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The Librarian

I was doing a job at a library, the librarian did a job on me.

    The company I work for had just landed a big job with a small rural library. An old lady had passed and left a pile of money to the library so it could join the twenty-first century. I was sent in to wire a small main frame, a half dozen terminals, and wireless access. The job was going to take a about a week, so the company put me up in a little rural motel. It was a sweet gig for me.

   The library was a nice turn of the century brick building with a nice big and dry basement to run my wires. I figured it would take me three days to finish but I was going to milk it for the whole five. Three women ran the place. There were two spinster sisters in their seventies, the Mc Garrett’s, who had been there fifty years. The third lady was in her thirties and could have been good looking, I guess, but instead had decided to follow the Mc Garrett girls lead and dress like a librarian. Her name was Rebecca Palmer and she wore knee length skirts and frilly satin blouses with a frumpy sweater. Her plain wire rim glasses and hair in a bun completed the cliché.

  The ladies were nice if a little distant as I started work Monday morning. For the first day I was mainly in the basement running wires and setting up my junction boxes. On Tuesday I started work in the library itself. I installed the nodes for the wireless and the wiring for the terminals. I finished up a little early that day so I kind of put zed around cleaning up and checking my equipment. I looked up and I caught Miss Palmer looking at me with a curious expression. I gave her a half smile that only caused her to turn on her heels and walk away. I laughed to myself and thought,

  “Frigid bitch bet she never even saw a picture of a cock.”

   Wednesday I was working mainly behind the counter, the Mc Garrett girls were off and it was only me and Icy Palmer. Behind the check out counter was another counter it was long and desk height with a cut for an office chair about a third of the way down. Most of my work was under there so I crawled under and started wiring for the check out area. As I worked my way down Miss Palmer sat at the counter and began doing some kind of work. I worked my way towards her and wondered if she would move when I got there or what. I got to where she was and she didn’t move.

   “Great” I thought “a power play”

   However she moved her legs over as I approached. So here I am lying under the counter with Icy Palmer’s knees inches from my head. I chuckled to myself because her knees looked glued together when they parted, just a little. I was stunned for a second; it had to be consciously done. I could only see a little up her skirt but the sight of her thighs pressed together sent a twinge downward. Then they opened a little more, now I knew she knew I was looking. I could now see all the way to the pink lace panties she was wearing. Now I had more than just a twinge and had the beginnings of wood.

    I stayed staring for a few moments and the thought fuck it, and stroked her calf. I figured I could say it was an accident if she complained and it would have been he said she said. She didn’t complain she opened her lugs wider. Now she was on display for me and one hand became two and her calf became up and down both legs. I worked those hands slowly form the bottom of her calves to the top of her inner thigh, just below her panties, and back down again. After doing this several times I let my hands linger just below her panties. My fingers traced figure eights on her soft warm skin and I felt her shudder as she opened herself the last little bit. My busy fingers found their way under the leg band of her panties and felt her hot wet pussy. I stroked up and down her lips as she pushed her chair back a little and leaned back. There was only one old couple in the periodical section reading the papers so I decided to go for it. I worked my hands up the back of her thighs then her panties down and off. The little lift of her hips was the only assent I needed got up on my knees and kissed my way along her legs till I reached that sweet, sweet honey pot. My tongue flicked out tentatively before starting an all out assault on her. Her hands dropped to my head pulling me tight against her and I licked her clit and plunged my tongue deep into her. She began to mew softly and shake as her orgasm built. When she came I thought the old couple would hear her for sure but I guess they didn’t.

    When she came down from her orgasm is crawled out from below her and said aloud:

    “I need your help in the basement.”

   The man from the old couple looked up and said:

    “Go ahead Rebecca; I’ll look after things a bit.”

   If only he knew what I wanted to do to her. We practically flew down the stairs and in seconds she was in my arms our lips locked together. Our tongues twisted and danced and our hands roamed each others bodies. Then she dropped to her knees so suddenly I though she fainted. Her hands pulling down my zippers and undoing my pants said she was wide awake. She took out my hard cock and began to coyly lick the head. I was so horny I tried to push her mouth down my shaft but the little tease resisted, driving me crazy. She finally relented and I felt her hot, wet mouth slide down my shaft. I started cumming almost immediately. She pulled off my cock and pumped me as I came all over her face. She took a finger and began to clean my jizz off, taking a little gob and the licking her finger clean.

    She knew exactly what would work and I was hard again in minutes. It had been a long time since I was able to get that hard again so quickly. I bent her over an old table, flipped her skirt up and plunged into her warm sopping pussy in one long stroke. I stayed like that as she ground her ass against my pubes. I started fucking her with long slow strokes that she rose to meet. Slowly but steadily our pace increased till we were fucking in a lust filled frenzy. Grunting and moaning like I don’t know what. Finally I felt her begin to cum and that set me off. I plunged deep into her, grabbed her hips and pumped my cum into her with long hot blast. We collapsed onto the table and lay there stupefied for a few minutes.

   “I better get back.” She said horsely.

   She straightened out her clothes and went upstairs. I  cleaned up the best I could and followed after her. The old guy gave me a long appraising look but returned to his paper. Rebecca came out of the employees restroom fully restored and went to work at the check out counter. I crawled back under the other counter and lay there for a while before I returned to work. I was thinking I still had two more days, and an empty room.

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