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The Truck Ride

She asked, "Are we gonna get out of this house today baby?"

Replying, he said, "We're gonna go somewhere but, we can't take the bike in this storm?"

She smiled and said, "The truck will do fine."

While he finished up his morning routine, she dabbed some makeup on and brushed her hair. The storm had darkened the sky completely. Low rumbles of thunder echoed as they made it to the truck. She placed the drinks she had brought in their perspective places and continued to arrange the cab. Removing everything from the center counsel and raising it, she waited for their eyes to meet before she laid her head in his lap and stretched out on the seat. He laughed out loud, started the truck and put it on the road.

She had her jeans un-zipped and her hand in her warm pussy before they made it to the end of their road. It didn't take her long to melt into the seat as he found a cd and popped it in the player. Keeping one eye on the woman and the other on the road, he took her for a ride.

Hitting the interstate, preferring the cruise control at times like this, he ran in to the silly people slowed for the rain. Setting his speed, he relaxed and undid his pants. Pulling his cock out, he stroked himself a little before reaching into her jeans to help.

She slipped her pants off leaving her underwear on. He took her by the back of the neck and pushed her down on his hard cock. Reaching down her backside, rubbing firmly and grabbing on to her ass, he spanked her each time her mouth went down forcing her onto him. Her growls turned to moans as he caressed past the blushed butt cheeks and found the opening to her ass.

Excited, she arched her back and made it easy for his grip to find it's mark. Cupping his hand, he found her opening. Hooked into her, he finger fucked slowly, stretching and pulling her up off the seat just as a big truck pulled along side. On her knees, ass in the air, she reached down along her belly and found her clit.

Working her clit, she lost what she was doing to his cock. It didn't matter much, he stood tall and firm, getting off on the ass fucking he was giving her. Concentrating, she came down on the bulge of ripple and hot head that was ready to explode in her mouth.

Moving, she knelt on the floorboard and griped his shaft in one hand and found her pussy with the other. Raising a leg over the seat, she used it to grind her fingers into her cunt. Rocking to the finger fucking, she lowered her mouth, sucking in rhythm, humming along.

Fingering with out mercy, she came.

Holding her face in his hand, he shook her loose from his dick whispering,

"Don't bite."

She released her bite and began to suckle the wetness from his lap. Knowing he could never cum on the road, he began to search for a turn off to pull over. She crawled back up on the seat continuing her obsession. The truck made some turns and then stopped.

She looked up at the man soaked with sweat. He looked down at her and brushed back the wet hair stuck to her face. The sun came out and shone through the windshield.

She sucked wanting her rewards. Tasting the saltiness begin to cream her mouth, she knew he was ready. He held off. The devil in her took him that instant. Deep from his balls, up along the shaft, she emptied his cum down her throat.

She smiled at the sunshine on her face and rested in his lap. The light on his cock sparkled in the wet. Resting in the warmth, he closed his eyes and smiled too.
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