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The Picnic

Kelsey sat quietly in the passenger seat of Dillon's car, smiling at the thought of what she was about to do to him. Dillon didn't know it, but she had a plan for him that day. She had read about having sex at the park, but she wanted to take it a step farther. Dillon drove carefully; he was sneaking glances at Kelsey's cleavage and legs. His desire to not get in an accident at the moment was only slightly higher than his desire to stare at her beautiful features.

Step one was complete in Kelsey's plan: get lunch. Sub sandwiches sounded like good picnic food, and swimming sounded like a good reason to go to the lake. In actuality Kelsey wanted to go to the lake because it was popular during the summer. Lots of people would be there doing various activities, and she wanted people around.

A few minutes later, they arrived at their destination. She smiled big at him. He looked over at her and smiled back. His gaze went from her eyes to her smiling lips, down her neck, to her cleavage. Her shirt covered a bikini top and was only buttoned in 2 places. Her skirt was longer than he generally liked, hiding her beautiful legs. He looked away quickly to avoid detection. They grabbed their food and walked to find a place to sit.

She wasn't expecting the park to be so busy, but it also made her excited. People were jogging, eating lunch and swimming. After a few minutes of searching, they found a picnic table to eat lunch at. Dillon spread out the food: sandwiches and chips with a drink for each of them. They both sat and Dillon hungrily devoured his food. Kelsey nibbled on her sandwich; her mind was elsewhere. She moved to Dillon's side of the table.

Dillon looked at her, and wiped his mouth. He smiled big as Kelsey leaned over to him, kissing his neck. He closed his eyes and softly moaned. Kelsey got excited by his pleasure and continued kissing him. Dillon, while turned on and excited by the beautiful girl sucking on his neck, couldn't help but be worried that the park patrons would be upset by her behavior. He look around nervously. There were some glances from people, but nothing serious.

Kelsey was more excited then ever. Her hand moved down his chest to his stomach. She lowered her hand to test his level of excitement. She could feel the enormous bulge in his pants, throbbing with every kiss. Dillon jumped a little when he felt her hand touch his cock. Kelsey slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his dick free from the confinement of his jeans, stroking it gently.

"What are you doing? Someone will see!" Dillon said with a nervous laughter.

"Shut up, no one's paying attention," Kelsey whispered into his ear.

She grabbed her hair in a bunch and dipped her head down to kiss the tip of his cock. Dillon moaned softly and stroked her back. Her mouth gingerly opened and took his cock between her soft lips. Though he knew it was stupidly obvious what was going on, he tried to pretend she was sleeping on his lap, and stroked her hair, while keeping on the lookout for curious onlookers. 

She sat back up and threw a leg over him. She straddled his lap and he immediately knew what was coming next. Her pussy was dripping onto him; he could feel it. He could feel her soft skin grinding his cock, her skirt flowing around their legs, hiding the act underneath. She lifted herself and slowly sat down on his cock. Her pussy stretched to fit him in, and she moaned on the way down. She slowly, gently, bounced his lap. Dillon put his arms around her waist and lay his cheek on her chest. He closed his eyes and concentrated on feeling Kelsey's tight pussy clench onto his cock. He unbuttoned her shit and pulled her bikini top down, exposing her tits to him. He discreetly caressed them.

Dillon suddenly felt the pleasure shoot through him. His muscles clenched as cum streamed out of his cock deep into Kelsey's pussy. He pulled tightly on her waist and buried his face into her breasts, moaning. She hugged him close, enjoying the sensation of getting filled up with cum.

Someone coughed to get their attention.

Kelsey's head spun around to see a police officer standing just a few feet away from them, hands on his hips.

Kelsey jumped up. Dillon fell off the bench backwards. He did his best to stuff his dick back into his pants, but there was no hiding what happened. Kelsey's breasts were perfectly exposed for all to see and cum was pouring down her legs to her feet. The officer stared at Kelsey. His hands came down from his and were now dangling. Kelsey knew that she was now in control of the situation.

"Sorry about this, Officer." She crossed her legs and pulled her shirt together.

"I.... can't... I mean... You can't be, uh... doing this..." the officer stammered.

Kelsey let her shirt open again, and took a couple steps toward the officer. She cocked a hip out and folded her arms under her tits, lifting them.

The officer started to reach out toward her chest, but stopped himself.

"Look, just... please go home," he said as he walked back towards his patrol car.

"Next time you get a ticket!"

"Sure thing!" Kelsey yelled back with a wink.

She buttoned her shirt and helped Dillon off the ground, where he had remained since falling.

"You're good," he said, looking up at her while she helped him.

"Thanks. Now can we go swimming? I need to wash this off."
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