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The Hotel Room

A maid watches a couple have sex
Sylvia had been working as a maid at the Swallow hotel for six months now, and was beginning to get into the routine. She had even gotten to like the maid's uniform she had to wear. Not because it looked good, but because there was something inexplicably kinky about it.

At 3 pm, Sylvia was working her way through the fifth floor. Most of the guests were away at this hour, and she liked that. It meant she could just move from one room to the next, do a bit of cleaning, change the sheets and towels and know that the entire floor would soon be finished for today.

Room 511. No "do not disturb" sign on that doorknob either. Sylvia unlocked the door and leaving her trolley at the doorway got ready to check the rooms

"Oooh. Yeah, baby."

Sylvia froze as she heard the muffled voice coming from the bedroom. It was a man's voice, deep and husky. She liked the sound of that voice.

"Yeah, like that. That's so good."

She knew what she was supposed to do now. Just get the hell out of there, and leave this man and whoever was with him alone. The door to the bedroom was ajar, but she couldn't see anything from where she was standing. Yeah, she really should leave now. That would be the right thing to do. But she didn't move, first she had to see what was going on. Slowly, careful not to make a sound, she tiptoed towards the bedroom door. Just a few steps, and there, she saw them. The man stood naked in the middle of the room. He was dark, medium-height and very muscular. Kneeling on the soft carpet in front of him was a naked woman, sucking his cock. The woman had long red hair and big, voluptuous breasts, and she was blindfolded.

Sylvia watched them, spellbound. The woman held her head still, as the man slowly moved his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. It was long and hard, glistening with saliva. He buried the entire length of the shaft in her mouth with each stroke. Sylvia was amazed that the woman didn't once pull back, but seemed able to take it all. The man was loving it, too. Breathing heavily, he looked down at the woman's face as he fucked her mouth. Then he grabbed her by the hair, and holding his hips still, pulled her head slowly back and forth, making his erect cock enter her mouth over and over.

"Yeahhh," he whispered.

Sylvia could see and hear the wetness as he repeatedly entered and withdrew from the woman's mouth. She could imagine what this long, hard cock would feel like in her mouth, veined and swelling with excitement. The man pulled all the way out. His hard erection twitched in front of the woman's face. She opened her mouth and tried to catch it, but because of the blindfold, she merely snapped at the air. Finally the man grabbed his cock and guided it back into her mouth. Now, she started sucking hard on the swollen head of the cock, making loud smacking noises. The man threw his head back, grunting with pleasure. Sylvia just stared at his cock rooted to the spot.

"Ahhh yeah," he gasped. "Unnnh..."

And suddenly, he struggled to pull his cock from the woman's vigorously sucking mouth. With a loud, wet, popping sound he yanked the stiff tool out from between her lips. Her saliva dripped from the hardened shaft on to the carpet. He had been about to come, Sylvia thought. That had to be it. He had been about to ejaculate into the woman's mouth. The thought excited her. She wished he had, so she could have watched. The man was stroking his cock, smiling.

"Get on your back!" he ordered.

And the woman obeyed. Naked and blindfolded she lay down on her back on the soft, thick carpet. The man got down on all fours, spread her legs wide, exposing her neatly trimmed, dark red pubes. Then he placed his unshaven face between her legs and gave her pussy a big, wet kiss.

"Oh," the woman gasped.

The man's hands gently stroked the inside of her thighs, getting ever closer to her pussy. The woman lay completely still, breathing faster and faster. Just as his hands were about to reach her pussy, he started licking the same area: The inside of her thighs, the thin, sensitive skin close to her sex. The woman dug her fingernails into the carpet. Sylvia watched as he licked the woman's thighs, then bared his teeth and bit gently into the soft, pale flesh of her thighs.

"Aaah," she gasped.

The man kept going, gently nibbling at the sensitive skin of first one thigh, then the other.

"Oh please," the woman pleaded. "C'mon. Do it!"

"Do what?" the man whispered.

"My pussy," she whispered back. "Do it to my pussy. I want it so bad..."

And gently, the unshaven man placed his mouth over the woman's pussy, slowly kissing and sucking it. He pressed his lips against her labia, massaging her pussy with her mouth. Moaning loudly, the woman arched her back, throwing her head back on the carpet.

"Yeees," she cried, grabbing her breasts with both hands.

Sylvia could almost feel what the woman felt. The man's lips sucking her pussy, his stubble scratching the tender skin of her thighs. Sylvia felt herself getting wet. Slowly she reached under her skirt and pushed the crotch of her panties aside to feel her flesh. She was even wetter than she thought, her labia all slippery with juice. She wanted to touch herself, wanted to masturbate as she watched the couple in the bedroom.

"Ohhh," the woman moaned, writhing on the carpet.

Sylvia watched as the man drove his thick, wet tongue in and out of her pussy. Moving his head up and down, he let his tongue enter her wet flesh again and again. Then he began flicking his tongue up and down as he continued the motion. Licking her labia, licking the inside of her pussy, licking, licking... The woman was gasping uncontrollably, her ankles clasped around his shoulders. Sylvia felt her cheeks burning. She just couldn't leave. Not yet. Slowly, quietly she removed her panties and dropped them on the floor. She reached under her skirt again, gently touching her naked pussy. Just touching her slippery slit made her fingers all wet. On the bedroom floor, the man kept driving his tongue into the woman's pussy, faster and faster.

"Oh yes," the woman cried, "oh please, oh yes."

The man held on to her thighs, digging his fingers into her flesh. His face was red and sweaty from the strain, but he kept going, flicking his tongue, fucking the woman with it, harder, faster...

"Aaah," she screamed, throwing herself about on the carpet as she came. "Aaah!"

The man strengthened his hold on her thighs, his mouth firmly planted on her pussy, as she thrashed about on the floor, swept away by her powerful orgasm. Sylvia gently began stroking her own pussy, slowly massaging her wet labia. It felt so good. She closed her eyes and almost moaned out loud, but she bit her lip, struggling to keep quiet. Breathing hard, the woman was recovering from her orgasm.

"Oh God," she whispered. "That was so good."

The man was kneeling between her legs now, masturbating. Sylvia watched him stroking his cock, making it stiffen and grow. And as she watched him, she masturbated herself, rhythmically rubbing her pussy, feeling her juices flow. The man didn't say a word. He looked around the room as if searching for inspiration. Then he got up and lifted a footstool into the middle of the bedroom. Then, gently, he placed the woman face down on the stool, her side towards Sylvia.

As he knelt down behind her, his eyes met Sylvia's. Sylvia almost screamed, but she managed to keep quiet. Oh God, what would happen now? Would he throw her out of the room? Yell at her? Complain to the manager? But the man did nothing. He even smiled. Kneeling behind the woman, he kept stroking his cock, which was now long and hard as a rock.

"Are you ready?" he said, looking Sylvia in the eyes.

Sylvia looked at the man and silently mouthed "Yes."

"Yes," the woman whispered, her face quivering beneath the blindfold.

The man smiled at Sylvia as he guided his erect cock towards the woman's succulent pussy. Using two fingers, he parted her wet labia as he brought the tip of his cock up close to her inviting slit.

"Ohhh," the woman cried, "let me have it! Please!"

Sylvia spread her legs as she stroked her pussy, staring at the man's cock, long and hard and veined. She masturbated, relishing the sensations of pleasure, starting from her pussy and rippling through her entire body, making her nipples hard. Finally, the man entered the woman, burying his cock in her moist slit with one powerful stroke.

"Aaah," she cried, gripping the fabric of the footstool with both hands, trembling all over. The man started hammering his cock into her in a hard, relentless rhythm.

"Yeah," he hissed, grabbing her hair. "You like that, don't you?"

"Yes," the woman gasped. "Fuck me!"

Sylvia felt her legs trembling underneath her and got down on her knees in the corridor. Watching the fucking couple, she kept excitedly massaging her wet flesh, applying ever more force. Her rhythmically stroking fingers gradually pushed her labia apart and found their way into her tender pussy.

"Yeah," the man grunted, driving his erect cock into the woman over and over, "I'm gonna fuck you hard. Can you feel it? Can you feel my hard cock fucking your little pussy?"

"Oh yes!" the woman gasped. "Talk to me! Keep talking dirty to me! Ahhh, yes! You know I love it!"

The man smiled, looking over at Sylvia.

"Oh yeah?" he said. "Well, get this, We are not alone."

"Ohhh," the woman moaned, as the man's stiff cock slid in and out of her pussy. "Yes, I like that. We're being watched? Ohhh. Tell me more!"

Stunned, Sylvia stared at the man. He was telling the truth, but the woman had no way of knowing that it was anything more than just a dirty fantasy. The man winked at Sylvia and continued.

"Yeah, the maid just walked in. She's watching us right now."

Hearing herself mentioned in the story excited Sylvia even more. Parting her labia with one hand, she began fingering her tiny, hardening clit with the other. Oh, it felt so good. It made her want to cry out with pleasure. But no, she kept quiet, masturbating, watching and listening.

"Ohhh yes, the maid," the woman said, her entire body shaking with every thrust of the man's cock. "What does she look like? Ahhh. Yes! Is she pretty?"

The man looked at Sylvia again. She looked him deep into the eyes. And still fucking the naked, blindfolded woman in front of him, he began describing Sylvia:

"Oh yes, she's beautiful. Young, short, black hair. She's wearing that maid's uniform you like."

"I bet that turns you on," the woman whispered.

"Can't you feel it?" the man asked, hammering his long, hard cock into her. "Can't you feel how hard I am?"

"Ohhh," the woman cried.

The man grabbed hold of her ass-cheeks and decreased the rhythm. He kept driving the entire length of the shaft into her with every stroke, but now he slid it slowly back and forth, back and forth, teasing her.

"And you know what else?" he whispered. "She's masturbating. Yeah. The maid is watching us fuck, and she's stroking her cute little pussy at the same time."

"Oooh," the woman whimpered. "It turns her on to watch you fucking me."

"Yeah," the man grunted. "I bet she likes the sight of my cock."

And Sylvia watched the hard, glistening cock poking the woman's pussy. She knew just what the woman felt now, the stiff shaft stretching her pussy as he drove his hard tool into her again and again. Sylvia could hardly take her eyes away from the couple fucking before her. The woman was whimpering now, her entire body shaken by the violent thrusts, as the man kept driving his cock into her pussy. Sylvia saw the muscles of his thighs and ass flex with each stroke.

She gently opened her labia with the fingers of one hand. God, she was wet. She felt her love juice trickling down the insides of her thigh. And then shoved three fingers in her hole filling her hungry flesh.

"Tell me more!" the woman gasped. "What's she doing now?"

The man turned his head towards Sylvia and smiled.

"She's shoved her fingers inside herself" he said. "And she's fucking herself."

"Oh God," the woman gasped. "Is she really so hot? From watching us fuck?"

"Yeah," the man said, pulling his cock all the way out of the woman's slit. "She likes it, when I do... this!"

And in one brutal thrust, he buried his cock inside the woman's pussy, making her cry out loud with shock and lust.

"Aaah!" she screamed. "Yes! Do it again!"

Sylvia started massaging the insides of her aching flesh. She wanted to cry out with pleasure, but no. She had to keep quiet.

Again the man pulled out of the woman's pussy. Sylvia saw his glistening, erect cock twitching with lust before he once again hammered the entire length of his shaft into the woman again.

"Aaah, yes!" she cried. "I bet she likes that!"

"Yeah," the man said, now fucking her in a moderate, insistent rhythm. "She loves it."

It felt strange to be in the hotel room, uninvited, watching a strange man in the act of fucking. It turned her on, and she showed her pussy off to him, parting her labia, allowing him a glimpse of the wet, pink flesh inside.

Excited, the man drove his cock deeper and deeper into the woman, pushing her body back and forth across the footstool.

"Oh yes," the woman gasped. "Is she enjoying the show? Is she beautiful?"

"Ah yes," the man grunted. "A pretty, young thing: Nice tits, shaved pussy. God, I'd love to fuck her."

As Sylvia started fucking her pussy faster and deeper she realized she was about to come. Her thighs were quivering with pleasure.

"Pretend I'm her," the woman cried, her voice trembling. "And fuck me the way you'd fuck her. Fuck me, like you were fucking the maid."

"Yeah!" the man yelled, driving his hard tool deep into her pussy again and again. "Take that, you randy little maid. Can you feel that?"

Kneeling on the floor, Sylvia fucked herself faster and faster, her head was spinning with lust.

She saw the man forcing the tip of his thumb into the woman ass, making her whimper.

"Oooh yeah, make me cum," she howled, as the man's cock kept pounding into her. "Make me... cum."

The man's unshaven face was red from the strain, and finally Sylvia heard the woman scream as the orgasm hit her. She held on hard to the footstool, as she cried out loud with pleasure:

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!"

Sylvia felt like screaming, too. But even in her excited state she was able to keep quiet. Even as she climaxed. Oh, God. Trembling all over, she almost fainted. She bit her lip hard as her orgasm sent wave after wave of lustful sensations through her body. She was gasping for breath.

Through misty eyes she saw the man pull his cock from the woman's pussy. Holding it tightly in his hand, he roared like a wild beast, as he started ejaculating:


Sylvia saw the head of his cock swelling, as the first jet of white, creamy semen shot in the air, spattering the woman's back. As the man grunted and yelled, his cock kept twitching, pumping out spurt after spurt of hot semen. Finally, his orgasm subsided, and he lazily kept stroking his cock, until his erection started wearing off.

"Oh baby," the woman whispered, as he bent down to kiss her.

Sylvia felt a strange urge to tiptoe into the bedroom to lick his cum of the woman's back. She smiled quietly at the thought.

Now she had to get out, quickly, before the woman took her blindfold off. She knew the man would try his best to make her wait, but for how long?

Her panties lay in a heap on the floor. Sylvia picked them up, still weakened by her orgasm and quickly and quietly began to leave. Sylvia paused and looked the man in the eyes. He was slumped over the woman but caught her glance his way.

"Thank you." Sylvia mouthed silently.

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