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The Office Becomes A Naturists Workplace

I’d finished school with what most considered outstanding results and went on from there to qualify as an accountant. The sensible option would have been to join one of the big accountancy firms in the city close to where I lived but for me, it was a bigger challenge to start my own company. It was a slow process but bit by bit my client base grew and I began to take on staff of my own.

From a small business working from home, I began renting offices in town and developed to the point where I employed six staff; two qualified accountants and the other four as assistants. Though the two accountants were a few years older than me, being twenty-four at the time, I made an effort to keep the business young and vibrant, employing younger staff who I thought possessed potential and desire to improve.

One of my accountants came in to my office one morning and presented an argument that there was a need to employ another assistant because as our client base was building an extra pair of hands was required or the standard and speed of service we offered would start to suffer. On the same day, I did all the preparatory work, advertising the new vacancy and forty-eight hours later responses to the advert were landing on my desk. I spent time trawling through the replies, trying to sort out the best candidates and set up interviews. Within that process, I came across a name that I recognised from school, Katie Regis and although her CV wasn’t the best I decided to give her an interview. Even if she’d little chance of getting the job, at least seeing her again would give us a chance to catch up and talk about our time at school.

Over the next few days, I interviewed all candidates for the vacancy but my focus wasn’t right, my mind recounting events that took place during my time in the sixth form. They were thoughts inspired by the prospect of seeing Katie again, my life changing significantly the summer before that stage of my education. From being a virgin and shy, I’d developed rapidly, having sex with five of my friends, virtually on a daily basis and rarely wore clothes. It was as though I’d suddenly realised that I’d grown up and that I had a sexy body, so why not show it off. Once the new term started, I ended up being naked and having sex in front of other sixth formers on a number of occasions (both straight and lesbian sex) and Katie saw what happened.

As I thought about those events, I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter, realising that if I didn’t get control of my mind, before long I’d have to masturbate and orgasm. Gradually, I realised that I was taking little notice of what was going on and was fortunate that Andy was there conducting the interviews with me.

Day three, the last of interviewing had arrived. I woke up next to my girlfriend Isabella and smiled at her as she turned off the alarm. We kissed as normal, tenderly, lips on lips followed by mouths opening and our tongues caressing gently.

“Oh, somebody’s very wet Joanna.”

Isabella had plunged her fingers deep inside my pussy as soon as we started to kiss and I’d begun pulling and teasing her clit. It was rare for us not to wake up and have sex immediately but she was right, I was turned on way before she’d touched me, my mind thinking ahead, of seeing Katie again and reminiscing about our days in the sixth form.

Playfully but with a little aggression, Isabella pushed me onto my back, threw off the covers and got to her knees. Instinctively Knowing what she wanted, continuing the playful theme, I turned away from her. In an instant, there was a loud crack, followed by a burning sensation on my left arse cheek from her slapping me. Still I went to pull away and again but harder she slapped, making me gasp as the pain radiated on my flesh. She grabbed my left ankle and pulled it hard until my body shifted to being between her knees. Then, with her free hand, she took hold of my other leg and immediately pushed them both over my shoulders.

My heart was pounding, despite doing similar things every day; sex with Isabella was always exciting and felt like a new experience. Every move she made I watched eagerly, feeling my pussy throbbing in anticipation. She moved forward with her legs apart, gently placing her pussy on mine but as I reacted, trying to push against her, she pushed back quickly, let go of my right leg and slapped my bum again. She moved so quickly, before I had chance to react, taking hold of my ankle again.

Despite the stinging pain, I could feel my juices dribbling steadily from my pussy and between my arse cheeks. Once more, she moved on top of me but on this occasion, I held still. She wiggled playfully side to side, making her pussy spread my lips to expose my throbbing clit. Isabella took a moment to look down, the two of us motionless, before she drove her pussy hard into mine.

As our clits touched it was as though a switch had been flicked, the two of us grinding as hard and fast as we could. She let go of my ankles as we became more and more desperate, our body’s writhing uncontrollably as we moaned louder. I grabbed hold of her arse cheeks, pulling her hard onto me as I tried to thrust my hips upwards. Both our pussies were dribbling more and more as we ground together, squelching sounds clearly audible above our moans. I knew I was close to cuming, my pussy throbbing hard but tried to control myself, knowing that Isabella was a few seconds behind. From grinding hard on me, her movements suddenly changed to desperate thrusts, she was going to cum!

I let go, pounding as hard as I could into her until my pussy contracted hard and body froze. An instant later, I was squirting hard as I started to cum and then felt Isabella squirting her juices into my opened pussy. I always got a buzz when she came and couldn’t help smiling at her as we began to relax and cuddle together.

We lay together for a few minutes before we had to get up. We followed our usual routine; going downstairs naked, eating breakfast and then showering together. Isabella chuckled as I ran upstairs in front of her, commenting that my arse cheeks were still red from where she’d slapped me. I laughed as I told her that she’d been a little too enthusiastic in the way she’d slapped me but at the same time, wiggled my bum in an effort to tease her a little.

Once in the bathroom I took the opportunity to look at Isabella. Although I’d known her for fifteen years or more I’d never tired of looking at her. She was 5’ 10, four inches taller than I was, with dark, almost black long hair and brown eyes. When she smiled she had gorgeous dimples in her cheeks, with dark olive skin, inherited from her Italian parents, D cup boobs and shaved pussy, pretty and sexy by any standards. As ever, we went in the shower together and began washing the other, talking as we did. Just as we were getting out, she asked what time Katie was due to be interviewed and I replied 1.45.

We had gone back into our bedroom, still chatting but all about Katie, wondering how much she’d altered in the years that we’d not seen her and whether she was as shy now as she was back then. Isabella looked down at me as I sat on the bed trying to decide what to wear and laughed.

“You’re so wet Jo, your pussy is dribbling!”

She was right, I’d been turned on all morning and despite having sex with her, my thoughts were still on what might happen when I interviewed Katie. Isabella was teasing me with her jibes but I was still surprised when she bet me that I couldn’t get Katie naked after the interview. Of course, I love a challenge like that and it would be great fun if I succeeded and we’d agreed that regardless of the outcome of the meeting, I should invite Katie over to our house so we could catch up properly.

The wager made my choice of clothing far easier, not considering for one instant the other candidates I’d see prior to her. I wanted to put on something that made me look and feel sexy and turn Katie on. I’d not be wearing a bra or undies as normal, so selected a short dress, which was dark blue below my waist, fading to white around my boobs with thin shoulder straps. It was extremely short, just about covering my bum and pussy by a couple of inches, a dress that I’d ordinarily wear with leggings but I was on a mission and didn’t care that my arse and pussy could be viewed easily.

“If you don’t get Katie naked, when I get back from seeing clients, I’ll be taking that dress off you and fucking you myself.”

Isabella worked for me also. Her job was to go out and visit new and existing clients and to then liaise with our office staff and as a result, on a normal day we’d only be working together for a few hours. We’d always liked sex with other people around but for some reason we’d never been naked in the office and none of the staff were aware of our history. On the occasions where we’d had sex or been naked at the office we’d always been alone but always knew it’d change at some stage.

As we drove the short journey to the office we discussed the candidates that I’d already seen with Andrew and that none, up to that point had what we were looking for. In my mind I’d considered that despite Katie’s CV showing that she shouldn’t be looked at, maybe we could train her. We’d always got on with her at school and she was thought to be a nerd by many, so should have been clever enough to adapt. So, why not offer her the job?

We pulled up outside the office with a few minutes to spare. Isabella smiled as we turned to kiss, leaning together between the seats, our mouths opened and tongues began to swirl slowly. I felt the fingers of her right hand slide up my right thigh and instinctively my legs spread to give her access. She needed no more encouragement, slipping two fingers between my lips to begin teasing my g-spot. I pulled free her top, working my way underneath and up, caressing and squeezing her left breast. Our tongues were controlled and calm but fingers the opposite, moving faster and faster with increasing desperation.

I knew I was likely to orgasm quickly, Isabella knew my body and its reactions so well and she had started to touch me as though she wanted me to cum in a hurry. I pushed off my shoes and began pulling at my dress desperately with my right hand. She knew I wanted to be naked, so pulled away onto her own seat (the driver side of the car). I looked at her as I pulled my dress up over my head and was surprised to see her undress as desperately as myself; kicking off shoes, then skirt and finally her top.

I was so turned on, we only had five minutes but neither of us were clock watching at that stage. She reached down to the side of my chair and lowered the back of my seat down as far as it would go so I was lying flat. In an instant she was up and squatting on her seat and as I watched, carefully she manoeuvred to straddle my head, lower her pussy onto my mouth, bend down and put her lips between my open legs. Without hesitation, I took her clit between my teeth and pulled it hard into my mouth. I felt her body tense on top of me as my tongue began flicking fast across her stretched clit, trying desperately to ignore what she was doing to me. I wanted her to squirt her juice over me as she came, so sucked hard on her and then bit her clit harder than before. My pussy was throbbing harder and harder, making it difficult to focus on satisfying Isabella. We were moaning louder with each passing second as our bodies began to writhe with growing desperation.

I was sucking, biting, pulling and licking her clit as hard and fast as I could, encouraged by a steady flow of her juices dribbling into my mouth. She was grinding her pussy onto my mouth as I was on hers. I knew I was going to climax at any moment, so tried to tease Isabella’s clit with greater intensity. Suddenly as my body tensed violently, hers did too and an instant later we were both cuming. With my mouth open, her pussy squirted enough juices to fill me and a second later she squirted again. As I spluttered, unable to swallow it all, her juices cascaded down my chin and onto my chest and an instant later she squirted again.

Eventually we began to relax and Isabella got back onto her seat.

“Oops, it looks like I tried to drown you Jo!”

We both laughed as she began to massage her juices over my shoulders, breasts and stomach, enjoying the period of intimacy between us. I was so relaxed and had almost forgotten that the first of the candidates for interview was due at any moment. Suddenly I realised I had to get dressed and get into the office. I opened the car door and picked up my dress before getting out, standing naked with my back to the office. I slipped my dress over my head, reached into the car, picked up my shoes and put them on the floor in front of me. I was well aware that I was most likely being watched, so bent over as I put my shoes on. I sat back in the car, straightened my hair as I looked in the mirror and kissed Isabella goodbye, who’d made to put her clothes on.

“Are you not getting dressed Iss?”

“No, it’s a lovely day, the sun’s shining, I think I’ll drive naked”, Isabella said as she laughed.

I shut the car door and stepped back, watching as Isabella, as good as her words, started the car, blew me a kiss, waved and drove away naked. Chuckling, I turned around and went into the office.

Our offices consisted of one big room with desks and computers and three smaller rooms; a kitchen and two smaller offices, separated from the main area by clear Perspex walls. It meant there was little, if any privacy visually but allowed us to have meetings without being heard.

As I entered the main room, the early morning banter fell quiet and all eyes were directed at me.

“You made it in then Jo”, said Mandy.

“At least you’re dressed now”, Chrissie quipped as she smiled.

I grinned, quietly pleased that I’d been seen. “Iss was checking that I was”, I replied and after a pause for thought, continued, “Clean”.

All four of the girls laughed as I continued through into my office.

The room in which we were interviewing had two desks with a window behind, looking out onto the main road and in one corner was a leather sofa. Each interviewee sat on the sofa and Andrew and I would sit on the edge of the desks. The morning dragged by slowly, each interview candidate failing to inspire Andrew or myself. The only thing that kept me awake was Andrew’s continual glances at my legs.. As I sat, I let my shoes drop off my feet one by one and as time passed by, I noticed that Andrew’s looks were lingering longer, making me feel more and more sexy.

Within a few moments of seeing each applicant, I’d a good idea we’d not be offering the job to them, so spent the remaining time trying to tease Andrew even further. As I sat on the edge of the desk I made sure the back of my dress was pulled up so my bare arse cheeks were on the wood and as each interview went by I could feel my juices dribbling down my thighs. At times I knew that he wasn’t only looking at my legs but my arse too and as I glanced at him towards the end of the morning interviews I could see a bulge in his trousers.

We said goodbye to the last of the morning candidates and as we returned to the confines of our office both Andrew and I sat down on our chairs and began to discuss the applicants that we’d seen over the previous few days. As Andrew went through every person one by one, I lifted my right foot up onto my chair and began to swivel the chair slowly. After a few minutes, he turned so he was looking directly at me. I continued to rotate the chair, pivoting on my left foot and finally it dawned on me that he had an uninterrupted view of my bare pussy. All I did was smile but instead of covering up I moved my knees further apart and pulled my dress up higher. It was obvious that Andrew had seen and as he continued talking that he was looking at my wet pussy even more. The way he held his paperwork I couldn’t tell if his cock was enjoying the view.

Eventually we agreed that none of the applicants interviewed were what we were looking for, so our conversation turned towards Katie and her interview. Having known her previously at school, based on that knowledge, I believed she could easily be taught how to do the job and was more likely to fit in with our other staff, so we agreed, if she’d not altered a lot we would offer her the job. Once we made that decision we got up and went to join the rest of the staff in the kitchen area to eat our lunch.

I didn’t both to put on my shoes, walking barefoot through the office and to the kitchen area. Within seconds the banter started, the girls laughing at the two guys looking at me and suggesting that Andrew and Peter were drooling and that the size of my dress was affecting everybody. I laughed as the girls continued to tease the guys and attempted to make my lunch. I had my back to all of them as I faced the counter to prepare my sandwich but was aware that they were all standing close by. Suddenly I felt fingers trailing up the back of my right thigh, moving higher and higher, quickly lifting my dress to reveal my arse. I made no attempt to see who was touching me or to stop them. My body tensed as I felt the fingertips tease between my cheeks and move lower between my thighs as I opened them invitingly. It was impossible not to let out a gasp and moan as their finger continued into my pussy but to my disappointment they then pulled away quickly.

Once I’d made my sandwich and turned around as I ate it, there was no sign as to which of them had touched me although. I guessed it had been one of the girls judging from the way they’d used their fingers. I pushed myself up so I could sit on the counter, not caring that my dress was too short to cover myself and deliberately left my legs open, allowing them a clear view of my wet pussy. I was enjoying the attention and the way the conversation was progressing I don’t think any of them would have questioned if I’d have taken off my dress. The girls were getting more and more suggestive and sexual with their comments and the guys more embarrassed but every one of us was turned on.

Time was flowing by, my mind turning to Katie’s arrival. I wondered how much she might have altered physically. I recalled that she was a quiet shy girl, with short brown hair and eyes, wearing glasses, small, around five feet, very thin with, I’d guess, C cup boobs. Just as I was recalling, I turned to look at the office door as it opened and there she was. Her hair had grown to just over shoulder length, no glasses and far more curvy than I remembered. She was wearing a gray jacket with a white camisole top underneath, mid-thigh length tight black skirt, tights with sensible shoes.

She smiled as I put down my coffee cup, hopped down off the counter, straightened my dress and walked towards her. As I got closer I began to see that the boyish features that she’d had at school had disappeared to be replaced by a more feminine ones. Given that she used to be very shy, I was amazed when, without hesitation she wrapped her arms around me and kissed my lips, lingering for a few seconds. As she put her arms around me and pulled me close I felt my dress being pulled up, revealing my bare arse to everybody, in particular Andrew, who was walking a few meters behind me.

Shortly after, the three of us went into the office to do the interview. As with all of the other candidates, Katie sat on the sofa, Andrew and I perched on the edge of our desks and the questioning began. Deliberately, I took a back seat, allowing Andrew to do the interrogation.

He didn’t back off, indeed, I later suggested that he was very hard on her, starting by asking her why she’d applied for the job when clearly, looking at her CV, she didn’t fulfill the criteria we’d asked for in our advert. Katie confidently pointed to her academic results and that she believed, given the opportunity she could learn the skills we were looking for. He continued to probe, asking why she’d not held any job for any long period and had been out of work for the previous six months. Once more she was far from phased, calmly explaining why she’d been forced into having the number of jobs she’d had and was honest enough to suggest, in the previous six months she been a little too ambitious applying for some vacancies.

Katie unbuttoned her jacket and casually took it off and as she sat back on the sofa, folded it neatly and put it carefully on the arm of the sofa. It gave me a better chance to see how much she had altered physically. There was plenty of flesh to see, with very thin shoulder straps and main body of her top barely covering her breasts. Added to that, the fabric was virtually see through, making her dark firm nipples clearly visible to Andrew and I. As I looked at her, I remembered her as having little or no boobs but now, she had breasts to compare with Isabella; perfectly shaped, easily a C cup, maybe more.

I was very impressed by her confidence and the assured way she answered any of Andrew’s questions. I’d made my mind up that I’d offer her the job and as Andrew asked how she’d react to working alongside me and Isabella, I calmly stood up and walked to the sofa to sit beside her. That was my sign to him that I’d made my decision in her favour but as the new person would be working with him, the final word had to be his. As I sat down beside her, she smiled and proceeded to answer his question, arguing that working alongside us wouldn’t be a problem. At school, whilst the three of us were friends, we were never that close. After a moment of silence, she looked at me, grinned and said, she’d not have an issue with the clothing optional policy that Isabella and I used to have during school lunchtimes. Immediately Andrew’s eyes widened but at the same time lifted his right thumb skywards by his hip, signifying the job was Katie’s.

“Clothing optional lunchtimes, I think you need to tell me more”, Andrew asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes

Katie laughed before answering, “In the sixth form common room, it was rare if either Iss, Jo or both weren’t naked. Surely you’ve seen them nude?”

“Today is the only time any of us has seen them”, Andrew replied chuckling.

“They both had such sexy bodies too. I’ve seen them have sex with each other a lot and with boys”, Katie chuckled

I could feel my juices dribbling again and as I glanced at Andrew, saw his bulge was back.

Katie continued, “It looks as though Jo’s body hasn’t altered much, her legs look so good.”

At that point, I offered Katie the job. She was so happy, immediately turning, flinging her arms around me and kissing me repeatedly on my lips. I couldn’t resist trying to kiss her properly, opening my mouth. She didn’t hesitate for an instant, her tongue meeting mine and swirling with growing passion but after about twenty seconds, pulled away with a look of shock in her eyes.

I had to remind her that though we both wanted her for the job, the final decision had been Andrew’s. She looked as though she was on a high, jumped to her feet and as she’d done with me, hugged and kissed him before returning to sit back on the sofa.

I adjusted my position to face her, bringing my right leg up onto the sofa so I was sat in a half Red-Indian position. The three of us began to chat, most about our time at school and things we got up to. The more we talked the more we all relaxed and I pulled my left foot and leg up on top of my right, being fully aware that my dress had ridden up as I changed position to reveal my bare arse.

“I wish I could sit like you are Jo but this skirt is so tight”, Katie said.

A few seconds later Andrew got up, went around his desk, picked up his chair, carried it around and sat down beside the sofa.

“Are you trying to get a better view of Jo’s arse”, Katie asked as she laughed.

I couldn’t help laughing as I turned to look at him and realised he was making little effort any more to hide his growing erection.

“You could always take off your skirt Katie” I quipped cheekily.

To my surprise she immediately pushed off her shoes, stood up, unfastened her skirt and pushed it down, being careful not to pull down her tights in the process. With her stood up, I straightened my right leg so it ran the length of the sofa and as she turned to sit down she smiled, realising that she’d be between my legs. Katie stepped up onto the sofa facing me, then sat down with her feet either side of me and moved to within a few inches of me. I couldn’t resist looking down and was amazed to see; first, that she had nothing under her tights and second that she was extremely wet.

The three of us began to talk, the only difference being that Katie was running her fingertips up and down my legs, making me even more turned on. The conversation continued about our time at school, Katie telling Andrew how confident Isabella and I appeared to be and that once we’d all left she tried to gain inspiration from our attitude back then.

“I still remember sucking on our nipple when you had sex with David” Katie said as she looked at me .

Almost without thinking, I pushed the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let them drop down my arms, allowing the dress to slither down around my waist and hips. I could see the nervousness in her eyes but curiosity too, her hands being drawn to my breasts like moths to a flame, cupping them tenderly and squeezing. As her fingers and thumbs founds their way to my nipples I began to moan a little, noticing that she was breathing harder. She leaned towards me and I needed no more encouragement, kissing her on the lips tenderly before our mouths opened and tongues swirled slowly and seductively.

I reached down, taking hold of the material of her top and pulling it up. Immediately she pulled away, with a look of apprehension in her eyes, so I let it fall back down. I could see her thinking or trying to pluck up courage. As if in an effort to persuade her, I began to pull my dress up my body and as I looked into her eyes pushed it over my head and threw it onto the floor to leave me naked. Katie smiled, lifting her arms up invitingly. I wasted no time reaching forward and taking off her top.

As I suspected, her stomach was perfectly flat, capped off by a gorgeous belly button and her breasts were full, beautifully rounded with no sag and very hard nipples. I took a moment to take in how sexy she looked, before pulling away, kneeling between and pulling off her tights.

Her pussy was dripping wet and as she lay back against the sofa her boobs were rising and falling as she breathed heavily. I ran my fingertips slowly up her smooth soft legs, her knees moving further apart as I bent down to kiss her inner thighs one by one. The aroma from her arousal was intoxicating as I kissed closer and closer to her pussy. I put my lips softly on her dripping pussy, she gasped as her body tensed and began to moan as I trailed my tongue up her slit gradually but as soon as I touched her clit Katie tensed and arched her back. She squealed with pleasure as a surge of juices oozed from her and onto the sofa and as I sucked and licked more, she arched again as her orgasm intensified.

I sat back onto my knees, giving her chance to recover, looking at her as she smiled with pleasure and said as she giggled, “I’m officially a lesbian now”.

I asked her to move more towards the back of the sofa so I could lie by her side and a few moments later we were lying together, side by side, kissing passionately. Our tongue moved faster and faster and as if thinking the same thing, our fingers moved to the others pussy. Katie began teasing my clit as I slipped two inside her to tease her g-spot. I noted straight away that she was extremely tight so assumed she’d not experienced much penetrative sex before and felt her pussy throbbing hard on my fingers as she bucked slowly.

“You phone is buzzing Jo” Andrew said as Katie and I continued to tease each other.

“Answer it please. It’ll be Iss to say she’s on her way back” I replied, moaning a little as Katie teased my clit faster.

I heard Andrew start to talk to Isabella, telling us that she’d be back in about twenty minutes but then, he paused anxiously and as he covered the phone, said quietly “She’s asking if you’ve got Katie naked yet”.

I burst out laughing and told him to put the phone on speaker and put it beside Katie and I. Not for an instant did we stop teasing the other and as Andrew placed the phone on the armrest between our heads, we seemed to moan more, becoming more turned on.

“Hi Katie, it’s good to hear you again. Has Jo undressed you fully?”

“Yes, we are both naked.”

As Katie barely managed to utter those words, as well as teasing her g-spot with my fingers I used my thumb to tease her clit and her moans intensified further.

“Is Andrew naked?”

“No” I spluttered as Katie’s fingers teased my clit harder and even faster.

“Is he hard and turned on?”

“Of course I am. There are two sexy and gorgeous girls naked and having sex in front of me. I can’t believe my luck.”

“I’m driving naked Andrew, so you’ll see me as well when I arrive.”

I knew Katie was going to cum, the way her pussy was throbbing on my fingers and how her body was writhing, she couldn’t last any longer. I was close to exploding too, turned on by the whole situation; being naked at work, undressing and having sex with Katie, having Andrew in the room too, realising the rest of the staff were most likely watching through the perspex partition but the best part was that Isabella was listening to us. I was pushing hard on Katie’s fingers as I was trying to satisfy her. Then as I felt her tense and thrust towards me, her juices oozing between my fingers, I started to orgasm too, squirting over Katie’s thighs and stomach.

“I’m at the lights on the main road, I’ll be there soon.”

And with those words, Isabella ended the call. I handed the phone to Andrew and began kissing her once more. We were less frenetic with our tongues this time, more intimate and controlled. As our bodies pressed together I could feel how wet she was and wasn’t long before we were grinding together.

I pulled away, getting off the sofa and kneeling on the floor. Taking hold of her ankles, I pulled her to the edge of the sofa. She knew what was going to happen, she’d seen Isabella and I in the position on numerous occasions in the common room at school, immediately opening her legs and putting them over my shoulders. I wasted no time and pushed my tongue hard and fast inside her pussy. Katie tensed immediately as she throbbed hard on my tongue, juices oozing into my mouth as she moaned with pleasure.

Even with just my tongue inside her she felt incredibly tight and climaxed very quickly but made no attempt to pull away, clearly she wanted me to carry on. I moved my tongue in and out of her very slowly, swirling it when fully inside, stretching her a little, enjoying the sound of her moans and the intoxicating taste of her juices. I tried to slow her down but with every movement her pussy throbbed harder and oozed more cum into my mouth.

At the same moment that I began sucking Katie’s clit the door opened and Isabella came in. I didn’t look or acknowledge her, continuing to suck Katie’s clit. An instant later I felt a familiar stinging sensation on my arse as Isabella slapped me hard but playfully.

I was looking up at Katie’s reaction as I teased her pussy and clit, an instant after being slapped I saw Isabella lean over her and kiss her. I started to suck harder, biting her clit as I drew it into my mouth and then flicked the tip fast with my tongue. Once more she tensed, moans muffled by kissing Isabella and an instant later, squirting hard into my open mouth. This time her legs clenched together, sign that she could take no more, her pussy dripping as I pulled away to sit on my knees.

I watched Isabella and Katie kissing intimately as they lay on the sofa before they eventually sat up. When Isabella had come into the office she’d left the door open. As I sat on the floor by Isabella and Katie’s feet and in front of Andrew I looked through the partition and saw the other five staff members watching us. I smiled and motioned for them to come into the room and although a little nervous, all five came in. One of the girls sat at each end of the sofa on the armrests, two on the floor either side of me and Peter sat on my desk.

To my surprise, Katie turned to Isabella and began kissing her. It was as though she’d new found confidence, not phased from all eyes pointing at those of us that were naked, casually slipping the fingers of her right hand effortlessly between Isabella’s pussy lips.

“Oh my god Iss, it’s amazing how you’re squeezing my fingers!”

Her face was like that of a young child at Christmas who’d just opened a new toy, wide-eyed as she explored inside Isabella’s pussy. Isabella had spread her legs wide, encouraging Katie more and moaning with pleasure as Katie found her g-spot. It was obvious from her reaction from the sex with me and then touching Isabella that Katie was new to the skills of being a Lesbian. We found out later that night, when the three of us were in bed together that she was a virgin with both males’ and females’ and even when masturbating she’d only ever teased her clit, never penetrating between her lips.

With each moan and body reaction from Isabella, Katie’s excitement grew and she teased faster and faster. All six of our co-workers were watching every move and all but two were not bothering to try and hide that they were masturbating, the girls moans growing louder with every second. As I looked between Katie’s open legs I could see her clit was still swollen, clearly visible between her spread pussy lips and juices oozing steadily onto the sofa.

I heard Isabella gasp and knew she was about to cum and sure enough an instant later her body writhed beneath Katie’s fingers. To my amazement, a few seconds later Katie gasped and then squirted so hard her juices landed on my thighs as she climaxed again.

It took a few minutes for the moans to subside as everybody recovered from their orgasms and for anything like normal banter to begin. One of those who’d not masturbated was Andrew, so when he asked mischievously if we were going to adopt a naturist policy in the office. Immediately the conversation became more excited and a lot of laughing followed, so I decided to see what everybody really thought.

“We run this company on most issues as a democracy, so as we’re all talking about it, who wants to be naked in the office?”

Suddenly, you could hear a pin drop, eyes looking around the room as if trying to see what the others wanted but so as not to embarrass anybody, Isabella suggested a written vote and took Katie into the main office. A few minutes later they returned with nine slips of paper, on which were two boxes, labelled yes or no. As she handed them out she instructed that a cross should be written in either the yes or no box and then to put the paper into a bag she’d brought in with her.

Most of us ticked the box quickly and put the paper into the bag but a few took their time, obviously nervous as to what their answer should be but we all knew we worked as a team and would abide by the majority vote.

With every vote cast Andrew picked up the bag, sat back down on his chair still with an obvious erection and after shuffling the papers began pulling them out one by one, stating yes or no as he put the slips on his desk.

The first slip was pulled from the bag and Andrew announced, yes. The following two were also pronounced as yes votes but the next two, no, making it 3-2 in the naturist favour. Andrew paused, as if trying to heighten the tension but as the next two were drawn out, also in favour, there were loud cheers and excited laughter as Andrew announced the last two votes as yes, making the final result 7-2.

I waited a few minutes, allowing everyone to settle down before I suggested that as the vote had been taken, everybody should be naked. We hadn’t employed any of the six based on their looks, it was more about the chemistry between us but as I looked around at them all, even Maria who was the oldest, at thirty, everyone was good looking and would look great naked.

Once more a deathly hush fell over the room until Isabella suggested they all followed her instruction to undress. The nerves in their faces were clearly visible but they all agreed to do what she suggested.

“For those who aren’t barefoot yet, everybody get to that point”, Isabella instructed.

There were only, Maria, Peter and Andrew that had to remove anything. The two guys had on shoes and socks and Maria, sensible shoes and stockings. Knowing that she had everybody’s attention, she deliberately played to her audience; lifting up her skirt, very seductively unfastening her stockings and rolling them slowly down each of her legs before throwing them playfully onto the floor.

“Now take off your skirts or trousers”, was Isabella’s next instruction.

Within an instant all six of them had stood up and soon after, trousers and skirts were in a growing pile of clothes in the middle of the room. Peter had on cartoon patterned pair of boxer shorts that he’d undoubtedly cum inside of but his cock looked fully hard still, underneath the tented fabric. Andrew was wearing tight fitting black briefs, like Peter his erection was impossible to conceal and there was a substantial dark wet patch radiating from the summit of his tent.

Chrissie was the youngest of our staff, being seventeen years old, with long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She wasn’t much taller than Katie, about 5’ 2 and once her skirt had been removed, it revealed tanned well-toned legs and a very small red, saturated, thong that covered very little. Mandy was twenty years old and the most bubbly of all our staff. She was about 5’ 7 with short wavy brown hair and dark sexy eyes. She was a touch overweight, without being fat and had on three-quarter length multi-coloured trousers and although her legs were a little chubby, they were still sexy looking. She had on virgin white knickers that were so wet her pussy lips were clearly visible. Anika was very shy and quiet and I’d have wagered she was one of those who’d voted negatively. She was nineteen, with long black hair and of Indian origin and was always dressed conservatively. She very nervously undid her trousers and guided them the floor before stepping out of them but immediately I could see how gorgeous her legs were and her black lacy knickers were extremely wet also. That left Maria, who we all cheekily referred to as our mother given that she was the oldest of us all. She had shoulder length light brown hair, blue eyes, 5’1 tall and quite slim. To everyone’s’ delight, when she dropped her skirt to the floor, it revealed lovely legs, a tuft of pubic hair around her pussy and no undies.

“And now take off your top and bra”, Isabella said with a cheeky grin on her face.

Both Andrew and Peter had taken off their ties and unbuttoned their shirts seconds before Isabella’s instruction and an instant later they were both sat in just their underwear. Andrew was about 6’3 tall, with short brown hair. His body was well toned, without being too defined and very little body hair. We all called Peter, our male midget, being 5’5 tall but he was built like a pocket-battleship, a well-developed and tanned body, which the girls all commented on as he stood there in his cum stained boxer shorts.

All four of the girls were a little more reticent in following Isabella instruction. Three; Maria, Anika and Mandy, had on short sleeved blouses and slowly unbuttoned them, gradually revealing their stomach. Maria’s top had covered large breasts, the biggest by far of us all, her white bra barely containing its contents. Mandy was the next biggest of the three but once her top had been dropped to the floor, it revealed a curvaceous body and pale blue bra. Anika was the last of those three to remove her blouse, revealing an undeveloped body and breasts so small that they, arguably didn’t need the white bra that concealed them. Chrissie had watched the other three undo and discard their blouses, sat quietly wearing her V necked t-shirt but then as she felt all eyes focus on her, she grinned and with a swift tug, lifted her top up over her head to leave her topless. She was dark skinned with no tan lines, her pert breasts and nipples standing proud for us all to see.

“Oi! I said bra’s too”, Isabella said in a serious and dominant manner.

Anika, Maria and Mandy laughed sheepishly but were relaxing more and more by the second. They looked at each other and smiled, taking hold of their bra’s and in unison, unfastened them and together, let them drop to the floor. Maria wore a proud smile, being the first of them to be naked, her large breasts sagging a little as she sat up straight.

The remaining three girls looked at Maria’s naked body as everybody seemed to be acclimatising to showing so much flesh. I think we were all waiting for Isabella’s next instruction but before she had chance to speak Anika took hold of her knickers and pulled them off quickly. She was sat on the left armrest of the sofa with her legs apart, revealing her thick wet black pubes to us all. It was as though she couldn’t resist the sexual tension in her body any longer, immediately using the fingers of her right hand to tease her clit and moaning with desperation.

That was the sign for Mandy and Chrissie to hurriedly take off their undies to reveal that Mandy shaved completely and that Chrissie had a tiny landing strip of pubes that were barely noticeable. That meant all seven girls were completely naked and within seconds, as I turned to look at Andrew and Peter, they too had taken off their remaining clothes to leave everybody nude. Peter had stayed sat on the edge of my desk, his hard cock twitching as pre-cum oozed steadily from the tip. It was obvious, looking at him that he worked out a lot, his tan accentuating his muscle tone and trimmed body hair made his cock look more impressive. Andrew by comparison was very pale in skin tone and although he looked fit, his body was comparatively underdeveloped. However, he was totally shaved, a look that had turned me on ever since the three guys Isabella and me had sex with in the sixth form shaved themselves and as Andrew sat in his chair I was impressed by the size of his cock.

“Are we allowed to have sex as we’ll all be naked from now on”, Mandy asked with hesitation in her voice.

I laughed, “As long as the work is done, then, why not. Isabella, Kate and me have already done it, so you should be able to too!”

“With anyone”, Chrissie asked excitedly.

“Absolutely Yes”, Isabella answered as she grinned.

Isabella caught my attention as she moved to her left on the sofa and motioned for Katie to go the other way. Anika hadn’t, for one second stopped teasing her clit with the fingers of her right hand as she sat on the armrest. Isabella grinned cheekily at me and then, in the blink of an eye, reached past Katie, took hold of Anika’s left forearm and pulled her hard towards the gap that had been created between them on the sofa. Anika shrieked with surprise but giggled too as she was pulled to between Katie and Isabella. Isabella gently turned Anika’s head and slowly ran her tongue over her lips and then as Anika opened her mouth they began to kiss passionately. At the same time, Katie leant down and began sucking and licking Anika’s right breast and nipple as Isabella’s fingers slipped between Anika’s pussy lips.

Mandy was sat to my right, turned to look at me and then leant into kiss me, her tongue moving nervously on mine but a few seconds later she pulled away and smiled. She sprung quickly to her feet and looked at Andrew and Peter.

“Which one of you two should I fuck”, Mandy said as she giggled.

She stepped around me and to their surprise, with her left hand took hold of Andrew’s cock and Peter’s with her right, squeezing and stroking them playfully for a few seconds. Then she let go of Andrew and as she continued to stroke his cock, moved closer to Peter and then bent forward over the desk. As she released here hold of him, he turned, standing behind her, spread her feet apart and slipped his hard cock into her pussy. Mandy groaned as Peter’s cock entered her, immediately grinding back against him.

I watched for a few seconds as they began to fuck but then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Maria standing up from where she’d been sat on the left armrest of the sofa and walk towards Andrew. However, as I went to turn my head, Chrissie, who’d been sat to my left, pushed me onto my back and dived on top of me, kissing me straight away. I’d been wet and turned on for so long, the urgency and desperation in Chrissie’s kisses intensifying my feelings. I opened my legs and wrapped them around her and immediately felt her begin to grind against my pussy. It was impossible for me not to respond, putting my feet onto the floor so I could push up onto her.

The room was filled by the moans of the nine of us having sex. Chrissie and I were grinding faster and harder and becoming more wet with every passing second. I wanted to go harder, so pushed her off and onto her back. As I got up onto my knees I took a few seconds to look around the room. Isabella was between Anika’s legs teasing her pussy with her tongue as Katie and Anika were kissing. Maria was sat straddling Andrew and was riding his cock and Mandy had changed position with Peter. From bending face down over my desk as Peter fucked her from behind, she was lying face up, with her legs around him as he stood pounding in and out of her. There was little subtlety in any of the sex going on, more desperation and desire and as soon as Chrissie and I adopted a scissors position, we were no different. As soon as our pussies touched we began to pound hard on the other. My pussy was throbbing hard as soon as Chrissie dived on me and as we bucked hard together our juices oozed between us. We were moving desperately, moaning more and more as our pussies pounded hard together and as Chrissie gave a harder thrust against me she started to cum. Immediately I moved harder and faster on her as she continued to climax and a few seconds later I began to squirt as I orgasmed.

Gradually we started to relax, altering our position so we were lying together, side by side on the floor kissing. As our tongues swirled, our attention would be taken by the sounds of somebody cuming and we’d stop to watch, before returning to our kiss. First it was Mandy screaming as she climaxed, followed quickly by grunts from Peter and then Maria moaned as Andrew continued to fuck her. Then it was Anika moaning, oh fuck oh fuck as her thighs clamped around Isabella’s head and then giggling as she announced she’d never swore or cum before and then as all eyes turned to Maria and Andrew, he finally exploded inside her.

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