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My wife and I went to a party at some friends of ours house .Which was a treat as we have children so time alone is a cherished thing.

We were having a blast drinking and laughing at all that was going on as everyone there was pretty lit.Well after a few hours of this we decided we'd better get home because it was almost an hour and a half drive.

We had stopped on the way to the party at the package store and got a couple of bottles of wine on the way there. Just in case our friends didn't have enough.

We got to driving around with the radio blasting and my wife giggling and acting very promiscuous. I was starting to realise just how drunk my wife was
Well the next thing I know she was slipping her pants off in the truck as we were going through a little town.It was hard enough for me to drive as it was,let alone having my beautiful wife setting in the seat beside me in a t-shirt and panties.

As we drove along she turned in her seat with her back against the door and started giggling. To my surprise I looked over and she started to kind of rub her inner thighs,which she knows drives me crazy with lust.                         

She asked if we still had the wine and I stopped the truck and got in the back seat to find it for her.As I returned to the front seat I immediatly noticed her panties were in the middle of the seat. There she was setting with one foot on the dash and the other over the back of the seat.

She said she was very thirsty. I was dry mouthed from seeing my wife in this state of heated lust and decided we'd better both have a drink.

After I opened the bottle and drank heavily I handed it to her.As I took off I noticed her sliding the cold bottle of wine along the inside of her perfectly thick thighs.I asked her if it was a little cold and she just gave the that giggle again and said that it felt really good.

As I watched in amazement she slowly started sliding the cold bottle along her beautiful red haired slit and started moaning with pleasure. The whole time she was doing this she kept her eyes locked to mine with a 'please fuck me' look in her eyes.

Trying my best to watch the road and her was getting to be quite hard as was I.After a few more miles she crawled across the seat and starting wispering in my ear how much she would love to feel my cock inside her soaking wet pussy.All the while licking and biting my neck and ear.

I just couldnt take it anymore and I stopped the truck in the middle of the road. I forcefuly pushed her back in the seat,driven by animalistic lust. I waited for nothing. I had to taste her.I.d smelled her lucious heavenly scent for the last 20 miles.

As I was feverishly licking and tasting the sweet musky liquid that was slowly ebbing from my wife,She was bucking her hips into my face in what I knew was the building of her always explosive orgasm.Suddenly I became aware that I was so hard that I was aching against my zipper .I had to have her and I had to have her now!

We got out of the truck and I knelt before her not quite ready to stop feasting on the sweet ambrosia that was my wifes by now soaking wet pussy.She let one of her legs drape across my shoulder and did her best to stand as I brought her to a shuddering knee buckling orgasm.

It was the that we realized we were standing on an interstate overpass with cars going by not 5 feet below us.

I had a wickedly sexy idea as I led my wife to the railing of the overpass we were both completely naked and my wife was loving it.As a practicing witch, she loved to be naked and feel the elements on her skin. It made her even wetter, even more full of wanton lust.

I pushed her against the railing and she eagerly bent over letting me slide into her deliciously hot and wet pussy. As she bent over her more than ample 36 dd tits were over the rail and in plain view as I had made sure we were positioned directly in front of our truck headlight.

I was insane with lust seeing my wife letting me take her in plain sight like this.I knew people were noticing and so did she by all the honks we were getting by the passing cars and especially the big trucks.

I was thrusting into her hard and fast and she was slamming back to meet each thrust.This I'm sorry to say only lasted a few minutes before I felt her tense up and her legs go stiff as I knew what was coming .I felt her walls tighten on me in a death grip as she started screaming for me to 'fuck her faster and harder'.

 I obliged and it was only minutes until she was screaming that she was coming "So fucking hard". It was all I could take. Right there on the over pass in plain sight

I came in my wife as hard and as long as I can ever remember.

As we slowly came back down from our orgasmic high, she started laughing stood back up and turned to kiss me.As she turned her ass to the rail to give one last trucker a nice shot of her tight ass she couldnt help but giggle as he layed on his horn.

Almost exausted we got back in the truck and started home once again. Much to my delight she stayed nude for me for the rest of the way home. She knows how much I love the sight of her body. When we got home  she slipped her panties and t shirt on as she got out of the truck. We got inside and got into bed to relive the nights lustfull events as we made love before drifting off to sleep.....

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