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The Lap Dance

The Lap Dance

This is Precious' first lap dance at the Gentleman's Club
The man sits in the private room the Gentleman’s Club uses for small private parties. He holds a pair of panties in his hand, her panties…she dropped them into his lap when she was doing her strip tease on the bar. God, but she was beautiful! “Sexy too, with her nipple clamps! Oh yes! Just a little tug caused her to moan so sweetly, and that collar! Hmmm she’s someone’s pet,” he thought as he sniffed at the panties before wrapping them around his hand and stroking himself through the fabric of his pants.

He could feel himself getting harder imagining her giving her a private lap dance. In his mind’s eye, he sees himself pulling her down to his lap and shoving his cock deep into her, tugging on that chain as he drives himself up into her. Hearing her moan with pain and pleasure, the two so exquisitely entwined. “Such sweet ecstasy it will be to make you cum all over my cock and then to punish that sweet ass for doing it without my permission!” he groans, lost for a moment in his fantasy. His cock rock hard and his balls swollen with desire to possess her. He groans, “Precious…Oh God, I want her!” His thoughts are interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming to the door.

Precious allows Master to lead her to her first lap dance, the guy she gave her panties to as she dances across the top of the bar. She enters the small, fifteen by twenty foot room and notices a small, dimly lit, bar in the far corner with a couple of stools around it. The rest of the room was barely better lit and the same music was playing over the speakers as in the bar outside. In the center of the room, sits a fairly nondescript chair with her first customer. Master retreats to one of the stools in the darkened corner and slips a CD into the player and waits for Precious to signal that she is ready to begin her dance. 

She moves to stand, about three feet, in front of the man from the bar to whom she gave her panties. He is about thirty-five and dressed neatly in a business suit, for the most part unremarkable, except for his incredible wide, white smile and his ice blue eyes. Precious notices the panties still clutched in his hand, her panties, and she quickly dubs him “Panty Man” in her mind. Thinking of him in this way, she grins and suppresses a giggle before she closes her eyes and readies her mind for the dance ahead. Still smiling, she opens her eyes and gives Master a nod of her head and the music begins. 

As the first notes begin to play, Precious looks down at Panty Man, and begins to sway her hips in time to the music, the top half of her body following her hips. Strutting toward him she stops just shy of his knees. She moves her right foot between his feet and gently teases his legs apart wide enough to allow her space to stand between, all the while still moving with the music. Leaning forward, she puts her hands on the back of the chair and arches her back, pushing her ass into the air. Her ass sticks out as she bends over, legs straight, and her face is down by his chest. She can smell his cologne as she brings her head up level with his to look into his eyes, before moving further up, her breasts moving tantalizing closer to his face.

As she reaches the top of the movement, she stands upright and begins to sway her hips in a figure eight motion. With her hands starting at the top of her breasts, she begins to slide her hands down over her body slowly and sensually. Her eyes still locked on his and a sexy little smile on her lips. He has a dreamy look on his face, but his eyes are still fully focused on her, moving between her eyes, her lips, and following her hands as they slide down her body. He clutches her panties tightly in his hand as she her hands finish their slide ending at the tops of her thighs and move back up to her hips, pulling the hem of her skirt up along with them, exposing her tiny white thong underneath. His eyes are immediately focused on her mound barely hidden beneath the wisp of white fabric. 

He tentatively reaches forward with his empty hand to touch her. His hand lands on the outside of her thigh and slides upward slowly toward her hip, his palm hot on her skin. Precious gently takes his hand and brings it up to her mouth. Placing his finger at her lips, she moves it down to the top of her breast and slides it down her body, his fingers trailing sensually down, ending just above her throbbing mound. She places it back on the arm of the chair with wink and a light pat to the back of his hand in warning, before she continues with her dance.

As she sways with the music, she turns her back to him and bends down, her ass directly over his tented trousers. With her hands on her knees, she continues the figure eight motion with her hips and lowers herself down onto him. She can feel his hard on as she presses her ass down on him and grinds against him in a circular motion. She feels him harden even more as she continues this for a few more seconds and then leans back on him and wraps her hands around the back of his head pulling him forward, his lips only millimeters from hers, looking again deep into his eyes before she lets go, sits back up and then stands.

She shimmies around again to face him and once again, with her hands on the arms of the chair, leans forward in a deep stiff legged bow, her ass sticking way out and up, this time, with her face close to his crotch. She can smell herself on him and she inches herself slowly up with a body roll until she is level again with his eyes. With a twinkle in her eye, she smiles and as the music ends, she leans forward to allow her lips to brush lightly against his cheek and she whispers in his ear, “thanks for being my first…” She hears his sharp intake of breath as she stands up and steps away from him. 

She feels Master at her side and his hand on the small of her back as he leads her away and out the door. Once out in the hall, he presses her against the wall holding her firmly as he covers her mouth with his own kissing her hard and deep. His hands roam down her body as if to reclaim her as his own, reminding her, that she belongs to him and him alone. His hands grope her breasts and her ass, pulling her into him as he grinds himself against her.

Precious moans into his mouth as she feels his cock, hard and throbbing against her. His hand moving from her ass, around and between her legs, he roughly pulls her thong aside and rubs her wet slit, finding her clit and pressing hard, making her knees grow weak and her pussy even wetter than it was before. She moans as he continues to rub more furiously, bringing her to the brink of orgasm before he shoves two fingers into her hard, and deep, and fast, making her climax. He continues to thrust them in and out of her pussy, as she cries out and clutches at his shoulders to keep from collapsing.

Once Precious finishes cumming, Master removes her fingers from her pussy and brings his hand up, trailing his fingers along the pulse points on her neck and then sliding them into her mouth. “Lick them clean, Slut,” he growls against her ear. She sucks them clean, her tongue licking over them, getting all traces of her juices from them, “That’s a good girl. You’re mine, Precious. My precious little slut,” he purrs into her ear, then kisses her again this time more gently. 

After Precious catches her breath, Master asks, “Ready for the next dance?”

“Yes Master,” she answers. “Lead the way.”

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