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The Road Trip

They started early to miss the worst of the traffic, it was a warm and sunny day, so the top was down, music loud and pulsing, she was thinking because they had to go to bed early the night before, that she needed a little something to help the journey go faster.  

  They had always enjoyed al fresco sex as it added to their sense of adventure, and when he was away on business it added to their nightly phone sex sessions.


Looking over at him a smile played across her lips and wondered if she dared! she started massaging his thigh, kneading as she worked her way to his lap, he looked over and smiled and she could see the spark of excitement in his eyes, reaching across she undoes his zip, his cock thickening but not yet erect, " I dare you" he says, turning in her seat she pulls his cock free curling her fingers around the shaft, she begins to massage him, increasing the pressure as she strokes, her thumb grazing over the head, a truck goes by and the driver looks down and gives a loud hoot and a thumbs up sign, they both laugh, she continues to stroke him watching his cock grow, she says "shall I" he nods his voice a whisper "please" leaning over she lightly licks over the head feeling him jerk as she makes contact, slipping her lips over the head swirling her tongue in the ridge, another truck goes by giving a hoot on his horn, sliding down his shaft so he is engulfed in her hot mouth, she begins sucking him in earnest, moaning onto his cock as her mouth and tongue work their magic, drooling over his glorious cock plunging up and down over and over using her teeth to rake along the shaft, feeling the veins thicken against her tongue, he puts his hand on the back of head pushing her down over his cock his arousal and need peaking.


They realise that the truckers are slowing down as they drive past various car horns and cheers ringing in their ears, purring on his cock as she continues her assault, his pre cum trickling down her throat, her head bobbing up and down over his cock, her fingers quickly feeling his balls, they are heavy and swollen full of cum just for her, his cock filing her greedy mouth, tongue lashing over it like hot blades of fire, as his cock hits the back of her throat, she is relentless her mouth plunging over and over she can hear him moaning over the sounds of the engine, he starts to twitch and she tightens her hot mouth over his cock, her cheeks sucked in holding him, he bucks his hips she feels the vibration up the length of his cock as he explodes shooting his cum into her mouth which she swallows greedily, just using her thumb and forefinger up and down his shaft milking that sweet cum into her waiting mouth she takes his length once again, her mouth hot and delicious over his cock as he shoots the last gobs of cum, her thirst unquenchable as she milks every drop he has, she collapses back in her seat licking her lips.


He smiles at her as he reaches with one hand and opens her blouse her large breasts spring free her nipples already engorged as his fingers play over them, she opens her eyes briefly to see the truck drivers giving her appreciative looks, she pushes a button and reclines back in her seat to give everybody a better view, hitches up her dress her feet on the dashboard placed as far apart as she can, his fingers trace down her body she pulls he lips open and his fingers slide in her wetness  grazing over her clit he licks fingers loving her taste, but he's driving and can't really satisfy her, looking at him she tells him not to worry, taking a large dildo from her bag, she rubs it over her stiffening clit, the truck drivers are like a convoy now each spending a couple of minutes driving along slide as she pleasures herself.


Bringing the dildo to his lips he tastes her nectar, he eyes glaze over as she slowly inserts the dildo he can see her opening stretching to accommodate it, inch by inch she pushes the dildo to the hilt, he can see her honey seeping out at the edges, as she slides it in and out each time more thickly coated with her cream, she can feel her pussy contracting on the vibration as her arousal heightens, his fingers tugging at her nipple, the truckers cheering and tooting their horns knowing she can't last much longer, faster and faster she plunges that dildo deep in her soaking pussy as it thickens around the dildo, her honey dripping settling in a pool at her ring, making her squirm, as her pussy tightens on the dildo making it hard to slide it out she makes shorter strokes, whimpering as her climax nears, he shouts at her to do it cum for him fingers now at her clit rubbing hard on that little nub, making her buck her hips, she feels the rush of her juices almost forcing the dildo out it's so slippery, he pinches on her clit, and makes her scream as pulls out the dildo in time for him to see her squirt, he can see that pink glistening flesh pulsate as she climaxes, she lays back body heaving as the wind bathes over her hot pussy cooling it. the truckers hooting at cheering as they speed by, thankful for the break in the monotony of their day.




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