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Train adventure.... the male perspective

A train adventure - we didn't know we were being watched

We are on a train at the end of a long job it's dark and we are sitting across from each other. There is a table between us. You have a skirt on we have been exchanging pleasantries when I start to rub my foot against your legs. You open them and I start to get braver rubbing your thighs with my foot. Surprisingly you suddenly get up and head for the toilets...


A few minutes later you return to the seat with a certain look on your face. You sit back down I look around and see that the only person near us, a girl in her early 20's., is fast asleep. Suddenly I feel your foot rubbing against my leg I look at you and reciprocate.....  We are getting brave and I realise you have opened your legs and I start moving my foot higher and higher.


Expecting my foot to experience the feel of cotton on my foot at any moment I suddenly realise you have been to the toilet and removed your pants. Suddenly you are sitting across from me with your moist cunt rubbing against my foot. I can feel your pubic hair has started to get wet and detect a look of arousal on your face. I look around and check that the girl is still asleep, she is. I mouth the words, 'show me your breasts'. You look slightly shocked but have a mischievous grin on your face. You reach inside your blouse and start gently twisting your nipple to erection. I am so fucking turned on at this point. Very cautiously you release your breast from the bra cup and I finally get a sight of you breast and stiff nipple. I smile and groan in an uncontrolled sexual way and reach down to squeeze my hardening cock...


By this time I realise there only the three of us in the carriage. The girl is lying across the seats on the opposite side of the carriage sleeping soundly covered by a long coat. You are moving your crouch in a very sexual way against my foot. Then, looking me straight in the eye, your hand moves down and I feel you move my foot aside and insert one perhaps two fingers between your swollen lips. I am getting very turned on. At this point I can stand no more and, after checking on the girl, raise the table, which is on hinges, and inhale deeply as I see your two fingers sliding in and out of your soaking cunt.


You close your eyes and open your legs wider not caring that we are not alone. I can restrain myself no longer. I remove my foot and, kneeling in front of you, remove your fingers, they are soaking!...  I start gently kissing and biting your leg from just above the knee and hear the occasional whimper as I move nearer to the wetness between your lips. Suddenly, as the teasing gets too much, you grab my hair and forcefully pull my head towards you. I inhale the wonderful aroma of lust between your legs and cannot resist running my tongue up and down your swollen lips. I start pressing harder, slide two fingers into you and find the spot. It has all become too much. Memories of a previous encounter come flooding back as your breathing changes and you can hold back no longer. I feel your body spasm as you pull my hair and cum with my tongue right on your clit. I experience the taste of your juices as your body at first tenses then relaxes as the wave of pleasure races over you. The thought that you could be caught at any moment makes the experience even more intense. The intense orgasm gently subsides to be replaced by a gentle glow. Suddenly aware of the situation I remove my fingers and sit back in my seat. I look across and see you still have your eyes closed, savouring the moment. The reality suddenly bites and you close your legs and pull your dress down. We both look over at the girl who has slept throughout the whole episode.


Once you catch your breath you give me a particular look which leaves no doubt that the session is not at an end. Your gaze shifts to between my legs where it is obvious a serious hard on is awaiting release from its confines. You kick off your shoe and playfully start teasing me by rubbing your stockinged foot between my legs. After glancing over to check on our fellow passenger you reach over and undo my zip. Reaching inside my fly you extract my swollen penis and squeeze it hard. It thrusts involuntarily towards you. A quick look in my eye and a lick of your lips is followed by you pulling back my foreskin and moving your lips towards the shiny head. I suddenly feel a wet, warm sensation as you start to lick around the base of the throbbing tip. Suddenly without warning you envelope my cock with your lips and I look down to see my cock filling your mouth. Your head starts to gently move up and down while your hand starts to automatically masturbate me...  How fucking good is this?


We have been so wrapped up in pleasuring each other we have completely forgotten about our 'friend'.......




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