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The Office

All he was there for was to fix the desk
Reaching up knocking on the door .A soft voice from within answers ..Come in ..Opening the door I walk in to the office careering my clip board ..Mam I have a work order to fix a drawer in your desk ..If you could just show me which one I'll get right to it ...A slender women wearing a black skirt cut rather short for the office and a white blouse pushes her chair back from the desk .pointing with her delicate little finger she says It's the middle one there ..smiling I move over to the desk where she has just moved back from ...Tugging on the drawer..saying to the lady ..yes mam it's stuck real good ...I'll have to slide under it to see what's wrong
  Looking at myself I realize that with these skin tight jeans and tool belt I'm going to have trouble getting under it .Unsnapping the clasp on the tool belt letting it drop to the floor ...noticing she is looking at me smiling ..I don't know if it's my ego or if she really is staring art me ..bending over taking a small flash light out of the tool belt I tell her ...Well let's see what's wrong here..Sitting on the floor I slide under the desk backwards so I can see the underside of the drawer ...Looking out I see that she's pulled her chair around to the side of the desk ..assuming she needed something on it .I cant help but to look up her skirt seeing the most sheer pair of panties I've ever seen body stirs looking up her skirt amazed at my good luck thinking how wonderful to see something like this .
  She stirs in her chair moving her legs farther apart allowing me a great view I feel my crotch coming to life ..trying to suppress it because wearing these tight jeans and no under ware I know any increase in the size of my manhood will be clearly seen ..
I look up quickly seeing that the drawer has simply jumped out of the track ..knowing I can fix it in a few seconds I sigh a little not wanting the show to be over ...Tapping the drawer with my flashlight like I'm working on it as I keep glancing out to the wonderful view of her lacy  little panties ...Still unable to believe my good fortune ..She's still sitting right at the edge of the desk opening where I'm laying ..I lean out to get a tool out of my belt ..brushing against her leg as I do ..Speeking to her .Mam I'm sorry I didn't mean to disturb you ..noticing that she has still not moved in fact she has opened her legs a little farther ..
   Now I cant help it my manhood is starting to extend down my left leg .trying to suppress it but unable to ..she's just to damn sexy ..the site of her panties is overwhelming It is just then that I notice a dark spot on them ..Ow my God she's getting wet .She knows I'm looking ...At this point I think I have nothing to lose so I speak to her after making some more noise under the desk ...
  Mam could you try the drawer .I think I have it ...Knowing I don't but wanting her closer so I can get better  view....she push's her chair in to the space right in front of my not evan trying to hide herself ..I see the dark spot on her panties growing ..she reaches for the handle on the drawer ..tugging on it she says ..
No I'm afraid it's still stuck..I tell her Hold on a second ..let me try something else ..dang I need my other screwdriver from me tool belt ...Reaching out I purposely brush against her leg ..keeping the contact to see what she does ..I hear her moan just a little ..placing my hand on her leg starting to caress it ...she spreads her leg open farther as I rub my way up her calf ...glancing down I see my manhood has grown down my leg in a very pronounced bulge as it gets more and more stiff ...
  leaning over my lips touch the bare skin around her knee ...she let's out a soft moan again . Her legs part more giving me full access you her ...kissing my way up her inner thigh I smell her womanly scents ..looking up I see she's growing very wet as I kiss farther and father up her thigh ..feeling cramped still stuck half way under her desk I push her chair back till I can roll onto my knees in between her legs .for the first time I can see her face ..Her head is layed back against the top of the high backed leather desk chair ..her face a mask of desire ..her breathing starting to come in a broken hands slide up her thigh ahead of my lips untill they reach the apex of her legs ..Brushing against her silky ..unbelievably shear panties as I continue to kiss my way up .
  My face touching the hem line of her skirt just as my hand slides across her panties ..caressing her wet patch directly between her legs ..feeling her slit through the material on the panties I tease her by pressing a finger tightly against the fabric as I rub ...pushing the fabric into her wet slit ...
  Looking up at her as I tease her smiling as her eyes are closed I can tell she's lost to the feeling of my hand and lips in her soft flesh... Using my other hand I push the hem of her skirt up to the edge of the chair ..sliding my hand under her thigh I encourage her to rise a little ..she does and I push her skirt up allitle on each side till it's up to her waist ..Allowing her to open her legs much farther my a full view of her perfectly shaped body ..It's easy to tell she works out and takes very good care of herself .
  Leaning over I kiss her inner thigh again quickly following the path of my hand up her thigh to her panties I pull at the leg band of them exposing her wet lil slit to me ..pulling them off  I kiss my way up to her slit running my tongue through it ..pressing the tip on my tongue deep into it tasting her for the first time ..she lifts her hips off the chair as my tongue touches her wet sex ..I hear her gasp loudly as my tongue expertly parts her slit teasing her ...savoring her taste as my tongue finds her clit ..sucking it into my mouth putting my teeth behind my lips and capturing it just below the bud tongue rolls around it ..she starts to squirm with this action
  My eyes look up and I see her looking down at me with a look of suprise at the passion I put into sucking her  Her expression is mixed with lust for more ..only to glad to accommodate her I close my eyes and dive into her waiting clit .running the flat of my tongue over it in a slow rotating pattern .. she starts to buck a little I know she cant help it ..putting my hands on her firm cheeks trying to hold on to her and keep my mouth and tongue in place ..
  She starts moaning loudly ..I worrie that others passing by the office will her through the closed door ...
  I make love to her clit ..loving the taste of her ..the feel of her ....the smell of her as my tongue glides over clit driving her crazy ...I slide one hand off her cheek and bring it up between her legs ...rubbing a finger along her slit .it's already open from my lips on her my finger colects her sweet nectar on it becoming slick with her passion it finds her entrance ...without warning I slide one finger deep into her velvety folds her walls pulse as though trying to capture it .
  She raises her hips more arching her back with her neck against the top of the chair. opening my eyes I see her hands gripping the arms of the chair as though she were on a scary ride ...her face is a delightful expression of pleasure ..her mouth open ..eyes closed ..I feel her body respond to me as I slide a second finger into her along side the first ..twisting them as I push them deep into her silky ...wet ..sweet folds .Her walls convulsing as her passion builds ..
  I know she's nearing an orgasm fingers pick up the pace trying to drive her over the edge
  She gets quiet..I look up and see her biting her bottom lip ..she starts o quiver uncontrollably ...My tongue moves faster over cilt ..she reach's down grabbing my hair pulling my face as tight against her as she can ...her body convulses as she goes over the edge into orgasm mouth quickie drops down to catch her cum as it oozes out of her the taste driveling me wild tongue darting in and out of her scooping as much of her cum into my mouth as possible
  I keep sucking her as long as she bucks and jerks knowing this is a very intense orgasm ..wanting to let hr ride it out long last she starts to settle down ..her cheeks touching the seat for the first time in a while ....her breath slowly returning to normal ..I lick the last of her cum out of her ...sitting back taking a breath of much needed air ..not realizing that I hadn't been breathing in a steady pattern myself ....
  As I gaze up at her she smiles at me mouthing the words ..Thank you ....I know this is over for now ..sitting back on me feet with my knees on the ground as I massage her thighs ..we both come back to planet earth ...she scoots back away from me .standing she pushes her skirt down running her hands over it straightening it ...When I remember the drawer ..smiling at her I grab my screwdriver  reaching under the desk I stick the screwdriver into the slot and with a flick of the wrist pop the roller back into the track ...with one finger I slide the drawer back and forth testing it ..
  She smiles at the ease with which I fix it I see  knowing smile cross her face a she realizes what I had done ...I hand her my clip board to sign the work order as I gather my tools ..she sign's it returning it to me ..I give her a copy pointing out my name telling hr if she has any more trouble with it to call  and ask for me..I turn and head for the door when she says ..Well you just never know when the drawer is going to pop out of the track ...I stop dead in my tracks realizing that this whole thing was a set up........

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