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The Squad Car

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Don't get caught in the backseat of the police car!
I’m a cop in a big city and here is one of my stories, more of it true than false. I was working in uniform on the south side, by myself. I kept busy and certainly loved my job, but after a certain hour it got pretty boring and routine. I was totally bored at home too. The wife and I had grown quite a bit apart, our differing methods of raising the kids being partially responsible for the depth of the divide.

I had started surfing the chat rooms and one night encountered a woman who lived in my city with the big shoulders. We began a dialogue after I had interjected a comment about where the best craziest place I had ever had sex was—a squad car. I actually had told the story about how an officer, supervisor actually, had been embarrassed to ask for help when he’d found himself locked in the backseat with his lover. Anyway, this young lady, very much legal, had IM’d me, saying that she was fascinated by my story and would like to have a similar experience, without the “being locked in the backseat” part of course.

A week later our schedules allowed and we met while I was working, in that really boring period of time. She met me in one of the local hospital parking lots and got in my car. She was good looking, not break-your-neck-turning-your-head hot, but for the mother of two was quite outstanding, with a pair of great looking tits, a figure that said she worked out somewhere and a pretty face framed by dark blonde hair, and awesome lips. She’d already said that she only wanted to play with my cock and blow me that she wasn’t going to fuck. That was alright, this was her fantasy come true, not mine—but pretty close.

We got to know each other a little as we drove to a wooded area I knew would be pretty isolated at this time of night. She worked at a Target, had kids about the age of mine and a husband who’d lost interest in sex—poor bastard. She’d turned to face me in her seat next to mine. She was watching me and I started to get a little worried that maybe she’d changed her mind. But then she snaked a hand across and rubbed my leg, sliding her hand down onto my lap, grabbing my swelling cock. She pulled it back and ran it along my sidearm, over my equipment exposed on the front of the belt. She purred and said something like she loved a man in uniform. It sounded a little cliché, but who was I to say so.

She slid over as close as she could, which with the computer and report box wasn’t much closer. She nestled her head between my shoulders and ran her tongue up my neck, finishing with some nibbles at my ear lobe. I found myself wishing that we were closer to the park, but there wasn’t much traffic, so I figured we were safe.

She’d slid her hand back down to my crotch and was working her hand back and forth. She was hot and I was getting bigger. She fumbled with my zipper as we bumped up onto the park sidewalk, driving toward the bridge over the creek. She apparently didn’t believe me when I’d told her she wasn’t going to be able to maneuver the big guy out with only the zipper down while I was seated. It was a little more complicated than that.

I stopped along the bike/jogging path, under the lights, because no one was around. I unhooked my utility belt and allowed her to unbuckle my pants belt. She opened my belts up, my gun dropping down alongside the driver’s seat. It hit with a thunk, but she didn’t even pause. She undid the zipper completely and began to dig into my underwear. Her breath was hot and getting deeper as she struggled. I’m not super large, but I’ve gotten no complaints.

Finally she had my cock free. It was red and swollen, I couldn’t believe she was so aggressive. Her head dropped and she took me into her mouth as best as she could. If I thought her hand was hot, her mouth was ten times that and wet too. She stroked what she couldn’t get past her lips, the whole time moaning, but it sure sounded more like some kind of purr. Then again, maybe I just had pussy on my mind.

I took my foot off the brake when I caught sight of a jogger in my rearview. We idled along fast enough to stay ahead of him or maybe her. I turned down a rarely used utility drive and continued for a bit. Meanwhile the young mom continued to suck me, but she was really having a time with the computer and its brackets.

Her mouth occasionally lost my cock and she’d make a popping noise before diving back on me. I felt sorry for her, knowing that she couldn’t be comfortable. Because of the prisoner cage in the car I couldn’t lay back or adjust the seats much at all, so if we were going to stay in the car it was going to be tough. It didn’t seem to be slowing her down or maybe it was and I just didn’t notice.

Being the servant that I am, I reached across and slid my hand beneath her pants waistline. I found her panties first and was able to work under those as well. She was practically bald, bless her, I love trimmed pubic regions. She was dripping wet and accepted my first finger eagerly. Then a second and that was about as good as I could do considering the angle.

She didn’t seem to mind and was actually pushing her pussy against my hand. It dawned on me that I might be getting luckier tonight than I previously thought. We labored thusly for awhile then she came up for air and kissed me. She moaned something about loving my dick and that she needed me in her more than anything.

She didn’t have to say it twice. I was out of the car in a shot. She got out too and came around to my side. I was struggling with my gun belt, trying to get them and my pants downs around my ankles—I said the story was hot, not that I was graceful in any way. She came around and had removed her pants completely. She put them on the ground in front of me and knelt on them. She had me in her hands and then gobbled me up in a more traditional manner, groaning so loud I worried about that runner again.

She stroked me and sucked me into her mouth with the skill of a brazen hussy. I liked that a lot and had to think about spoiled baseball players to keep from filling her mouth with cum. Finally I lifted her face up and kissed her, better to do so now than in a little while, at least if all went according to plan. I opened the back door of the squad car and told her to get on her hands and knees on the backseat. I wasn’t going in too I remembered the last story when the sergeant got locked in.

She hopped in and pointed that great ass, a little pail, but it was only the spring, at me. I grabbed her hip with one hand and guided my swollen cock with the other. I rubbed the mushroomed head of my dick up and down her slit a few times because I like to do that shit. She was pushing back against me, so I started to push inside her. She was wet, but tight too. Man did she feel great.

I took a little while before I worked my whole length into her, mostly because I knew if I felt her constrict her pussy on the base of my cock I was going to spill my seed. We worked a good rhythm for a few minutes then she asked to stop. I was worried that maybe I was hurting her, but when she backed out of the car she said it stunk too bad. I admitted that it carried real bad guys who generally stank and that it had been my only option today.

I took her to the trunk and sat her up on it. It was the first time I got a good look at her pussy. What a sight. Beautiful, topped off with a single stripe of light colored hair, like a lieutenant’s bar. I saluted and she laughed. Then I was back in her, fucking like there was going to be no tomorrow. I think she came, or at least she claimed she did. I believe her because her pussy spasmed and pushed me past the point of return. I told her and she pulled my cock out of her and stroked me as I came all over her pussy and belly.

All of a sudden I was worried that I’d gotten cum on my uniform pants. When I looked I found no sperm, but plenty of mud. I had to clean for an hour before I could go into the station, well, actually we did. She stayed and helped. She even sucked my dick before I got off, swallowing too. We still meet, but now I’ve been promoted and that has its privileges—mainly nicer cars!

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