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The Park Encounter

An onlline fantasy comes true but with a view
As you step out of the house, the wind blows up against your black skirt

Going out with no knickers again, you are such an awful but daring flirt

With the cold, your nipples stand hard and erect through your thin top

You knew it was chilly, but even so for this meeting you would not stop

With just a jacket and shoes the only other clothes you were wearing

You felt turned on by the naughtiness and knew it was daring

As you cross the street, you feel as if everyone knows where you are going

But the thoughts of the encounter override and your juices start flowing

To the gates of the park, where the fallen leaves blow in the autumn wind

This is not the first time here and in deed not the first time you have sinned

The instructions were clear with the time, place and being on the swings

You know you had to do it probably even if people may see some things

You were glad when the park was empty and no kids there to meet

As you sat on the middle swing, your bare backside on the cold seat

You knew he would be somewhere watching as you started to swing high

You had to part your legs and as you swing your skirt began to fly

You could feel the cold air hitting against your now damp and shaven pussy

You prayed that no one had walked past and called you a brazen hussy

Then across from the bush you saw him start to quickly walk towards you

You had lots of experiences but this one was certainly going to be new

As he reached the swing his hands ran up your legs to the very top

And with his strength he pulled you towards him to make the swinging stop

He took you by the hand and you turned away from him as you were told

And suddenly in front of your eyes it went dark as he applied the blindfold

The daylight no more as you walked held by his side, excited but scared

It had been 2 long months of online teasing to get this fantasy shared

You walked across leaves, twigs and wet grass until you felt the tree

Now with your back to it came the cuffs and there was no breaking free

He parted your legs roughly and his fingers plunged into your wetness

As he fucked you with them, your skirt held up in a state of undress

It was uncomfortable, hard and fast but just what you knew would be happening

His other hand now finding your hard nipple squeezing, now it was stinging

But your body responded with lust and desire, your wetness now dripping

As in and out of your now puffy hole more fingers were now slipping

You started to cum and you screamed out with immense pleasure

What if someone heard, fuck it, who cares or whatever

You heard him unzip and then felt the monster he had been till then hiding

You felt its huge head at your swollen lips as he lifted you to start riding

And on its length you were impaled as he lifted you strongly up and down

This was your hardest ever fucking and he was really going to town

You felt him start to swell and he lifted you off and made you bend forward

As he pushed into your mouth, down your throat it was like being gored

And then he exploded and came heavily into your mouth as he continued to pump

Its then when you heard the voices and they caused you both to jump

Quickly he untied you and the blindfold removed, your skirt fell as you started to walk

As you walked towards them it went quiet and they started to stare and not talk

It was then you realised they had all been watching and it had all been his plan

That will teach you to trust anyone again, let alone a handsome online man
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