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The Wildlife Refuge

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Having a wild time at the wildlife refuge
I once took a lady friend to a local wildlife refuge for a picnic on a sunny fall afternoon. Though we'd known each other for some time, and done things together and sorta' made tongue in cheek comments about sex, we'd never really "been together".

Well, after finding a nice, shady, secluded area, and spreading the blanket out, having a nice meal (that I prepared, by the way), I couldn't help noticing that when she moved just a certain way, I could see into the top of her sundress, and could tell that she had a sheer little bra, and a really, REALLY nice set of TATA's... so to speak. And she smelled wonderful. As our talk turned to sexual bantering as it often did, I just sorta' moved closer, nuzzled the nape of her neck and said "mmm... you smell like something I'd like to EAT"... and I gave her a nice, wet, lick from her ear to just above her cleavage...just to "test the waters". Turned out, the water was JUST FINE!!! So I jumped in. I continued to kiss around her neck and began to caress the inside of her arms, making sure to “inadvertently” brush her breasts with my arm. I could feel her nipples stiffen thru her sheer bra and flimsy little dress, so I let my hand drift from her arm to lightly stroke just UNDER her breast, still making sure that I brushed just the right spot. This was met with great approval...SO, I continued. I let myself into her "blouse" with one hand, and began to very lightly lick between her tits, stroking around her breast with my hand, but still not making full, deliberate contact. By this time, she was about to melt in my hands, not in my mouth (yet).

With my other hand, I unbuttoned the lower part of her dress, and flung it open, to reveal a matching, sheer G-string...and underneath, a now soaking wet, and SHAVED mound. I about lost it then and there! It was just about more than I could stand. BUT, I regained my composure and continued my ways. By now I had undone the (front) clasp of her bra, and unleashed her tits… they were just perfect. Round, firm, but supple, with rock hard nipples... milky white breasts with a stark tan line that was just... mmm... too much. I started to lick and suck on her nipples and I could feel her writhe under my touch. Her fruity smell and taste was absolutely delicious! With my "G-string hand", I had begun very lightly caressing her inner thigh, and toying with, but not "violating" her panties just yet. As before, I was very deliberate in making sure that I occasionally "brushed" against her wet, undulating cunt, but also making sure that I didn't satisfy her urge for full contact just yet. I wanted to build the anticipation to the point where she was about ready to cum even before I got to "the good stuff"! I slowly worked my way down her torso, licking and caressing along the way...kneading her nipples with one hand and toying with her hot, wet pussy with the other. Just as I got to her "panty-line"...She couldn’t stand it anymore, and TORE the strap on the side of her G-String and flung it open!

I was licking, kissing, caressing and fondling all around her dripping wet, cunt...she was moaning and BEGGING for me to "do it"...but I still had some playtime remaining---As I stroked her thighs, rubbing around her mound, right up to the edge of her lips...and back...I took one hand and with her hips raised off the blanket to meet my face, I lightly "tickled" her ass, moving down the crack, around to the opening of her screaming pussy ands slllowwwly slipped my thumb in--and began to "finger fuck" her. This sent a shudder through her entire body, stopping her breath for a moment, and then she let out a gasp...THAT was the signal I'd been waiting for...with that, I breached the lips of her cunt with my tongue--first licking slowly, gingerly, ever so lightly around the OUTSIDE of her to bottom...all the way around, several times. She was wild with desire...about to come out of her skin. Still finger fucking her all the while, I slid my tongue down to the opening where my thumb was beating a slow, methodical rhythm...I slid my tongue INSIDE her lips, making sure that it (my tongue) was narrow, almost pin-pointed... and began moving up her dripping slit as she began to SCREAM out loud. Reaching her clit, near the top, I paused and withdrew my tongue...for just a brief moment---she was about to cum...then locking my lips OVER her clit, creating a sucking sorta' vacuum, I began to roll my tongue all the way around her clit, softly and slowly at first, then harder, faster and with more pressure. She was uncontrollable at this point. She rolled me onto my back and got on top of my face...and we didn't miss a beat...she began fucking my face ...moving full range across my tongue. Moments later, she came... she came hard! She convulsed and shuddered..the juice from her cunt rolled across my face, into my hair...I thought I was going to drown! She nearly passed out for a second, but that wasn't to be the case. Without a WORD, she turned around, keeping her cunt in my face, and un-did my belt, removing my shorts and liberating my rock hard dick from it's prison! Without hesitation, she swallowed it whole. I could feel the back of her throat with the head of my dick. She caressed and tickled my balls with her finger nails, and began to pump my dick for all she was worth. I was near a coma!!! I was already so horny from doing her for the last 45minutes that I was ready to explode...and after a short time, I DID. I blew a HUGE load right down her throat. She sorta' choked for a sec, but never broke excited her. She began going faster, moaning and coveting every drop of cum I could muster. I stopped her, gently pushed her forward onto her knees, facing away from me.

She still had her dress draped over her (unbuttoned down the front), so I hiked it onto her back, and slid my still hard, slick dick into her cunt from behind. She shuddered again and let out a deep, low moan. As I thrust faster, and faster, I reached around front and began to play with her clit with my index finger as I fucked her from behind. Her ENTIRE body began to shiver and shake, and just as I came again, so did she. She collapsed onto the blanket, and I collapsed right on top of her. We were both sweaty, soaked with sex. But absolutely satiated.

As I began to recover, I looked up, across the field, to see something I hadn't noticed before... a parked car, about 100 yards away! I knew it wasn't there when we drove up, it must have come while we were "busy". There were two men seated on the hood, smoking cigarettes!!! I don't know how long they'd been there, how much they saw, but I bet it was the best display of wildlife they'd ever seen on THAT refuge! As I pointed it out to her, we both began to laugh...what can ya' do? We both stood up, still mostly naked, took a bow in unison, got dressed, packed up the car, and went home!
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