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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare can be a very seducing game

When I was in high school I had alot of sexual experiences.  I was nothing special to look at, I was tall and heavy set.  But I've always had something special in my trousers, and this has allowed me to pull alot of good looking trim.  I didn't realize it was anything special till I was 16 though.

It's funny, looking back.  When I was a freshman I was a dork, I didn't party, didn't have any girls, all in all I was a pretty big homebody.  Then my sophomore year there were two sisters who moved into a house down the street.  One was my age and the other was a year older.  They were both hot to trot redheads and quickly became very popular at my school.  By the time summer had rolled around we became pretty good friends.  This was great for me, because not only was it just the two sisters, but all of their friends would also come around.  None of us had much cash so we would end up hanging around the neighborhood trying to find fun things to do to pass the time.  This included as much booze as we could find and as much pot as we could bum. 

As much as I had wanted both of these sisters it didn't seem like either one was really ever that interested in me.  I would try my best to flirt with them but they treated me like a brother as opposed to the horny guy who wanted them both.  I'll never forget the day everything changed, in fact, it's the day that everything changed in my entire life.  My whole outlook if you will.  As I said, I am a very well endowed 10 incher, but I never saw another dude naked so I didn't understand how big I was till that night. 

The night in question was about two weeks into the summer, so it had to be June 18 or so.  The girls invited me over and the house was empty.  They told me they had a surprise and thought I might be interested.  I had nothing else going on, and besides, I loved being around these girls.  The older one Stacie, had the body of a gymnast.  She was strong and lean with sexy itty bitty titties and a tight ass.  The younger one, Amanda, had a much softer figure, with large c cup, maybe even d cup tits, a beautiful flat stomach and an ass that would make any man applaud.  When I got to their house they told me their Mom was at their aunt's house for the weekend and they were on their own till Monday.  I asked "So that's the big surprise, are we going to party?" 

Stacie said "Well tomorrow we are going to have a pool party but tonight we thought we would stay in and watch a movie."  Amanda chuckled and said "yeah a dirty movie."  They proceeded to tell me that they had been going through their dads old stuff and found a few porno tapes.  Stacie asked if I had ever seen one and I admitted I hadn't.  I did tell them about the playboys I had stolen from my dad but those were pretty tame compared to what I was about to see.  The movie started off with a girl doing a striptease, then she started playing with herself and even used a big plug in vibrator on herself.  The girls seemed to be getting a chuckle out of it, but I was starting to get pretty hot under the collar and I think they realized cause they started teasing me about wanting the girl on the screen.  The second scene was a hardcore fuckfest between some old dude and a college girl.  When the old guy took off his shorts he exposed this wrinkled up cock that seemed small to me, but Stacie said "damn that's a big one!"  I asked her how many she had seen and she said she's had a couple of boyfriends and she has seen 5 in real life and amanda sheepishly said she has only seen 2.  I laughed and told her that was more than me, I had never seen one other than mine I told them.  They didn't believe me, but it was true.  As I said, I was on the heavy side and was always embarrassed of my body so I kept covered, even in the gym locker room.  The girls asked to see mine, but I got all red in the face and said we should keep watching the tape.  The old guy with the wrinkled up cock got hard and ended up being about 7 inches long and he used it all on that young college girl.  I think we were all getting pretty turned on by this point and I had to use a pillow to cover the hard on I was sporting. 

Amanda was the first to notice I was trying to cover up and suggested we play a game of truth or dare.  We decided to leave the tape playing as we started the game.  Amanda asked me first "truth or dare",  I choose truth like a pud.  "Ok, have you ever made it past second base?" which lead to a big discussion over what second base actually was, lol.  We asked back and forth a few rounds till Stacie asked me "truth or dare" and I took the first dare of the evening.  Stacie said "I dare you me and amanda your cock!!"  I was pretty shocked and self conscious so I tried getting her to give me a different dare but she said nope that was it and I either had to do it, or I couldn't come to the party tomorrow.  I was hard as a rock at this point and decided that I just needed to suck it up and do it.  I stood with my back to them both and said that I would pull it out and turn around but they better not harass me.  I was at full mast and a little over 10 inches.  I pulled it out and turned around.....Stacie said "holy shit!" and Amanda just started to giggle which made me embarrassed and I immediately covered up.  I cut our game short and ran out of the house.  I went home and had to beat off twice just to get my cock to go down.  I jumped in the shower to clean up and when I got out Stacie was ringing my doorbell.  I went downstairs and let her in.  She asked "what happened, why did you leave?"  I told her that amanda started laughing and she looked shocked so I just freaked and left.  Then she told me that my dick was the biggest she has EVER seen and amanda thought it was fake it was so big.  I was pretty surprised at how they felt and she asked for me to come back to their house.  It was late at this point and my Dad would be home soon so I couldn't leave the house, but I told her I would be at her pool party if I was still invited.  "Invited," she said, "you'll be the man of the hour." and laughed aloud.

I had to do my chores around the house on Saturday so I didn't make it to Stacie and Amanda's till about 2.  I was glad to see they both acted normal and didn't say anything about the previous days revelations.  We all swam and had some drinks and the day turned into evening.  The girls had decided to do an all girl sleepover so they gave the guys the boot and I was on my way back home when Stacie asked me if I could hang around for a little they had something they needed my help with.  I said sure and laid by the pool as the girls were all cleaning up.  I actually dozed off and was wakened by Amanda pouring an ice cold cup of water on my head.  I immediately woke up and jumped off of my chaise lounge.  She said she needed me awake and "ready"...hmm....I wonder what she meant by that.  Stacie yelled down to me to come into the house to help her. 

Once inside I asked what she needed and she told me she needed my help to win a bet.  I was a little confused but she said she made a bet with one of her friends Danielle that my cock was the biggest in the school.  Danielle tried saying her boyfriends was the biggest she had ever seen and he was a senior so there was no way a sophomore could have a bigger cock.  Stacie and amanda lead me into the living room where 3 girls were waiting.  Danielle said "alright, let's see this thing already."  I was confused and still shy.  Stacie said "well the bet was fully hard, so we need to get him hard before the unveiling."  Amanda said, "yeah girls, off with the tops" and with that these girls started giggling and taking their bikini tops off.  I didn't know what to do, all I could do was stare with my jaw open and my cock quickly growing.  The girls started teasing each other and having a good time.  Danielle once again cleared her throat and said "ok, you ready, let's see this thing and settle this bet." 

I asked "well first off, what is the bet?"  Stacie started explaining "well Danielle said that her boyfriend Eric has the biggest cock in the school, and I said that yours was bigger."  Danielle cut her off, "and the bet is that if yours is bigger I have to blow you with everyone watching and if it's not then stacie has got to seduce coach Willis after our next volley ball game.  In the locker room."  I asked, "who's to say you wouldn't just lie?"  Danielle said "well Kylie has seen Eric's cock before and can back me up to it's massiveness.  So, are we gonna see this thing or what?!?"

I was hard at this point, but covering myself with my towel from the pool.  Stacie came up and whispered that if I did this she would make it worth my while and licked my ear as her nipple brushed my arm.  I about shot my load off in my pants right then and there.  Danielle was hot, but Stacie was smoking hot and part of many of my fantasies.  I told the girls I was ready and they all huddled together on the sofa.  I did the same thing as the day before, I turned around and pulled out my rock hard 10 incher and turned around.  It was all oohhs and ahhs and I was proud this time.  Danielle just stuttered and when they asked if it was bigger she didn't even say anything.  She got on her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock.  This was my very first blowjob and I had an audience of bare breasted teenage hotties watching intently.  I was lost in my own world and lasted only a minute before I started spraying down danielle with my hot cum.  She tried swallowing it but it was too much and she got sprayed in the face.  This gave the other girls a good chuckle and started harassing her about having something in her eye.  I pulled up my pants and tucked my still hard dick away.  Danielle gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she owed me one but this was a girls night only and I had to go.  They gave me the boot that night, but that was the start of my best summer ever.  The start to it all.

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