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Tropical Island Vacation - Chapter 7

Exhibitionism and voyeurism with Lynnette and Steve.
Rinsed and refreshed we return to our blanket. It must be getting to be late afternoon as the shadow of the cliffs behind us has almost reached the water’s edge. Suddenly, both Talia and I realize we’re both hungry. We had only brought food for lunch that we ate several hours ago. And although we would both prefer staying naked on the beach for a couple more hours before darkness falls, we decide to gather our things and head back to the car.

There aren’t nearly as many people around any more but as we walk past, some of them look like they won’t be leaving anytime soon. It makes me wonder if some will be staying the night, sleeping on the beach, naked under the stars.

We haven’t walked more than a hundred yards or so when we hear our names being called. Looking to our right, we see Steve walking past us in the opposite direction. He’s carrying a large jug of water.

“Are you two leaving?” he asks. “How did you enjoy your first day as nudists?”

“Yes, we’ve had a great day but we’re all out of food and getting pretty hungry,” I tell him as we approach one another. Talia and I are now completely at ease with our nakedness and with Steve’s. “Thanks for helping us get over our first-time jitters…and for telling us abut The Dunes. We had a wonderful time here.” I put my arm around Talia’s waist and snuggle her close. “And thank Lynnette for us too,” Talia adds with a grin.

“Well, she’s just right over there,” Steve says. “Come and thank her yourselves. Besides, she’ll want to say goodbye.

We turn and start walking with Steve back the way we came.

“I’ve just been up to the water faucet to get us a refill. Lynnette’s been doing her best to dehydrate me all day, if you know what I mean,” Steve says with a big smile. To emphasize his point, he cups his limp penis with his hand and holds it out for us. We all smile knowingly.

“That’s funny,” Talia replies. “I’ve been doing the same thing to Roger.” And she reaches over and lifts my soft prick in her hand.

It isn’t long before we come to where Lynnette is stretched out on her back on a huge blanket in the sand. Her bronze body shining with sun oil, long legs pointing toward the ocean, her round breasts with their hard nipples riding high on her chest. She doesn’t hear us approaching so Steve moves around and quietly kneels down astride her head. He lowers his hips so his large, saggy ball sac comes to rest on her forehead and his rubbery penis extends down to the tip of her nose. Lynnette stirs slowly and without even opening her eyes, she tilts her head back, extends her long tongue and starts licking the tip of Steve’s cock. It starts to swell and lengthen and Lynnette tries to capture the plump tip with her lips.

“We have guests, Lynnie,” Steve says, and Lynnette finally opens her eyes. “Talia and Roger are heading home and wanted to say goodbye.”

Lynnette rolls onto her left side and looks up at us. “I don’t mind an audience,” she says slyly. “Especially these two.”

“We wanted to say how much we appreciate your advice to us earlier today,” I say. “It really helped to get us over our nervousness. As you can see, we absolutely love being naked now!”

“You’ve both been really sweet,” Talia says. “And we can’t thank you enough for telling us about The Dunes. I never would have thought such a place existed. This is a dream come true!”

Steve has been running his fingers through Lynnette’s silky black hair. He looks up at us and says, “Hey! If the only reason you’re leaving now is because you’re hungry, we’ve got some food here we’d be happy to share. That is, if you two would like to stay naked a while longer before you head home. You’re welcome to stay and eat with us!”

Talia and I look at each other in agreement.

I look back over at Steve. “And get re-hydrated?” I say.

“Exactly!” Steve says with a hardy laugh.

Settling down on their big beach blanket, Talia and I are offered food from Steve and Lynnette’s cooler; sweet bread with guava jelly, cheese, bananas, mango, pineapple. Being as hungry as we all are, there isn’t a lot of small talk. Only once we’ve begun satisfying our appetites do we start comparing notes about our day at the beach. Lynnette’s cheerful brashness is so refreshing.

“So,” she says brightly, “did you two do a lot of fucking and sucking today?”

Talia and I laugh. “We did our share,” I reply.

“Oh, listen to Mr. Modesty here,” says Talia. “I couldn’t believe how horny Roger was today. I think he has a nude beach fetish. Every time I’d turn around, he’d be sporting another hard-on.”

“I hope you didn’t let any of them go to waste,” Says Lynnette.

Talia just grins and acts coy. “I think he enjoys having other women look at his cock too. I noticed that,” she says.

Lynnette directs her gaze on me and says, “Is that right, Roger? You like women looking at your cock?”

I’m sitting with my legs outstretched and leaning back on my arms. My limp penis is resting comfortably against my left thigh.

“I’m looking at it right now,” she continues. “Can you feel my eyes on it? C’mon Talia! Let’s look at it together, since he likes showing it to us so much. Let’s both admire his cock.”

Talia giggles and lays down resting her head on my legs and looks at my relaxed penis less than a foot away. I have to admit to myself that in fact I really did enjoy letting other women see my cock today. Talia and I have a monogamous relationship, yet it’s flattering when other girls look my way, especially when I’m naked. And sitting here now, I can indeed feel these two pair of eyes staring at my cock.

Talia chuckles when she sees my penis swell and roll against my thigh as blood rushes into it. “See? I told you!” Talia says gleefully.

“Men, eh?” Lynnette says with a big grin. “They’re such narcissists! I haven’t met one yet who doesn’t like having his equipment admired.”

“I think Roger’s turning into an exhibitionist,” Talia teases. “Getting turned on by showing off his stuff!”

Without even looking in his direction, Lynnette reaches over toward Steve’s crotch. She feels around for a second and finds his semi-hard cock and begins pulling on it. Talia just looks up and watches my cock gently pulse back to life yet again, swelling and lengthening. It’s true, I’m loving having my cock admired by these two sexy girls.

When my cock has achieved sufficient stiffness to lift itself off my leg and start pointing skyward, I can’t resist any longer and wrap my hand around the shaft and slowly stroke it.

“Mmmm…he’s going to masturbate for us, Lynnette,” Talia moans. “I love watching Roger masturbate for me.”

I glance over at Steve and he’s in a world all his own. Kneeling with his head thrown back, eyes closed and moaning softly as Lynnette’s hand rhythmically pumps up and down his erect cock. She’s obviously mindful of Steve’s pleasure but her intense eyes are still locked on my boner and she seems to be trying to match her hand strokes to mine.

I spread my legs slightly and my heavy balls fall between them. Talia can’t resist and reaches up to pet them in their smooth, hairless sac. A large amount of precum bubbles out of the tip of my cockhead and my hand massages it into my shaft. Talia moves her head up my leg and nuzzles my testicles, kissing and licking them, resulting in more seepage of precum.

“You two are so fucking hot to watch!” Lynnette gasps. She’s squeezing her own tits and pinching her nipples with one hand and still expertly masturbating Steve with the other. “I loved watching you two earlier today, but this is even hotter!”

Talia raises her head from between my legs and looks at Lynnette. “You were watching us earlier?” she asks. “When?”

“Yes, up in the Grotto!” Lynnette says breathlessly. “We happened by when you were sucking Roger off. We didn’t want to intrude so we just stood and watched from a distance. God, you’re a good cocksucker, Talia! You just love having him in your mouth, don’t you? She sucks you good, doesn’t she, Roger? She made you cum so hard! God, Talia, you made him squirt a gallon of cum on you!!”

Lynnette was really working herself into a frenzy; fondling her own tits, pumping Steve’s cock, watching me masturbate and Talia licking my balls, and talking dirty about what she’d seen us doing in the Grotto.

“Talia!!!” she gasps, “I want to see you suck his cock again! Take it in your mouth and suck it good, baby!! Show me how much you love sucking Roger’s stiff, hard prick!!!”

Talia lifts herself up and looks down at my rigid prick and my pumping hand. I slide my fist down and grip myself at the base and tilt my hard-on toward Talia’s pretty face. She dips down and I guide my cock into her open mouth. Lynnette, Talia and I all let out a groan of pleasure at the same time. Talia’s lips close around my shaft and she begins sucking. I continue holding the base of my shaft as if feeding her my cock. Lynnette is rubbing her own pussy now and cupping Steve’s balls in her hand and fingering them aggressively.

“Yeah! Suck his cock good, Talia! That looks so fucking good! What a beautiful sight!” Lynnette looks up at me. “Isn’t she beautiful, Roger? Isn’t she beautiful with her mouth full of your cock?”

I smile and nod.

Talia is stretched out above me, her head bobbing up and down on my cock. She’s straddling my leg and humping her pussy on my knee. I reach for her dangling breasts and lightly graze her sensitive, extended nipples with my fingers. Her body jerks in response and she purrs with pleasure and her mouth vibrates around my cock as she begins cumming. She rubs her wet pussy harder and faster on my knee and I keep tickling her nipples with my fingertips and ecstatic sounds swell in her throat as she keeps sucking my bloated dick.

“Fuck, girl, that was hot!!!” Lynnette says, acknowledging Talia’s orgasm. Then turning toward Steve, “C’mere baby! I want what Talia just had. I wanna cum with a cock in my mouth! Bring it here, hun!”

Steve quickly gets to his feet and stands in front of the kneeling Lynnette. Holding his hands behind his back, he tilts his hips and guides the length of his sizable member into Lynnette’s mouth. Lynnette is fucking two fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Her other hand is squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as she rhythmically sucks her man’s bone. Steve’s large, heavy balls swing forward and back, bouncing off her chin.

Meanwhile, Talia has been continuing her exquisite mouth-work on my cock, but as we hear Lynnette’s moans increase, Talia takes her mouth off me to watch Lynnette bring herself off. Talia holds my cock by the base, kisses it, licks it like a Popsicle and giggles as she looks to the side to see Lynnette cumming like an ocean wave.

Lynnette’s orgasm lasts a long time, or perhaps it was two orgasms in succession. About halfway through, Steve pulls out of her sucking mouth and begins rubbing his wet, throbbing prick all over Lynnette’s ecstatic, upturned face.

“Oh gawd, I love your cock, Steve! I love your cock so much!!!”

Lynnette is still gasping for breath when she looks over at us and locks eyes with Talia and smiles wickedly.

“Don’t you just love cock , Talia? Do you love Roger’s as much as I love my Steve’s? Don’t you just love his cock ?”

Talia, who all this time has been simply holding my boner at its base, responds to Lynnette’s rhetorical question by smiling big and pumping her hand rapidly up and down my shaft. After several strokes, I groan from the tingling pleasure and Talia stops and squeezes out a big crystalline drop of precum. She looks at it for a while as if admiring her accomplishment. Then, tilting my cock toward her face, she presses her puckered lips directly on the tip. She pulls away and the syrupy precum stretches between her lips and my cockhead. The strand breaks, dividing itself between us. Talia repeats the kiss. And again. Steve and Lynnette look on.

“Mmmm…Yeah, you do love Roger’s cock,” Lynnette says knowingly. “Look how much she loves his cock, Steve. Look how she kisses it.”

I look over and see Steve still standing and Lynnette still kneeling before him but at a right angle to him so she’s facing our direction. Both are watching me and Talia. Steve’s long cock extends out underneath Lynnette’s jaw and she is lightly stroking the underside of it with her fingers. They continue to watch Talia tenderly kissing my cockhead.

“She’s a real cock worshiper, Lynnie,” Steve says softly. “You can tell by the way she treats it.”

“Yessss!” Lynnette hisses. “She really loves what she’s doing.”

“So does he! Steve says with a grin.

I smile at Lynnette and Steve. “If you think she treats my cock well, you should see her go after my balls.” I say. “She’s really crazy about them !”

I look down at Talia who is slowly licking up the underside of my cock shaft. “Do my balls, Tally,” I say to her in almost a whisper. “Show Lynnette and Steve the wonderful things you do to my balls.”

Talia smiles and releases her grip on my cock, which is so stiff, it remains pointing skyward. I shift my weight ever so slightly forward and back, causing my testicles, hanging low in their loose sac of skin, to swing between my legs. Talia smiles bigger and cups my gravity stretched scrotum gently in her left hand and moves it toward her. My balls rest on the palm of her hand like they were on a serving platter. She extends her long tongue and with the tip lightly tickles one testicle and then the other. Being poked, prodded and licked, my balls jostle around inside their smooth, hairless pouch under the artful play of Talia’s loving tongue.

I hear quiet sounds of amusement, approval and appreciation coming from Lynnette and Steve. Meanwhile, Talia sucks one my balls completely into her mouth and loves it with her tender lips and wet tongue. After a couple of minutes, she pops it out of her mouth only to draw in the other testicle, which she gives the same loving treatment.

Talia looks up at me past my erect cock, which is hovering above her pretty face. It throbs with enjoyment and expels a big drop of precum. It throbs and pulses some more and the precum drop grows larger on the tip and begins rolling down my glans. When it reaches the ridge of my cockhead it gathers there for a few moments and then drips off, descending slowly toward Talia’s face in a long syrupy strand. We all watch as it swings like a clear, crystalline, liquid pendulum. Talia giggles as she anticipates it reaching her. She’s still making love to my balls with her mouth and tongue.

Finally, the precum droplet alights on her left cheek. An instant later, the connecting thread detaches from my cockhead and falls in a thin line across her nose and other cheek. I can feel more pre seminal fluid building inside my cock. So I wrap my hand around the shaft and squeeze it out. A large, clear bubble quickly forms and I bend my cock downward and say to Talia, “Open wide!”

The glob of cock juice falls in slow motion onto Talia’s waiting tongue and she savors it. I bend my knees and slip my shiny cock tip past her lips for her to suck clean.

I drop to my knees and pull Talia’s naked body to mine. Wrapping our arms around each other, we hold each other in a loving embrace, my still erect member pressing against her warm, smooth belly.

At the same moment, we both look over at Lynnette and Steve. “I think we need to take a break and be the voyeurs for a while.” I say.

Talia agrees. “Yeah, time for you two to put on a show for us !” she says with a smile. “You’re not the only ones who like to watch!”

Lynnette is still fingering Steve’s rigid penis. They smile at us then look at each other. “Fuck me with this gorgeous prick, Steve,” Lynnette says seductively as she reclines on the blanket and spreads her legs wide. “Let’s let Talia and Roger watch us fuck!”

Steve falls to his knees and leans over his girl. She cranes her neck up to him and their lips meet in a passionate kiss. As if by instinct, Steve’s hard cock finds the opening of Lynnette’s pussy and slides effortlessly in. As soon as he’s firmly seated inside her, he starts to slowly pull out. Lynnette’s wet vaginal lips cling to his boney shaft but cannot hold him in. He pulls completely out of her and she moans into his mouth in frustration. But two seconds later, his hips move down and forward and he penetrates her again. She moans again but this time in pleasure and satisfaction of having her hot depths filled by his lusty bone.

Talia and I are kneeling close-by with an arm around each other. With our free hands, she is lightly stroking my thigh tantalizingly close to my ball sac, and I and gently cupping her left breast and teasing her nipple with my fingers. We watch the couple in front of us intently, mesmerized by their dance-like fucking. Gradually, very gradually, their pace increases. The tempo of Steve’s cock thrusts speeds up and the piercing of Lynnette’s pussy comes at shorter and shorter intervals. They finally break their kiss, both gasping for air, but Steve continues his steady piston-like thrusts.

“Keep fucking me, Steve,” Lynnette gasps. “Keep fucking…I’m cumming!”

Talia and I hold each other even tighter as we watch Lynnette’s body buck and convulse through an all-consuming orgasm. Steve, with his cock firmly embedded deep inside her tight, churning pussy, grimaces in torturous pleasure. Before Lynnette’s orgasm begins to subside, Steve pumps his prick in and out of her five or six more times and pulls out completely. He grabs Lynnette’s shoulders and pulls her quivering body upright. Climbing quickly to his feet he grabs his cock and aims it at her face. From about a foot away, he starts spraying his cum. Lynnette’s hands are rubbing her crotch, finishing her own orgasm with her upturned face being rained upon by a torrent of cum ejaculating from Steve’s cock. Cum splatters down in her hair and into her open mouth. With his left hand he cradles the back of her neck and rubs his cock against her jizz-covered face. Large quantities of cum keep rolling out of his cock, covering her forehead and cheeks, slopping into her mouth and dripping off her chin, decorating her tits.

They both remain silent and motionless for a minute or so, with their arms hanging limp at their sides, trying to catch their breath. Talia and I don’t know what to do, so we sit staring at them. Finally, Lynnette turns her head to us, and her cum drenched face breaks into a broad smile.

“How was that ?” she says and her tongue twirls around her lips trying to lick as much sperm as she can from around her mouth. “Steve’s a real cummer! That’s one of the things I love most about him!” Steve beams a cheesy smile.

Talia and I smile and start applauding. “Bravo! Bravo!” “Great show!” “What a performance!” “Bravo!”

“Time for the second act,” Steve says as he settles down on the blanket next to Lynnette. “Lynnie and I want to watch you two fuck now.”

Taking that as our cue, Talia and I turn to each other and begin kissing.

“Is Roger a big cummer too, Talia?” Lynnette says.

My girl glances at Lynnette and slyly grins. “I can’t wait to show you how big!”
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