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TittyGirl at School

One of my classes at art school is life drawing, which means a nude model—very up close and naked. I remember the first day when this woman walked in wearing a blue terrycloth robe, took it off, and hung it on a hook. And there she was—sagging breasts, hairy pussy and all. The guys were riveted; the other two girls and I exchanged appalled glances. She was so cool, though. She was completely at ease in her nakedness and calmly struck the pose the teacher asked for.

That night I told my roommate about it when she got home. She must have heard something in my voice because she grinned and said, “You were jealous, weren’t you?”

“Jesus, Jenny, why would I be jealous?”

She got this smug look on her face that I hated. “Oh, please, Celia, you’ve always been an exhibitionist.”


“How about that picture of you spreading open your pussy that was floating around the school when we were seniors?”

“Kevin took that and it was supposed to be private. I mean come on, he was my boyfriend.”

“And what about all those pictures of your tits that your brother passed around when we were sixteen.”

“He ambushed me when I was getting dressed. He used to sell those.”

“He ambushed you that many times?”

“Well…no. Sometimes I just happened to let him see me topless. It’s not like he wasn’t always running around upstairs with his cock out.”

‘Okay, but I remember slumber parties when the boys would come by and you would flash them out the window.”

I couldn’t deny that. I still liked walking past the windows naked. I didn’t do it when Chloe was around, though, which was most of the time since she’d moved in with us. She and Jenny made a cute couple, but the girl was fixated on my nipples and I didn’t want to encourage it. The whole thing made Jenny laugh. She thought I just ought to let Chloe suck them and get over it. Sometimes I’m tempted. I adore having my nipples sucked and guys never do it long enough. They do one, then the other, and move on to other things, like fucking me. I figured lesbians spent a lot more time on them since they didn’t have cocks to fool around with. Which to me is the big drawback to being a lesbian.

The next time I had Life Drawing, the teacher, Mr. Michaels, asked if I’d stay after class as he wanted to talk to me. I flashbacked to high school, when being asked to stay after class never boded well. But this was art school and I hadn’t done anything wrong as far as I knew.

Mr. Michaels was a good guy, though, and I didn’t think he cared if I was seen smoking on school property. His wife taught there too, sculpting, and they’d both been at the school forever.

He really surprised me.

“I was wondering if you’d have any interest in modeling for my advanced drawing class on Thursday nights?” he asked. “We’re losing our model and we’d pay you, of course.”

I loved the idea of making some extra money, but more than that, I loved the idea of taking my clothes off in front of the class. Not that I’m an exhibitionist or anything.

“Sure, I could do that,” I said.

Mr. Michaels walked over to the door and closed it, then leaned back against it. “Would you mind taking your clothes off so I can get an idea of what to expect?”

He wanted me to undress? In the classroom? In front of him? Maybe models had to audition.

I pretended to be shy, looking down at the floor as I removed my baggy shirt and then my tank top and then my flimsy black bra that I had cut holes in so my nipples stuck out.

I heard his intake of breath but didn’t look up. I didn’t think he was a tit man ‘cause he wife was practically flat-chested, but you never know.

I unbuckled my belt, undid the button of my jeans, unzipped the fly, and let them drop around my ankles. I had a feeling he didn’t need to see my feet, so I left my socks and running shoes on. I was so glad my pussy was sleek and hairless.

I watched his feet approach me. And then Mr. Michaels, my teacher, was putting his finger in my pussy and finding the clit and rubbing it. I knew that kind of behavior could get him into a lot of trouble if he taught high school, but I guessed art school was different. It didn’t really surprise me because older men were always doing that kind of stuff to me. It’s just the way they are. And when you really think about it, that’s what our pussies are for.

I started to come right away and he held onto my shoulder as I trembled and made little cries and got his hand all wet. There was something so hot about having my teacher finger my pussy; it was exactly like one of my fantasies.

After my third orgasm, I backed up and saw that he now had a considerable bulge in his pants. There’s nothing that makes me hotter faster than seeing a bulge in a guy’s pants. I know exactly what is causing it and how fantastic it would feel in my pussy and how delicious it would taste in my mouth. I reached out and touched it through the fabric, and then grasped it, and then went for his zipper and pulled his cock out through his fly. A nanosecond later I was on my knees and sucking it. Mr. Michaels was a tall skinny man and his cock was long and skinny, too. I could actually get it halfway down my throat, which was a real treat.

His hands went to my head, as men’s hands always do, and he tried to ram it in ever deeper. I kept swallowing to open up my throat and envisioning how lovely his cock would look between my tits. When he came, his cum had a sweet taste and I thought of how it would make a delicious dessert after a hamburger and fries. Even better than a caramel sundae, and those are my favorite.

When I was dressed again and he was tucked in, he asked me where I lived. I told him Dinkytown, which meant a bus ride away, and he told me he could drive me home after class on Thursday nights. I think what he was really saying was that he’d drive me home and get a blowjob on Thursday nights. That was more than okay with me.

I couldn’t wait to tell Jenny when I got home, although I left out the part about sucking Mr. Michaels. She was practically rolling on the floor laughing, and finally got breath enough to say, “You’re dream come true, Celia.”

I grinned. “I know, right? And I’m getting paid for it.”

Two nights later I posed for my first class.

Unlike the model in my class, I smiled at the students when I entered the classroom and took off my flannel shirt. I didn’t own a robe but the shirt practically covered my pussy. And unlike the other model, my pussy was freshly waxed.

I counted nine students in the class, all male. There was a stool they were seated around and I sat down, dangling one leg and putting a foot up on a rung. I was aware how this pose was showing off my pussy, but no one complained and so I stayed like that. Anyway, guys always like to see pussies.

My nipples got hard right away, which I was hoping was all right as the model in my class never got hard nipples. I could never understand how she had that kind of control over them. The students did a series of quick sketches first, and judging at how they were staring at either my titties or my pussy, I figured that’s what they were concentrating on. Mr. Michaels did mention at one point that he’d like to see more leg and arm muscles in the drawings, which made the students laugh.

I got a short break and I knew the models usually put their robes back on during that time, but I didn’t see any point in that since they’d already seen me. I walked around and looked at some of the sketches, and the guys were really talented. I would’ve recognized my tits and pussy and a couple of them even sketched my face, and it looked just like me.

I was sorry when the class ended, although I was looking forward to the ride home. On the way home, he stopped at a 24-hour coffee shop and Mr. Michaels sat next to me in the booth and played with my titties while he drank coffee and I had a Coke. He told me I had done a great job and made the students very happy.

I couldn’t wait to get home to suck him so I took his cock out in the car and he let me play with it. There are actually guys who don’t like to be sucked while they’re driving. I never go out with them a second time. Until I get to know them, it’s their cocks I’m primarily interested in, not them. I don’t always like the guys, but I always love cock.

His car wasn’t roomy enough to fuck in so when we got to my place, I invited him in. We walked past the living room, past Jenny and Chloe, and went into my bedroom. It was a mess and I wished I had at least made my bed.

Mr. Michaels was eating my pussy when his cell phone rang and it was his wife. He told her he got hung up after class and would be home soon. It wasn’t so soon, though, ‘cause we fucked a couple of times first. There was something so sexy about that long, thin cock slithering into my pussy like a snake and making its way all the way to the end. He called me a filthy cunt and a dirty slut a lot when he fucked me, which I really liked. He didn’t kiss me once. I appreciated that as I didn’t feel I knew him that well. I think things like kissing are for when you fall in love.

After he came and got his breath back, he said, “I’ve wanted to titty-fuck you since the first time I laid eyes on you.”

“Well, I’ve seen your wife so I didn’t think you were into tits.”

“It’s my secret fetish. I go to all kinds of porn sites to see them. Yours are the biggest I’ve ever seen in person.”

“Well, you can see them all you want as long as I get to see your cock.”

He straddled my waist and I stroked him until he was hard again. I smothered him in my tits and savored the friction on my skin as he fucked my titties, watching his face as he got closer and closer to coming. His mouth hung open and he got a wild look in his eyes and he shouted out when his cum splattered my face. I love that part. He wiped up the cum with his finger and stuck it in my mouth so I could suck it clean. And then he did it again. And again. I was sorry when he had to leave to go home to his wife.

After he left, Jenny said, “I take it that was your teacher.”

“Yes, Mr. Michaels.”

She gave me a thumb up. “Nice one, Tits.”

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