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The Strippers First Private Session

Shy college boy on display naked in front of a group of very curious young girls!
I never thought I would take a job like this one. I was shy by nature, especially around girls. But, as a freshman in college, I was dirt poor. And, because of my workload at school, I needed a job where I could work few hours and get the most money.

One of my new friends in my dorm was a girl named Nancy. I told her about my predicament one night and she said she knew the owners of a club just outside the city which featured male dancers. I was not a very good dancer, but I had been on the swim team in High School, and, as a result, I did have a pretty good body. Nancy got me an interview with the two female owners. This was a club owned and run by women, for women.

During my interview the owners explained that I would be expected to perform naked except for a small thong-like garment which would cover my privates. I would do three twenty minute performances and for this, I would be payed 150.00. They also told me that I could make extra money for what they called "private sessions", usually done at partys at peoples houses.

I had "performed" only four times at the club, mostly wiggling my butt in front of the female audience, when my boss approached me and offered to send me to my first private session. She told me that the rules were a bit different in private. I would more than likely be asked to remove the thong. But, I would be payed 200.00! I accepted the job.

I arrived at the apartment at about 2pm. Nervously, I rang the doorbell. I was greeted at the door by a woman who was very pretty and looked to be in her late 20's. She introduced herself as Maria.

"My name is Paul", I said shyly.

She told me that there were girls in the other room who had never actually seen a boy without clothes on, except on the internet of course, but never in real life. They had gone to all-girl Catholic high schools and were now in a women's Catholic college. She said she had been talking with them about boys and they were very curious.

"I thought it would be exciting to teach them about boys using a real life model", she said."I would like you to be that model."

This was not what I had expected but at this point I was already in her apartment so I figured I'd go through with it.

"Girls, this is Paul,"Maria said as we walked into the room.

There were four very pretty young girls sitting in front of a coffee table. They all looked at me with eager smiles. I could see that they knew what was about to happen. They knew, and I knew that soon I would be naked in front of them.

They all said, "Hi Paul" at the same time.

"Paul has agreed to be a model for us. I think it it’s the best way for you to learn about how a boys body looks and works.” Maria said. "Paul, please stand here where the girls can see and remove your clothing for us."

Maria pointed to a spot right in front of the four girls. I stood there a little unsure of what she wanted me to do. At the club, I had been nearly naked in front of lots of girls, but for some reason, this seemed different. I felt embarrassed standing before these girls. "Go ahead boy, take off all your clothes for us and just kick them aside." As I started to unbutton my shirt I looked at the girls. Their eyes were wide. They all were smiling and starting to giggle.

I removed my shirt, sneakers, and jeans and stood in my briefs. Maria giggled, "Paul wears whitie-tightie briefs for undies. Some boys wear boxer shorts." Then she cooed, "Ok Paul, please take off your underpants so we can see how you look naked." Her words made me feel embarrassed. At the club I wore a thong, But now, I would be completely nude.

Blushing, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of my briefs. I could feel my face burning. I was turning red from the thought of what I was doing. I pushed my briefs down. I remember feeling them slide over my hips getting momentarily caught in the front where the waistband found my genitals. And then, the feeling of the room air on my most private parts and the looks on the girl's faces when my briefs fell to the floor and I first stood completely naked in front of them. The girls gasped in unison. They all uttered different versions of "Ohh my God!", and then immediately began to giggle. Their giggling only served to further my embarrasment. I stood, watching their hungry eyes roaming up and down my naked body, blushing from head to toe.

"Ooohh.. very nice!", said Maria. "Turn around for us please so we can see all of you." I turned. And as I did Maria started talking to the girls who were now eagerly leaning forward in their seats. "Paul has a lovely bottom", she said, "Boys are usually very sensitive on their bottoms. When she said this I felt her fingers. She was lightly tickling the crack in my bum, bringing her fingers slowly up and down. I stood there feeling her fingers on me. She was giving me chills. I knew that goose bumps were visible on my arms and legs. "Mmmmm... he feels nice", she cooed, "especially down here." The girls looked on as Maria's fingers traveled down my bum crack and ticklishly underneath me to the area between my legs where the crease in my bottom stops and my scrotum begins.

Maria then asked me to stand on a coffee table with my feet as far apart as possible. She then instructed the girls to sit on the floor and look up at me. They eagerly obeyed. Now as I stood naked and exposed on this table the girls could easily see all the details of how I am made.

Maria said, "This is one of my favorite places on a boy." Maria’s fingers now went to that place underneath me. Her fingers gently touched the area just behind my scrotum. The sensation caused me to gasp. "See how sensitive he is here?” Maria said as she continued to tickle me. "Would you all like to feel him? Come and put your fingers here and see how soft and nice he feels."

The girls got up on their knees and reached up under me. I looked down at their faces as I felt their curious fingers slowly and carefully probing the sensitive area between my legs, exploring me, tickling me. Their fingers went from my underside, and ever so lightly over my balls. I felt so embarrassed and yet now the sensation between my legs was causing my penis to react. Much to my embarrassment, I was becoming aroused.

"Oh my god Maria.. Look at his...!” one of the girls started.

"Oooo yess" Maria said, "Paul is becoming erect because of what you are doing. Remember when we talked about a boy's erection?"

"Yes" said the girl as she continued to explore the area around my balls. "I remember you said that a boy has no control over it."

"Yes", Maria said, "That is right. Paul cannot make his penis become erect. And he also cannot prevent it from happening. Paul’s penis reacts to stimulation. You girls are touching some of his most sensitive sexual places. You are causing his penis to get hard."

Maria was, of course, very right. The girl's curious fingers were travelling up and down the crack in my bottom and all over my gentitals. They were leaving no areas untouched and the sensation was causing me to squirm.

By now my penis was fully engorged. It stood out from my body and, as usual when I am completely erect, it pointed slightly upward. I remember Maria saying, "Paul has a beautiful erection" and one of the girls giggled, "Look how it bounces when he moves!" At this, Maria put one finger on top of my erect penis and pushed down on it. She then let go and my erection sprang back up, hit my tummy and bounced up and down. The girls all giggled when they saw this. "Paul, you can get down off the table now. Girls, sit in your chairs. Paul is going to stand in front of each of you one at a time. Please feel free to feel and explore his erect penis and his balls. And if you have any questions please ask."

Maria then positioned me in front of each girl. One at a time, I stood, naked and fully erect before them, watching and feeling their fingers traveling all over my penis and balls. And listening to Maria's instructions, "Look at how his penis reacts when you tickle his balls". She was right. When I felt the tickling on my balls it caused me to contract the muscle down there and my already engorged penis would arch upwards. This feeling was new to me. I was painfully embarrassed. But the feeling of pleasure was evident. I could not hide it. My erection gave it away.

"Ok girls" said Maria, "there is another thing over which the boy has no control. It is called orgasm."

The girls looked at Maria and then back at me. "I think you have actually seen this happen on the internet."

The girls immediately know what she was talking about. "You mean when he cums?", giggled one girl.

"Yes” said Maria. "That is a slang word for it. When a boy's penis is stimulated in a certain way he will get a feeling. It is a very nice feeling. The feeling will begin down here.”

Standing beside me, Maria used both of her hands. One reached under me from the front, and one met the other under me from behind. She then proceeded in both directions. One hand went up over my balls to my penis and the other went up the crack of my bum. "His feeling of pleasure occurs mostly in this general area.” She said this as she ran both her hands all over my balls and ass. “And it is concentrated here in his penis." When she said this she encircled my erect penis with her fingers and began to move them back and forth. My reaction must have been obvious to everyone because they all gasped and then giggled with excitement.

Now I was being masturbated. "Does this feel nice Paul?" Maria asked as she continued to stroke me.

All I could manage to say was a feeble, "y-yessss".

As the feeling built between my legs Maria explained exactly what was happening to me. It was uncanny how she knew what was happening inside me. She knew the mounting feeling I was experiencing in my most private of places. She knew the pure excruciating pleasure she was causing. She invited the girls to place their fingers in various places on and around my genitals, on my balls, and underneath me near my anus. As she slowly stroked my penis she said, "Soon you will feel a series of contractions which will occur in this entire area. Each of these contractions brings Paul intense pleasure. This is how you will know that he is beginning to experience orgasm. Again, you should know that this is something over which Paul has no control. Even though he may be embarrassed standing here naked and erect in front of us like this, he cannot help but feel the pleasure."

I was squirming now. I was lost and abandoned to the overwhelming sensation of their nimble fingers exploring my sex. "Soon you will see him cum." Maria cooed, "and you will be able to watch him ejaculate."

As she said this I felt my orgasm approaching. I was going to cum. There was no stopping it now. It began just as Maria had described with the contractions. I suddenly noticed that I could see myself in the wall mirror across the room. I was quite the spectacle. Completely naked, feet apart, knees bent, stiff penis jutting out in front of me. And their hands, so many hands touching and teasing all around my most private and sensitive parts. I was a spectacle but the overwhelming feeling of pleasure had overtaken me. I didn't care anymore about being embarrassed. I just didn't want this feeling to stop.

They all spoke at once and giggled triumphantly as the intense feeling of orgasm began to surge through my body, “Oh my GOD”, one of them said, I think I am feeling his contractions!” And then they all spoke at once, "Oooooo look, he's cumming! Yessss! Is he getting that feeling now?"

"He sure is," Maria said, "look at how he cums." I watched their expressions as my body continued to convulse over and over with waves of orgasmic pleasure. I looked down and saw my penis visibly pulsating and gushing the hot liquid for all of them to see.

“It’s amazing, Wow! You look so incredible when you are cumming,", one of them said to me.

"Um.. thank you... I guess," I panted. what else could I say?

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