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The plane journey - part 1

The four of us had just got on the plane; Kelly and James, who were brother and sister, Issabella and me, on our way to Perth in West Australia. We were off to visit Kelly and James’s brother and wife, for a two week holiday. We were all excited, knowing full well that we’d most likely be naked for the entire period and have lots of sex.

We’d met James and Kelly eighteen months previously, by chance whilst I’d been out running and ended having sex. Neither Issabella nor I bothered that they were brother and sister, the connection that we had, meant we simply had no need to question the issue. At first, we only got together with them, once or twice a month but as time went by the frequency increased, seeing each other three or four times per week. Though we classed the relationship as friends, every time we’d get together, it would end in us having sex, either Kelly would try to entice us to want sex with her or James would fuck all three of us, one after the other. It was normal for as all to undress as soon as we arrived at their house or them at ours.

I’m five feet six inches tall, with long dark wavy hair, hazel/blue eyes, slim built and B cup breasts. I was wearing, sandals, pink ankle socks, dark blue tracksuit bottoms and a dress type top (it had, thin straps across my shoulder, leaving my arms and upper body, to just above my boobs). I could wear the top, by itself but as had become normal, I had, no undies or bra and it would barely cover my bum or pussy. I’d rate myself as an exhibitionist, undressing at every opportunity, being turned on by people seeing my body and was always naked at home.

Issabella was five feet ten inches tall, long very dark hair and eyes, with Italian parents; she had inherited their dark olive skin, was relatively slim but had D cup breasts that were perfectly shaped and she rarely wore a bra. She was wearing, slip-on clogs, white ankle socks, three-quarter length, multi-coloured trousers and white buttoned short sleeved shirt. I’d known her for a long time, going back to when we were at school but at that time she was very quiet and self-conscious. However, with our first sexual experience; with three of our boy friend’s and one girl friend, her inhibitions disappeared very quickly and she became as much of an exhibitionist as myself.

Kelly was a real shorty, only five feet tall, medium length blonde hair, blue eyes, extremely pretty, thin but with large DD breasts. Since we’d first met her, eighteen months ago, she’d lost a fair bit of weight but had maintained her large boobs, constantly getting looked at by guys and suggestive comments. We teased her that her weight loss was down to her sex life and not the result of any diet. She’d started as being very shy, worried about our reaction to her having sex with her brother and was a submissive lover but she transformed into a, bouncy, very enthusiastic and positively avaricious girl, wanting to make love to Issabella or I, both of us or seducing us to want her. She had a new found confidence, wearing a short skirt, black leggings, leaving visible, enough of her shapely thighs to tease onlookers, shoes, a white thong and blue V necked top, cut low enough to accentuate her boobs and constantly erect nipples.

James was very tall; I’d guess at least 6’ 2, stocky build, by no means overweight, being part of the local Rugby team, dark eyes and light brown hair. He had always been very quiet and studious; we called him a geek but was a very attentive love and could always fuck all three of us, one after the other, never losing his erection. He was dressed in a t shirt, jeans, briefs, socks and trainers.

I’d put my hand luggage in the overhead locker and sat down waiting for the plane to take off. Issabella was settling down in the seat to my left, Kelly to my right, James next to her, already reading a book of some description. Kelly, Issabella and I watched the stewardesses do their final cabin check and go through their safety demonstration, excitedly chatting as the plane took off. Then after a few minutes the three of us began to trawl through our choices of entertainment in the in-flight magazine, excited by our new environment, not bothered by the prospect of the long flight.

As I relaxed I kicked off my sandals and noticed that Issabella and Kelly had done the same but as I saw Kelly’s toes wiggling inside her leggings, nipples hard beneath her top, thoughts of her moaning as Issabella and I sucked on them raced into my head and as I felt tingles begin between my legs, I thought, get control Joanna you’re on an aeroplane.

I felt Issabella’s hand rest on my stomach, turning my head to look at her.

She whispered in my ear, “You’re looking at Kelly’s nipples. Pervert, I bet you’re thinking about what we did to her last night.”

I couldn’t help giggling, even though I knew she was right and as I looked at her, she continued, “Your nipples are as hard as hers. You’re getting turned on, aren’t you?”

There was no point denying it, I had begun to get wet and definitely had the familiar tingles in the pit of my stomach but realised if I was to cum, there’s no way that I could cover it up and so, make an effort to control myself.

Issabella, with her right hand, entwined her fingers onto mine. Leaning towards me, she kissed the flesh of my neck softly below my ear, over and over again, lower and lower and as I turned my head, we kissed, lips on lips, tenderly caressing.

The seat-belt sign had long since been turned off and entertainment system activated, so, got out our headphones and began searching through the huge selection for something to watch. After a while we settled on a film and made ourselves comfortable, continuing to hold hands. It wasn’t long before the stewardesses were bringing around the first meal of the flight, nothing particularly exciting but enough to pick at and keep us from going hungry. Soon enough, we’d finished, trays taken away, leaving us to continue watching the film.

We lifted up the seat arm between us and snuggled closer together, Issabella’s head on my shoulder as we looked at the film on our own screens. It wasn’t long before I’d relaxed and became engrossed in the film. The further into the journey we got, the cooler it became, the air conditioning taking effect. I reached forward, taking the blanket out of its wrapper, draping it around my body, seconds later Issabella followed suit.

Time was passing by; I felt Issabella’s warm soft lips on my neck, instinctively tilting my head to allow her greater access. As she kissed, over and over again around my neck, I was getting increasingly turned on, breathing shallower. Her left hand slipped under my blanket, coming to rest on my stomach, on top of my shirt. I looked at her, both of us smiling, before we both tried to settle and watch the rest of the film. We shifted our positions a little to try and get more comfortable. I turned a little to my left, let go of her hand, moving my arm under her blanket and behind her back, Issabella snuggling up closer to me, her head resting on my chest, both of us eventually turning our attention back to our screens.

After some time, the film had ended and we’d started our search for something else to watch, I felt Issabella pull at my top, freeing it from my trousers, hand slipping underneath the fabric and onto my stomach. I didn’t flinch or acknowledge her action, not thinking of it as sexual. Not even when her fingers began to trace random patterns on my flesh, merely relaxed further, enjoying this moment of intimacy. The only thing that made it obvious that she was doing anything, my toes were wiggling uncontrollably but as far as I could see, all passengers close by were focussed on the entertainment not bothered enough to notice Issabella and I. To begin with, the palm of her hand rested on my stomach as her fingers teased gently around my belly button, knowing full well that I loved her doing that to me but eventually she became more adventurous, exploring from my trousers up to just below my boobs.

From being completely relaxed, my body was waking up, as the tips of her fingers touched the underside of my breasts I let out a moan of pleasure, biting my lip trying to keep as quiet as I could. I could feel my top raising as her hand moved higher up my body, exploring the flesh of my boobs, teasing around the areola of my left nipple, breathing shallower as her fingertip stroked my nipple.

Kelly had noticed what was going on, stopped watching her screen, eyes widening seeing Issabella’s hand moving beneath the blanket and noticing my increasingly flushed cheeks. She grinned as I looked at her, her right hand slipping under my blanket, fingertips finding the, now, bare flesh of my stomach. My heart was pounding, being seduced by both girls. Issabella rolled my left nipple between her finger and thumb, pinching, pulling and teasing continuously. Kelly’s hand gradually travelling up my body up onto my right breast, my top being raised, exposed by my girlfriends and lovers hands, both nipples worked mercilessly.

I could feel juices steadily flowing from my pussy, becoming more and more turned on, past caring of where we were and amount of people around us. I wanted to be touched more, desperate to be kissed but still Issabella and Kelly only worked my nipples, increasing their sensitivity, seeming becoming harder and more erect. Kelly eased the right strap of my top, off my shoulder and down my arm, the fabric falling to uncover my right breast. A few moments later, Issabella had followed suit, pulling down my left strap, top slithering down around my waist but with the blanket over me I was exposed to nobody. Issabella kissed my neck repeatedly; even when she stopped Kelly took over kissing the right side. I was so on edge, gasping as my nipples were being pulled and pinched, at a point where they were almost too sensitive to touch.

Looking too my left I saw a pretty blonde stewardess walking up the aisle towards us, as I glanced in her direction I felt my left nipple pulled once more. I gasped a pleasurable moan, her attention now on us, taking another few steps to be beside our row of seats. It was Kelly’s turn to be teasing my neck, kissing and licking tenderly, occasionally sucking below my ear.

Issabella turned her head as the stewardess leaned forward, saying, “is everything ok. Do you need help with anything?” Kelly sat up a little, her and Issabella giggling, then, taking her left hand away from my boobs, Issabella pulled back the blanket, revealing what was going on to the wide-eyed stewardess. I was effectively topless, nipples standing proud and red, breathing hard, incredibly turned on, exposed to somebody I didn’t know.

My heart was pounding, I was breathing heavily, such a turn on to be exposed in that way. It was not a hurried flash, where the blanket was pulled away and returned quickly, Kelly hadn’t stopped teasing my right nipple, Issabella made sure that the stewardess had plenty of time to see all she wanted. She leant towards me, expecting her to touch, I tensed a little as my excitement heightened further but she simply looked into my eyes and said, “I need to finish my cabin check. I’ll check on you on my way back, to see more of you.” With those words she smiled, Issabella covered my again and she carried on further up the aisle.

Issabella leaned over me, kissing my lips softly, my eyes closed, as she pulled away I opened my mouth expectedly but there was no kiss. She’d pulled away but just as I was about to open my eyes I felt Kelly’s lips on mine, her tongue probing as we began kissing passionately. My thighs squeezed together, hips bucking a little, pussy desperate to be touched. The girls continued to work my boobs, caressing my flesh, pulling and pinching my nipples, releasing then repeating the process. It felt as though they’d been teasing me for hours, my desperation almost unbearable, I wanted to cum so badly.

My nipples were becoming painfully sensitive, every time the girls pinched them I couldn’t help but gasp and moan. It was almost a relief when I felt Kelly’s hand start to trail down my stomach, then incredible excitement radiated through my body as my tracksuit bottoms loosened around my waist, the tie undone, her fingers slipping under the waistband teasing my freshly shaved skin, legs parting instinctively. Seconds later, Issabella’s left hand had left my boobs, moving lower, as it joined Kelly’s inside my trousers, loosening them further, it was inevitable they’d be pushed lower over my hips.

Kelly lifted the armrest between our seats; pushing down with my hands, raising my body a little, tracksuit bottoms sliding quickly over my hips onto my thighs. My legs spread a little, the fingertips of Kelly gently teasing my soaked pussy lips. Issabella smiled at me as my breathing quickened. I moaned a little as I bit hard onto my bottom lip, trying desperately to keep quiet. I felt her hand move down my left thigh, teasing the soft flesh, my bottoms being forced lower, heart racing as I sensed them slip closer to my knees, her fingers venturing lower, tracksuit trousers sent slithering down my lower legs, I was as good as naked below the blanket.

I kicked my feet free, from my tracksuit bottoms, Issabella pulled at my left leg, Kelly my right, legs spread as wide as they’d go in such a confined space. Moaning, “oh god yes”, two of Kelly’s fingers penetrated between my pussy lips, deeper and deeper, feeling myself pulsating, gripping her fingers. My hips began to buck; I’d been desperate for either of the girls to touch me for some time, Kelly moving agonisingly slow in and out of me as Issabella licked around my neck. Issabella eased my top up my body, looking into my eyes, communicating her desire, so pushed my arms underneath the fabric, an instant later it was up over my head

Suddenly, with her left hand, Issabella reached behind me, taking hold of my top, with a swift tug it was up and over my head and on the floor next to my bottoms, nude but for my socks.

Both girls began kissing my neck, Kelly found a rhythm with her fingers in my pussy, steady and deliberate, body writhing in its response. Issabella joined in, her fingertips finding my clit, circling the tip, slowly at first but gradually building pace and intensity. I knew I’d not last long before I climaxed, pussy throbbing harder on Kelly’s fingers, shockwaves of pleasure radiating throughout my body, barely able to stifle my moans and gasps as the girls teased faster.

My eyes were tightly closed, enjoying the sensations I was experiencing, until I heard the stewardess say, “Let me help you with your blanket”.

Suddenly, I felt the cover pulled back, revealing to her exactly how the girls were teasing me, Kelly fucking me with her fingers, Issabella furiously working my clit, body writhing more and more. The stewardess leaned towards me, whispering, “Oh my god. You’re naked and so sexy, I want to kiss you!”

As those words left her mouth, my pussy contracted hard, gripping tightly on Kelly’s fingers, body motionless, unable to breathe, moments later letting out a moan of ecstasy as the first wave of pleasure radiated through my body, gasping as another contraction too hold. I let out a loud moan as my pussy released, feeling cum oozing between Kelly’s fingers, orgasm continuing. Every part of my body was tingling with pleasure even as my climax subsided, the tingles remained.

My eyes opened as the girls removed their fingers, Kelly offering hers to the stewardess. She didn’t hesitate, taking hold of Kelly’s hand, looking seductively into my eyes as she licked and sucked on her cum soaked fingers, the girls taking hold of the blanket to cover my body once more. After a few moments the stewardess finished tasting Kelly’s fingers and calmly told us that snacks and drinks would be coming soon, turning round to head back down the aisle.

I sat there, a little dazed by the experience that I’d just had, wondering if I should leave my clothes on the floor beside me or whether I should put them back on. My heart was still pounding, still incredibly turned on and excited, feeling juices trickling steadily from my pussy onto the soaked seat beneath me. I couldn’t help smiling, thinking of James’s comments, months before that good as it was to have met two girls who squirt when they orgasm, it was bad that he kept having to sleep on wet sheets when we stayed the night.

Issabella and Kelly looked at me, both giggling as Issabella said, “You look totally drained Jo but you did really well to not moan as loud as normal!” It was impossible for me not to laugh with them and for the first time, noticed that those in the seats close by were peering to see what was going on.

Issabella put her hands beneath my blanket and began tickling me playfully, knowing the exact spot where I was most ticklish, which was anywhere from just above my pelvis to half way down my inner thigh. As soon as her fingertips went to work I was helpless, unable to protect myself, totally vulnerable and in fits of laughter. Almost as soon as she started to tickle me the blanket slid off my body onto the floor but apart from fleeting glimpses of my body, I was sure that Issabella was hiding me from the other passengers view. It felt as though I was being sapped of all energy, becoming more tired by the second. To my relief Issabella eventually stopped tickling, wrapping her arms around me, her open mouth pressed against mine, kissing me passionately. As with every time she kisses me, I didn’t care what was going on around us, at that point didn’t want the moment to end but after a few seconds she pulled away before returning to kiss my lips tenderly.

As Issabella moved back to sit properly in her seat I bent down to pick up my top, quickly pulling it over my head and down my body, covering myself but as I picked up my tracksuit bottoms I heard Kelly demand I left them off. I let out a little chuckle but did nothing to object, merely taking hold of the blanket and wrapped it around me once again.

I could see the stewardesses and food trolley only a few rows in front of us, so pulled down my table in preparation. A few minutes later we were given a tray of sandwiches and a drink, which was duly eaten, trays taken and tables stowed away. I’d almost forgotten that I was sat bottomless as everybody settled down back to viewing their entertainment screens, the first leg of our journey half completed.

I could smell my arousal as I sat there after eating the food and thought I should go and wash myself, the first leg of the flight was about half over and didn’t think I’d be cuming any more. For a second, I contemplated putting on my tracksuit bottoms but then I remembered Kelly telling me to leave them off, so that’s what I was going to do. After a few seconds, I stood up, letting the blanket drop to the floor, pulled down my top as far as it would go, stepped over Issabella’s legs, not bothering to put on my sandals, bent down, kissing her tenderly on the lips, and told her where I was going.

Nearing the toilets, I joined the queue, noticing the blonde stewardess we’d befriended earlier. She saw me, waved and smiled in my direction, moments later coming towards me. “You look just as sexy wearing clothes”, she giggled, “It turned me on so much seeing you naked, I’ll be on a break soon, would you like to come and talk after you’ve been to the loo”, she continued.

I wasn’t about to refuse, even though this flight was only just over seven hours and there was Issabella, Kelly and James to occupy me, it would be nice to find out more about the stewardess. Her name would be a good start.

She’d no sooner stepped away from me than I felt arms wrap around my waist from behind and my neck being kissed. Without turning, I knew that it was James and immediately pushed back against him, his hard cock obvious as he pulled me closer. “I want to fuck you Jo, it was such a turn on watching Kelly and Issabella make you cum and seeing you naked”, he whispered with an air of desperation in his voice.

The queue moved forward a little as another passenger came out of one of the toilet cubicles, in unison, James and I stepped forward, feeling his hips grinding his cock against my arse. I couldn’t help respond, reaching round to take hold of his bum, grinding back into him.

I was still on a sexual high from what the girls had done to me earlier, if the queue didn’t shrink faster, there was a real possibility of me turning around and fucking him there in the aisle. My breathing had quickly become erratic; I’d not been dry since my orgasm but could feel juices trickling down my thighs. Another step forward, was I going to make it, desire, no, this was lust was taking over.

Using his warm breath, he was constantly teasing my neck, turning me on further. His left hand slipped under my top, cupping my left breast, occasionally using finger and thumb to pull my nipple. At the same time, with his right hand, he lifted my top, exposing everything below my stomach. As his fingertips touched my clit, my knees buckled a little but an instant later I was grinding my bare arse onto his hard cock and he teased faster and harder.

Almost with relief, a cubicle became available, James relinquishing hold of me as I stepped forward. Shutting the door behind me, I looked at myself in the mirror over the wash basin. My hair was ruffled, face flushed, traces of sweat on my glistening forehead, hardened nipples clearly visible through the fabric of my top. I looked a mess. I sat down on the loo, giggling as I noticed the unmistakable odour of arousal filling the air. Gently I began to pee, pussy tingling as it gushed from me. I waited a few moments and dried myself, trying to regain some sort of composure. At that moment I realised it was pointless to wash, I was too turned on, thinking about talking to the blonde stewardess and wondering if I’d get to kiss her. I stood up, pulled down my top, took a final look in the mirror, making a token gesture of tidying my hair and opened the door.

Standing facing me as soon as the door was open was James, making it impossible for me to step out of the cubicle. Instead, he pushed me towards the one side, moving forward, closing the door behind him. I was a little surprised but at the same time excited, the bulge still obvious in his jeans. Quickly, with some desperation, he was lifting off my top, dropping it to the floor. He took hold of my waist, lifted me up onto the counter, on the edge of the wash basin, then, pulled off each of my socks, leaving me totally naked.

My legs were open, either side of him, frantically undoing his jeans, pushing them down, along with his briefs, his hard cock springing free, the helmet glistening, smeared with pre-cum. There was no time for foreplay, no kissing; James was desperate to fuck me. This was unlike him, he’d usually kiss a lot, make me cum either with his tongue or fingers before he’d put his cock inside me but this time, he’d obviously seen Kelly and Issabella making me climax and knew I was ready for him.

He moved forward, guiding the head of his cock onto my pussy lips. I tensed a little as I watched his knob disappearing inside me, forcing my lips open. I’d expected him to push it into me quickly but as he’d normally do, it was a controlled entry until fully inside, pausing for a few seconds, my legs wrapping around him as he looked into my eyes. That was enough of a sign for him, placing his hands either side of me, starting to move in and out, slow long movements and increasing pace quickly. His strokes developed more urgency, thrusting harder and harder, hearing his balls slapping into me, I was so turned on, moaningloudly, not holding back any more.

It felt so risqué to be fucked like I was, only a thin door between us and a queue of people. James’s cock felt harder than ever, pounding me with desperation, pussy throbbing hard, squeezing his shaft. I managed to keep my eyes open, trying to take everything in, watching his face, the lust in his eyes and listening to his groans. I could feel my climax building. He thrust himself hard into me, there was a pause and an instant later, he grunted, his cum beginning to spurt inside me, thrust after thrust, squirt after squirt of cum filling me.

My pussy squeezed his cock harder with every one of his thrusts, as if trying to milk every drop of cum possible from his balls. I felt him relax, wrap his arms around me, mouth pressed to mine, my legs and arms wrapping tightly around him as we kissed passionately, his cock softening inside me. After a while our mouths parted, I unwrapped my arms and legs from around him, both smiling at the other.

He stepped away, his cock slipping from my pussy, glistening and covered with my juices, his cum oozing from me onto the counter. “God you look sexy Jo”. Right at that point that’s how I felt but perhaps a little frustrated that he’d climaxed without making me orgasm when I was so close. So, was left very much sexually on edge, frustrated and desperate.

I watched him turn, to face the loo and pee. There was no room for me to stand up and dress with James standing so close in front of me. He shook the last droplets of pee from his cock, pulled up his briefs, then jeans and fastened them. Then he bent down, picked up my top and handed it to me. Quickly, I pulled it over my head and down my body, then, jumped down off the counter. I’d almost forgotten my socks but decided to leave them on the floor. My mind turned to opening the door and going to find the blonde stewardess. As I stepped out of the cubicle, a few looks of disgust and amazement came in my direction, perhaps my moans had been heard but as James’s cum continued to trickle from my pussy I could only smile in pleasure back at them.

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