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The Red Lights of Amsterdam

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She never thought she'd end up in a red lit window
This is a true story, the names have been changed.

Callie and Rich had been travelling Europe for just over two weeks by the time they rolled into Amsterdam. Rich had been years before when he was 18 but it was Callie’s first time abroad. A psych and sociology student, she immediately fell in love with the old city. Between the architecture, the museums, the many different coffee shops and of course the red light district.

The first few days were spent walking around, dodging the many tourists which occupy Amsterdam during the summer months. You could barely walk on the sidewalks without bumping into someone or narrowly missing being hit by one of the many bicycles which dotted the city. One evening they chose to visit a live sex show, and what an experience it was! For Callie, the sociological aspect of the crowd was fascinating – consisting on couples of all age groups, singles and a few groups of British college friends.

On another night they visited the red light district. After many loops, she offered Rich the chance to go take part in one of the best vices the city had to offer. Rich quickly made up his mind, setting his eyes on two girls sharing a window. One was Dutch, with strawberry hair, voluptuous breasts, fairly toned body and a very welcoming smile. Her partner was from Eastern Europe, as were many of the working girls, and had shoulder length dark hair, mysterious eyes, a heavy accent and a nice set of C cup tits. Callie of course wanted to come into the room and watch. She always loved watching her man fucking other women. However, since the starting rate was fifty Euros per girl, plus another fifty per for Callie to watch there was not much action.

Rich laid down after stripping, the light from the room dim and casting shadows across his muscular frame. Flanked by the two European beauties, they quickly got to business, letting him know he only had twenty minutes and if he wanted them to get naked he had to pay an extra fifty Euros to each. He settled for a blowjob instead. The Eastern European girl quickly rolled on a condom and started bobbing for apples. Not surprisingly she was good at what she did. The Dutch girl was rubbing his body, occasionally pinching his nipples, and letting off fake moans. To be honest, the entire experience was underwhelming, even when Callie joined in for some fun and blew Rich. For him though, it just did not do it. He did not know why, but it just was not "turning his crank".

Regardless, they both left happy, having given the experience a chance, but not overly impressed. Perhaps it was just the mood, or perhaps the pyramid scheme had just been disappointing.

After roaming the district a bit longer, they decided to return to their hotel. It was near the city center and from their three bay windows they had a wonderful view of the canals, the train terminal and some other hotels. As they walked in, Callie purred that she wanted to get fucked, and fucked like a filthy slut.

Rich wasted no time, pulling out his wallet and making a bargain with her. He gave her the cash for an hour with the stipulation that she had to do whatever he wanted; after all, the client is always right.

Callie asked, “What do you want me to do then?”

To which he replied, “First I want you to strip down and walk through the hallways on this hotel. Go show off that tight little body of yours.”

Standing at 5’8” Callie had done some modelling in the past for some impressive big name companies and agencies. Her gorgeous face was framed by dark brown hair. Her B cup breasts looked magnificent on her slim body and her toned abs were accentuated by the dim lighting outside. As she pulled off her thong, she revealed a small landing strip, unusual for her as she typically kept her pussy bare.

Rich was already salivating as she opened the door and walked out into the foyer outside of the room. She then moved to the hallway where she knocked on a few doors, alas without anyone answering. She seductively walked down the hallway then bent over, displaying a small buttplug, nicely nestled into her tight ass.

Rich filmed the entire affair then brought her back into the foyer where a table sat next to elevator. She sat on the table spreading her long legs and parting her lips. Her pink pussy was wet, dripping with her deliciously sweet juices. She rubbed her clit and massaged her tits.

She begged him, “Please, fuck my little slut cunt. I want your cock in me. I want it now!”

Rich acquiesced to her request, pulling down his shorts and revealing his throbbing cock. He passed it up and down her lips, spreading her wetness as she let off a few moans. His cock was throbbing, the veins bulging, the head swollen and shiny as he slowly penetrated her pussy. After inserting a few inches, he quickly jabbed it into her, making her fall back onto the table as he started fucking her tight little fuck hole.

A few minutes passed, and to their dismay, no one opened any doors to see what the commotion was although Callie was moaning loudly and begging to be fucked harder.It then dawned on him. Why not give the city a show. Outside of their window was the hotel sign which was in red letters. It projected its light inside their room and onto the sidewalk just one floor below.

Rich ordered her to stand on the window sill. She opened the bay window, with the frame just below her perky tits, her vagina and long legs in clear view for all passersby below. Rich grabbed the coffee table and pulled it next to the window and quickly stood on it. He pushed her head out of the window, cars and pedestrians passing by, as he shoved his cock back into her.

Callie was moaning even louder now, happily being put on display in public view as she took his cock deep inside her. Her tits pushed against the window and she arched her back and started pushing back against his cock. She loved the spotlight, even though at three in the morning, few people were going by, much less paying attention.

The red light casted on her body was intoxicating, giving the feeling of a cheap porno, but also nicely shading her toned abs. Her cunt was dripping. With every thrust you could hear her wetness growing and it trickled down her leg and Rich’s balls.

He picked her up and brought her to the bed. She engulfed his cock with her mouth, forcing it down her throat where she let off a muffled choke and gag. Then again. And again. She was blowing his erect cock as she massaged the buttplug deep into her ass, stimulating her and only making her crave more cock.

Rich, threw her onto her back and lapped up her juices, rubbing his face into her sopping cunt, licking between the lips, sucking her clit, tongue fucking and changing the rhythm and cycle of his licks. In a matter of a few minutes her body was violently shaking as she came into his mouth. Her hands were gripping his head, forcing him deep within her. He knelt before her, throwing her legs over his shoulders and plunging his dick into her. She screamed as he bottomed out, spreading her cunt and holding her feet.

She begged him “Just use my filthy slut hole, just fucking use your slut.”

He quickened his pace, plowing her harder and faster, wishing he could blow his seed into her, although knowing it was unsafe since neither had protection. As she felt his cock start to swell even more, his balls retract and his breath quickening she knew was about to blow.

She yelled out, “Cum all over my pussy, paint it with you hot fucking cum. I want to feel your jizz all over it, fucking do it for me.”

And with those word Rich shot, rope after rope of thick, hot cum onto her cunt, covering her lips, mound, landing strip and clit. As she was catching his breath, he spread her legs, still swimming in an aura of red light casted onto the bed, and licked his cum from her body. It was something he had wanted to do for a while but would always withhold after cumming. This time he took a mouthful, swallowed some then kissed her with the remainder, allowing her to taste his sweet juices before falling asleep quite satisfied, albeit slightly sore from their public show.

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