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The Lush Dare

A dare gets a young girl in trouble.
I’ve told myself hundreds of times I’m going to grow up. I’m going to quit being a slut. I’m going to get a respectable job and find a guy and settle down. Then I log onto lush to check out a few stories and end up chatting with someone. The next thing I know I’m naked and getting fucked by someone else.

Karensub always pushes me. When I chat with her while I’m at work, she has a way of getting me separated from my clothes. One day while chatting she told me that she had driven naked until she found an old truck. She climbed from her car into the truck and fucked herself on the gearshift. Then she dared me to do it.

I left my house the next Friday night looking for a truck to fuck. Living close to Houston, unlocked trucks were hard to find. I searched for a while with no luck. Then I saw something that would be even better. An ice house on a corner had big poles in front to stop cars from running into the building. But on the side there were smaller poles that I thought would be perfect.

As I parked on the side of the store, I saw there was a parking lot in back with more of the same poles sticking up from the ground. They were about one inch in diameter and were tall enough I would have to stretch a little to get on one. I picked out which pole I wanted to fuck then got some wipes from my car and cleaned it off.

I put the wipes back in my car then stood looking around nervously to see if anyone could see me. When I was sure no one was around, I slipped my dress off and threw it on the driver’s seat. I picked up the cuffs sitting on the passenger seat then closed the door and hid my keys on the front left tire.

I walked over to the pole and then looked around one more time. I cuffed my wrists behind my back then moved to the pole. I stood up on my toes and tried to impale myself on my makeshift cock. Immediately, I felt relief. It was too tall. I could not’t get on. I realized that I was actually scared. As, I was standing naked handcuffed behind the building, the relief turned to disappointment.

I started looking around and saw some cardboard boxes against the building. I walked over and picked up a box behind my back and carried it to the pole then did the same with a second box. I placed them on each side of the pole then stepped up carefully on them so I could lower myself onto the pole. It was tough with my arms cuffed behind my back but after a couple of tries I was up and ready to go.

I carefully positioned my wet pussy over the pole and slowly lowered myself down. As it came in contact with my lips, I stopped nervously deciding if I was really going to do it. Then I closed my eyes and continued my decent onto the pole. I lowered myself down until it pressed against my cervix then stopped and adjusted to the fullness.

I opened my eyes and looked around then slowly started riding the pole. After a couple of minutes of slowly fucking the pole I decided it was time to pick up the tempo. After four quick thrusts, I felt the boxes start to crush.

I pushed up hard to get off the pole too late. Both boxes collapsed and I was impelled deep by the pole. I stood up on my toes and thought I was going to get off. As I leaned a little, what was left of the boxes slid out from under my feet and away from me. I went even deeper onto the pole.

I panicked and started stretching on my toes to get off the pole. When it did not’t work I lowered back down then stretched again. Over and over. Up and down. Faster and faster. I fucked myself hard on the pole. I screamed when I came.

I lowered myself down on the pole exhausted and covered in sweat. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I started to cry. A million thoughts were running through my mind. I wondered if I would get arrested when the sun came up and I was found.

A light came on in a house behind the store on the second floor. I saw someone standing at the window. He looked out but didn’t see me. I waved trying to get his attention and he opened the window. I tried to quietly yell for him to help me. He left the window and disappeared.

A few minutes later he came walking up behind the store. Relief swept over me knowing that I was rescued. He asked what was going on and I had to tell him everything. Then he took my picture. I asked him not to do that so he stood next to me and took another of both of us so he could prove to his friends what was really happening.

After a couple of more pics he asked what reward he would get for helping me. He said he wanted to fuck me. When he told me he was seventeen I said I would give him a blow job. He stood in front of me and grabbed my waist and started lifting me off the pole.

He helped me to my knees and pulled out his cock. I asked him for some water first. He found a bottle and let me have some then said it was time to suck him off. His cock was about seven inches long and had a decent girth. I started to slowly suck it into my mouth but it wasn’t quick enough for him. He grabbed my head and started fucking my face. In no time at all he was unloading into my mouth. I kept sucking until he finished shooting off his load. He pulled out and just looked at me. There was still a little cum on his tip so I licked it off.

He helped me up and I asked him to get the keys for the cuffs out of my car. I showed him the car keys so he could unlock my car and get the cuff keys. He got the cuff off one wrist then dropped the key. He said he thought they went under the car so we both got down on our hands and knees to look for them. He said he thought he saw them behind the tire so I reached to get them. While I was feeling for the key he took the loose end of the cuff and fastened it to one of the spokes on my wheel.

I looked at him and he said he would help me after we fucked. He moved behind me and pulled out his cock again. He was already hard and just forced himself into my sore pussy. Since he had already cum he held out a lot longer. He pounded me hard for a long time before he finally shot his load deep in my pussy. Two cars drove by while he was fucking me but they didn’t notice us.

After he finished with me he pulled the key out of his pocket and uncuffed me. He grabbed my dress out of the car and told me to get in. Then he said if I wanted it back I had to come back the next day. He and his friends would be waiting for me. I drove home naked, relieved that I had survived doing something stupid. I told myself the next time I would have a back-up.

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