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Things can happen when you least expect them

Live music just got LIVE
Things can happen when you least expect them. This was very unexpected.

This is a true short story, slightly altered by rose tinted glasses.

It all takes place in Rock City in Nottingham, we ( a big group of friends) had travelled to this great venue to watch our one of our favourite bands, Megadeath, in the late 90’s. We were all excited and full of anticipation for the show we were about to watch. We were drinking in the bus and the atmosphere grew and grew. For most of us this was the first time watching the band and only my second gig ever, so the whole thing was new. In our excitement we arrived in Nottingham way too early. So lads being lads, we had to waste a few hours in the bar getting ready for the evening. I certainly didn't expect things to go the way they did, but I am glad it did.

It was midway through the second or third song when an older lady in her mid-thirties pushed through the crowd and stood in front of me. Naturally I checked her out. She was about 5’ 5” with a nice figure, wearing just a bra on top and some combat trousers. It was truly hot in that room and I noticed she glistened in the heat. Other than that my attention turned back to the band who were tearing up the stage. As the band hit the fifth or so song they slowed it down a bit. As they did she backed into me, her shapely ass pressed into me. I can’t lie. It felt good, but as the venue was full I naturally assumed that someone in front of her had pushed back, so I lingered for a moment then did the gentlemanly thing and stepped back a step.

As I stepped back however, so did she, pressing a little further into me. At this point I thought “Why not?" It was worth a slapped face if I got the signal wrong and placed my hands on her shapely hips, holding her against me. She held my hands there. I was not wrong. This gig was getting a little more interesting.

She ground into me and it took just seconds for my cock to respond. I pulled her closer to me, holding her hips firmly as my cock grew and grew against her. I was again surprised as she placed one of my hands on her pert breasts. They were small, and perfectly formed. I was very pleased to find her nipple harden as I ran my hand over her bra. This sort of thing never ever happens to me was all I was thinking as my cock throbbed against her great ass.

I ran my hands over her gleaming chest, gently up her neck before turning her head so I could kiss her. My tongue found hers instantly as she gyrated against me. I was inexperienced and this was such a huge turn on. I felt her hand run up my leg and she ever so slowly ran her fingers over my bulge. I couldn’t believe I was stood in the middle of 2500 people with my hand inside a bra of someone I had never seen more than 20 minutes ago.

It was such a fucking turn on. I continued to pinch her nipples alternately as I kissed her deeply, her hands running all over me. I took a look around, surprised that no one was watching us. I decided to be a bit more daring as I ran my hand down her sides and held my hands in between her legs and held her firmly towards me. I heard hear moan into my mouth as we kissed and as she ground her pussy against my hand.

I unzipped her trousers and slide my hand inside to feel delightfully smooth silk knickers. My hand travelled further down and traced my finger over her lips feeling how moist her knickers had become. Her breathing became more ragged as I teased her clit through the soft silk . My other hand continued to play with her fantastic nipples.

Still I kept looking around and no one noticed my hands in her bra or in her knickers. The band were on fire thankfully. I slipped my hand inside her silk knickers to find a totally smooth and totally wet pussy. I remember pushing middle finger deep inside her and I pulled her close to me. I heard her gasp as my fingers entered her as deeply as I could. I quickly added a second as I fucked her deeply with my fingers in time with the music. In my young years this was almost like a wet dream. I was there controlling this hot, older woman surrounded by a large crowd who paid us no attention at all.

I brought my now moist fingers up to my lips and tasted how sweet she was. She looked at me lustily as I tasted her. I felt her hand unzip my trousers and she reached inside and began stroking my cock. I was so turned on it was all I could do not to cum there and then. I felt her hands gently rub my tip through my boxers, expertly using her finger nails on my rock hard shaft teasing me. She cuped my balls and massaged them. She knew how to tease my cock and I responded by alternately driving my fingers inside her with gently circling her delicious clit.

She shifted her body slightly and released my cock from the restraints of my boxers. It felt like such a turn on to have my cock out in the middle of this crowd. She stroked me slowly in time with my fingers as they slid inside her. She felt so hot in my hands, reacting to the pace I'd set with my fingers.

I felt her fingers firmer against my shaft as she quickened her pace. Her nipples hardened even more and her breath became in shallow and quick. She was close, her moaning constant in my ear. I pushed a third finger inside her and matched my thrusts with her breathing. I quickened the pace again. I fucked her stunning pussy with my fingers as she broke into orgasm, her moans music in my ear. It remains one of the greatest sounds I have ever heard. A sexy woman cumming while listening to your favourite band is a joy to behold, let alone in the middle of thousands of people.

At this point I could no longer contain myself. I was thrusting my hips in time with her strokes, my orgasm building up inside me until I could not hold it in any longer. I shot my huge load in three deep pulses, all up her back and on her sexy bum.
We stayed there for what seemed like hours but it was only probably minutes. She deftly put my cock inside my boxers and kissed me.She was going to clean up she said, so I waited by the toilet for her, wishing I could be inside with her. As she came outside we talked a little. Then at the worst time my friends came over and whisked me away to make sure we made our bus. Thanks guys!

I never knew her name or got her number but really loved that one evening we shared.

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