Together at Bill's

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After we arrive at Bill's apartment, Kathy sets the stage for her show
It was just after midnight when we arrived and Bill was obviously glad to see Kathy. He greeted us at the door before we could even knock.

“I thought you two were never going to get here,” he said, “come in; let me get you a drink. What are you having? How was your drive? I hope Kathy didn’t talk your ear off.”

“Hello darling, I’ve missed you.” Kathy gave Bill the biggest, longest kiss I think I have ever seen.”

Bill fixed drinks for the three of us and we spent the next hour catching up. Kathy sat cuddled up next to Bill on the sofa and I sat opposite them on a large comfortable chair. Periodically Kathy would shift her legs and give me a flash of her shear panties under her skirt, and every time she did the wet spot on the crouch was a little bigger. All I wanted to do was to kneel down in front of her, slip her panties off and slide my tongue along her sweet lips.

The drinks were going down pretty easy and before long we all had a bit of a buzz going. Kathy was getting more and more daring, and at one point I actually saw her rubbing Bills cock when they thought I wasn’t looking. Even having cum twice already tonight I was still getting uncomfortable, and wondered how I was going to relieve the pressure building in my nuts. By one o’clock I decided to drift off to sleep, or at least pretend to drift off to sleep, in hopes that Kathy would fulfill her promise to me.

I excused myself and got up go to the bathroom. The bathroom was down the hallway so when I was done I did not flush the toilet, but instead quietly crept back to the living room. I peaked around the corner watching from the shadow of the hallway. Kathy was sitting on Bill’s lap grinding herself into his crouch. They were kissing passionately and he had his hand inside her blouse. As I watched I wondered how far this would go. Would Kathy allow Bill to open her blouse to suck on her nipples? If she did that would be my cue to make my entry. Bill lowered his face to the soft flesh exposed at Kathy’s cleavage and covered her with kisses. Her head was back giving him full access and I wondered if she could see me. “Fuck I want you!” Bill moaned.

“So what are you waiting for?”

“I’m waiting for your chauffer to go to bed,” he said slipping her off of his lap.

Disappointed, I made my way back to the washroom, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and returned to the living room as if nothing had happened. As I entered Kathy looked at me and smiled, with a wink I knew that she had seen me in the hallway, and that she was working out a way to fulfill her promise to me.

I stretched and yawned, and settled back into my chair settling downing into a more reclined and comfortable position.

“Damn I must be getting old,” I said. “That trip seems to be catching up with me.” I pretended to fight off sleep but eventually gave in. From this angle I could open my eyes ever so slightly and see the two of them on the couch.

As if on cue Kathy shifted around and sat on Bills lap again. They embraced and kissed and cuddled for a while as I pretended to sleep in the chair opposite them. When Kathy started undoing the buttons on her blouse I thought, here we go, but Bill had other ideas. He slid out from beneath her and led her to the bedroom. My chance was lost again, and my hope dashed upon the rocks, his rocks not mine.

As their bedroom door clicked shut I was up and out of my chair and had my ear pressed to their door.

In a low voice, but not as low as it could have been, I heard Kathy say, “Show me your cock Bill, I’ve missed it and I need it in my mouth”

“It’s missed you too baby. Fuck that feels good.”

As I listened, I could see in my minds eye what was going on. Kathy was on her knees in front of Bill, his cock in her mouth, the sounds changed and I could tell they were on the bed. Bill was fucking her now, a little faster and harder than I expected, and then it was over. That was a LOT quicker that I thought it would be. Somewhat disappointed I returned to the couch, pulled the blanked off of the back of it and settled down to sleep, the events of our trip up together replaying in my mind.

I awoke to the feeling of Kathy’s mouth around my very hard shaft. Her skillful lips and tongue working there magic to pull me from my slumber. It was still dark out, all of the lights were off and I could not see her so I let my hands explore her softness. She was wearing a robe with nothing on underneath. My hands found her breasts easily and I took my time exploring them. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds and I could feel her moaning against my cock as I played with them.

“Remember the rules. You are not allowed to cum inside of me.” She then slipped on top of me and lowered herself down onto my cock. As we kissed she slowly rolled her hips, sliding my cock almost all of the way out of her pussy then quietly, slowly riding it all the way back in. It was amazing the way she could grip me with her mussels. Her full soft lips enveloped me in her perfect softness. We lay together moving as one, our tongues dancing together as my hands explored the softness of her bottom.

“Remember, do not cum inside me,” she reminded me.

“You had better stop then,” was my disappointed response.

“I didn’t say you couldn’t cum. I just said it could not be in my pussy. If you cum in my pussy you will spoil your surprise.” She slipped off my lap and returned my cock to her mouth. In one smooth movement she took my entire cock into her mouth, and held it there before starting a slow rhythm from tip to base. With one hand she massaged my balls and brought me to a mind numbing orgasm, swallowing every drop of my seed.

“Now part two of your reward,” she said taking my hand. “Come with me, I have a little show I am going to put on for your benefit, that is if you still want to watch Bill and me?”

“You know it. What’s your plan?”

“We will slip quietly back into the bedroom, I have opened the closet door a little. You hide in the closet, and be quiet. Leave the rest to me.”


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