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The Lawson Games Episode 1

Episode 1: Preparations
The day I found out I'd been chosen for the Lawson games was the happiest day of my life. I'd been given a shot to have it all, and even if I didn't win, I would still have a hell of a time.

Let me explain: Bill Lawson and his wife, Natalie are a couple with tremendous wealth and unconventional tastes. Every Summer, at their lake house, they host the Lawson games, in which they invite three boys and three girls from the year's graduating class aged 18 or older to compete for a million dollars. The boys act as trainers for the girls and coach them through a series of challenges designed to appeal to the Lawsons' unique sensibilities. Each boy is teamed up with a girl as they work together to earn the million. In order to remain eligible for the competition, the girl must obey her trainer's every command at all time. However, for the girl's protection, her trainer is not allowed to touch her.

Over the course of five days, the trainers and competitors live in the lake house, where they are monitored by cameras 24/7. Their performance on camera, in addition to the challenges, will help them earn points towards winning the game.

It's every boy's dream to be chosen to be a trainer in the Lawson games. I had worked tirelessly on my application towards the end of the year, and now it would all pay off...

I arrived at the impressive lake house on Monday afternoon, and a butler arrived to take my things. I was greeted by Natalie Lawson herself, who came striding down the steps in a short green sundress. She was in her mid-30s, a good deal younger than her husband, and still strikingly beautiful. Her wavy brunette hair fell just past her shoulders, and her dress fitted gently against her slender womanly figure. 

"Hello," she said, "you must be Jake."

I nodded and took her extended hand. 

"You're the first trainer to arrive, but the girls have already arrived and settled in. You'll meet yours in a few minutes. Now, how big is your dick?"

"Excuse me?"

"You did read the rules, didn't you? You have to tell me everything. Bill doesn't like to show himself to the contestants, so I get to ask everything."

"Oh, right, of course. Ah, six-and-a-half inches."

She nodded, "About average. You masturbate of course, but, ah, how often?"

"About once a day."

"Very good. Are you circumcised?"
"Wait, what?"

"Circumcised, you know, snip snip," she mimed scissors in the air.

"Oh, yes, I am."

"Good, just how I like it. Tell you what, since you got here early, I'm gonna give you a little treat."

"A treat."
She took my hand and pulled me in close to her. I saw down her dress her ample c-cup breasts and the edges of a lacy bra. She guided my hand under her dress and I felt it touch her soft, wet pussy lips.

"Mmm," she said, "soft, isn't it? I just had it waxed."

She guided my hand back out and patted my crotch, brushing my rock-hard cock.

"I hope you enjoy your stay," she said, and then had the butler show me to my room.

Outside the door, I waited with apprehension. I wondered who my trainee would be, and hoped she'd be a good one. Resolved, I opened the door and saw her seated on the bed.

Yes! It was Ashley Berman. Ashley Berman herself, the icy bitch queen of our high school, had signed up for the Lawson Games. With her long blonde hair, cute bangs, pouty lips, long skinny legs and bouncy b-cup tits that fit perfectly with her slim body, she was the girl everyone at the school wanted to fuck, and she knew it. She was notorious for getting guys to take her on expensive dates, teasing them along with "accidental" upskirts and brushes against the pants, then ditching them for the next idiot to come along. With her looks and talent, she probably assumed she was a shoo-in for first place, and that she wouldn't need much training to win it. I had something different in mind.

She was sitting casually on the bed when I walked in, wearing a tight pair of jeans and a t-shirt that didn't quite cover her waist. She looked dismayed and a bit afraid when I walked in, but she quickly covered her fear with confidence.

"Hey Jake." She said, casually. "Congrats on making it. Hey, how's about we make an agreement here. We both know that I've got this in the bag, and I'll be happy to take you along for the ride, but just try not to mess with my style, OK?"

I looked her straight in the eye, smiled, and said "no."

"What did you say?" she asked, affronted.

"I said no." I said, relishing each word. "I am your trainer, and you are my bitch. From right now until the end of this week, my word is law. Now stand up."

She crossed her arms and pouted.

"Stand up." I looked sternly at the camera positioned in the corner of the room. Noticing, she stood reluctantly.

"Alright," I said, "I think we'll start with the shirt."


"Take it off. And hurry, I don't have all day."

With an angry look on her face, she slipped her shirt over her head. Her boobs bounced in a plain black bra, her slender waist now in view.

"Lift up your arms." She obeyed, and I leaned in close. There was a thin layer of brown stubble lining her underarms.

"When was the last time you shaved?"

"Uh, three days ago, I think."

"You're disgusting. A girl should shave every day, she should never have hair on her body, ever. Understand?"

She nodded angrily.

"Pants next."

She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down over her perfect legs. Again, her panties were plain black.

I glanced up and down her legs. They were long and lean, beautiful, but they too needed a shave.

"Stubble here too," I sneered disapprovingly. "You need to learn to take care of yourself. Now take off that bra."

She obeyed, letting her tits bounce free. They were round and perfect, perky and bouncy. "Grab them."

She did, pressing them together, wiggling them. By now my cock was rock hard.

"Now the panties."

She slid them off and stepped out. I was shocked- her pussy was covered by a thick, brown bush.

"THAT has got to go. How dare you come into a competition like this with a full bush, expecting to win."

"I...I..." she stuttered.

"I've seen enough. You clearly need my help more than you think. You're a dirty girl and you need to get clean. In the bathroom, now."

I followed her into the bathroom, where I instructed her to fill the tub. Once it was full, she stepped in, and I watched her as she soaped down her entire body.

"Now it's time for you to shave," I said, "You will shave everything, starting with your arms, then your armpits, then your legs, and then your pussy. You will repeat this procedure as soon as the hair comes back again. I do not expect to see so much as a single hair on your body for as long as you're here, and I hope that when you leave this house you'll leave knowing how to take better care of yourself. You ought to be ashamed.

I then watched eagerly as Ashley began shaving, first cleaning the peach fuzz from her arms, then banishing the disgusting stubble from her armpits. I instructed her to carefully shave her legs all the way up, and as she glided her razor up closer to her pussy my cock strained harder against my pants.

Finally she got to the pussy. The hair was so thick that she had to trim it with a pair of scissors I found in the drawer of the sink cabinet. Finally, she set in with the little pink razor the Lawsons had provided, slowly revealing her pussy as she freed it from the entanglement of hair. She shaved well, leaving the skin smooth and clean, leaving nothing but a small brown landing strip above her tight little slit. In this, I saw an opportunity.

"Did I say you could keep a landing strip?" I asked sternly.

Ashley glared at me.

"Answer me."

Still she said nothing.

"ANSWER ME!" I shouted.

"No." She said meekly.

"Then why do you have one?"

"I....I wanted to keep some hair, I've never shaved completely bare makes me feel exposed. Already having my pussy lips uncovered like this is making me feel naked."

"You didn't answer my question. If I didn't say you could have a landing strip, why do you have one?"

'I...well, I...."

"Would you like to ask me something, Ashley? Would you?"

"Can I please keep a landing strip?"



"Ashley. I said no. Disobey me again and I will report you. Now shave it all off, now. I want your fucking cunt clean and bare, and I want it to stay that way, understand?"

She nodded and began to shave, reluctantly clearing away the last of her lady garden. She stood, her pussy clean shaven for the first time. It looked vulnerable and completely exposed. The sight of her, truly naked for the first time, was too much. I had to take out my cock. She flinched at the ease with which I brought it out, and suddenly snapped back to her old self.

"Ugh, Jake, put it away."

I ignored her completely. Taking a pump of soak from the sink I began to rub up and down my cock. I thought about fucking her, Ashley Berman, the girl no one could get away with fucking, of ramming my cock into her newly shaved pussy, of making her scream as I pounded at her cunt. I looked at her naked body. As my eyes traveled between her tits and her pussy, she tried to cover herself with her hands, but I gave her a searing glance straight in the eyes and she immediately, obediently, uncovered herself for me to look at as I jacked off to her. I had thought of her many times before as I had rubbed my dick, but this time, she was really there. I didn't have to undress her with my mind, I could see every detail of her naked form as I pounded on my dick, her eyes transfixed as I rubbed my head and stared directly at her tits. I couldn't touch her, but I could come close.

I grabbed a drinking cup from beside the sink as I finished jerking off to her, and with a heave I came into it. Then I handed it to her.

"Drink it!"

"Please don't make me."

"Drink it Ashley!"

"But why?" she whined.

"I want you to know, as you drink my fucking cum that I made while I jacked off to your SHAVED pussy, that you're mine now. You're not Ashley Berman, queen of the school anymore, you're my bitch, and you'll do what I say, whether you like it or not. Now get on your knees and drink my cum, drink every last drop."

She looked me straight in the eye, defiant one last time, and then broke. She fell to her knees, put the cup to her lips, raised it, and drank until the cup was empty. Then she looked up at me, completely mine.

"Alright, get up. It's almost time for dinner, and we've got to get you dressed."

I led her back into the bedroom, where I looked through the drawers of lingerie and clothing that the Lawsons had left us. I picked out a nude-colored lace thong and tossed it to Ashley.

"From now on, I will pick what you wear at every opportunity. If I am not around to dress you, you are to wear only thongs or go pantiless. You may not wear pants or shorts, only dresses and skirts, and nothing you wear may go below the knee." I instructed her as I picked out a matching lace bra.

I had her slip into a sleeveless, creme-colored dress and left her to put on makeup. When she was done, we went to the kitchen to meet the other competitors for the first time.

We gathered in the dining room. Thanks to our extended ritual, Ashley and I were the last ones down. Already seated was Rachel Lawrence, a dark-brunette wearing a tight black dress that fit with her tanned skin, and her trainer, Joey Bruck. I was surprised to see that the other contestant was Audrey Wexler, a shy girl from our school. Her short red hair was cropped at the neck, and she wore a modest polka-dot dress, but she wore a smile that was rather unlike her- smooth and confident. It was mirrored in her trainer, Lance Warner, an old high-school rival of mine who I truly detested. I resolved that Ashley and I would beat them.

Natalie sat at the head of the table as the staff served us food.

"As you know, today is the only day you do not have a challenge to do. You have been given the afternoon to get to know each other and to make... preparations, which I see some of you already have."

She winked at Ashley and I.

"You'll be getting to work first thing tomorrow, but I'll have you know that some of you have already earned points with Bill and I. I think this year's games are going to be very entertaining."

We spent the rest of the meal in pleasant smalltalk, but just as we were about to leave, Natalie called our attention.

"Before you all go off to bed, I have a small favor to ask of one of our contestants- I think you boys may be up for it. My pussy got waxed this morning, and since I put her through all that pain, I think she deserves a little pleasure, so if one of you would be kind enough to lick my pussy, that would be very happy."

Lance immediately started to get up, but, thinking fast, I halted him with a single word.

"Ashley!" Suddenly all eyes were on us. "Lick Natalie's pussy."

Ashley stood with a surprising willingness. Natalie sat up on the counter and lifted her dress to reveal her cleanly waxed pussy.

Ashley immediately started in, carefully licking Natalie's pussy with a sense of skill that could only be possessed by someone who had done this before.

She hit all the right spots at the right time, and Natalie was wet and gasping in seconds. As she bent over to get a better angle, the other contestants got an impressive view of her ass from under her short dress.

Then Ashley really surprised me. As she continued to lick Natalie's pussy, her hands instinctively found their way to her own pussy, as she started to rub at her underwear and pull it aside to find her clean shaven cunt. I noticed that her panties were already soaking wet, and she was clearly turned on. As she licked Natalie into multiple orgasms, she too was close to coming. I decided that Ashley the tease didn't deserve to have an orgasm herself, so I snapped "stop!" and she hastily pulled her hand out. As Natalie came to the end of her last shuddering orgasm, Ashley looked up at me, more turned on than I had ever seen her.

The contestants went back to bed, and Ashley and I went back to our room. She got ready to walk over to her bed and fall asleep, but I ordered her to come back to mine.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"I'm not ready to go to bed yet. I need a little entertainment. I want you to get naked and kneel on the foot of my bed."

She complied, more quickly than ever before.

"Now I want you to touch yourself, like you do what you're alone, and I want you to answer all my questions honestly."

"OK" she said softly, and without hesitation her hands went to her pussy and started rubbing eagerly.

"One more thing- don't make yourself come too fast- I want this to last."


"Now, have you ever been with a girl before?"

"Yes" she moaned, rubbing her clit.

"How many?"


"Are you a lesbian?"




"What do you like to do when you fuck girls?"

"First I lick their pussy till they're about to cum, but then I stop and make them eat me out. Then, once they make me come, I like to fuck them with a strapon."

"And does this make them cum then?"

"No. I'm rough with them. I fuck them hard and fast, I fuck them till it hurts."
"And then what?"

"I make them eat me out again, and again. I cum and cum until I've had my fill. Only then do I let them cum, and only once. Then, once I'm done licking her pussy, I kiss her and let her taste herself, and I let her taste herself on me, and then I leave her wanting more."

"Do you ever fuck girls with hairy pussies?"

"No, they've all been shaved."

"Do you like eating their shaved pussies?"

"I love it."

"Do they like eating your hairy pussy?"

"I don't think so, but I don't care. When I have hair, it means I have the power over them. They're just my little sluts."

"And what about boys, do they like your hairy pussy?"

"No, they never want to eat me out, but that's OK. I don't want them to. I just want them to fuck me hard and pound my little cunt, it doesn't even matter if I cum. I just touch myself when I suck their cocks and that's enough to make me cum."

"Have you ever had anyone lick your pussy when it's shaved?"


"Has anyone ever fucked your shaved pussy?"


"Do you want me to fuck your shaved pussy?"


"Are you about to cum?"

"Ooooh, yes!"




Ashley took her hand away from her soaking cunt, a crushed look of disappointment on her face.

"This week, you don't cum unless I say you can. Now get off my bed."

She stood. 

"Kneel down on the floor."

She obeyed.

I stood on my bed and took out my cock. I started rubbing it, thinking about her rubbing her bare pussy, thinking about thrusting my cock into her soft pussy lips and pounding her tight little cunt, thinking about her lips wrapping around my cock while she rubbed her smooth pussy as she knelt on the floor.

I came, and I squirted my load all over her face.

"Clean yourself up, you dirty slut. Then go to bed. We have work to do tomorrow."

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