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Tokyo Stocking Adventure

Erotic outing by a stocking lover
I’m Amy Haneko Adams, Japanese-American visiting the Tokyo area after an unexpected escapade earlier in the year. I just love to wear fashionable garter belts, sheer panties, and vintage nylon stockings—especially RHTs. My last adventure in the Tokyo waterfront district really reinforced my addiction to sexy underwear and nylons. Now I seek chances to be out in public with stockings and hope for some exciting experiences. It’s a rush!

It was early summer in Tokyo, to the weather was warming up. Today, my objective was to go out during the morning rush hour wearing only a black slip—that looks like a slip dress—with only a black garter belt, dark RHT stockings, transparent black panties—no confining bra— and a pair of 2-inch open-toe sling back shoes.

From my hotel in nearby Ikebukuro, I walked about five minutes to the nearby train station on the JR Yamanote. I was headed for the outskirts of Hachioji to the west where an artist had installed his latest project, a glass-walled public toilet in a park that featured “smart glass,” designed to automatically darken when voltage was applied to the glass panels. This new installation was testing an electrochromic process which aligned particles in two panels at 90 degrees—similar to looking through polarized glass at right angles to each other. This was a chance for me to do some flashing without being seen!

Walking to the Ikebukuro station in the morning meant I would be heading east toward the sun. I wondered if the men walking toward me could see what I was wearing under my slip, especially the glint of the metal garter clasps reflecting the morning sunlight. Behind me, guys could see the light showing between my legs. The thought made me excited down below.

The train platform was packed with morning commuters. As the train pulled up, hordes of office workers rushed out of the train while even more people waited on the sides. Finally, after the train emptied its load, everyone piled into the train. I was practically lifted off of my feet as a tsunami of commuters squeezed in like sardines. I could have gotten into the “women only” train reserved during rush hour so women could avoid being felt up by lecherous geezers, a problem common during rush hour—but the thought of being felt up made me even more excited.

The train pulled out of the station as everyone jostled for what little space remained in the car. I was crushed on all sides and I could hardly move my arms which were crossed in front of me. As the train swayed back and forth on the tracks, my hand stroked the front of my slip. The smooth nylon slip slid across my nylon-covered thighs and garter belt clips. I rubbed my thighs together and the hissing sensation of nylons rubbing further aroused my pussy. I slipped my hand under my slip and moved my fingers over my moistening panties. I rubbed the ridges of my pussy, stroking back and forth over the sheer nylon material. I closed my eyes and forgot that I was surrounded by other riders who were unaware of my self-arousal.

Suddenly, as the train shook violently after hitting a bumpy section of track, I felt two hands from behind me grab me around the waist. I couldn’t turn around to see who it was, but the hands were strong with long fingers. The hands stroked my waist sensing the garter belt, then circled my waist as if to check if it was indeed a garter belt, a rare encounter nowadays. After confirming that I was wearing a garter belt, his right hand moved down to look for the straps. I could feel his body pressed up to my back with something hard protruding into my ass—his prick!

His hardening dick pushed in between my legs and probed for my cunt. I opened my legs a little to invite his prick in further. Meanwhile, his left hand stroked the front of my slip and moved up to my firm breast—unconfined by a bra—and cupped my left breast, massaging the firm globe and pinching my nipple. His right hand explored below and pulled up the hem of my slip, moving his hands from the stocking tops, up the slick straps, and all over the front of my sheer panties. I was besides myself as I grabbed his hand and guided it to my overheating cunt already spilling out love juices. I could feel my panties moistening with expectation.

The rhythmic movement of the train rocking back and forth synchronized with his hand stroking my panties. Then his fingers sneaked under the edge of my panties and stroked my pussy’s lips. His breath heated the back of my neck as he pressed his entire body onto mine. We moved as one body, bonded together. He lifted the front of my slip, leaving me completely exposed up to my waist! He then thrust his hardened dick into my ass crack, driving my cunt wild. I was getting light-headed as I felt at the verge of coming big time!

Then the train approached Shinjuku station after a short announcement. I felt his hand slide out with a final stroke across my panties before the train doors opened and he disappeared into the crowd. I never saw his face, but I’ll remember his hot hands! I then realized that I was standing in the middle of the train with my slip pulled up to my waist, exposing my stockings, garter belt and sheer panties—but I was still surrounded by the mass of bodies, so I don’t think anyone noticed. I quickly got out of the train, slightly flustered and drained, but ready for a real fuck job—soon, I hoped.

At Shinjuku, I transferred to the JR Chuo Line going west toward Hachioji. This train was much less crowded and I had one car almost to myself. I sat down facing forward in a booth with four seats and enjoyed the view along the route. My black slip really looked sexy. The thin material barely concealed what was just underneath. I could almost make out the dark stocking tops, garter straps, and glint of the metal clasps. Slip dresses were popular, so perhaps the slip could pass as a regular dress.

As the train made its toward Hachioji, I slid my hand under my slip and stroked the smooth nylons, the bare skin above the stocking tops, and silky sheer panties. I ran my fingers along my hot pussy lips, stroking myself as I fantasized about the stranger on the train who played with my cunt, bringing me to the edge of coming. Suddenly, I heard the conductor coming down the aisle, so I was forced to quickly withdraw my hand and smooth out my slip.

We finally arrived at Hachioji, almost one hour from Shinjuku. I stepped out of the car and headed toward the exit. I didn’t know my way around Hachioji, so I stopped at the visitor information counter to inquire about the new “glass toilet.” The staff person directed me to a public park about ten minutes from the station where I could find the new installation art. It was already a popular tourist attraction for both people who want to use it (closet exhibitionists) or try to look inside (voyeurs). I wanted to go inside and do my business and make believe that people outside could see everything that I was doing. Just the thought made me get wet inside.

There were dozens of curious visitors walking around the glass toilet structure, curious whether they could see anything inside. I walked around to see for myself. All I could see was the mirror-like glass walls which surrounded all four sides with one entrance that had a sliding door. To use the glass toilet, it cost 500 yen, paid vending machine style. I had to try it out, so I pulled out a 500 yen coin and inserted it into the coin slot. The sliding door opened to the side and let me in.

Inside, I was surprised to find a rather large room, about 4 x 4 meters, with a modern TOTO brand electronic toilet in the center. The high-tech glass walls looked clear from the inside with only a slightly gray tint. The other surprise was that there was a shower stall next to the toilet. That was not mentioned in the articles that I read. Hmmm, I thought, this is going to be fun!

First, I had to try the TOTO toilet, a marvel of Japanese ingenuity found throughout Japan, even in some public parks. As I approached the toilet, the seat cover automatically lifted. I pulled up my slip, dropped my panties, and sat on the heated seat. Pissing felt so good after a long train ride. I pressed the “bidet” button and a nozzle extended out under my pussy and shot a stream of warm water to rinse me. I let the warm water rinse me completely before I pressed the “stop:” button. The nozzle withdrew and I pressed the “fan” button to dry my pussy.

At that moment, the light flickered and a red light came on near the entrance. Not thinking anything of it, I felt a strong urge to take care of my pussy’s needs. Here I was, sitting on the can with dark nylons held up by a black garter belt and panties around my ankles. I leaned back and thrust my finger into my cunt and began stroking back and forth. My pussy started to get wet at the thought of all the people outside who were curious about what I was doing inside. Faster and faster, my finger brought my pussy to an explosive climax, releasing a day’s worth of tension. I continued stroking my cunt, as I slowly came down from a high.

Little did I know that the flickering of the light and the red warning light came on because there was a malfunction in the electrochromic system—meaning that the glass walls were no longer blocking light. I also didn’t notice the growing crowd outside trying to peer into the toilet. They all seemed to be looking at me while I pulled up my panties and stood up. Hmmm, that’s strange, I thought. I wonder what they’re looking at.

Hot and bothered, and a little sweaty from the long train ride, I walked over to the shower to rinse off. First, I pulled off my slip dress, leaving me only in my garter belt, stockings and sheer panties. I was going to take a shower in plain sight, except no one could see me—or, so I thought. I stepped into the spacious shower which was open on all sides. The shower head was the type that produced a cascade of water—found usually in expensive hotels. When I looked at the crowd, it seemed that people were calling others to check out the toilet.

Turning the handles, the shower head burst open like a waterfall. The hot water felt so good after the train ride and coming on the toilet seat. Rivulets of water ran down my bare torso and soaked my undies and stockings. Funny, there were even more people gathering against the glass wall peering inside. What’s going on? I got more excited thinking about everyone seeing me take a shower in my stockings.

Just then, the sliding door opened and a nicely dressed guy walked in. The red warning light went off as the door closed behind him. I stood half naked in the shower with soaked stockings and underwear. Who’s this guy and what’s he doing inside? I covered up my bare breasts and front of my panties as well as I could do and yelled, “Who are you, and what you are doing inside?”

“Sorry, ma’am,” he said in Japanese, “I was sitting in the park office nearby and noticed a malfunction warning light on the monitoring board. The indicator light showed that the electrochromic system which controls the opacity of the glass wall shorted out. In other words, the glass walls became clear to people outside. They could see everything going on inside. I just reactivated the system, bypassing the short circuit, so everything is OK again. People cannot see inside now. So you’re safe."

“Well, thanks for fixing the problem,” I replied. “But now, I need you to fix something else. Come over here.”

“Now?” he asked.

“Yes, now! I need you now.” My pussy was getting excited again as I thought about this guy standing in front of me while I was half-naked, soaked and hot to trot. He was happy to comply and he stripped off his slacks and shirt as he walked toward the shower. Off came his briefs, shoes and socks. He stepped under the cascading shower and embraced me firmly as he pulled my body against his. He held my face as his lips met mine. His tongue probed my mouth as his hands moved down to my hips and stroked my ass through my panties. His dick probed the front of my panties and rubbed along the clit, back and forth through the sheer nylon fabric. His hands moved down the garter clasps to the tops of my stockings. Ohhh, he was driving me mad with the teasing.

His prick pressed against my pussy lips and probed through the nylon fabric. Finally, he pulled aside the edge of the panties and thrust his dick inside. I locked my nylon-covered legs around his waist as I rode him while his dick slid in and out in long maddening strokes. My cunt was overwhelmed and close to exploding! He suddenly pulled out and pulled me over to a bench next to one of the glass walls. He laid me down and spread-eagled my nylon-sheathed legs. He clambered onto the bench and got between my legs, then came down on me as he thrust his dick into my aching pussy. Again, he teased my cunt as he slid his gigantic dick back and forth, in and out, like a huge piston.

I then noticed a lot of people standing right up to the wall and looking inside while this guy and I were going at it in “plain sight.” I then wondered whether the glass walls were sound-proof! We weren’t exactly quiet as we moaned and cried in ecstasy. Ignoring the bystanders right above us, I finally came uncontrollably. This was the most exciting sex I ever had—sort of public sex, but not quite.

After bringing me to climax, the guy put his clothes back on, unlocked the door and left me on the bench. I was all sweaty and covered by his generous cum, so I walked over to the shower and stood in the hot cascade for another ten minutes, then rinsed off with cold water.

I put on my black slip over my wet stockings and underwear, opened the toilet door, and walked out into the sun. Looking back at the glass walled toilet, the inside could not be seen at all—at least now that the electrochromic glass was working again!

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