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The first night of Mardi Gras

My wife shows more and does more than anyone at Mardi Gras
In 1985 the Mardi Gras celebration in Galveston was revived after decades without it. Although not as wild as Rio or even New Orleans, in the right areas of town during the first ten years there was plenty of naughty stuff to do. Jeena and I moved to Houston in 1988 and continued the swinging activities we started in the Midwest. We wanted to go to Galveston for Mardi Gras but it was always too cold in February for what we had in mind. Then came 1991 and the warmest winter in years. We and two couples we played with decided to go for the first weekend so our wives could show their tits around town. Silly me, I thought that and some “wife swapping” at the end of the evening would be all there was to it.

Now Jeena is a very competitive person who is not to be out done by any other woman no matter what. This made her very popular with men and not so much with women. The six of us arrived in Galveston early Friday evening and checked in at the Tremont Hotel on the “Strand”. We went to Guido’s for dinner and returned to get ready to hit the streets. We all met in the lobby to head out. The competition among the women began at that point. Jeena had smaller tits than Tammy or Linda but had the nicest legs and ass of the three. Tammy wore jeans and a peasant blouse to make it easy flash her very nice natural breasts. Linda wore shorts and a top with a front zipper for the same reason. Jeena wore a short pleated skirt, thong, and pull over top which could be easily lifted. She said she chose her outfit to “show off her best features”. At the time I did not consider that the outfit would provide ease of access for other activities as well. I’m not sure whether she did or not.

By about 11:00pm we had all had a few drinks, seen a few tits, and learned a few things about the ground rules of Mardi Gras. The Strand, in those days, stretched from the cruise ship harbor at one end to the old train station (now a museum) at the other. The nearer to the cruise ships the more “family oriented” the activities, while the police basically ignored the area from 35 th street to the train station. Jeff, Ken and I had given out some beads to see some tits but all agreed that we found it hotter watching our wives “give it up” to the guys for beads. All three women had lots of beads but Jeena had hands down the most. This was because she would up the ante by offering to show her ass for more or better beads. She got plenty of takers on that since she was the only one I saw showing that much.

By midnight the men north of 35 th outnumbered the women by about 30 to one. Also groping became more popular than looking among the crowds of mostly college age guys. Any time a woman lifted, lowered, or unzipped her top, she was descended upon by several men. Some liked the attention more than others, but Jeena laughed and loved it. I was standing at a walk up bar at about 30 th street when I noticed Jeena talking to one man in particular. He was white about 30, 6’2” or so and about 200#. Then he stepped to the bar to order a drink. He laughed and told a buddy ”she’s gonna show me her pussy for a drink”. He gave her the shot, she drank it, and lifted her skirt for about two seconds and grinned. He said, ”hey that’s not long enough”. She gave him one of her evil smiles that I have come to know so well, lifted her skirt, pulled her thong to the side and only dropped her skirt when he and several other men made a grab for her. He then spoke into her ear, she nodded, and he moved back to the bar. Since I was certain he did not know my involvement with her, I said “what’s she going to do now?” In a much more determined tone than before he said “I can put two fingers in her for another drink”. I laughed and high fived him. While he waited for his drink I scanned the crowd for cops and saw our companions. Ken and Jeff were loving the show but Tammy and Linda were not really.

The guy gave her the drink which she downed and then moved to him. His hand went under her skirt, her head rocked back and she exhaled as she closed her eyes. The guys around them cheered. Jeena then rested her forehead on his chest and started grinding her hips into his hand. Without removing his hand from between her legs he lowered his head and spoke to her again. When he moved back to the bar I thought maybe I had better check in with Jeena. I approached her and asked what was going on. She said “I am going to make out with him for two minutes for another drink”. I could tell from her voice that she was a couple over the line already. I asked her how she would know when it was two minutes. She said “you can time it if you want to”. He turned from the bar and looked at me as if I might be a challenger to his “get”. I stepped aside and made the hand gesture which conveyed “she’s all yours”. After she drank the shot he led her to the alley on the side of the bar, pressed her against the wall and they locked mouths. His right hand went back under her skirt while his left slid under her top and pinched a nipple. She put both arms around his neck and started kissing him seriously. I could only see from his back but could see that she was widening her stance so he could get his fingers farther inside her.

Then she removed her hands from around his neck to below his waist. Soon after that he started thrusting against her. “Crap, I think he’s fucking her” I thought as I glanced around for cops. He pressed against her harder and more rhythmically until he finally looked to the sky and grunted. She took his hair with her right hand, pulled his head back down and gave him her tongue. When he stepped away from her I could see that her thigh was glistening wet. She walked over to me and said “give him our phone number”. She had given him a hand job and his cum had run all the way down her leg and into her shoe.

The six of us got another round of drinks and moved on down toward the train station. Little did I know that this was to be the tame part of the evening? Part II will be next.

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