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The Little Lady and I Do it on the Lakeshore

Andrea and I went to the lake to relax. One thing led to another.
It was hot that summer, with temperatures in the 90s and 100s for days on end. The only relief, other than just staying cooped up in the house, was to go out to our local lake and swim.

We live about ten minutes from a state lake, built my the Corps of Engineers years ago. It was a great summer attraction in a state with few national parks. We used it often, Andrea and I, Carlos. We loved it.

This day we drove around the park to find a secluded area of beachfront to set up for a picnic and take a cooling swim. There were miles of back roads leading to the marina, to fishing holes, to camping areas, and just beach fronts made up of old river pebbles, rounded by the water.

We stopped in a secluded spot where you could make your way down to the beach through underbrush and grasses. There was a sort of trail, unused in a while. Gradually we found ourselves under a cottonwood, right on the beach. Off in the distance, on the lake, you could see fishermen in motorized boats and sailors on their sailboats. It was very picturesque.

The first thing Andrea wanted to do was go swimming. She pondered where to change into her bathing suit. I told her to just stand behind the cottonwood. No one was around. So she took off her teeshirt and jeans and sandals (no panties I was glad to see) and put her still beautiful 40 year old body on display for me.

I loved her wavy ginger hair, and ginger pussy pubes too. She had put on a little weight but she held it proudly with her breasts the proudest part of her. They obviously sagged a little but they were so soft and real and her nipples were puffy just how I loved them.

It was my turn to get undressed, so I followed her example behind the cottonwood. While I stripped she put on her two piece bathing suit. I just put on some cut-off jeans.

Then we picked our way over the pebbles to the water and slowly enjoyed the relative coolness of the lake water. We played for a while like youngsters even though she was 40 and I was 45. It didn't matter. We enjoyed each other's company in all kinds of ways.

While we were in the water there was a lot of touchy-feely. We both loved each other's body and had sex play often. Even here at the lake. I slipped her bottom down, took my hard cock out of my fly and began giving her a lake fuck. She always enjoyed those. The water was about 5 feet deep so I had to hold her ample ass to keep her above water as I screwed my baby hard and deep.

All the while she was making out with me her tongue crammed down my throat or licking my face and nibbling and licking my ears. Good fucking, no?

Finally we got out of the water, me putting my wilted cock back in my pants, her pulling up her bottom. We decided to have our picnic there under the cottonwood. It was a simple lunch, just sandwiches, potato salad, and chips of several kinds. Nothing fancy.

We ate our lunch and watched the boating activity. There were still lots of sailboats cruising far out on the lake, but some of the fishing boats had moved closer. You could just make out the people in them but not too clearly yet.

My wife loved blow-jobs. She absolutely loved sucking cock. Must have been something she got turned on to in high school. She was a cheer-leader so had fucked and sucked all the jocks. Didn't matter to me. I found her in college and on our first date she blew me!

We had finished most of our lunch so I took her hand and drew her closer to me. She looked at me with that adoration she always had in her eyes that made me almost crazy with love. Then I took my cock out of my jeans and pulled her head down toward my dick. She showed no reluctance at all. She loved cock-sucking!

I don't think she even thought about the boats out in the bay but I could see some of the figures in the boats and some seemed to be pointing toward us. It was hard to see. They were still so far off.

Andrea got busy and I untied her top so I could get at those soft lovely tits. Nothing like the softness of a real tit to make you even harder. I even pushed a hand into her bottom to tickle her little cunny as she blew me. That made her want to chew on it a little. She knew I liked some teeth action during the sucking.

I glanced up and saw a few boats were slowly moving closer. This might get interesting I thought.

I finally shot my wad and she eagerly gobbled up every drop. She loved the taste of my cum. Even when I used to smoke, which I quit, then she said it tasted of ashes. Now she said it tasted more like coffee with cream!

I turned her facing back toward the trail we had come in on. There was nothing there to see. We were isolated (except from the lake side). Then I slid her bottom down and saw her brown hole wink at me. She had beautiful labia from behind. That never failed to get me hard.

She was so trusting. She had no idea that a small audience was slowly converging on our little inlet of the bay. I glanced out and counted 5 boats with both men and women in them. Then I licked my honey's ass and then her cunt. I lubed them well with natural lube, spit.

I crammed my cock in her eager pussy and she squealed like she always does. I could tell she wanted it bad, hard and deep. She got her wish. I fucked like I really meant it because I wanted to show off to the crowd I suppose.

I glanced around again. Wow! Some of the men had their cocks out and were jacking off. In the boats with men and women they seemed to be following my example. I saw at least two blow-jobs happening and one very happy cunt getting fucked. It was a flash mob of fucking and sucking and jerking!

I was still feeding cock to my wife's cunt but decided to go all out. She was a fast and often cummer. I had once made her cum 50 times in one night while I managed only three. So she had cum on my cock almost immediately and had hardly stopped while I rammed her over and over.

My dick was so well lubed from pussy cum that when I slipped it out and crammed it in her butt-hole she hardly noticed the change of holes. Then she did! Wow! She was now fucking me, ramming her ass back on my cock. Andrea loves sex!

However this was the first time she had really done it in public. What was her reaction going to be? I came hard up her bung-hole giving her a cream-pie. Slowly I withdrew it. I leaned back and suddenly there was a loud cheering.

Andrea jerked around, saw all the boats (and this is why we are such good lovers) and started laughing so hard her pussy and ass both farted. Again she laughed and I along with her. We stood up, naked and proud, bowed to the crowd of boats and slowly dressed and gathered our picnic items.

I think Andrea was hooked. After we got back to the car she made me stop at every campground and as I slowly drove around the camps she gave me blow job after blow job. And at each shower building we would get out and she wanted to be fucked in the open showers as we washed cum off our bodies. Several times in the showers folks walked in and saw what we were doing. Some laughed but some were pissed so we just left. Several times driving I passed pedestrians who could see her head bobbing up and down on my dick. Again, some grinned but some frowned so I passed them more quickly.

Anyway we had worked ourselves around the park to the marina. This is where they moored all the boats kept on the lake for a long period of time. There were bass boats and small sailboats and little boats meant for cruising for fish and bigger boats meant for pulling water-skiers.

We were still in our swimming gear as we parked in the lot and went for a stroll down the docks to look at the boats. This was her excuse for being there but I knew my wife. Andrea finally pointed at a sailboat called U'N'Me. She asked to board her and look around. I was skeptical but my Andrea always got her way.

So we boarded the unmanned vessel and toured it until we found a stack of sails on the foredeck. She pulled me down, reached into my pants, and started sucking my cock. That bitch loved sucking! Okay baby, I thought, we're going all the way again.

I dragged my cock out of her mouth, pushed her down on the sails, spread her soft legs and began fucking my "own" pussy. It had been and always would be mine. And I decided she needed a hard fuck for being a little cunt today forcing me to display myself all over the park.

So I began fucking her hard. She was so fucking well oiled from all the sex we had had today that my cock could reach the very back of her vagina. I could feel it bumping against her cervix. She was getting royally fucked and she enjoyed every moment grunting and squealing and begging for more and more. My own little whore.

Again we were in a public place. There were folks walking the docks looking for their boats and up on the rise there was the marina with a small restaurant at the back. There were several groups sitting at tables there.

I was fucking Andrea hard but I was also alert to the surroundings. I started to see faces being turned toward the U'N'Me. Some were smiling with a certain glee in their faces but some with the look of authority in their demeanor were frowning.

I kept fucking and fucking and Andrea kept grunting and squealing. Whatever happened this was going to be a massive and unforgettable fuck and cum.

Just as I was shooting what felt like a cup of cum up Andrea's pussy and she started leaking pussy cum all over her thighs some dick-wad came running up yelling and shaking his arms in the air. I pulled my spent cock out of Andrea's over-used cunt and turned and grinned at him.

"Something wrong," I said.

"You can't do that here we're a god-fearing place of business. What are you doing here?"

I slowly picked up my little wife in may arms and said, "Sorry, wrong boat."

Then I carried Andrea down the plank, up the dock, and to our car. We got in and started laughing so hard we both pissed ourselves. That car was going to be hard to clean up. But we had a happy drive home.

And we made plans for next week-end. After all that was our park too.

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