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The Set-Up

She added excitement to both of their nights
“I wanna pull her hair,” Jack commented to his friend, Lilly. The two of them were sitting at a table watching the girl with her friends on the dance floor. She was significantly taller than the others of her group, though perhaps it was because her heels were much taller than the others. She was definitely the queen bee of her harem.

Lilly looked at the heels and knew she could never do more than teeter in them. They were sky high stilettos, the kind of shoe not meant to be functional, but rather were decorative. They decorated her feet and they decorated her ass. It was plumped up, a veritable shelf under the strain from those killer heels. She used it to bump with the hip hop music that was blaring through the club they were in.

Lilly rolled her eyes. She had heard it before. The two frequently hit the same bar on Friday’s after work with several others from the office. The rest had wives, husbands, girl friends, or boyfriends to go home to and would inevitably leave before Jack or Lilly, the remaining unattached co workers. It was like a broken record. Some girl would stand out. Jack would inevitably spend the evening talking about this girl who had caught his eye, but he would never actually do anything about it. It was almost enough to make a girl throw him a pity fuck. Almost.

Truthfully, Lilly probably would have given Jack more than just a pity fuck, but she kept that to herself. Office affairs always seem to end miserably. So she kept her thoughts to herself and just shared drinks and gossip instead. She inevitably would spend the night drinking getting progressively more inebriated as the night wore on until she would finally go home and feed the pet goldfish in her empty apartment.

She slowly stirred her drink with the little plastic stirrer, half listening as Jack continued to tell tales of his sexual prowess. He was launching yet another long winded and graphic speech that detailed something about how he would “stick it in her ass.” Lilly tuned him out as he filled in great detail to his imaginary sex scene with the girl on the floor. The girl’s weave looked expensive; Lilly doubted if she would take well to having it pulled. But that certainly didn’t stop Jack from fantasizing about wrapping it “around my fist, like this.” Lilly struggled not to yawn. She was so tired of the repetitive nature of her weekends.

She continued watching the pack of laughing girls on the floor. All had glossy long hair and nails. Their tips were a rainbow of colors that glowed in the semidarkness. They looked out at the people sitting scattered at tables eagerly with a certain hunger to their gazes. They were on the prowl and everyone in the bar knew it. Except Jack, or rather he knew it but lacked the initiative to do anything about it.

Lilly looked at Jack as he watched the girls. The look on his face was a dreamy longing mixed with a healthy dose of lust. Lilly rolled her eyes and turned back to the girls. It would almost be funny if he did try with one of them; at the very least it would be good enough for a laugh or two at work. She watched the mesmerizing swish of their hair as the girls rubbed their hips together. They strutted around, knowing they were the centers of attention.

She narrowed her eyes as she had a idea that started out as a stray thought. Would she be able to pull off the prank of the century? It would require a light touch. The cluster of girls would have to be prettier than they were smart. They would have to be gullible and eager to make it big. She might not be able to do it, but the longer she thought about it the more she liked the challenge. It would certainly change up the routine and boredom of their evenings. Plus she wouldn’t have to hear anymore about what he would do to them. That alone made the idea very appealing.

Obviously she wouldn’t be able to tell the truth. Nor could she count on Jack to follow through with whatever she did. Any preparations she made for him would have to stand alone without back up. This was going to require work, but she felt ready for it. She stood up and finished her drink, setting it down empty but for the ice tinkling in the bottom.

“I’m going to go dance. If you leave before I do, I’ll see you Monday for the dirty details.”

“What?” Jack asked, shock on his face.

“I can dance you know,” Lilly responded.

“Well yea, I know you can. It’s just the last time I saw you dance was with,” Jack stopped talking almost like he was afraid to mention his name.”

“Yea, I know. With David. But it’s long since time for me to dance again.” “And,” she mentally added, “It’s time for me to not being going home to an empty apartment.”

Lilly threw Jack a wink over her shoulder as she headed between the tables towards the rapidly filling dance floor. She started moving to the beat as she hit the edge of the floor. The girls were on the far side, but she knew she couldn’t just go straight to them. She would have to be more subtle.

A man she didn’t know, but who was tall and whose body melded against hers in a pleasurable way bumped up against her as she started to dance her way across the floor. She looked over her shoulder at him and he grinned at her. She smiled and leaned back against him; it was Friday. She was here to have some fun, and not just at Jack’s expense. She needed to cut lose. Besides, if she could use him to help her move across the floor it would be a lot less obvious what she was doing.

Slowly but surely, she made her way across the floor. She was flushed and enjoying every bit of it. The music was pumping through her, solid bass throbbing and thumping in a stimulating manner. Friday evenings were an excuse to drink and forget about the stress of her work week. She could unwind, enjoy her weekend, and brace herself for the metaphoric punch in the face that was every workday.

The gorgeous man had gone from a little flirtatious touching to running his hands along her sides. He slipped under the edge of her shirt with work roughened hands, barely touching but leaving her shivery and wanting more. She leaned back against his chest and ground her ass checks against what she could feel was his hardening cock.

The hands under her shirt had strayed much farther and were gliding along the white skin that lay directly below her breasts. They danced and teased there. Lilly held her breath, waiting for the delicious feel of a roughened thumb to sweep under her bra and rub her nipple. Then let it out with sharp disappointment as those hands stayed below the edge of her bra.

Never leaving the white skin along her ribs, his hands were touching her but Lilly want more. Her desire was a palpable thing now; she had quite forgotten her plan through the attentions of her mystery man. She willed his hands to rise and get rough with her nipples. They were desperate for attention. Her ass checks were pressed firmly against the man’s by now rock like erection. She ground her ass up and down feeling the cock rubbing her, the friction between her panties and her ass delicious. It felt great, but not nearly enough. Lilly felt empty and unsatisfied. Her pussy screamed for release and begged her to fill it with her fingers, his fingers, his tongue or his cock. Any of it, all of it was necessary. She had to have a release.

She turned to face her anonymous dance partner. His hands moved from under her shirt to cup her ass, pulling her close. His eyes were focused down her shirt. There wasn’t much he could see, her button up shirt and slacks from work were hardly club wear, but he seemed to appreciate the view nonetheless. She was pulled in snug to him, fingers digging into the muscles in her rump.

Lilly knew if she inspected her panties now she would find them soaked and musky. She rubbed herself back and forth against him, silky panties stroking her with every movement. Her partner pressed his knee forward, thigh between her legs. Lilly slid up and down against his leg. Her arms were up with hands fisted in her hair and her back arched. The shirt gaped and rather than the modest amount of cleavage she had previously sported, more and more of her globes could be seen from the top of the shirt.

In the crush of people on the floor, she was partially masked as she ground her pussy hard against him. The urgency she felt was building. She hips rocked violently as she ground harder and faster, riding his leg.

Lilly knew he was enjoying himself. A wicked grin graced his lips as he looked down at her face; his hands were holding her and helping drive her along his leg. She moaned as he slid his hand down beneath her waistband. Fortunately, the loud pounding music covered her. Callous fingers shoved over her soaked panties and pushed along her slit. Lilly panted and thrust herself onto his fingers, feeling his thumb rub her in the most intimate of ways. She was clinging to him now, her legs tense with the urgency she felt.

All her senses felt sharpened. His sweat smelled sharply salty and masculine. The music pounded and throbbed through her bringing her pulse to a crescendo. Her nipples rubbed against her lace bra as she leaned on his chest, scratching and tickling, teasing them to fine points. It was overwhelming. His fingers rubbed her in time to the music, driving her closer and closer to a very public orgasm.

Lilly could barely contain herself. She latched on tightly to his shoulders as she gyrated her hips, her breath ragged. The little moans she made with each forceful exhalation were the only noises she allowed to escape her lips as she panted there in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by strangers. The tension in her dripping wet center was exquisite. It clenched all her muscles as it built up.

Her head thrashed back and forth from pressed against his chest to thrown back. The thoughts running through her head ranged from “Oh God, he smells so good,” to “Oh shit, this feels so good.” She knew those close by could see what she was doing, although she hoped from a distance it merely looked like she was a bad dancer. But it didn’t matter who saw her. She was past the point where she could have just walked away, even if she had wanted to. Her spring was wound tight and soon it was going to snap.

She exploded through the sweeping change as all her muscles clenched and spasmed. Clinging to her mystery man she rode his hand to a glorious although muted orgasm, she found herself shaking and helpless. Her partner watched her, his satisfied face expressing his appreciation for her climax. He watched her as she twisted up her face with both the pleasure as well as the strain of not crying out. As the sensations rushed through her in waves, she bobbed up and down not unlike those dancing around her.

His smile didn’t quite make it to his eyes as he watched her grind out her first orgasm of the evening against him. In fact, he looked like a man in complete control of both her and the situation. He pulled his hand out of her and left a trail of her juices along her skin as he drug his hand out of her pants. He popped a wet finger into her mouth, tasting tangy and the perfect accompaniment to the whiskey she could still taste from her drink. She sucked the finger clean showcasing the skills that she would no doubt be using later in the evening. Her tongue rasped against the rough skin, stroking, tasting, and promising. His eyes watched her, telling her that he got her message loud and clear.

A wave of hot pink behind him caught her attention and reminded her of why she had started dancing in the first place. The girls were continuing to have a good time. Drinks in hand they swirled around, parading about like peacocks on display. Their queen’s long hair swayed as she waved her fruity pink drink high in the air. They were close enough now that Lilly could easily join them. Although she was enjoying the man who had just publicly fingered her, she really wanted to talk to them. That way she could concentrate on the wandering hands and where she wanted them next. Lilly stood on her toes so her lips were close to his ear.

“I want a cigarette,” she said. “I’ll meet you outside and we can share a smoke.” Her partner nodded understanding down to her and left in the direction of the now crowded bar. After watching him go, Lilly returned her attention to the group that danced beside her with the queen in the center. She leaned into their midst.

Doing her best gossip girl impression she said, “OMG, did you guys see who is sitting up there!?”

The girls looked around, some standing high on the toes of their platformed feet. “NO, Who?” They asked as one.

Lilly pretended to look shocked. She shook her head and said, “I can’t believe you don’t recognize Jack Jordan sitting there. I hear he’s looking for a new star to represent, but he’s very secretive. Doesn’t like people to recognize him.” She gushed on, “His last star is going to be the new Bond girl! I wonder if I’ve got star quality. They say he found Anna Jeanne Riley in a club in New Orleans. It sure would be nice to make the kind of cash she’s making! ”

The girls looked over in the direction Lilly was pointedly staring. By a happy coincidence Jack was sitting back and looking comfortably drunk, neither thrashed nor awkwardly nerdy. They looked back at her.

Queen Bee herself looked Lilly up and down, then responded, “I don’t know honey. What is he looking for? Radio? I would say if so you should definitely approach him.”

Lilly looked at the girl with the smug attitude and attention seeking looks. All the doubts she felt for playing the girl the way she was disappeared with the girl’s snide remark. “I might not have your assets,” looking at the girl’s ample booty, “but I have hidden talents. I bet I could make him decide he thought I had star quality.”

Queen Bee sneered, “I saw your ‘talents.’ They aren’t very hidden when you’re humping a guy’s leg on the dance floor. I’ve got better talent then you honey, and I can say this much, that scout won’t be looking for any star after I finish with him. He’ll be begging for more.”

Her friends gathered close to their friend. “Uh huh. I hear girl’s got skills,” they commented, defending their unspoken leader.

“Whatever,” Lilly said with a bored look. “I’m going to go to the ladies to freshen up then I’ll show you I have the skills he needs.” She stalked off with a toss of her head. She was heading to the ladies to freshen up all right, but not for Jack.

She ran cold water onto a paper towel; her face was red and flushed, no doubt a result of her dance and subsequent orgasm on the dance floor. Daubing at her checks and eyes she wiped off the sweat while looking in the mirror. Dressing for work didn’t quite have the same slutty appeal as club wear, but Lilly was not disappointed with her appearance.

She pressed the cold towel to her forehead and thought again of her partner. Her panties were soaked from his actions, and she desperately wanted more than his fingers in her still wet pussy. She ran her own fingers down her pants and thrust them in and out of that sopping hole. She sighed and closed her eyes at the delightful feeling. The relief was temporary though. A couple of girls came around the corner into the bathroom. Lilly quickly moved from fucking herself to merely adjusting her shirt. She smoothed her disheveled hair and headed back into the bar.

From the shadows of the bathroom doorway she could tell there was one less girl in the spangled group on the dance floor. Queen Bee was sitting on Jack’s lap. Lilly watched as she straddled Jack, short skirt hiked high. She used her hips as she kissed him with what appeared to be well practiced ease. Jack’s astonished look was priceless. Lilly could see the girl run her fingers down his chest, down past where the two of them were pressed tightly together. From the look on Jack’s face whatever she had done with her hand down there had been pretty amazing. His eyes actually got bigger and his mouth hung open in genuine shock. Her free hand was clasping his butt. It looked as if Jack was getting a hand job and was close to an orgasm as public as hers had been.

Queen Bee raised herself up from his lap momentarily, and Lilly could see that she had indeed been busy. Jack’s cock was standing tall and proud through the opening in his trousers. It was only visible for an instant because the girl quickly settled herself onto Jack’s pole. The look on his face was one an amusing mix of strain, amazement, and extreme excitement. The girl used her hips expertly as she gripped his ass. She was driving and rocking down on him, pushing him deep into her. Jack looked at her then kissed her back showing the first bit of initiative.

Queen Bee continued working her hips and then looked directly at Lilly with a smug look on her face. She leaned forward smashing her chest against his astounded face in a move as subtle as her hot pink nails. Jack’s back jerked and twitched. It certainly looked like her over the top move had pushed him over the top and he was filling her with his cream. Queen Bee blew a kiss in the direction of Lilly, the girl she assumed she had bested. Obviously, she had known Lilly was watching and had put on the show for her especial enjoyment.

Lilly tried her best not to laugh as she flounced towards the door in her best impression of a spoiled child. Comparing notes on Monday should be fun. In the meantime, there was a hunky man waiting for her and she couldn’t wait to get those hands back on her again. She had had one great orgasm tonight and she intended to return the favor. This was one time Lilly wouldn’t have to go home to an empty apartment.

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