undoing the buttons of her blouse. As each button fell apart, she pulled the garment downwards, and gradually exposed her chest. The white teddy she was wearing was similar to the corset from this morning, only this one covered her 36c boobs perfectly. With her blouse still fastened around her midriff, Sally cupped her tits and started massaging them. She started off slowly, but unable to contain her own excitement, the intensity of her movements steadily increased. When she started pinching her nipples, they responded immediately and could be seen protruding through the soft material.

Sally threw her head backwards and looked directly up at the security camera.

“Oooooh God.” It was obvious she was enjoying herself.

“Mmmmm I’m so fucking horny.”

Groaning softly, Sally pulled her breasts from their confinement. Her tits looked wonderful poking out of her teddy, but because this was stretched tightly underneath her chest, her bosom was pushed together giving her a cleavage to die for. Her hands continued moving in circles, pushing and kneading the soft flesh, but Sally didn’t restrain herself just to her knockers. She wreathed her fingers teasingly through her hair, rubbed her palms purposefully between her legs and then returned her attention to her breasts. Her eyes were shut and her head rolled sensually above her shoulders as she continued turning herself on.

Facing the full length mirror on the rear wall, Sally watched her reflection being very naughty. Her wrap around skirt had fallen open to reveal her shapely thighs, and her chest moved in time with her erotic dancing. Seeing herself like this got Sally hot, and she could feel the heat in her underbelly starting to smoulder. Her juices were flowing freely and underneath her skirt, the teddy was feeling very moist between her legs. She would have to do something about that now, wouldn’t she.

The London Tower Exchange building consists of two separate skyscrapers and both have utility areas between the lobby and the underground car park. These subterranean levels are identical in every way, which includes the two rooms, built for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on things. Peter was in one of these rooms sitting at his desk. In front of him were five screens. Four small, and one large. The larger screen is used to watch either a specific feed, and/or function as a display for his computer terminal.

The four smaller screens continually show footage of everything broadcasted by the Exchange Towers CCTV system, and every ten seconds the images, are replaced with new ones. This never stops, ever! Due to the amount of cameras installed, it usually takes about one and a half minutes before the signals are repeated.

Peter easily recognised the woman entering the lift before the rotating cycle continued onto the next camera, and he had to wait what seemed a lifetime before she returned to his screen. He stared unbelievably for the whole ten seconds before she vanished again, but his mind reeled. He knew who she was, what she did for a living and he was pretty fucking sure he’d just seen her undoing her blouse in ‘his’ lift.

The camera in elevator number three, was designated signal fifty five, and although it was broadcasting the whole time, it took about another minute before Sally could be seen on screen.

“What the fuck are you doing Sally?” Even as the question was asked the answer was pretty much self-explanatory. He consulted his computer and it informed him that elevator three, had malfunctioned between floors fourteen and fifteen, and an engineer was on his way. Looking back at the monitor screens he saw the system had moved on. Cursing softly he waited patiently for the signal to reappear.

Sally’s reappearance almost caused her observer to spill his coffee all over his lap. Not only was she standing there topless, but she was fondling herself very intently. He blinked rapidly thinking his eyes were playing tricks on him, but when he looked again there she was, in all her glory. Then the mainframe, ignoring the frenzied swearing, switched to the next batch of signals and she was gone.

Sally hoped that Peter’s cock was hard. She was pleased with her sexy act but decided to make it raunchier. She ripped open the last couple of buttons of her blouse and pulled it from her arms. Then she let it seductively fall to the floor.

“Peter darling, I’m gonna make you regret not staying home today,” she told the camera and ran her tongue over her lips, before slipping her fingers inside her warm mouth.

In the sou-terrain, the video sequence was almost finished and footage from camera fifty five was just ten seconds away. This time there was no surprise and the signal was rerouted to the large screen. Almost immediately a life size image of Sally sucking greedily on her fingers filled the room and with a push of a button, the microphone installed in the lift was activated.

“You dirty fucking bastard! You love it when I suck your cock, don’t you!” Sally’s husky voice filled the room, and the volume was hurriedly adjusted to a more acceptable level. On screen Sally removed her fingers and rummaged in her hold-all. A small cry of delight was heard and then she pulled out an eight inch rubber dildo, and showed it off proudly to the camera.

Rerouting the film not only gave the viewer a bigger, better picture, but it automatically instructed the computer to digitally record everything being broadcasted by camera fifty five. Thus Sally’s performance was being assigned a permanent slot on the mainframe computer.

A low appreciative whistle was heard as the sex toy appeared. Even though the colour was bright red, the ribbed sheath and gnarled helmet made it look very lifelike. At the base hung a big pair of balls, disguising the suction pad at the bottom. Seeing this gigantic rubber cock in Sally’s dainty little hand, one couldn’t help wondering if she could handle such a large thing.

Peter could hardly contain his excitement. He had fantasised about this sort of thing at work for years, but never imagined he’d see it for real. As she freed her breasts from the confines of her underwear, she kept watching, and admiring herself in the mirror. Peter’s cock strained painfully against his uniform.

Guessing easily what Sally was gonna do next, her audience decided he didn’t want to be disturbed. Moving at lightning speed, not easy with a raging hard on, he went and locked the door from the inside. Now he was safe. The only other person who could come here, was busy in the other tower, and he definitely wasn’t welcome here. Checking the door knob once more for good measure, he returned to his chair, sat down, and began loosening his belt buckle.

“I’m gonna suck this just like I suck your cock darling,” Sally cooed at the glassy ball. She was really getting into her stride now. Just like a professional porn star, Sally began running her tongue up and down the entire length of the rubber dildo before slipping the tip past her succulent red lips. As she slowly swallowed it into her mouth, her oral expertise was easy to see, and was greatly admired. Sally’s greedy slurping sounds combined with her soft moaning was creating exactly the reaction she wanted from Peter.

He looked on in astonishment as his femme fatale started fumbling with her waistband. ‘Surely not,’ he asked himself incredulously. His hand reached inside the boxer shorts and pulled out a thickening lump of male flesh and slowly he began stroking the warm shaft.

Sally squatted down and rested on her haunches. Then she looked straight up at the camera and hungrily held the huge manhood above her head. She fed the long rubber erection into her mouth enthusiastically, and from this angle one could actually see her throat filling up with hard cock.

“Fucking hell Sally…….”

When two thirds of the dildo had disappeared, Sally felt herself wanting to gag, but like a true expert, she relaxed her throat and swallowed the rest of the toy. After watching the rubber balls press against her chin, Sally withdrew the dildo from her mouth, letting saliva drip sexily down her features. Like a true performer she acknowledged her public and continued her teasing.

Peter always wondered what he would do if he ever witnessed something like this at work. Fantasising was one thing, seeing it was another. His cock was fully erect now and it felt heavy in his hand. Part of him wanted to look away and pretend he couldn’t see what was happening, but his perverse imagination kept wondering how far she would go. Knowing who it was made his enjoyment even more gratifying.

Sally laid the toy down on her discarded blouse and pulled her iPhone out of her hold-all. She swiped the touch screen a couple of times and then music could be heard reverberating in the elevator. Not soft sensual calming music but hard thumping rock tunes.

Sally’s audience wondered what she was doing when he saw her look around the lift holding the dildo in her hand. Purposefully she stood up and moved to the mirror, and after spitting some saliva on to the large suction cup, she placed the base against the smooth glassy surface and pushed.

When the toy was fixed midway up the wall, it pointed proudly into the lift, Sally then tried pulling it loose, which on screen looked like she was wanking someone at a glory hole. After she was satisfied with her handy work, she turned and faced the camera again and started doing a striptease to Cher’s ‘If I Could Turn Back Time.’

More or less naked from the waist up, Sally’s next move was to untie the long straps of cloth that held her skirt in place. Her hips swung wildly from side to side as Cher continued singing, and her admirer unconsciously tapped his foot to the raunchy rhythm. With the straps hanging loosely around her middle, Sally ever the exhibitionist, cupped her tits and pointed them upwards at the camera. Then her tongue snaked from between her lips and flickered tantalisingly over her nipples. Knowing what Peter’s reaction would be, she did it some more.

The erection she had caused was pointing at her head. The masturbator could feel his heart beat as his blood surged through his loins, and his breathing became heavier. The bright glow from the largest monitor, displaying camera signal fifty five, was illuminating the smeared pre-cum which made the swollen helmet look smooth and shiny. Wishing he was in the lift, and what he’d do to this sultry siren, Sally’s admirer was past any coherent thought now, and just wanted to cum as soon as possible.

Sally wanted and needed something long and hard between her legs, but she wasn’t done tormenting Peter. She grabbed the long straps hanging from her hips and opened her skirt to reveal even more of her beautiful legs. Bit by bit, little by little Sally played with her wrap around, and gradually her sex came into view. As the last few seconds of Cher reverberated around the elevator, Sally stood there facing the mirror. Her reflection, dressed only in her underwear and short ankle boots, held the redundant skirt behind her back with both hands before letting it fall on the floor to join her blouse.

Even though she was taking a huge risk Peter couldn’t help admiring her spirit. Seeing her fingering herself while she danced naked, to the music in her head, was hugely enjoyable. She obviously knew the risk she was taking, but she just didn’t care. If she was discovered she would have some very difficult explaining to do, and he couldn’t help her.

Sally moved a hand between her thighs and rubbed her sex frantically. She had an itch and it needed scratching, and the tool for the job was fixed to the mirror. She was leaning against the side wall and her legs were splayed out in front of her. U2’s ‘The streets have no name’ was now playing on the iPhone and Sally could be seen rocking her whole body to the beat.

She had both hands between her legs now and in the basement, there was a feeling of resentment. This was because there was no zoom function on the cameras. Despite the high definition footage, being played on the forty two inch screen, he wished he could see some more. Sally’s audience cursed his employers short sightedness. Then Sally popped the three snaps holding the teddy together and her dark pubic bush and her dripping sex came into view.

Sally couldn’t believe how wet she was and thinking about Peter wanking his cock in the security room, caused her body to involuntarily to shudder. As she pulled her teddy up over her belly, she smelt her own arousal and licked her lips. She traced her fingers along the length of her juicy slit and felt the longing deep inside her. Eagerly she looked at the dildo fastened to the back wall.

‘Not Yet.’ She thought, even though her own longing was driving her mad. Applying pressure on her clit, Sally bucked her hips and let her soft wetness swallow her fingers. As U2 gave way to Rammstein’s ‘Ich Will’ her body accepted her fingers easily and she let out a long sigh.

“Peter darling why did you have to come to work. You know how fucking horny I was,” she uttered, as her fingers slipped deeper inside herself. “I need you so bad darling, I want your cock inside me right now!”

“Here it is baby,” murmured the voice watching the screen. He could feel the pressure building up in his balls, and he knew it wouldn’t take long now. He saw Sally push herself away from the wall and saunter sexily towards the dildo. When she reached the mirror, she spat on one hand and whilst using the other to lean sexily against the glassy surface, she rubbed her saliva all over the hard rubber appendage.

On screen, Sally was standing with her back to the camera and her hand was wanking the dildo. Then she turned her head and looked over her shoulder at the camera.

“Peter I’m gonna fuck this thing until I cum screaming!” She smiled sweetly.

“We could have done this together today. We could have stayed in bed and fucked all day if you’d wanted to, but no, you had to go to work. Well darling, you had your chance, and now I’m gonna get mine!” Then she blew Peter a kiss.

Then she turned around and bent over to touch her toes. Then reaching between her legs, Sally grabbed the lubricated dildo and inserted it between her slippery lips. She had to bend her knees to get the angle of penetration right, but without the slightest hesitation she pushed her arse backwards and felt her slick tunnel being wonderfully stretched. She was so wet that the rubber toy slid home easily and her buttocks slapped against the mirror just as Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ blurted from the telephone.

“Oh Jesus, that feels soooooo good darling, It’s so big, and thick, just like you Petey.” Sally’s enjoyment was evident.

“Oooooh God, it’s fucking huge.” Sally rasped hoarsely before she began rocking back and forth on her heels, causing the dildo to slide easily in and out of her silky sheath.

“That’s it baby, fuck me real good. Make momma cum all over your cock,” she urged gutturally.

Because the dildo was fixed onto the mirror, the camera could see the reflection of how her pussy lips tightly gripped the rubber manhood as she moved back and forth. She was getting so into the rhythm that once or twice the appendage slipped from her juicy cunt, and buried itself in her anal crevice. When that happened Sally wasn’t the only one groaning loudly. The throbbing cock being very thoroughly bashed, was pointing deliberately at the screen, and was on the verge of shooting its load.

In the elevator, the rubber sex toy massaged Sally’s G-spot with every thrust, and deep within her core the climax she’d been waiting for since this morning, was getting ready to explode. With each back thrust she whimpered as the fake balls slammed against the back of her thighs. Lady Gaga was replaced by Rihanna’s needing some ‘SOS’ and Sally increased her rhythm.

“Oh yesss Peter, that’s it honey, I’m gonna cum so don’t stop.” She was beyond herself now and she could feel her legs beginning to tremble, as she rammed the dildo deep inside herself. The heat and intense pleasure in her loins radiated through her whole body and her body glistened with sweat. Whilst grabbing the hand rail with one hand, she slipped her other one along her anal crevice.

“This is for you Peter,” Sally gasped breathlessly, and slipped two fingers between her buttocks. Watching her movements intently, her observer heard her call out and in the corner of his eye he saw Sally insert a pair of fingers into her back door. It was especially erotic seeing via the reflection.

“You dirty fucking bitch!”

The voice was heavy with lust, but the tone was one of longing and desire.

“Oh God, I need a cock up my arse,” screamed Sally through clenched teeth, as both the fingers and the dildo worked their magic. Sally couldn’t take anymore, Her body had reached it’s pinnacle. She’d been living in a state of sexual arousal from the moment she open her eyes. Everything that had happened since then had been like the bubbles building up in a champagne bottle. Eventually something has got to give. Deliberately she looked up at the camera and screamed out loudly, as her cork burst free and her sweet wine began pouring.

The man she had been entertaining and tormenting for the last twenty minutes was past the point of no return. Seeing Sally grind her bum against the mirror as her body convulsed uncontrollably, was the last straw. Roaring loudly, he stood up, and bucking his hips wildly, let his seed fly. As a jet of thick spunk landed on Sally’s face, he bellowed at his temptress if she wanted some more and kept pumping his turgid erection.

In the lift, Sally let go of the hand rail and traced her hand sensually down her face. On the monitor it looked like she was rubbing the hot salty fluid into her skin, which caused another jolt of pleasure to rack his body.

Sally was having trouble standing. Every muscle she had, was contracting in powerful spasms, and the dildo she was still impaled on was becoming painful because her pussy was squeezing it so tightly. The copious amount of cum she’d produced was leaking past the dildo and dribbling from her tight entrance. The warm fluid was trickling down her inner thigh, as she gradually started calming down.

Peter sat back down in his chair. He was physically broken and mentally exhausted. His beautiful stripper was gone. He’d watched her orgasm and then looked on as she metamorphosed back into the professional she was. He knew it was against the rules to talk to a director of the bank personally, but if she wanted to strip naked and masturbate in front of the mirror, what had he got to lose. She must have known security would be looking, who knows, maybe that’s why she did it. What ever the reason was for her little kink, he was in a position to exploit it for his own desire.

“I fancy a bit of that. Think I’ll have to have a quiet word with private,” he thought out loud. This was turning out to be the best birthday ever.


Sally felt suddenly weightless, as the lift began to rapidly descend. She looked up at the display and sure enough the numbers were steadily counting down, but instead of stopping at the lobby it continued to the basement. As it came to a halt, Sally glanced round to see if she’d forgotten anything. Seeing the circle from the suction ring and a few dried cum stains on the floor, brought a wry smile to her lips. As the doors opened, Sally was shocked to see two men standing there waiting for her.

One was the mechanic from the elevator company, who greeted her in a friendly cockney accent. "Hello darling." The man's raised eyebrows told her, he liked what he saw.

"How ya doing, gorgeous? Hope we didn't keep you waiting for too long. I got here as fast as I could love.” Too stunned to answer Sally looked at the second man and began to get flustered.

"Hello Sally, how are you?" Ask Stephan Harris, his teasing tone puzzling her. "Did you enjoy yourself in the lift? You’ve been in there almost forty five minutes. Must have been quite ‘boring’. Hope it wasn’t too ‘hard’ on you?" Sally looked at him, her eyes wide in shock as she heard the mocking, flirty undertone. He’d never spoken to her before like that; he’d always treated her as though she were beneath him, but now he was acting like she was a close personal friend.

"Yes thank you Steve." She replied politely.

He wagged his finger at her and began admonishing her, his eyes sparkling in mirth and his voice friendly.

"Now, now Sally" he admonished her, "you know my name isn’t Steve, its Stephan, so I’d be obliged if you say it properly, otherwise I might have to put you over my knee." Sally looked at him, eyes wide in surprise.

“What did you say?” she asked, hoping she was mistaken.

“Oh come on Sally, I’m only joking. Sticks and stones will break my bones, and all that. Anyway…..How did you ‘come’ to be here in the lift?” Sally definitely heard the innuendo that time, but ignored it.

“Oh its Peter’s birthday and I wanted to surprise him for lunch.”

“So you thought you could come down here, and ‘bugger’ up one of our lifts did you? You know, if you wanted a ‘ ride’ in the elevator, I would have been happy to oblige, you only have to ask. Who knows I might even have let you push ‘ my’ buttons”

The way Stephen was talking made Sally wonder what the hell was going on. He shouldn’t be here. He should have been in his office behind the reception. How often had she heard Peter complaining that Stephan never came to the basement. “That’s for the foot soldiers like you Peter” he’d once said condescendingly.

“What were you doing in our lifts, Sally?” Stephan enquired a little too pointedly.

“It just stopped Stephan,” Sally replied omitting the fact that she was at least fourteen floor higher than where she should have been.

“Ah yes, about that. The mechanic told me that the stop button was probably used, and that’s why it malfunctioned. You wouldn’t know anything about that now, would you Sally?”

“No Stephan, honestly I don’t! I just wanted to come down here…..”

“And you certainly did that, didn’t you Sally. You certainly ‘ came’ here.”

Sally stared uncomprehendingly at her fiancé’s boss, afraid of getting Peter thrown out of his job, she smiled sweetly at Stephan Harris and pretended to be stupid

“I only wanted to surprise my Peter for lunch,” she replied again, repeating her earlier explanation.

“That’s nice dear, I’m sure he’ll be surprised. I know I was when I saw you here.” Sally missed Stephan’s sly smile.

“Why don’t I bring you to his office, I bet you’ve never seen our observation rooms have you?” Nonplussed Sally just shook her head.

Leaning in closer and tapping the side of his nose, as if he was disclosing a secret, Stephan spoke softly.

“That’s just as well. Normally, unauthorised people aren’t allowed inside our security centre but seeing as your husband works here, I’ll make an allowance for you. By the way there’s something I want to show you.”

Sally didn’t have the faintest clue what he was talking about and she wondered whether she should correct his mistake, but decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

“What do you want to show me,” she asked looking up at him inquisitively.

“Oh nothing much Sally dear, it’s just something I want Peter to look at, but I don’t know whether I should show him or not, and that’s where you come in.”

Sally was more confused than ever. What could Stephan possibly want her to see before showing it to Peter, she asked herself pensively. Stephan saw her strained expression and winked at her.

“Don’t be alarmed Sally, this could be a huge turning point in his career, if you both play your cards right,” he added conversationally. She didn’t see the hungry expression on his face. After following him through a myriad of corridors, they reached a door with a keypad situated next to it on the wall.

Sally’s heartbeat was pumping faster. She was excited now. Peter was on the other side of the door, and he didn’t know she was here. She wondered how much he enjoyed her show and couldn’t wait to ask him. It was a pity his boss was here, if Peter had liked what he saw as much as she expected, then maybe they could have some fun during his lunch hour, but that was out of the question now.

Stephen punched the entry code in and smiled warmly at her. Even though Sally saw a strange glint in his eyes, she ignored her own intuition and walked through the opening door.

“Peter darling are you there? It’s me Sally,” she called entering the darkened space. Even with the light of the screens illuminating the walls of the room beyond the small hallway, she was squinting at first, allowing her eyes to adjust to the gloom, as she moved hesitantly forward. Turning the corner into the room she saw the monitor screens in front of her. Her attention was drawn to the largest of the screens.

Her mouth opened in shock at what she saw. Firstly she recognised the delicate tribal tattoo on the small of her back beneath her rumpled teddy. Then her eyes followed her semi naked torso to the reflection in the mirror. Her breath froze and her mind reeled. Seeing herself from this angle, impaled on the rubber dildo, with her fingers pushed deep in her arse was not what she expected but worse than that, her wanton facial features, contorted with lust, staring hungrily up at the camera proved to be the most confrontational. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish stranded on the beach and her heart started beating wildly..

“Stephen, what the fuck.......where is Peter?”

“Oh I’ll take you there in a moment,” Stephan’s eyes sparkled dangerously. “Peter is in Tower Two today. He’s falling in for a colleague who called in sick this morning. I’ve been covering in for him here today”

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