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The Night that Started it All

The beginning of Shadow Fox
Another average weekday night: Michael sat at his desk working on homework listening to his favorite band. As he finished another problem, he sat up. Then suddenly, something move out of the corner of his eye. He looked over and out his second story window. There was nothing out there but the rustling of the giant oak tree. But Mike could have sworn he’d seen something white among the big branches of the tree. When he couldn’t see anything outside he went back to studying.

Outside, Jenna crouched in Michael’s backyard, staring up at his window. The faint light on the moon illuminated her fair naked skin. She had shoulder length blonde hair, 34C breasts, and a small landing strip of pubic hair. All she was wearing was a dark blue, almost black, domino mask. She had barely slipped out of the tree before he noticed her. Her blood and adrenaline were rushing, among other things. She snaked a hand down to her wet pussy and started rubbing. She moaned as she rubbed her swollen clit and moist lips. The thought of her classmate catching her naked outside his room made her so horny.

Suddenly, a light went on downstairs. Jenna scrambled to the side of the house and over the fence. Sticking to the darker parts of the streets, she made for home. She’d just have to finish what she started in the safety of her own room.

Jenna’s hobby started as an accident, or rather an incident. She had lived at the same apartment complex with her family for years. A few years ago, she had been using the public pool and stayed until dark. While showering off in the locker room, someone stole Jenna’s clothes and towel. She was stranded naked in the locker room with no way of contacting anyone to bring her clothes. After making a frantic round in the locker room looking for left behind clothes to use, the answer became clear to her: she had to run home naked.

Jenna poked her head outside the locker room and saw no one around. Her apartment was a few buildings away. There were street lamps posted everywhere, but still plenty of dark places. Summoning up her courage, Jenna sprinted out of the locker room and into the first collection of shadows outside the pool area. She pressed her back against the nearest building, keeping a bush between her and the street. She waited for any sign of people or passing cars before sprinting to the next building. Keeping the same strategy, Jenna ran to the next building.

She couldn’t explain it, but as she ran from shadow to shadow, Jenna felt a warm, tingling feeling. It wasn’t uncomfortable, it actually felt… kind of good. She did her best to ignore it and focused on getting back to her home.

Three buildings left, she thought. The second to last building would prove to be the worst. Street lamps were placed evenly leaving nothing but light between her and the next building. She was so close! Just two more! Looking both ways, Jenna ran for the next building. As her naked body hit the light, the tingling feeling increased. She looked down at herself. Her breasts weren’t big yet, but they glistened in the light from the remaining shower water and slightly bouncing.

Then she heard a car coming. Her blood froze and that tingling feeling completely disappeared. She was almost to the building and almost out of the light. The car was turning towards her and would definitely see her! The headlights hit her just as she left the street lights and ran into the shadows. The only thing nearby for her to hide behind was a small bush. She dove behind it and pressed her body as low to the ground as possible.

Her mind was racing. THEY SAW ME! THEY SAW ME! THEY SAW ME! What was she going to do!? The car slowed down and stopped in front of her bush. Through the leaves, she could see the driver looking for her. Jenna’s heart was ready to pop out of her throat. Every second seemed like an hour.

Finally, the car drove off and Jenna was alone. She stayed on the group for a few minutes to make sure they weren’t waiting for her to pop up. She lifted her head above the bush and looked around. No one was around and no cars were coming. She sighed and felt warm relief flood over her. But it wasn’t just relief that warmed her, she realized. The tingling sensation had returned, but now it was a full on heat down between her legs.

Jenna looked down and felt her pussy. It was so warm and wet, and not from the shower. Almost getting caught while running home naked had turned her on. She looked over her naked body. Her stomach, breasts, and legs were covered in grass and dirt from hiding. Seeing this made her even hotter and wetter.

She wasn’t able to hold back any more. Jenna reached down and started stroking her pussy. She let out a moan as her fingers pressed against her lips. As her hand moved in circles, she reached up with her other hand and began to pinch her nipples. They had gotten very hard in all the excitement. As she pinched them, she rubbed the dirt and grass over them, adding to the pleasure. Jenna lifted her hand from her pussy, licked her fingers all over, and then stuck her index finger into her vagina. She let out a loud gasp of ecstasy.

“What am I doing!? I’m wet, dirty and naked and I’m practically in public! Someone’s going to see me!” She thought. Reason told her to finish her run home and to get clothed. But reason had failed in the face of pleasure. As more thoughts of getting to safety entered her head, they were quieted as Jenna inserted another finger into herself. She laid back, clutching her breast, rubbing the dirt on it, and furiously finger fucking herself.

She could feel her orgasm coming. She took one more finger and pushed it into her. That was it. After a few strokes with three fingers, Jenna came in a massive, powerful orgasm. She bucked her hips in the air, squeezed her nipple as hard as she could, and came all over the ground and bush with a loud gasp and squeal.

She laid back down, panting. She’d never had such an amazing orgasm in her life. She would have fallen asleep right there behind that small bush if not for the apartment right behind her. The light went on and she heard voices. The realization that she’d be caught came back and forced her to her feet. Her orgasm’s effects were still there as her legs felt like rubber. Running to the next building was hard, but Jenna made it and looked back to where she had just finished masturbating. The neighbor of the apartment had stepped out and was looking around, scratching his head, wondering if he’d imagine the girl screaming.

Getting from the last building to her apartment didn’t seem like that big of a deal after the other events of tonight. But as Jenna grabbed the door knob and tried to open the door, a frightening realization struck her: She didn’t have her key. Again, she was trapped. The porch light of her apartment was on, and as she looked around. All of her neighbors’ porch lights were on too. She was fully exposed and anyone who wandered outside or looked out their window would see her.

Frightened, but not beat yet, Jenna knew of one last thing. She ran as fast as she could around to the back of the building. The back was almost totally dark. There were no lights, but the major street ran right behind her building. The street lights were spaced far enough to give a little light, but still keep her nude features hidden. She kept her back to the building and watched for any oncoming traffic. She stopped at the window which belonged to her room. She tried to open it fully, but it stopped after about 10 inches. She’d have to squeeze in.

As Jenna prepared to go in she saw a car coming in the distance. It was far away, but it didn’t look like it was going to turn onto any neighboring streets. She turned back to her window, turned her head sideways and began to fit it through. Next she began to push her right shoulder and arm through. As her left shoulder and arm fit through she could swear she heard the car drawing closer. With both arms and her head already through she began to pull herself inside. Her stomach slowly slipped in and her legs kicked comically in the outside air. Her body stopped as her butt came into contact with the window. It was too big. “Why do I have to have such a big ass!?” She said. She kept pulling and tried looking out the window. The car was almost here!

With all her strength, Jenna pushed on the windowsill and finally the rest of her body slipped into her room. She fell and rolled into a pile of dirty clothes and ran into her bookshelf. A few books and trophies fell onto her and the floor. As she looked up she heard the car drive by. Its horn started honking rapidly and she could hear at least two guys whooping and hollering. They’d seen her…

This should have made Jenna upset, but it didn’t. In fact, the knowledge that she’d been seen outside completely naked had made her horny all over again. She spread her legs and began to rub her pussy and clit again. They were wet and warm again, and like before it felt amazing. Jenna’s parents and brothers weren’t home so she decided to be as loud as necessary. Leaning against her bookshelf and sitting in a pile of her dirty clothes, she began finger fucking herself, but moved her other hand down and rapidly stroked her swollen clit. She moaned and gasped as her body rocked against the bookshelf, knocking more items onto the floor. Using only two fingers now, she pushed upwards and pressed against her G spot. She threw her head to the side and screamed in pleasure. She pulled her fingers out, licked them and pushed them back in. In and out, in and out. She thought of the men in the car and of the sight of her perfect ass and wet pussy dangling from her window. With that she came again, bigger and louder than the last time.

After her big ordeal and the two biggest orgasms she’d ever had, Jenna was exhausted. She pulled the pile of clothes over her and began to fall asleep, not bothering to lock her door or close her window. Her last thought as she nodded off was “I could get used to this…”

To be continued…

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