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The Orlando Trip Part 3

This is the story of Saturday afternoon of our trip to Orlando.
Saturday afternoon, after a quickie back at the hotel, we decided to take a shower, get dressed and go out for the evening. The nice thing about the hotel is their spa sized bathtubs and half circle shower curtain. It provides extra room to shower or bathe.

As Diane adjusted the water to a steamy flow I began lathering up a washcloth.

"Let me see your back," I suggested.

Diane turned her back to me and ducked her head under the warm flow. I began washing her back near her shoulders, down her spine and ran my hand down the crack of her cute little ass. Using my other hand I reached around her and grabbed a handful of boob. Up 'til now neither of us had mentioned the incident in the parking lot.

"You really seemed to enjoy Bill's ring finger."

She spun around grabbing her wet hair in both hands, gushing, "Did you see that ring? It looked like a giant class ring. When he moved his hand into me he slid his ring finger and his pinky in first. At some point he must have pulled his hand out and turned the ring over. Cause when he put his fingers back in I felt that ring rubbing my clit. God, it felt huge!"

She was just babbling now, the realization of what happened starting to sink in. Maybe she wasn't sure how I was going to react, maybe she was just unsure of herself and how she felt about what had happened.

I smiled and pulled her close, our naked bodies reacting to the contact.

"Oh," she giggled as she reached between us, wrapping her warm hand around my growing cock. "Looks like you enjoyed the show.'

She moved her other hand and took my cock in both hands, caressing it until it reached it's full erect size.

"I know we fucked already, but that was just a release for both of us. Let me show you how much I love you."

As she spoke she lowered herself into a kneeling position and took just the tip of my cock in her mouth. She began sucking on it like it was a lollipop, licking the tip, wrapping her lips around it, making a happy sound in her throat and then repeating it. I took her head in my hands, holding her in place, but I could only take this for a minute or two. Moving my hands to the back of her head, I slid my hips forward and urged her to take more of it. She briefly resisted before she grabbed my hips, fully taking my cock into her mouth.

Diane began moving her head rapidly back and forth while she twisted it from side to side. I had to grab the side of the shower with one hand to keep from falling. My other hand was still urging her on. She continued to do the head bob, and my cock seeming to grow harder with every stroke. Keeping her lips around my cock I dropped a load of cum down her throat, and she continued to suck the last drops out stroking the underside of it with her thumb.

It took me a minute to catch my breath before I could speak, and then all I could muster was a weak, "Wow!"

Diane stood up, grabbed the courtesy soap and began lathering her tits.

"I'll do that for you," I offered reaching for her.

"Get cleaned up or we'll never get out of here. The other hotel guests are going to wonder what happened to all the hot water."

She turned, continuing to wash while I grabbed the soapy washcloth and finished washing myself.

Finally finished we got out of the shower and dried off. Diane took her large towel and wrapped it around her tight little body, with just the top of her tits and her long legs showing.

"Get," she commanded, pushing me towards the bathroom door. "Let me put some fresh makeup on before we go anywhere."

I dropped my towel on the floor heading toward the dresser and some clean clothes. I was dressed, watching a baseball game on ESPN when Diane stepped out of the bathroom. She looked gorgeous, having put on a little makeup and fixed her hair. She had brushed it out, allowing it to hang free, no longer in the ponytail she had sported all day. Still wearing a towel around her middle, but now it looked different, so it took me a minute to realize that she had replaced the large bath towel with a small pool towel. It didn't seem to cover as much.

"What's with the towel?" Now I was curious.

"This old thing. It's nothing," she bantered, quoting a line from an old movie we had seen on TV earlier in the week as she 'modeled' the towel for me.

I laughed at her mischievous attitude. I really loved her new relaxed attitude about her body. She is truly a beautiful young woman, several years younger than me. When we had gotten married she had been very shy and conservative. She still blushes when I tell her she is beautiful or comment on her body. But she had really started to have fun and enjoy her sensuality and sexuality after our trip to Atlanta, and I was enjoying it to the max.

"Order something from room service," she said as she admired herself in the mirror. "Or order a pizza. A couple of pizzas." Again she had started to ramble on, speaking fast as if she slowed down she would stop talking.

I wasn't sure what was going on, but I reached for the restaurant listing offered in each room, turned to the Pizza section and asked her what she wanted exactly.

"I don't care. Something, anything, just order something." Now she was moving with a nervous excitement as she spoke. She glanced at me, moved it hand in the direction of the nightstand phone and wiggled her fingers. "Come on. Order something."

I found the one listed nearest the hotel, dialed the number and ordered a pizza and some wings.

Hanging up the phone I stood and walked towards Diane.

"Don't you want to go out tonight?"

She didn't look at me as she spoke quickly, "Yeah, sure, but its still early. I don't want to be drinking without something on my stomach." She was moving around the living room area avoiding looking at me.

"How long?"

"How long, what?" I asked blankly.

"How long before the pizza guy gets here?"

"The girl said about twenty minutes. They're just around the corner. It should be here soon. Are you alright?" concern sounded in my voice.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Order another pizza from somewhere else."

"WHAT? I already ordered you a pizza and me some wings. I don't want pizza, I thought we would go the Outback and have a nice steak." Now I was totally confused.

She slowed her pacing, sitting down on the end of the bed. She looked up at me, biting her bottom lip. This is a sure sign she was about to tell me something, but wasn't sure what my reaction would be on hearing it.

"You know my girlfriend Katie? Well, she told me that whenever she and Mike travel they always order food out. Then she flashes the delivery guy if he's cute. I thought about it and decided that I could flash the delivery guy by 'accidentally' dropping the towel when I paid him," she said looking at me for approval.

"And just how will you know if he's cute or anything?"

"The peephole. When he knocks, look through the peephole. Katie said you leave the door cracked, look through the peephole and then tell him to come in. I'll be back here," she said standing between the couch and coffee table, "with my wallet in that chair. I'll get the money and when I go to pay him, I'll just ’accidentally’ drop the towel. He gets a tip and a cheap thrill."

Now she was talking normal, explaining her misbehavior as a well rehearsed plan. She was smiling a sinful smile, pleased with her courage.

"How many places do you want me to call? Should I get the Yellow pages out?"

" No," she responded thinking about the question. "Right now just call another one and we'll see what happens."

"And just what am I supposed to be doing?"

"When you hear me say 'Let me get your money' you can come out of the bedroom and watch. Neat, Huh?

"Yeah, 'Neat."

She scurried toward the door, standing on her tiptoes to look at the peephole. She took a quick look towards the elevator as she opened the door to allow the deadbolt to hold it open.

"Go hide. Shoo. Back into the bedroom. Just wait."

Her nerves were starting to get to her again. I wasn't sure I liked this little game, but remembered our trip to Atlanta and some of her other misbehavior since then. I walked around the wall that divided the living area from the sleeping area when there was a knock on the door.

Diane ran towards the door holding the towel together under her jiggling tits, peaked through the peephole and pulled the door open. As I disappeared around the corner a glance over my shoulder allowed me to see that the back of the towel had fallen and her entire backside was now visible to the delivery driver. Diane looked up and saw me snooping, gave me a dirty look and tilted her head towards the bedroom. Hell, the kid was staring at her ass so hard he could have walked right past me without seeing me.

"Let me get you your money," she said loudly as she had walked towards her purse.

I stepped around the wall just as Diane dropped the towel and her wallet. She was reaching for the wallet and her towel in no real hurry when the young man offered to help her.

The guy was about twenty, rather nerdy looking with black rimmed glasses and a baseball cap pushed back on his head, a name tag identifying him as Robert. He came around the table and took the towel in his hands and continued to stare at what would become legendary at the pizza joint. Diane had retrieved her wallet and stood to pay him, naked as the day she was born, but a whole lot better developed.

"I'll take that," she requested reaching for the towel.

For a few seconds it didn't register with Robert that she wanted the towel, or that she was even speaking. His eyes continued to carefully examine each and every inch of Diane's body.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry about that."

He held the towel out with the sad realization that the beautiful sight would soon be covered up. Diane took the towel, dropped it on the table and offered the young man some money. He smiled when he realized that he could still enjoy the view. I don't think he had blinked the during the entire transaction.

Diane paid him, moved towards him and indicated the location of the door.

"Thank you," he said checking his hand seeing that he had received a good sized tip in addition to the show. "THANK YOU!" he added.

He headed towards the door looking back at Diane as he walked. His smile faded when she stopped following him at the hallway leading towards the door and he finally turned heading out the door.

“Call us anytime,” he offered sincerely as he left.

"Did you call another place yet?" she was anxious waiting for an answer.

"That wasn't enough for you?" I asked, knowing the answer. "Yes, the pizza should be here shortly. You better get ready."

I sat down in the living room chair and reached for the remote.

"Not there! In the bedroom!" she ordered as she pointed an angry finger towards the bedroom portion.

"Whatever," I sighed as I resigned myself to the situation.

It wasn't long before there was another knock on the door and someone said "pizza" so I peeked around the corner to see Diane wrapping herself a little better this time and head for the door. She was followed back into the room by a man in his early forties, kind of weird looking. Like the kid before him, he couldn't take his eyes off Diane, even though she remained wrapped in the towel.

"Let me get your money," she sounded nervous, maybe even a little afraid.

I could see the two of them standing a couple of feet away, with Diane's back to me.
She had dropped her towel and her wallet and was bending over to retrieve her wallet.
The guy hadn't taken his eyes off Diane's body and now was moving in her direction.

“Here. Is twenty enough?” she asked as she pulled the towel to cover herself. She was struggling to cover her boobs and her womanhood, but was losing the battle.

"I'll get this, honey," I pronounced in my strongest voice. I was sizing the guy up in case there was going to be trouble.

I pointed towards the door and touched his shoulder to turn him and lead him out.

"What was that all about?"

"You got lucky. That's all. Go and forget about it."

"Yeah, right. I'm going to tell all my buddies about this."

"Well, you go right ahead and tell both of them. Even they won't believe you." With that I pushed him out the door and threw the latch.

I headed straight for the bedroom where Diane was laying in the middle of the king size bed, working her fingers in and out of her very wet pussy with one hand while playing with her tits with her other hand.

"Oh, God! That was so scary. I'm so horny. Fuck me. Fuck me. Come on and fuck me."

She was working herself over pretty good. I moved to the window and opened the curtain, allowing light to fill the room. I pulled up the chair that was right there and sat down.

"I'll watch. You play with yourself. Tell me what's going on in your head."

She was rolling back and forth on her back and traded positions with her hands. Her wet fingers were now sliding over her tits. Making the sun reflect off of the sweet nectar spread across her chest.

"Oh, that kid was so innocent. The only naked women he has ever seen is in a magazine or a porno. I just had to flash him right away. It made me so hot knowing he was getting a thrill. When I first turned around,,,," her fingers were buried inside her and she rolled into fetal position on the bed. She rolled around on the bed making quirky noises as she pinched her nipple and played with herself. "Oh my god, he had a tent pole in his pants even before I dropped the towel. When I dropped the towel I thought it was going to bust through his pants."

Again, she lost herself in the story and worked her one hand in and out of her glistening pussy faster and faster moaning as she continued to move around the bed. Sweat covered her body and her scent drifted across the room.

"That other guy scared the hell out of me!" She had slowed her motions down and was slowly stroking herself, her breathing heavy, her chest rising and falling rocking her tits.

"I thought he might grab me, Oh, oh, oh, I was so scared. The way he looked at me."

One hand resumed the rapid movement pounding her pussy lips making squishing sounds from all of the juices that were flowing.

"I thought, I thought, OH! GOD!"

Her body shook violently as she came, rolling onto her back in the middle of the bed.

Her hands dropped off her body leaving her laying naked and unprotected as she drifted off to sleep. I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a couple of pictures. I made one my Picture ID for her cell phone number.

Since I knew she would sleep for an hour or so while she recovered I decided to visit the lobby convenience store for a newspaper and snacks while I watched a little sports waiting for Diane to wake up.

I rode the elevator to the lobby and found the little shop with a newspaper rack outside the door. When I entered the shop I spotted the young lady from Friday nights ice adventure. She was alone and was also looking over the various snacks. She had already picked up a bottle of water from the cooler.

As I stood next to her I asked, “ So, where’s you’re boyfriend/husband?”

She turned to look at me before replying, “Oh! Hi! You’re the guy from last night. How’s your girlfriend/wife today? She seemed a little under the influence last night.”

“My wife’s sleeping upstairs. She’s had a busy day.”

“I’ll bet it was better than mine. That idiot of a loser I met last night was a jerk. We just met last night and he’s already telling me ‘he loves me’. Can you believe it? I just wanted to have some fun and he goes and blows it!”

“Well, I hate seeing you frustrated. I’m Jeff. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I’m Meghan. If you want to take me upstairs and fuck me, it would really help. I’m so horny.”

“Must be something in the Orlando water. My wife has had the same problem since we got here yesterday. I’d be glad to help you, though.”

“Fine. Let’s get out of here”

We paid for our purchases and headed for the elevators. She snuggled in close which let me get a good look at her. She was about five foot ten and about 130 pounds. She had a nice shape with average boobs. Her t-shirt showed her boobs off nicely and the tight jeans did justice to her shapely ass.

I had my arm around her as we made our way to her room.

She stopped at the doorway before inserting the key tab and asked, “Are you sure your wife won’t mind?”

“Quite sure. We have an open relationship. That way there are no jealousies.”

We walked into her room and she immediately turned, wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my lips to hers. She kissed me long and hard, burying her tongue in my mouth. I put my arms around her and pulled her closer, lifting her to her tiptoes. I slid my hands down and caressed her tight little ass. We held the embrace for a couple of minutes then she broke the kiss and stepped back. She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head. The sports bra she was wearing was busting out with boobs. Quickly she snatched it off to expose tiny little nipples and a small heart tattoo on her left breast.

I grabbed her left boob, bent my head down and kissed the little heart while she worked to get her jeans peeled off her round little ass. She wasn’t wearing any undies and her mound was covered in soft blonde hairs. I was giving my undivided attention to her tits but slid my right hand down to explore her sweet pussy. My hand found to opening between her legs, which she spread to make access easier.

I broke our bond and in one move had scooped her up in my arms and walked her to the bedroom. Lying her on the bed I buried my face in her mound. The fragrance of her womanhood filled the air. I slipped a finger inside her and used my tongue to bathe her clit. My finger was working its way in and out of her easily so I slid two more into her opening. She moaned a long sigh and her hips were twisting making it almost impossible to continue eating her out.

I stood up and stripped out of my clothes in a flash with my dick rising in anticipation. Lying down beside her I resumed our kissing embrace, before rolling over onto her and slipping my dick deep into her. Her back arched as I entered her then relaxed before her hips began to thrust against me. My cock felt like it was being squeezed in a slippery grasp of muscle. I was pounding Meghan as hard as I could and her hips were matching my every move. She was making sounds of excitement and was encouraging me to continue to fuck her. As sweat formed on across her chest her encouragement increased as did our tempo.

“Right there, yes, oh, yes. Keep it up. Oh! God! Yes, yes, yes, yes” she was speaking through clenched teeth. “God, it feels wonderful.”

I slowed my movements as I realized I was about to explode inside her.

“I’m going to cum. Soon.”

“I’m almost there! Yes, yes. Oh God! Cum with me, NOW!” She was yelling into my shoulder as she buried her head.

Her body convulsed several times as she came and I emptied my load inside her. I relaxed on top of her and started nuzzling her neck and planted several kisses on her neck before working my way down to her sweat covered breasts. I kissed both nipples before sucking on her left nipple. I moved off her and continued to kiss and caress her, letting my fingers wander over her naked body. Goosebumps soon covered most of her belly and chest before she giggled and pushed me away.

“I’ll need a nap before I can continue. That was wonderful, just what I needed. Thanks.”

“No problem. Anytime.”

“Maybe a midnight rendezvous tonight? Sneak out of your room and come see me?”

“I can’t make any promises. Tell you what I will do. Let me give you my number and you give me yours and maybe, just maybe we can get together again sometime. I live North of the Tampa Bay area, how about you? Where you from?”

“I live just South of Ocala,” she said as she entered her name and phone number into my phone.

We had traded phones and I was entering my information into her phone. When we were finished I bent down and kissed her tenderly one last time before getting dressed and heading down the hallway to my own room.

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