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Top of The Tower

It was a snowy November evening when Tessa’s roommate Ana rushed into their apartment, positively bursting with excitement as she handed Tessa a flyer advertising the party.

“It’s at The Tower.” She’d explained breathlessly, cheeks still pink from the cold, snowflakes dusting the shoulders of her Burberry trench, “You know where that is, right?”

Of course Tessa knew where The Tower was. Everyone knew about the Tower; walking by the block, even on a weekday night, you were sure to hear dance music blaring out of the windows as student parties went on far into the early hours.

She scanned the brightly coloured invite with distaste.

Celebrate Christmas early @ The Tower! Nineteen floors of fucked-up festivities. Free entry for students! Take the Tower Challenge every Saturday in November.

“I wouldn’t go there if my life depended on it.” Tessa tossed the flyer down onto the sofa in disgust, wondering just how many drunks would end up in police cells before that particular night came to a close.

“Why not?” Ana pulled a face at her best friend, “You’re a student, this is the sort of stuff you’re meant to get hyped about!” She picked up the leaflet and sighed as she shrugged off her coat. “Besides,” the corner of her mouth lifted as she glanced up at Tessa, “Everyone’s gonna be there.”


“Yeah. Woo hoo.” Ana watched her friend carefully before divulging the next persuasive ploy she had stored up, “When I say everyone, I mean everyone. Like, y’know, Jamie, Louise, Chelsea, Ryan, Connor… Marc Bull.”

That caught Tessa’s attention and she turned to eye her friend suspiciously, “Marc?”

“Mm-hm.” Ana grinned, “You know… the same Marc you stare eternally at in lectures. The one who broke up with his girlfriend like last week… y’know he’s so totally over that girl…”

And just like that, Tessa had found herself looking forward to the party.


The rain was coming down fast, pitter-pattering onto the tarmac, drops rippling into puddles, streetlamps and car headlights reflecting in liquid yellow glows from the glassy surfaces. The traffic seemed like a relentless flow, cars speeding past the buildings; tyres’ splashing through puddles; even at night everyone was in such a hurry. The droplets of rainwater glinted on the double-glazed windows of the brightly lit tower block, the students occupying it oblivious to the weather conditions outside.

Passers-by ignored the pulsing tracks of Swedish House Mafia reverberating from the building, the techno beats only making them hug their winter coats tighter around themselves as they hurried to get home.

Inside the building, Tessa walked slowly up the nineteen flights of stairs as she wondered what on earth had possessed her to enter this madhouse. On every floor, there were people passed out, half empty beer bottles clutched between their unmoving fingers. Behind the apartment doors, music blared out, a different track on every floor, all of it dance music, all of it deafening. Finally though, she reached the top floor where the students seemed to be most densely crowded, the apartment doors wide open, packs of beer occupying every available surface. She couldn’t help being shocked but then again, this was the first student party she’d had the courage to attend and it was in The Tower; the notorious nineteen floor university accommodation block, made famous as the total epitome of student life. It was rumoured that the residents never got any sleep and also that the lifestyle inside was a cross between decadence and debauchery but to be perfectly honest, the only thing Tessa could see was the debauchery.

But she couldn’t complain. She’d known what to expect and now here she was, pushing as politely as she could through the crowd, trying to find a familiar face amongst the many strangers. The air was heavy with the smell of body spray and smoke and she somehow got the feeling it wasn’t just regular cigarettes some of the party-goers were drawing on. Just as she reached the table where everything seemed to be kicking off, she heard her name being called. Turning around, she recognised Ana and was grateful to find that she wasn’t totally alone at this alien party.

“Hey!” Her friend didn’t waste a second to launch into the latest gossip overload taking gulps from her bottle of Budweiser every now and again as ,in the space of three and a half minutes, she reloaded everything she thought Tessa might be vaguely interested in. “So he’s here alone!” She finally finished, grinning excitedly. “And they’re never getting back together! Like the Taylor Swift song!”

“Uh… who are we talking about again?” Tessa asked guiltily. She’d been slightly too busy watching two girls make out mere yards away from where her and Ana were standing and had found herself wondering whether all parties were like this.

Ana rolled her Kohl-rimmed eyes, “Marc obviously!” She tossed her long black hair back over one shoulder, “Seriously Tess, you cannot let this opportunity slip by. You guys could totally hook up here! Anyway,” She looked over Tessa’s shoulder with interest at a tall guy who’d just walked past, “I’m gonna go find something to occupy myself with. Meanwhile, you go and talk to Marc! He proper likes you, I swear upon it!” And taking a firm hold of Tessa’s arm she pulled her through the throng of students and with some admirable skill located the person she was looking for.

“Hey, Marc! Look, Tessa’s here!” Tessa wanted the ground to swallow her up but it didn’t. Thinking about it a little more, she realised that that would have meant falling nineteen storeys to the ground which wasn’t a highly desirable death so instead she pasted a smile onto her face as Ana magically disappeared back into the crowd.

“Hey!” Marc turned and smiled his dazzling smile at her, rendering Tessa very nearly speechless. “I didn’t think you’d be coming!”

Tessa shrugged awkwardly, “Oh, I don’t know. It was either here or at some crappy club night.” She laughed as she remembered one of the clubs she’d passed by, “I mean, getting sprayed by foam in a club in like Ibiza might be fun, but in Liverpool on a freezing cold night? That’s just ridiculous.”

“Yeah.” Marc pulled a face, “Kind of.” He leaned over to a nearby table and flicked the cap off a bottle of beer before handing it to her, “Here, might as well get you into the mood.”

Tessa shrugged in what she hoped was a well-if-you-insist type gesture before taking a tentative sip.

Marc watched her in amusement before, “So, you up for the Tower challenge?”

“Challenge?” Tessa frowned, “What challenge?”

“The Tower Challenge.” Marc explained, “You start on the top floor and every floor you go down, you down another shot. If you get to the ground on both feet, you win.”

“What do you win?”

He laughed, “Well… 100 quid. But then you get the prestige too, y’know? The reputation.”

Tessa rolled her eyes, “And have you done it?”


She tilted her head to the side and looked up into his dark blue eyes, “Why not?”

He shrugged and laughed, “Uh, maybe because I care about my liver.”

“Yet you’ve been promoting it to all these other people?”

Marc held his hands up in a gesture of innocence, “I’ve not been promoting it to anyone. Only you.”

“Why? You want to see me get cirrhosis?”

“I don’t even know what that is but no.” He folded his arms and leaned back against the counter. “You should just lighten up a bit, y’know? Live a little.”

Tessa sighed, “You’ve known me for months now. Of all people, you should know I’m not exactly a ‘light’ person.”

He smiled, “Well, I know you’re a light-weight.”

Tessa laughed, “I guess that’s true.”

Marc leaned against the wall with a smile and raised an eyebrow, “So now that you’re here, what do you think of this kind of scene?”

Tessa shrugged and took another sip of beer before appraising her surroundings with a mixture of feelings. The place was packed; that was for sure. There were an infinite number of typical students, bottles and cans of alcohols held loosely in their hands as they tried to make themselves heard over the agonizingly loud music. Couples were making out everywhere, and the earthy scent of weed was strong in the air. The CD player was blaring out Nicki Minaj, completely drowning out the episode of Geordie Shore which was playing on a television in the corner. Every available surface was taken up by unopened drinks and in the whole room, Tessa could only see one six-pack of Coca Cola. The rest was alcohol. There were empty cans being trodden on by people trying to walk around. It was a complete mess. It was ten times worse than Tessa could have imagined and she didn’t dare to think about the inevitable clean-up operation. But somehow, it didn’t feel like a bad place to be. People looked happy, like they were just in for a good night and the atmosphere was lively. So what if it was almost impossible to hear yourself think? The positive vibes were unmistakeable.

“I like it.” Tessa shouted over the music and was rewarded by another hundred-watt smile from Marc.

“Let’s talk in the kitchen.” He mouthed, and she nodded and followed him through to the door at the back. He closed the door behind them which only did so much to keep out the noise.

“Nice dress.” He said and she glanced down at her attire self-consciously. When she’d first put on the sequined mini-dress she’d felt almost indecent but here, amongst the daringly dressed other girls she felt almost over-dressed. There were a couple of other people sitting on the worktops, a girl trying to talk on her phone in the corner and two guys with dreadlocks were searching the freezer for ice-cubes.

“So,” Marc said, and all of a sudden his face looked worryingly serious, “Ana said you only agreed to come here for one reason.”

Oh my god. Tessa raised a questioning eyebrow and took a long draught of alcohol from her bottle. “What was that then?”

Marc shrugged, “Well, she basically told me you weren’t much of a party-goer and you only came because…I was gonna be here.” He glanced down at her and she almost stopped breathing, “Is that true?”

Tessa shrugged shakily and took another couple of gulps of beer. She felt the chilled liquid churning around in her stomach as she set the empty bottle down onto the dining table behind her.Marc was still watching her intently and she wondered where the hell Ana was and how many years someone could get for killing their best friend.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to kiss you?” Marc’s whisper was soft and it caught her off guard. For a second she thought he was joking but one glance up at his face told her he was serious. Dead serious.

She paused for a beat, trying to gauge the depth of his words before going for the straightforward response, “So why haven’t you?”

“I couldn’t help being afraid.” He said, “I know it’s stupid.”

“It’s not stupid.” Tessa said, and it almost made her laugh. All this time, she thought she was being the stupid one. She didn’t dare to look at him, and so concentrated her attention on a gay couple who were feeling each other up against the fridge as she asked, “What were you afraid of?”

Marc laughed softly, his breath warm on her neck, “That you’d pull back. Push me away. Slap me senseless.”

Tessa felt the grin creep up on her face, “I’d never slap you.”

“Oh yeah?” He moved into her line of vision so that they were face to face, nose to nose, his eyes searching hers, “Never? Even if I told you my craziest dreams?” His brow furrowed slightly as he tried to assess her reaction, “If I told you all I’d fantasized about? How bad I wanted to fuck you? You wouldn’t get mad?”

Tessa shook her head, slightly awestruck, “No. I’d get happy.”

“Well, it’s true.” Marc murmured and he tilted his head to the side and kissed her softly, barely brushing her lips, his arms going around her, pulling her securely into him.

Tessa pressed closer, opening her mouth to his and kissing him properly, her heart pounding against her ribs. She felt his hands drop further down the silken material of her dress and press flat against her ass so she was pushed up against him, her body tight against his. He tasted like beer and breath mints and she could smell his aftershave, could feel his stubble against her cheek as he moved to murmur into her ear.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” And his hand pushed harder against her ass so she could feel his erection against her stomach, “Seriously, Tessa, I’ve been waiting months.” She felt his hand push under her dress and run up her thigh, stroking the skin, his breath tickling her ear as he sighed slightly.

“Here?” Her voice was barely a whisper as she tried to think of some other, even vaguely more private place they could go.

“You got a better idea?”

His fingers moved down, pulling up the hem of her dress and bunching it up past her waist before he lifted her slightly and moved forward to set her down on the cool polished surface of the dining table. Tessa ran her hands up his bare arms, fisting them in his hair as they kissed again, properly, mouths devouring each others, his tongue slipping into her mouth as she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in close. They broke for air and she slipped her hands down the front of his shirt, grasping the hem and lifting it up before Marc took over and pulled it clean off over his head. Tessa took a moment to admire the sight before wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him hard again, lifting her body up slightly so she could press her chest against his, feel his warmth radiating through her body.

“That’s fucking hot.”

Tessa pulled away for a second and felt a jolt of shock course through her stomach as she saw the two blonde guys leaning against the fridge staring shamelessly at the action unfolding before them. Marc glanced over his shoulder and eyed the two spectators warily but seemed to decide it wasn’t worth it to tell them to fuck off.

“Ignore them.” He whispered and before Tessa could protest; his hands were slipping, cold and strong up under her dress. “You are so good.” And at that moment, she felt good as she let herself enjoy the feel of his hands cupping her breasts. She didn’t know if it was the rare alcoholic indulgence which was making her brave but she didn’t care to dwell on it as she ran her hands down the length of Marc’s back and pressed her palms flat against the back pockets of his denim jeans, pushing him closer into her.

“Whoa.” Marc whispered and she opened her eyes to look into his, trying to read what he was thinking as his fingers skimmed past the flat of her stomach and brushed against her inner thigh. “You’re really up for this, aren’t you?”

Not trusting herself to speak, Tessa just nodded, sliding her hands around to the front of his jeans and running her fingers along the inner seam along his thigh.

“You are such a... such a tease…” Marc’s eyes widened infinitesimally as she trailed her fingers along the front of his jeans, gliding over his erection, causing him to roll his hips forward just a little.

“Oh yeah?” Tessa didn’t know whether it was adrenaline or alcohol running through her veins at that moment but whatever it was, it was making her braver than ever, “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

Marc laughed then, hoarsely, his fingers clenching on her thigh before he slid his hand further up to brush against her lace panties, “I don’t know. All I know is that I’m about to fuck you and it’s gonna be so-oo fucking good.”

His fingers pushed past her panties and she could feel him testing how wet she was, how turned on she was by him. His luminous blue eyes drew hers in as he pushed one of his fingers up inside her, crooking it slightly as he quickly undid his jeans with his spare hand.

“Multi-tasking.” Tessa teased breathlessly, “I didn’t even know men could do that.”

“You didn’t?” Marc faked indignation, “Men can do a whole load of other things too you know. To girls like you.”

“Like what?” Tessa whispered breathlessly, biting back a moan as he pushed a second finger inside her, his jeans hanging loose on his hips, his free hand wrapped around his cock.

“You have no idea little girl.” Marc whispered and she felt his weight on her as he pushed her back to lie down on the table, bottles and glasses sliding off the edge and crashing to the floor. Tessa hardly heard them though; Marc’s mouth was on hers again, his lips and teeth insistently drawing her in, his tongue darting around as he slid his fingers up and out of her.

Tessa heard the swish of the door opening again, and a burst of even louder music echoing from the next room as someone left or someone entered; she didn’t know and she didn’t care. She could hear the gay couples lewd commentary as Marc gripped her waist, pulling her to the edge of the table but she ignored them, let her mind focus on what was about to happen as Marc’s hand pushed her panties aside and his cock brushed against her entrance, hot and hard.

“Gonna be quick.” He muttered and then in one strong move he slammed hard into her. Tessa squeezed her eyes shut, biting down on the back of her hand as she tried to stifle the low moan coming from inside her but then Marc grabbed her hands, holding them tightly above her head, fingers clenching around hers as he slammed into her again, his groan echoing in her ears as she pushed back to meet his thrusts.

“That’s so hot…”

Tessa was vaguely aware of the unknown female voice and faintly realised that maybe they were putting on a show to more people than she’d initially realised. Somewhere in the background, she was vaguely aware of David Guetta blaring out of the adjoining room, accompanied with drunken laughter and screams but she was more focused on Marc, and the way he was slamming hard into her every other second.

“God…god…” It seemed like the only legible word she was saying, but it was all she could think as Marc filled her again and again, stretching her, making her cry out each time he bottomed out deep inside her.

“So hot…” His fingers tightened around hers and she could hear his raucous breathing somewhere above her, accompanied by the catcalls of the onlookers and her own shaky moans. She could hardly believe she was having sex with him. And if that wasn’t enough, people were watching! And what shocked her even more was the fact that it turned her on. It turned her on to know that all those people were staring at them, were enjoying the show, were shouting encouragement to the pair of them.

Marc released her hands then and she felt him grasping her thighs, lifting them up and pressing them down against her stomach as he thrust into her harder and faster.

“You like that?” He asked breathlessly, “Huh?”

Tessa opened her eyes to drink in the sigh of him. His face was a picture of concentration as he slammed hard again, his breath catching in his throat as his deep blue eyes remained fixated on her green irises.

“Mmm…” It was the only affirmative she could give as he pounded into her again, either oblivious to, or turned on by, the cheers coming from the small crowd that had by now formed in the kitchen.

She could smell the alcohol and the sweat and the cologne as Marc leaned down, releasing her legs as he brushed his lips across her cheek, pulling on her earlobe with his teeth until it was almost painful, his hands supporting his weight on the table. Tessa wrapped her legs tight around his waist, pulling him in closer every time he sank deep into her and she could hear him whispering at her ear, his voice barely audible over the music and audience, “You gonna come then, Tessa? Gonna come all over my cock, huh? Are you?”

She could tell that he was gritting his teeth and then one of his hands moved to the back of her neck, pressing her into his bare shoulder as he kissed her ear, groaning as she tightened around him, her body so painfully close to that release. She let her hand travel between their sweat soaked bodies and rest on her swollen clitoris, fingertip circling hard and fast, as she bit down hard on her lip.

“C’mon…Tessa…” Marc seemed to be waiting for her to reach her climax and she pressed harder, shakily, her thoughts a jumbled mess before she finally felt her orgasm descend, making her bite down even harder on her lip in an attempt to muffle her soft moan, her juices trickling down her ass and soaking into her panties as she clenched around Marc without restraint. She heard him swear out loud, expelling a great lungful of air as he came hard inside her, shuddering slightly before he stilled, his weight suddenly feeling a great deal heavier as he relaxed on top of her.

“God…” He lay there for half a minute and then lifted his head to look into Tessa’s eyes, “That was good, right?”

Tessa stretched underneath him and he straightened up, easing gently out of her before doing up his jeans. Feeling vaguely light-headed, Tessa sat up, adjusting her dress back down over the tops of her thighs. She smiled almost embarrassedly at the people still watching them. Marc turned with a grin, “Show’s over guys. Might as well move along!” And amidst a couple of groans, the crowd dispersed.


It was past one in the morning when Tessa and Marc walked down the final flight of stairs in the Tower, a subdued but comfortable silence hanging between them.

“So…that was fun.” Tessa glanced up at him and he grinned widely.

“I can think of more words that that but we’ll stick with fun for now.” He draped his arm around her shoulders and looked momentarily concerned, “Aren’t you cold?”

Tessa had far better things to think about than being cold but she decided to humour him nevertheless. “No. I came by car anyway.”

“You came by car?” Marc paused, “Why didn’t you say? We could’ve gone and fucked…”

Tessa cut him off, “I drive a Nissan Micra, Marc. We could have barely kissed in a car that size, let alone have done anything else.”

Marc smiled broadly, “Well then I reckon the kitchen table of apartment 19F was a good call, right?”

Tessa pressed her lips to his, breathing in the smell of cologne and sweat, “I think it was a fucking great call.”

And feeling deaf from the music but fully satiated, her and Marc walked out of The Tower and onto the street below, feeling higher than the nineteenth floor.

The End

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