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The Theatre

A woman enjoys the XXX cinema
They had arrived at an opportune moment – no one was at the box office and the lobby appeared to be empty. “Two for theater two please,” her husband said to the cashier, who took their $13 dollars and handed over the two small green stubs that were their tickets to this adventure. She was getting nervous now, though they had done this before; she always got nervous – and excited. Their luck held as they strolled arm in arm through the empty lobby. The absence of an entourage, she hoped, would heighten the excitement at her appearance. He opened the door to the darkened theater and she slipped inside – in some ways this was the most nerve racking part, getting settled.

She stood under the dim exit light, letting it bathe her body in what would appear to the men inside to be a spotlight. She wore a simple black dress, mid-thigh, and black high heel shoes. She knew that the light from above was flashing off the silver buttons, which ran up the full length of the dress, and that her legs, encased in white, thigh-high stockings, were glowing. This was the moment – the rustling sounds and the movement of turning heads meant that her presence had been detected and she could feel the energy radiating out from her to the deepest recesses of the dark theater. On the screen an attractive blonde had a long and thick cock deep in her throat and the music was swelling. She felt her nipples harden and her labia begin to swell as He took her arm and they began the parade to the second row.

She loved this part. As they made their way down the aisle, the frenzy of energy and movement intensified as men bounded from their seats to fall instep behind them. Other men rushed ahead hoping to capture the prize of the seats immediately in front of her. As they neared the second row and turned into it, the commotion enveloped them as men filed into the rows in front and back and spread out across the aisle. One industrious fellow even squeezed around the end of the row to take a seat three places away on the same row. Although they didn’t know it, the second row was a perfect location for them to sit because the chair two places over was missing its seat, guaranteeing that no one would sit within two seats of her without an invitation.

As they took their seats, the commotion began to die down. The men, out of respect, turned their attention to the screen to allow her to get acclimated and proceed at her own pace. She began to watch the movie intently, as if she were watching a first run film, trying to get her excitement under control. As the men turned back to the screen temporarily, she began to survey the crowd. In front to her left set a well-groomed gentleman in a shirt and tie. He had spoken with them as they had walked in and seemed nice. He had agreed to keep an eye out for Jerry – the evil theater manager who would certainly diminish the fun, if not spoil it entirely. In front to her right was a clean cut man in a white polo shirt, and the guy at the end of the row was also clean cut, wearing a tie and glasses. She couldn’t see well behind her – though she was pretty sure one guy was wearing a suit, but she did see that those across the aisle seemed less presentable somehow – they must have been the regulars. She was pleased with the seating arrangements.

After a few minutes, she began to try to catch their eyes. Mostly, they sheepishly looked away. Their reticence was empowering – she knew that she was the one in control. She casually leaned forward to unclasp her bra and pulled it off through the short sleeves of her dress, reveling in the spike in energy that simple act caused. She leaned back in her chair and let her legs fall open wide as her gaze returned to the screen.

The movie was in one of those interminable periods of dialogue inserted to ensure that it had “artistic value” for the benefit of the censors. To bide time, she let her hands roam a bit, moving gradually upward to the top button on her dress, which she slowly undid. Letting her hands move slowly downward, she undid each button down to her waist. She shifted slightly in her seat to hike her skirt up over her hips in back, exposing the bright white tops of her stockings, but still covering her panties. She leaned back again, and slowly almost imperceptibly pulled her dress aside to expose her breasts with their rock hard nipples. The slight sound she heard told her that the eyes of the men around her were now focused on her breasts, heaving gently with her more rapid breathing and glimmering in the bluish light thrown off by the movie.

Propitiously, at that moment a new sex scene was unfolding on the screen before her. She allowed her gaze to drift upward, watching the actress stroke two large cocks as her hand found its way to her crotch. She began to rub her pussy through her now-moist panties. She knew that the darkness of the theater made it difficult to see exactly what her hand was doing, but also knew that their minds were filling in the blanks as their eyes, guided by her glowing white stockings, took in the scene. She began to hear zippers around her and knew that the men were taking their cocks out to stroke slowly while watching her.

After a few minutes of teasing herself, she stood suddenly, then pulled her panties down slowly, seductively. Resuming her seat, the carefully pulled her high-heel clad feet from the panties, then, brazenly, offered the crotch to the two men in front of her, allowing them to sniff its damp, sweet aroma. She handed her panties to Him and then relaxed back into her seat, letting her fingers play in the darkness of her thighs. She could hear the soft sighs and rhythmic motions associated with ten or more men stroking their cocks around her as her fingers worked more urgently into her wet, naked pussy. He was whispering sweet nothings in her ear that were beginning to drive her mad. The action on the screen was suddenly over, but her release was building, growing inside her as her back began to arch, lifting her hips from the seat as her moans escaped her lips and her hips began to undulate. He leaned over and whispered that she should be quieter and she realized that her moans were louder than the movie soundtrack, but she couldn’t stop. The tension of trying to restrain her moans as passion racked her body was too much, and she cascaded over the edge into her first glorious orgasm of the day.

She sat still for a moment with her fingers buried inside her pussy, letting the tension slowly drain from her body – her eyes closed tightly. A whispered “thank you” from her right brought her back to reality and she leaned forward in her seat, opening her eyes and giving a smoldering look of satisfaction to the gentlemen to her right, who at first looked away embarrassed, but then turned to meet her erotic gaze – he was in her power. She then took an opportunity to more brazenly survey the men around her, meeting their gazes with a white hot intensity, then glancing behind her to see what she had wrought. Here and there she saw stiff cocks buried in balled fists and was again excited by her power over these men. Some were even standing in their seats across the aisle to get a better view of her body.

She thought for a bit as another pointless interlude droned on the screen and whispered to Him, “I want that one” – pointing to the well-dressed guy in the front row who had agreed to be their look out. He agreed, and she leaned forward and asked the guard to sit next to her. The man in front virtually jumped form his seat, and she saw his hard, exposed cock as he slid down the row to sit next to her. After what seemed like an eternity, the action on the screen finally began to get interesting again. The heroine had demanded that her two friends, who were strangers, have sex and they were complying. As the blonde on the screen took the man’s hard cock into her mouth, she let her hands begin their work again, fingers working her clit and sliding between her lips.

While watching the action onscreen, she kept one eye on the man next to her. His cock was erect and visible as she asked, in a whisper, him to stroke it for her. His large fist enveloped his cock and began stroking slowly as her fingers were doing their work in her pussy. Her attention was now fully on her paramour, and she let her hand move to his thigh as he stroked. Slowly, she slid her hand up his thigh to cup his balls and then adjusted so she could grasp it fully as he released his grip. He came almost immediately from her touch, and she again felt her power over these men. She released his cock and massaged his balls until he pulled a towelette from his pocket and began to wipe up his cum. The action on the screen was now getting hot and loud. She realized that this would be an opportunity for her, so she increased the speed of her own fingers and brought herself to the brink. Her passion again lifted her from the seat as she arched her back, letting her head loll over the seat-back, eyes closed. Her moans escaped from her lips in time with those on the screen and her body tensed in sublime orgasm. This time, He did not tell her to be quiet, as her moans mixed with those from the screen and her release was full.

As she was enjoying the afterglow of her second orgasm that day, someone said “manager’s coming.” She quickly covered up and sat as if watching a Saturday afternoon double feature, pure as a church mouse. The gentleman at the end of her row then stood, said thank you again, and departed. The crowd began to settle down, thinking this was the end. She still had a surprise.

After a few minutes, when many of the men had returned their attention to the screen, she leaned over to Him and said “it’s time.” He knew what that meant, and he reached into the bag he had carried into the theater and produced a tube of KY and a 10’ dildo, which he passed to her. This dildo was special – it glowed in the dark. She knew that it was hard for the men to see what she was doing to her pussy in the dark, and a friend had purchased her this dildo as a “visual aid.” The tension increased around her anew, as the men leaned in to see what would happen next.

As the movie moved on to the next sex scene, she brought the head of the dildo to her lips and kissed it provocatively. She rested the end of its length against her chest, and its glow shone pleasingly around her face. As the actress in the movie began to suck an enormous cock, she pressed the dildo between her lips and took it deep into her mouth, sliding it in and out as her fingers on her other hand lifted the hem of her skirt and returned to working her pussy. Further in she worked the dildo, deep throating it, as she felt the energy around her build and heard the rhythmic movements of guys jacking off slowly. As her pussy became quite damp, she released the dildo from her lips, and shimmied down in her chair until her ass rested on the very edge, giving her full access to her pussy. She let the dildo trace a wet path down her chest as her hands again pushed her dress open, stopping to unbutton those few buttons around her waist that she hand never unbuttoned, and letting it fall fully away, exposing her nakedness from head to thigh-highs (though her arms were still in the sleeves and she could cover up quickly should Jerry show). She then lifted her left leg, and swung it over His knee – and swung her right leg over the guard’s knee spreading herself wide, as the wet tip of the dildo continued its downward travels, stopping briefly at her engorged clit – where it began to tease almost of its own will.

The men were closing in around her, their breath audible and their intensity feeding her actions. She lowered the dildo to her lips and slowly pushed it inside, working it deeper and deeper. Though she was nervous about Jerry, she knew that she could cover up quickly and hide the dildo simply by closing her legs – so she let her mind wander freely, as she took in the faces – and here and there an exposed cock – surrounding her. She worked the dildo in deep and left it hanging their glowing from her now clearly defined pussy, grasping it by her Kegel muscles, as she let her hands roam back up her body to pinch her nipples roughly. One hand then returned to her clit to work small circles.

All around her, the tension was palpable. It was as if a blast furnace had been turned on, only the heat was coming from her body and those around her. A glance to her right revealed a new guy in the place of the one who left, pounding his hard cock. A glance over her shoulder rewarded her with a hard dick, attached to the clean cut fellow in the suit she’d seen earlier, not five inches from her right ear. In front of her, a black man was stroking his enormous shaft as he stood and watched over the shoulder of the guy in the polo shirt. She was in heaven. As the stroking became harder, she reached down with her free hand to grab the dildo and worked it faster and harder, in and out of her pussy, her juices having long ago removed the need for the KY. Her other hand worked her clit furiously. Gradually, around her she began to notice streams of cum shooting from the cocks of her admirers. This just drove her on, as the dildo began to pound her pussy and her clit became even more rigid. As the climax was reached on screen, she moaned very loudly, her tensed legs again lifting her off her seat as her eyes closed and her head lolled, her hips jerking wildly with the most intense orgasm of the day. The moans of the cumming men around her punctuating the flashing colors she was seeing behind her closed eyelids.

She slowly began to calm down, lowering her hips back to her seat. After a few minutes, she felt that she could safely move the dildo without relapse, and pulled it soaked from her hot pussy. After cleaning it with her tongue to the delight of her audience, she passed it to Him and he put it away. She said “thank you” to the assemblage, and they returned the thanks. She then relaxed into the chair and buttoned up her dress, as if to say “that’s all boys.” After watching the movie for about five more minutes – once the guys’ attention had again returned primarily to the screen – He said “let’s go” and they rose quickly and headed straight for their car. No one was rude enough to follow. In the car, the kissed passionately and his hand roamed her body while he drove. Once home, they celebrated the successful outing the way they always did – with mind blowing sex.

The End
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