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The Thrill of being watched

How a day at the pool opened up a whole new world.
I was a shy and reserved kind of guy, the one that tended to keep away from the crowd at a party, hanging around the periphery ensuring that I wouldn’t bring attention to myself.

I was fresh out of a ten year marriage that hadn’t worked, when I met Jossi, an exuberant and feisty woman about eleven years my junior. While a little overweight, she had the most beautiful face and mesmerising large breasts. Somehow we hit it off – this outgoing and confident woman and me, the shy guy.

Even when it came to sex she took control at first. Our first time together as I plodded along at my frustratingly slow place afraid to let her know that I wanted to fuck her brains out, I couldn’t, but she took the lead and very soon we were both naked and she was bouncing up and down on my hard cock, her pendulous breasts waving freely above my face.

One Sunday we went to meet up with some of her friends who lived on a small farm just outside town. We got there to find two other couples sitting and drinking next to the pool. I was the outsider, the new guy, they all knew each other well and swapped stories about fun times they had shared together. I kicked into shy mode again, listening but saying little.

The day wore on, the meat was placed on the fire, more beers were opened and I began to loosen up. In true South African style at a braai (barbecue), the men hang around the fire watching the meat, sharing their limited culinary knowledge on how best to cook meat over coals, while the women did their thing separately, everyone usually gets back together once the meat is suitably charred.

On this particular day, the women chose to all leap into the swimming pool fully clothed. Clearly the tequila shots they had all had beforehand were starting to take effect. Once wet they ran over to hug their respective partners doing the manly thing round the braai fire.

As Jossi enveloped me in her wet clothes, I quietly admired the attractive view of the other two women, their soaked t-shirts hugging their bodies. It was at this point that Janice, our hostess announced that they usually all jumped in the pool nude at parties but chose not to this time as I was there – the stranger. Jossi nodded, confirming that at sometime everytime she partied with this crowd she tended to loose her clothes. I politely apologised for messing with their routine and said I wouldn’t mind if they swam nude (secretly I hoped they would).

Derek our host; and master of the fire, announced that the meat was be ready and asked Janice to get the rest of the food from the kitchen. The three women traipsed off, dripping wet, into the house. Nothing more was said about nude swimming as we quietly watched our host remove his cooking efforts from the fire.

Needing another beer, I walked indoors to find the three ladies standing in the kitchen in their underwear, still wet and some of it see through. They all looked up at me and smiled as I awkwardly thought of something to say but couldn’t. Jossi embraced me and whispered in my ear, telling me to relax. If I had been completely sober that would have been impossible, fortunately the alcohol had caused some of my inhibitions to be lowered slightly. I stood in the kitchen, sipping my beer and quietly ogling the three near naked women and they pranced around kitchen trying their best to tease the shit out of me.

Eventually I dragged myself out of the kitchen and delivered beers to the boys at the fire. I spluttered as I told them about seeing their partners in underwear, they laughed at me and told me that was normal at these functions.

We sat down to eat on the patio next to the pool, the women still in their underwear, my mind wasn’t on the food, I cant say that I was in any position to rate Derek as a chef. My eyes, now hidden by sunglasses, wandered lustfully over the women. Beneath the table, hidden in my shorts, my cock was rock hard. Next to me, Jossi had her hand on my leg and accidentally brushed it over my hidden erection. I sensed her tense up, a smile came to her face and she grabbed it through the fabric and began to play with me as I squirmed uncomfortably.

During the meal, tequila was passed around and slowly but surely I could feel the nectar of the agave plant forcing the shyness out of my body. One by one the group left the table and leapt into the pool, I was left alone, hoping my hidden erection would subside. They were all calling me from the pool, so eventually I stripped off my t-shirt and in a quick move, hoping it would conceal my embarrassing predicament, ran and jumped into the pool. Janice, subtly shouted, “Tony has a hardon!” as I hit the water.

I had hardly landed in the pool when I noticed items of clothing being tossed out onto the patio. Jossi, swam up to me and I noticed she was naked beneath the water. Looking around I saw that the only one still wearing anything was me. Jossi moved in and grabbed my shorts and yanked them down, “you’re going to have to lighten up and have some fun” she said as she pushed my shorts off my legs and onto the floor of the pool with her feet. She then embraced me and rubbed her body against me, grabbing my hard cock beneath the water. Her hand firmly around my erection, she led me to the shallow end of the pool where we joined the rest of the group.

We all sat chest deep in the water, leaning against the edge of pool, sipping our drinks as the conversation revolved around sex, swinging and orgies. Janice then suggested that me, as the new boy to the circle, will have to serve the next round of drinks, but that I was to do it naked. My inhibitions blunted by the alcohol in my system, I stood up, my erection clear for all to see, Jossi pounced. She leapt forward and thrust my cock into her open mouth. The observers cheered her on as she sucked on me vigorously. I looked around, initially shocked, but I quickly felt excited, I was enjoying this, I wanted these people to see what was happening. I was so turned on and felt any shyness within me disappear immediately; I didn’t want this thrill to end.

I was close to exploding in Jossi’s mouth when I pulled her to her feet and led her from the pool. I asked her to lean forward and grab the back of one of the patio chairs, our audience realising what was about to happen hooted and cheered us on as I slid my hard cock into Jossi’s waiting and very wet pussy. Leaning forward I grabbed her tits swinging freely and wonderfully as I thrust myself into her. My inhibitions were a thing of the past as I fucked this wonderfully wild woman in front of her friends. I felt her body tense and she cried out in orgasm. Her spasms tugged on me and I felt my knees weaken as I came inside her.

We got a cheer from the pool and I looked up to see the other two couples playing. I helped Jossi to her feet and we watched her friends (my friends) fucking in the pool. I had a massive grin on my face as I knew that a whole new world had been opened up to me and I was looking forward to a future without the millstone of shyness hanging around my neck.

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