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Through The Window

Sylvie puts on a one woman show for her hard working window cleaner...
I slump down in my chair, relieved that my board meeting is over. It’s been such a stressful day; breaking down that morning and waiting on the hard shoulder for the AA for nearly two hours; breaking my heel on the way into work, and being shown up by Mr Masterson in my meeting. Bastard. I look at the time- 4:30pm. Hmm, what to do for half an hour?

I walk over to the door and turn the key, hoping the tell tale sound of the lock won’t draw the attention of too many people. The vertical blinds are already closed, as they often are on sunny days. The occupants of the small little cubicles situated outside of my office work much better when they feel they aren’t being blinded by the light.

I make my way over to my big leather desk chair, pussy already wet in anticipation. Hiking up my skirt around my waist, I settle myself into the cold leather, and turn myself around to face the window. Despite working at least four floors higher than the neighbouring buildings, I love the feeling that someone might be able to spot me at any moment, even though I know that it’d be highly unlikely.

I let my body relax as my right hand slips below the waistband of my old grey knickers. Not the sexiest, I’ll admit, but I think sexy lingerie is a waste if no one is going to see it. Although keen on the idea of being seen finger fucking my wet pussy, the practical side of me knows that the location of my office is more than enough of a reminder to not waste my money on stockings and thongs.

I wind my fingers through my untrimmed bush (I probably shouldn’t have missed my last waxing session), teasing myself lightly, dragging out the anticipation. I moan lightly as my left hand teased its way up my thighs, making my clit throb with want.

Head back and eyes closed, I finally touch my pink clit, glistening with my own juices. Jesus, this is what I need! I rub my hand in a circular motion, slowly stimulating myself, preparing to put my fingers to work. I open my eyes, deciding that I need to stand up and take my panties off so that it’ll make it easier to fuck myself. Shit. How long has the window cleaner been there, mouth hanging open as he perches on his platform, clutching a squeegee?

I jump up quickly, pulling my skirt down before he can see the brown hairs poking out of my knickers, or the incredible wet patch turning my knickers almost see through. I sit in my chair, mortified, as he continues to clean the windows behind me. After what feels like forever, I see the steady descent of his platform in the reflection of my computer screen. Now I can have a mental breakdown.

How could I forget that the window cleaner came on Mondays? I don’t know what I’m more embarrassed about, that he caught me touching myself, or that he saw my old underwear, and quite possibly my bush. And yet, my pussy is wetter than ever. If I’d been wearing something sexy, and I hadn’t missed my waxing appointment, then would I have jumped up like that? After all, I’ve always fantasised about being watched. I spend the next ten minutes of my work day mulling over the possibilities.


This is it. I’ve waited an entire week for this moment. Over the weekend, I took a trip to both the beauty salon and shoe store, swapping my bush for a neat Brazilian landing strip, and worn out flats for some sexy black stilettos.

Rushing home from work last week, I went directly onto Love Honey, pushing my bravery limit and ordered a daring red bra, g-string and suspender set, spending a little more than I would have liked. I washed my mousey brown hair last night, and curled it this morning, so that it framed my face. I dug out an old red lipstick, which an ex had told me gave me ‘blow job lips’, and which I knew would compliment my sexy underwear.

All day I’ve been on edge, barely being able to contain my excitement, or my pussy juices. I’ve been messing up in meetings, getting tongue tied on the phone. I glance at the clock again; 4:23pm. Ah fuck it. Repeating my pattern last week, I walk over and lock my door, and I check for all possible gaps in the blinds. I intend for this to be a private viewing.

I walk back to my desk, butterflies in my stomach. I’ve been dreaming about this moment for the past week, praying that I won’t lose the courage that I have been steadily building up, and hoping that I won’t end up making a fool of myself if I go through with it.

I remove my jacket, slinging it over the back of the high backed chair and undo a couple of buttons on my blouse; not enough to completely undo the shirt, but just enough to show off the half cup bra, revealing the edge of my nipples. I hoist my skirt up again, this time smoothing it over my stomach, so that the suspender belt will be in full view. Sitting down, enjoying the cool leather on my bare bum cheeks, the g-string offering next to no protection, I spread my legs wide. Glancing over my shoulder, the clock says that it’s almost play time; 4:29pm.

I pull my blouse aside, making sure that all intimate parts of me are on display, wanting to be thorough. I take a relaxing breath and close my eyes. I snake my right hand down my toned stomach, a result of no boyfriend and a free gym membership courtesy of work, and stroke my swollen clit through the sheer lace of the underwear.

Mmm, I’ve never been so wet before! I increase the rhythm of my right hand, as my left hand caresses an exposed nipple. I open my eyes slowly, to see the tall, dirty blonde window cleaner stood there, mouth hanging open and with a huge, raging hard on. Feeling brave, and knowing I can’t exactly embarrass myself much more, I bite my rouged lip seductively, and wink at him.

He smiles naughtily back as he unzips his jeans, freeing his 9 inch cock. Mmm, commando. Just the sight of his large, thick cock sends a fresh wave of desire through me, and I pull aside my g-string, wanting him to approve of me as much as I approve of him. I looked down to see my juices running over the leather of my chair, and smirk as I notice that is where his brown, smouldering eyes are also drawn.

Dying to be penetrated by his cock, and knowing that I’ll have to make do, I push two fingers inside of my pussy and moan loudly at the relief. I start up a gentle rhythm, wanting this to last as long as possible. The window cleaner moves his left hand up and down his hairless cock, leaning up against the window with his right. I lick my lips, imagining how he’d taste. God, I wish it was possible to open my windows. Stupid health and safety regulations.

He is only five foot away, and I can already see his pre-cum lining the head of his dick. A tingling spreads through my pussy, and I know it won’t be long until I reach orgasm. I insert a third finger into my now soaked pussy, hoping he’ll get the message that if he were ever interested, I'm more than capable of accommodating his full length. I’ve never been with anyone bigger than 7 inches, and I can’t help but imagine how much of a difference those extra two inches would make.

Spurred on by my eagerness, he starts moving his hand much faster up and down his length, his face relaxed in what I imagine to be intense pleasure. I can feel my orgasm building up inside of me, threatening to overcome me at any minute. I move my left hand, which had been paying close attention to my light brown nipples, to my clit, working it in time to my pumping fingers.

Throwing my head back, I let out a loud moan, almost a scream as I cum heavily. Breath ragged, I look to the window just in time to see the window cleaner blow his load all over the glass. Not quite knowing what I’m doing, I make my way over to the window and get on my knees.

Not looking away from his eyes, I slowly lick the inside of the window where his cum should be, wishing I could taste the tip of his dick. He smiles devilishly and pulls a pen and piece of paper out of his pocket. Scribbling something quickly, he presses the paper up against the window so that I can read what he’s written:

Same time next week?

I nod eagerly, and mouth ‘definitely’.

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