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Unplanned Vacation in a Nudist Camp – Part II

Adventures in a nudist camp
I was waking up slowly. It was one of those pleasant moments that you just don’t want to interrupt with any serious thoughts. For me this moment is pretty much like playing a lottery. You know that in few seconds you will have the answer. It’s either Monday and you have to rush in the office or it’s Saturday and all you have to do is screw your girlfriend.

Now, thoughts began to pop up in my mind, I started to remember and connect things. I started to whisper to myself while opening my eyes, “hmmm, I am on vacation, that’s good news.” My girlfriend Mitra and I are enjoying an unexpected vacation in a nudist camp. It’s a nice camp, lots of hot women bodies. “Fuck!! It’s all coming back to me now. I fucked that young, sweet, horny neighbor last night while Mitra was sleeping.”

I got up and stepped out of the tent, there was no sight of Mitra . On the table, I found the message saying she had gone to the beach and could I do the dishes for her. I had a nice relaxing breakfast outside the tent. When I finished, I grabbed the bucket with the dishes and headed towards the common washing area.

When I got there, I noticed that one of our hot camping neighbors was already there, washing her dishes. She was leaning forward over the sink with her big tits were hanging freely, while she was quietly whistling a melody.

The view of her big tits was so arousing, that I immediately felt the pressure in my dick and was thinking I should turn back before I get a full erection. There were a lot of people at the washing area and it would be embarrassing if I got a boner right there. However, it was too late, the big titted had woman already recognized me and gave me a big smile. She motioned to me to wash my dishes in the sink next to her. I returned her a smile and put my bucket next to hers.

“Hi, I'm Nicole, nice to meet you,” she welcomed me.

I shook her hand while my attention plunged from her eyes down on her nice firm tits. Oh no, what a mistake, I regretted it immediately. She noticed my gaze and smiled at me with a wink and a nod. She pushed her arms back to expose her perfect tits even more while looking straight at my eyes.

“I heard you were pretty active last night,” she said.

I froze. I saw it coming, but I just didn’t know how what to say.

“Yeah, it was nice. You guys had pretty awesome time last night as well, didn’t you? You were so loud I heard some of the naughty games that were going on.”

Nicole leaned towards me and whispered in my ear, “Yeah it was nice ,but I went to bed with a soaked pussy, while you fucked Petra so good that she was smiling the whole morning today.”

Nicole’s soft lips on my ears and her firm boobs on my arm caused blood pumping in my dick again. I changed the subject before I got too excited. After we washed the dishes, Nicole invited me for a coffee at her camper. It seemed a nice idea so I accepted the invitation. I drop the dishes at my tent and went to her camper.

I sat down at the table and made myself comfortable. Soon the coffee was ready and Nicole came out of the camper with a plate and two cups. She carefully put a plate on the table and sat down on the chair opposite to me.

Nicole turned out to be a good company. She was a cheerful girl with a good sense of humor, however, there was a small problem with her. When I talked to her, I had a hard time looking her at the eyes, gaze kept dropping down to her gorgeous tits.

It had been hard to resist gazing at her boobies while I had been occupied with dishes, but now when she was sitting opposite me, it was impossible. Every time she moved her body, my eyes instantly followed the bounce of her boobs. But each time I looked back at her eyes, she winked at me with a big smile on her face.

When the coffee was cooled off, Nicole stood up to serve it. She walked to my site of the table and stepped so close to me that I could feel her soft skin rubbing against mine.

She slowly leaned forward giving me a perfect view of her tits which were just few millimeters from my face. I could feel my dick hardening. I wanted to distract my thoughts and started to talk about the scuba diving lesson I planned to take, but Nicole wasn’t interested at all.

She looked down on my dick. “Mmm, it’s even bigger that I expected. I like big cocks.”

By now my dick was hard as a baseball bat and I moved as close to the table as I could. Fortunately there was a long table cover and I was able to hide my erection. It was embarrassing because there were people passing by with their children. She giggled a little and went back to her side of the table and sat down.

Now that Nicole knew that I was horny as hell, she flirted with me even more openly. I asked her if she could give me a towel to cover my crotch until I got inside the tent, but she refused. I realized I was in losing position and I prayed to God that my girlfriend wouldn’t show up anytime soon. It would be hard to explain why I was sitting there with this young beauty and couldn’t get up to leave.

After few minutes the situation got even worse. Five of her young attractive friends came back from the beach, including Petra. They were joking and laughing loudly and it was obvious they were already a little drunk.

Petra came straight to me and gave me a kiss on each cheek. Then four girls, I didn’t know, introduced themselves and each gave me a kiss on each cheek. I thought I would explode with every touch of their soft young lips.

Nicole happily explained that I had been with her for quite some time now and I could not leave the table because I had a massive hard-on. The girls started giggling cheerfully while looking in the direction of my hard cock which was safely covered with the tablecloth.

“Nicole, why don’t you help him, a bit?” Petra suggested with teasing smile on her face.

A second later I felt Nicole’s feet on my stiff cock. She put her feet around my dick, squeezed it firmly and started to stroke it. Ohhh, that was such a relief. My whole body shook and I closed my eyes for few second just enjoying the beautiful moment. I was sitting outdoors in the middle of the camp with five beautiful naked young girls, getting a foot job. I opened my eyes and looked at Petra. I was about to cum and I wanted to look at her beautiful young face when my sperm came spurting out of my dick.

“He’s almost there Nicole. Stop! Don’t let him cum yet,” Petra shouted.

I could feel the grip on my cock softening. “Please let me cum, just give me a few more strokes.”

“Would you like to cum on my legs?”

“Yes, please,” I begged.

“Sorry, not yet handsome.”

“But Nicole, I have had a hard-on for at least an hour now.” 

“I am really sorry about that,” she smiled. ”Let’s have a drink. Petra get us some wine please?”

Petra served the wine and we started to chat. After we drink the first glass, one of the girls said, “Nicole, I think you should give him another treatment”.

There was a loud approval from all the girls and Nicole started to jerk me off with her feet again. This went on and on and my erection started to become really painful.

Nicole watched my face carefully and every time she noticed I was close to orgasm she stopped rubbing my cock and waited for a while. She spoiled my orgasm again and again and it was driving me crazy. She had been stroking my cock now for quite some time and the girls got wilder with every drink they had. I was begging her to let me unload my cum, but she didn’t want to.

During one of the stroking pauses we heard a commotion at neighbors place.

“Oh look Melanie is home,” one of the girls said. “That girl is so adorable, would you like to meet her?” she asked me.

“No, please no, not right now. I am not in a good condition to meet young girls right now.”

Obviously Petra didn’t care about my wishes. She stood up and went straight to Melanie. We were all looking at her direction wondering what she was up to. Petra kissed Melanie on her cheeks and brought her over to our table.

All of the girls were very happy to see her. They exchanged kisses and introduced her to me.

“John this is Melanie, Melanie this is John. He’s not able to stand up because his leg is hurting,” said Nicole while stroking me under the table.

I kissed Melanie on both cheeks and I could feel the pulse on my cock doubled. She was the cutest thing ever. Her hair was bleached and she had a small diamond on her tiny pretty nose. I admired her while she was fixing her ponytail. That position caused her puffy tits to form a nice round shape. I gazed at her exposed young tits without being able to blink.

Soon Petra whispered something in Melanie’s ear. She started to giggle and walk slowly towards me. She stopped at my right side, so close to me that I could feel her puffy nipples on my arm. She politely asked me if she could sit in my lap. Before I could answer, she put my legs together, uncovered my hard dick and pressed it to my belly. Then she seat on my legs facing forward and pressed dick into my stomach with her gorgeous ass. Feeling Melanie’s amazing body pressing against mine got me on the edge of orgasm. I knew I could cum any second now.

“Anybody want a fresh banana?” I heard Petra’s cute voice. I looked in her direction and she was holding a bunch of bananas in her hands. She distributed them among the girls and few seconds later I was treated to a chorus of loud moaning, “Mmmmmm, that’s delicious.”

Melanie was eating her banana erotically, teasing me with every bite. While she ate she was moving her firm ass and rubbing my penis softly with it. That pushed me over the edge. I couldn’t resist anymore. I closed my eyes, put my arms around Melanie’s waist, pressed her body tight against mine and started to ejaculate massively. I was squirting my sperm all over my belly and her little firm ass. (To be continued)

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