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The Party After the Party

The party had ended, but another was just beginning...
The party had gone on for a several hours, and by two in the morning people were beginning to pass out. We had decided to let them sleep where they fell, and sort the bodies out in the morning. By three, everyone was pretty much out cold.

I was lying there on the floor wearing only my boxers, because it had been hot and many of us had stripped down to our underwear sometime during the night. It was still pretty hot in there and I could barely see other outlines of sleeping, near nude, forms on the floor around me. As I was drifting off to sleep, I thought I heard someone moving around. Opening my eyes to see, I noticed you had moved a little closer to me. You were trying to be sly about it and didn’t notice that I had seen you moving around.

I decided to lie still and relax, thinking that you were just trying to get comfortable. I didn’t pay any more attention to you, until you placed a hand on my leg, gently rubbing it. I relaxed a bit, thinking I had been dreaming when you slid your hand down my boxers and began to rub my penis, slowly at first, circling my head with the tips of your fingers. I let out a soft moan as you pulled it out and began to stroke me. 

I reached down and began to play with your hair a little while you stroked me a little faster, making me harder and harder with each pass. So I began to caress your face and move down to your shoulders and across the top of your breasts. You responded by reaching behind you and unclasped your bra. As it fell to the floor I could barely make out your tits as they hung there begging to be played with. So as you continued to stroke me I started to massage your breasts, gently rubbing them and passing your nipples between my fingers. Then as you began to pump faster I started to pinch your nipples.

We both started to moan lightly and could hear other people in the room stir a bit. We looked at each other with a sly smile on our faces. Thinking of what we were doing made us both horny, as did the thought that there were other people around us that could wake up at any minute to see what we were doing. It was exciting. 

You leaned over and took my penis into your mouth and began to suck on it as I played with your tits more and more, pinching your nipples harder and making them poke out even more. Then you slid around and pulled me on top of you. Then taking me into your mouth I started to rub your soaking wet pussy through your panties. I slid them to the side and inserted a finger into you making you gasp slightly, but the sound was muffled due to me being in your mouth. I slowly slid it in and out of you while gently massaging your clit with my thumb.

As you took me deeper into your mouth I leant down and began to flick your clit with my tongue making you twitch. Then sliding a second finger into your pussy I started sucking on your lips, pulling them out as far as they could go before releasing them. Then taking your clit into my mouth I then sucked on it harder and harder, while pumping my fingers in and out of you. 

I could feel you start to convulse as your lips tightened around me as you started sucking even harder. Then before I knew it, you began to cum. So I pulled my fingers out of you and inserted my tongue in its place. I started sliding my tongue in and out of your convulsing pussy, tasting your juices as they ran out. At that time, I was beginning to throb and convulse and saw you pull me out of your mouth just to where my head was touching your tongue and I let go directly into your mouth. You took it all and swallowed before licking my head around and sucking it gently to get every last drop. We rolled onto the floor, and looked at each other and smiled. It was fabulous. 

We lied there next to each other for a while, trying to catch our breath as we noticed that no one else in the room had noticed us, or at least we thought that they didn’t notice us. (Who knows, maybe we got a few others horny as well with our antics.) Not caring who might have seen or heard us, after catching our breath, I pulled you closer to me and slowly spread your legs open and placed the head of my penis against your swollen lips and pushed gently inside of you. I continued to push until I was buried as deep into you as I could go. Then laying down on top of you I began to trust in an out, very slowly as I took your nipples into my mouth and started to suck on them. You gasped as I gently bit your nipples and thrust even deeper inside of you.

By this time, we could hear a few people awake next to us. Looking around, we saw a few girls with their fingers inside of their pussies watching us, and a guy stroking himself. There were also other couples starting to go at it just like we are, and a few girls beginning to eat one another out as well.

So much for trying to be quiet, I thought, as I pushed even deeper into you, causing you to moan out loud. I rolled over and pulled you on top of me, and let you ride me hard and fast and I reached up to continue playing with your tits.

More and more people were moaning by this time, and I saw a few other people in various positions fucking one another, and at least two girls eating each other out and playing with their nipples. You moaned louder as I grew inside of you. Then with one last thrust I exploded inside of you making you scream in pleasure as you convulsed around me, your pussy milking my dick for all it was worth.

We collapsed onto one another and held each other tight as we convulsed around the other. We looked around and saw people as they climaxed only to fall and lie there in the throes of passion. All we could think at that moment was that this was one hell of a great party, and the night was still young…

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