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The Pleasures of Three; Ch 3. Exhibition in broad daylight.

They enjoyed their threesome so much they couldn't wait to get it on again.
Deana, John and Mathew enjoyed their threesome so much they couldn't wait to get it on again, but it was two months before John could make another visit. Deana and John couldn't get their little rendezvous in the parking lot out of their minds, and she secretly hoped that he would want to repeat it.

Sure enough she had the same email in her Inbox at 10:00 that very morning. The only difference is that this time John added, "Wear the same dress you wore last time."

This time when Mathew suggested that he go with her, she asked him to vacuum the bedroom. It surprised her that he didn't catch on to what was happening, but he seemed to be oblivious. He was looking forward to the sex as well.

This time she looked under the tree when she arrived at the parking lot and sure enough John's car was there. Would it be a repeat of what they'd done before? She could hardly wait to see what he had in mind. This time, he made her squat down behind the door, and suck him off.

While she did he looked around and asked. "Do you know anyone who drives a blue Dodge pickup? The driver sure is staring over this way."

She couldn't concentrate enough to think about it. Gosh she loved to suck John's cock.

"How about a red mustang? The driver took a good look too. I wonder if he can see your legs underneath the door."

Deana was frightened for the first time that they might get caught and took her mouth off of his cock momentarily.

He looked her straight in the eyes and ordered, "Suck it!"

Hearing his command made her pussy juice run down the inside of her legs underneath her dress, and she hungrily devoured his cock again. The danger of getting caught only made her hotter. She could tell he was about to cum and couldn't wait to taste his spunk.

John gasped, "You want to drink it?"

She nodded her head and continued to suck until John made his intentions known.
"No, babe, not this time. I've got somewhere else I want to plant my seed. Stand up!"

She suddenly realized just how bad she needed his cock in her pussy. She stood and turned around to brace herself against the door, hiking her ass up as she did the last time. She felt him lift her skirt up over her ass.

“Oh my God, yes," she uttered as he rammed his cock home.

She already had him on edge from sucking him and knew he was so excited he couldn't hold back very long. Pressing back into him she found her climax and then felt him erupt, as his hot semen filled up her gaping hole.

He kissed her deep and hard, and then spoke. "Be a good girl and go in the store and pick up a few things. I'll meet you at the house."

Gosh, he could kiss her in a way that made her swoon, and before she realized what was happening the kiss itself triggered another orgasm.

Wobbling along in near exhaustion, she went into the store. She moved as fast as she could because she didn't want to delay any longer than she had to. The last time when she went into the house, Mathew was just starting to suck off John. Whew, she wanted to see that again.

Instead, when she went into the house she heard Mathew's voice. "God, yes, suck my dick!”

She hurried inside and started taking off her clothes. John lifted his mouth from Mathew's cock just long enough to say, "Sit on his mouth, Deana."

She knew Mathew would taste John's cum when she lowered her pussy to his mouth, but she was helpless before John's command.

John timed his oral stimulation of Mathew in such a way that Mathew erupted into John mouth as soon as Deana's pussy touched his mouth and tongue. If Mathew tasted John's semen in her pussy, he never said anything.

The rest of the day was a three-way, fuck-fest. Everyone got every orifice licked, sucked and fucked. Deana was completely wasted by the time they were finished.
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