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The Field

A nude stroll in a field lead to much more....
Sara was my very best friend at school, she lived a few towns away and I would have to take the bus to go visit her on the weekends. She was petit and lively and not like any other girl I knew, we had kissed once, but I definitely had stronger feeling for her than she did for me, she was very happy just being friends and I played along but I really wanted more. We had once masturbated together over the phone, it was the hottest thing I had ever done at the time, but it never went any further. Sara had a boyfriend; he was much older than us, had a job and was totally out of my league. She didn’t see much of him because he worked nights, but I always suspected he was seeing other girls, I was waiting for the day that he got caught and Sara came to me for comfort. One day I got off the bus near her house but I was pretty early so I just walked around a bit, stopped at the news agent and bought some cigarettes and started walking up the big hill towards her house, it was a quiet rural area trees and fields everywhere it was spring and everything was green and lush. We were graduating in a couple of weeks and there was a real sense of freedom in the air. Walking up the hill I still had lots of time before I was meant to meet Sara, there was a big wire fence in front of a huge field next to the path and I noticed a hole cut in the fence, it was just big enough to climb through, the field was big and full of tall grass, just about up to my waist in most parts, there was something very inviting about this field, so I climbed through the fence and walked around, brushing through the long grass, the road was mostly secluded by trees and bushes and on the other side were the backs of some houses, you could see the gardens and fences of the houses but they were pretty far away. I sat down and lit a cigarette and fiddled with the long stiff blades of grass sticking up all around me. I put out my cigarette and for some reason took off all my clothes, I didn’t really think about it, I just did it – I was sitting in the middle of this field completely naked, the air and grass felt good on my body, I poked my head up and couldn’t see anyone or anything other than the backs of the houses in the distance, I could hear the odd car drive down the road, but couldn’t see anything – so I stood up and walked around the field all by myself completely naked, the grass brushing against my legs and my cock and balls it was liberating and arousing, it felt so good to be totally free in this secret little place. I didn’t get completely hard, but I could feel my cock swelling as it brushed against the greenery. After a while I dressed and carried on up to Sara’s house.

By the time I got there I was late. “Where were you?” Sara asked. “I was just walking around a field naked.” “You’re funny,” she said. She quickly gathered her stuff and off we went. We were going to meet some friends and drink some beer and hang out by the lake. Sara looked great; she was wearing a little skirt, boots and a tee shirt with the sleeves cut off, so at the just the right angle you could get a glimpse of the side of her pert little breast. Her bright red hair was teased up and she had her usual funky make-up on. It was the 1980’s and she certainly looked the part – the two of us looked more suited for going out to a Cure concert rather than off to the lake to drink beer and smoke with our friends. I walked just behind her trying to get a peek at her boob as she walked.

“So you’ve been flashing the rabbits huh?”

“Well kind of, I was sitting in the middle of that field down there and just decided to go au naturale I guess.”

“You are such a liar!”

“I’m not lying, it was kind of fun really.”

“You’re a sicko.”

Sara changed the subject and we walked along, she was going on about something he sister had done and her mother took her sister’s side or something, I wasn’t really paying attention.

“Here it is.” I said.


“My field, this is my nude field.” I said and point to the field coming up on our right.

“Are you still talking about your sick little fantasies?” She laughed.

“The hole in the fence is just up here, wanna see?”

“You’re serious aren’t you?” She smiled at me, “you learn something new about people everyday I guess.” She looked at me and then said, “OK, then show me.”

I walked in front up to the little hole in the fence and held back a bit of the flapping wire. “After you.” I said and Sara squeezed through the opening and I followed her in. I strode right to the centre of the field and sat down. “This is it, this is my naked field.” “Lovely spot you’ve got her.” Sara said. “So you just stripped off and walked around? Why?” I just shrugged my shoulders. We sat there in the middle of the field quietly for a while, smoked some cigarettes and talked about whatever, it was as though the whole nude thing was forgotten until Sara suddenly said, “OK, do it again.” “Do what?” “Do the nude thing again.” Thinking I might have opportunity here I quickly said, “Only if you do too.” And without hesitating Sara said, “Sure.”

I stood up, flipped off my shoes, pulled off my socks, my shirt, my trousers, and finally my boxer shorts, I stood there completely naked and just smiled at Sara, she did look a little shocked. I just started walking as I had done before, the grass brushing my body I strolled along. “Aren’t you coming?” I called back. I looked behind me as I walked I saw Sara pulling off her boots, slipping out of her skirt revealing tight little pink knickers, I stopped and turned to watch her as she pulled off her shirt, her perky little boobs bounced free, lovely dark little nipples standing up hard, she then wriggled out of her knickers and walked towards me, she was majestic, her wide-shapely hips, thick dark pubes and those lovely shapely breast, she walked right up next to me, took my hand and we walked together hand-in-hand nude through the field. “This is really nice.” She said, and we just walked and walked. We didn’t say much we just walked together across the field, and around the edge, Sara had moved in front of me and I walked slowly behind her and watched her gorgeous bottom shift from side-to-side, her two large cheeks shifting and wriggling just so, it was mesmerising, I was transfixed on the stunning figure in front of me, the tall grass bushing my body, I quickly realised I was a hard as a rock, my cock was standing right at attention and I didn’t know what to do about it – there wasn’t anything I could do. Sara stopped and turned to me and her eyes were immediately drawn to my huge hard-on. “Sorry.” I said. She just starred at it, then into my eyes, and then back to my cock, she walked up close to me and took my cock in her hand and looked me in the eyes and slowly lowered herself to her knees and started to kiss my cock, licking it with long flat stokes of her tongue, she held onto the base tightly with her hand as she slid the length into her mouth, slowly stroking and sucking, she raised my cock so it was flat against my stomach as she lowered her mouth to my balls and she tongued and sucked while pumping my hard dick with her hand. I was not hugely experienced, I had fooled around with a few girls, but I had never had anyone play with my balls like this, it was bliss. Her mouth moved back to my cock head and she tongued it gently and slowly, I reached out for something to support myself with but there was nothing there, my knees were growing weak and she sucked and sucked and pumped with her hand, her other hand was scratching my balls with her finger nails. Oh my God, this was amazing. She moved both of her hand to my arse cheeks and gripped me tightly and she pushed me into her mouth, long slow strokes, and each time deeper and deeper. I wasn’t going to last much longer, my knees buckled and I began to pant and moan, “Oh god.” I said, “I’m cumming.” Sara just clenched my cheeks tighter forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. “I’m cumming.” “Mmmhh,” is the only sound she made as she looked me in the eyes and nodded her head ‘yes’ as I shot stream after stream cum deep into her mouth. I really nearly fell over. Sara swallowed every drop, licked my head with a circular motion and leaned back in the grass; she was sweaty and glistening in the grass. I could hardly believe what had just happened.

“Wow.” Sara said, “I didn’t see that coming. That was so hot.” I was speechless. “You know I have wanted to do that for so long.”

“You, you wanted to do that? What do you think I have been dreaming about for the past three years?”

“I know you have a little crush on me, but didn’t you know how I felt about you?”

“Well, I think I do now.” I sat down next to her, exhausted and we kissed, deeply and passionately, I could taste my jizz in her mouth and I didn’t care. I caressed her breast and her back arched with a little moan. I took her nipple in my mouth and she moaned again. My hand moved across her body, from one breast, down her flat stomach to her fluffy mound, I could not believe the wetness, she was dripping, I laid her back, spread her legs and licked my way down to her bush, it was hairy (this was the 1980’s) and soft and the hairs near her opening where completely drenched – it tasted so sweet and wonderful, I was in heaven. She laid back and pinched at her nipples and I lapped up and down across her clit, over and over in rhythmic strokes. Her bend knees where now straight and tight against my body and my head bobbed up and down at her glorious snatch. She was getting louder and louder, heavy breathing, back arched, her hand and fingers working her boobs, I could feel the tenseness growing in her body as I continued with my tongue up and down over her moist rose bud, her legs were so tight around me now I couldn’t move anything more than my neck as I tongued away. Her bottom came off the grass and I did my best to follow her lovely box with my tongue, it was now smashing against my nose, I kept at it and could hear what was coming, her hands were now clutching at the grass as she lifted herself and pushed her cunt right into my face, I managed to get my hands under her bottom and squeezed and kneaded her bum and I stroked her with my tongue until finally she let out a sound like a wild animal and her whole body twitched and quivered until she went limp and collapsed back down to the bed of grass. She was still breathing heavily and I climbed up and kissed her, as I slid over her sweaty body and our mouths met, my hard cock slid right into her sopping wet hole, “Oh God,” she screamed. “Yes, yes.” I began to trust in and out of her, grinding into her pelvic bone. I was fucking Sara, wild and animal like in the middle of a field, in the middle of the day, I was fucking Sara and she was loving it. I pumped and pumped into her, our bodies together tight, grinding her clit with my body, I could feel her tensing again, shivering and shuttering, holding me so tightly to her, she was whimpering in my ear, “I cummmmmming, Wallace, I’m cummmmmmm……” I slowed and lifted myself up on my hands and kissed her, she giggled and smiled and kissed me back and my slow strokes continued. Then with one movement she flipped herself over and I rolled onto my back, she straddled me and slid me right back inside her wet pussy, her face was glowing, red, she was out of breath and the sweat shone on her bouncing little tits as she rode me. The look of pure pleasure on her face was the most satisfying thing I had ever seen. I reached up and played with her nipples and she slowly hopped up and down on my dick – the view was incredible . The grass was tearing the shit out of my back and I hardly even noticed as this gorgeous girl rode me like she owned me. Sara leaned back and played with her clit as she pumped away on top of me, I could see my cock sliding in and out of her hole and her fingers opened her lips and she rubbed her clit with two fingers, we were in a rhythm like we were meant to be together, like we knew each others bodies intimately for years. That is when Sara said, “I want it all, I want you to have it all.” She lifted herself off of my member and pushed her body ever so slightly forward, she pressed the head of my cock right against her backdoor, I could she the anticipation in her face as my dick head slowly opened her back passage, my cock was so slick from her pussy and the sweat on our bodies that the head popped in nice and easy, she paused and then slowly lowered herself onto me, a little bit at a time, my pulsing rod spreading her arsehole as she pushed down on me. Soon she was riding me again and I was lifting up to meet her thrusts, her fingers again rubbing her clit and I fucked her arse, I reached up and slid two fingers into her cunt as my cock slid in and out of her backdoor. Now as I said, I had a bit of experience, but I had never even dreamed of this, I was fucking Sara in her most forbidden hole while I fingered her pussy and she rubbed furiously at the clit, her pace was quickening and I couldn’t hold it much longer, this was the sexiest thing to ever happen to me and her butthole was so tight I couldn’t bear it and I came like never before – it felt like a piece of my brain came out with my load and I was wasted there on the grass, Sara continued to ride me, four fingers on her clit in a circular motion and she too shuttered and collapsed onto my legs. My semi hard cock popped out of her little hole. We stayed like that for some time in silence, trying to catch our breath. Eventually we stood up brushed the grass and leaved off of each other, got dressed and went off to meet our friends for our pre-graduation party by the lake and drink some beer and talk about the summer ahead of us. I was certainly hoping my summer would include many more nude visits to the field with Sara.
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