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The Train Ride Part 2

Kate called the stranger and they arranged to meet in the park

Kate held the card in her hand. She quickly scanned the carriage but she had missed him. He had probably changed carriages. She smiled to herself and slipped the card into her bag. She sat back down, feeling the wetness of her panties.

Later that night Kate took out the card and held it. She wanted to ring but felt nervous at what she might find. She had taken a few drinks to give her some Dutch courage. Finally, she felt her fingers skim over the pad of her phone and she heard it ringing.


“Hi,” Kate replied, unsure as to where she should take the conversation. There was a long pause.

“It’s you?” the voice on the other end whispered.

“Yes,” Kate replied. Again there was a lengthy pause.

‘Did you like it?” was all he asked.

“Yes, very much.”

“I did too. Would you like to do it again?”


Kate remembered the train ride and felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

“Okay, can you be in Centre Park tomorrow, say at 12.00 noon?"

“Yes.” Kate held her breath a little.

“Please wear the same skirt and have a towel to lie down on. Please remember your phone.”

The line went dead. Kate breathed out and set about organizing her day so that she could be at the park by 12.00 noon.

That night Kate had trouble sleeping. She was excited at the idea; her mind raced ahead to what might happen.

The morning dawned and Kate rose, had a shower and dressed, then headed off to her work in the city. The morning seemed to drag as the clock slowly wound its way towards noon.

Ten minutes before the appointed time, she quickly hurried out of the office onto the street and made her way to the park. She was dressed in her short skirt, high heels and a white blouse. The day was sunny and warm. Kate carried her bag that held the towel that she felt she might need.

She arrived at the park. Her phone beeped and a message had arrived giving her directions to a particular spot in the park. She looked around and noted that the park was pretty busy with many walking and many soaking up the warmth of the sun.

Kate arrived at the spot, laid her towel down and then proceeded to lay on her stomach. She connected her phone to her ear and waited. Within a few seconds, she could see the guy from the train walking towards her. He was wearing loose shorts and a t-shirt and sunglasses. He had his phone connected to his ear and carried a bag.

Just then, her phone buzzed.

“Hi, ready?” he asked.

“Yes,” Kate replied. She liked the idea that they would be talking on the phone throughout the time they were there.

Kate watched as he placed his towel down and lay no more than a couple of yards away. His legs pointed directly at her. He placed the bag at his back and sat up looking at Kate. She heard his voice.

“Lie down facing me.”

Kate folded her arms under her head and lay down facing him. She watched as he slowly lifted one leg while the other lay straight on the ground. She took a breath as she saw that the leg of his shorts on his straight leg lifted up, allowing Kate to look directly up his shorts. She clearly saw his cock lying against his thigh.

“Mmm, nice,” she whispered into the phone.

She quickly looked around realized that no one could see him from the same angle as she could. Kate looked back and took a little breath as she saw his cock start to thicken and lengthen under the leg of his shorts.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“Yes,” she whispered. She saw that his cock had become long and rigid. She clenched her thighs together. His cock lay along his thigh with the eye pointing directly at her. She watched as he slid his hand down into his lap and slowly traced his fingers along the length of his cock, taking it in his fingers.

Kate quickly looked around again to see that no one was paying him or her any attention. She looked back to see that his fingers were sliding back and forth along his cock.

“Is watching me making you wet?” he asked.

“Yes,” Kate replied, and to emphasize the effect he was having on her, she squeezed her thighs together. She could feel her wetness between her pussy lips. She kept watching him as he stroked his cock and began to move his fingers along his cock a little quicker.

“Watch me as I cum?” he asked.

“Would love to,” Kate replied as she saw that his cock jerked and a spray of cum spewed forth onto the grass. Kate watched as his cock jerked several times and each time launched another stream of cum before finally just leaking cum from the end of his cock.

“Nice, really nice,” Kate whispered into the phone. She watched as his cock slowly became smaller and slid back into the leg of his shorts. He smiled and rearranged himself and quickly rolled over and lay on his stomach looking at Kate.

“Your turn,” was all he said.

Kate looked around. Nobody was looking or paying them any sort of attention. She sat up and moved her towel so that her legs were now pointed at the guy. She was already very wet from watching him. She slowly lifted one leg and bent her knee allowing the guy to look directly up her short dress.

“Ooh, nice. I can see that you are wet, there is a spot that is lovely and showing.”

Kate felt embarrassed and also thrilled that he saw. She lifted her leg a little more and moved it outward so that her complete panty-clad pussy was on display. She gradually slid one hand along her thigh, higher and higher, until her fingers lay against her panty.

“Take them off?" he asked.

She smiled and looked around at the same time her hands slid up to her hips and quickly slid her panties down her legs and off. She very quickly slipped them into her bag. She sat back a little and slowly lifted her knee again.

She felt the breeze play against her open and exposed pussy.  She moved her feet further apart.

“Mmm, yummy,” she heard in her earpiece.

Her heart was pounding with both nervousness and sheer sexual excitement. Again her hand slowly slid along her thigh until her fingers slid against her wet pussy. Starting gently, she began to slide her fingers up and down her wet cleft.

She looked at him and knew that he was watching every movement that she was making. Knowing he was watching sent a shiver through her body. Her fingers moved upwards a little more and started to rub against her clit. She lay back a little more as she felt the hard nub that was her clitoris.

Keeping a steady rhythm, she felt her stomach spasm and release as she circled her clit with her fingers. Kate felt her orgasm approach, her eyes closed as her body began to shudder more often and waves of pleasure surged through her body.

She gasped aloud as her orgasm hit sending spasm after spasm of pleasure through her pussy. She convulsed a little as waves of pleasure kept coming.

“So nice,” she heard him say as her body began to slowly calm down. She removed her hand from under her skirt and placed her leg down. She opened her eyes to see him walking away.

Kate was so excited at doing that in front of a stranger.

“Till next time,” she heard him say in her ear.

Kate smiled to herself.

“Till next time,” she heard herself say before the line went dead.



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